Carrion Crown: Kyle's

Darkest hour before the light

Amandlon leans back against the wall sitting opposite Ulysses, while sipping his wine, and thinks on the heroes. It seems this city has taken three heroes off their path into darker travels, the witch we could do without, but Ulysses and Zephyr had skills we needed to fight the cultists in Thrushmoor and Ilmarsh.

I think Lord Ecthelion, Falkon and I need to leave this city before the corruption gets into us. Time to pray for guidance on the new path ahead for the remnants of the heroes and hopefully the lady will direct new worthy heroes to aid our efforts.

If the halfling knight falls off the good path it will be the death of the heroes and I will need to find another group of stronger allies to travel with in these dangerous lands. I smell old death and decay in the corners of this city and grave concerns about the carriages near the mines.

Putting his glass on the table, drained off its dregs, Amandlon goes to prepare for the road tonight. Bidding Ulysses a safe road until we meet again Amandlon pulls his elven hood over his head and blends into the drunk locals wandering the streets back to his church.



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