Carrion Crown: Kyle's

Chapter 9 - Defending the Beast, Investigating Hergstag and Sanctuary: Fri April 28

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Finished downtime
met Pr Crowl
Turned in books and inspected damage at university
Met Embreth Daramid
Met Gustav Kaple and Kaiden
Met the Beast of Lepidstadt
Met Dramia the pharadma oravle whom decided to help
Re-inspected university
Agreed to help defend the beast
Searched around town for local rumours
Spoke to women at windmill
Headed to Sanctuary
Killed ghouls and discover info about Vorkstag and Grine
Learnt the fire was not an accident
Questioned several dead bodies
Found a dead Mongrel-man with note at bottom of a shaft
Continued onto Hergstag
Searched buildings for evidence
Found a journal that help prove beasts innocence
Found beasts old campsite and childrens drawings of the beast being friendly
Found another journal
Worked out beast could not have abducted children as doors we still locked
Thought scarecrow another janimated jackolantern
Field of the scarecrow by dark spider

Found secret hidden cave
Killed a wraith that was resposinble for killing children
Killed two other wraiths
Two wraiths escape
returned to Lepidsadt as fast as possible
Turned in evidence
Had only half the usual nights rest

To be completed

Journal entry

”Burn it! Send the beast back into the black fires of the Abyss!”
Thus was the first voice, like a murderer in the cold winter night, that thundered in between the trees and sent a flock of chilled birds towards the bright starry sky of Ustalav.
“Burn it!” it repeated, as if the owner attempted to squeeze out the final breath of his lungs. “Get it before it escapes!”
The owner of the voice, a tall, slim man who clothes and teeth had obviously seen better days, clutched his burning torch and aggressively pointed it onwards. It dimly illuminated the glinting snow and the calm swamp water, but also the towering shape that ran with thundering steps away from the roaring mob.
In a carpet of torches, lanterns, pitchforks and shovels, they marched onwards. Every branch was broken on the way to the swamp’s edge. Their bloodlust was unlike anything seen before and served them well. They weren’t intimidated, not even when the shape started tipping over trees in its way.
“You will not get away this time!” another voice howled.
It wasn’t long till they reached the deep part of the swamp. The end of the line. Onwards was only deep marshland. The shape hesitated, took one step into the marsh, and stopped. It was desperate.
“There is no way back, fiend!” the leader said, laughingly. “Your time has come…”

Creation of the beast

The Beast of Lepidstadt – Alphon Cormarcs Recount



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