Carrion Crown: Kyle's

At the water's edge

Camping in the woods near the coastline brought back many memories of his childhood in the firelani forests with his sister and cousins when they were just children. Leaning against a tea tree with paperlike bark Amandlon reflected on the assassination attempt yesterday by the red mantis agents. They were extremely efficient and had killed two of us within seconds with their poisoned bolts and ability to shoot with pinpoint accuracy at our vitals.
Looking down at his healed ankle, Amandlon still feels the pain at the bolt that shattered it and pinned it to the floor of the stables, while the second bolt punched through his elven mail straight into his heart crashing him into darkness at once.
Again the halfling knight, Ecthelion saved his soul and brought him back with Sarenraes call. Amandlon owes the knight twice for saving him now. Looking down at the holed elven mail that was made by a master armorer for his family, Amandlon realises that he had been foolish to think elves were better than the other races here. Desna is showing me a different path to connect our elven cities with the younger races, I see that I need to learn more from them, than the other way around. I am the wisest elf in my city, yet I did not see the truth until meeting these heroes.
Standing up Amandlon removes his elven mail and bundles the mail into his backpack. Taking up the finely enchanted mithral shirt that seems to absorb the light, Amandlon slips the chain shirt over his fine cotton undershirt to settle smoothly on his body. Immediately Amandlon notices that he is not easily seen by the nearby animals or birds as he stalks through the wooded area here.
Amandlon makes the decision to walk this new path and adapt to the life and style shown by these adventuring heroes travelling with him. He must not be so arrogant and always rely on the lady to get him out of trouble, it is time for Amandlon to make his own luck too.
It is time to become the hunter not the hunted.



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