Carrion Crown: Kyle's

Deep thoughts

In the time taken walk back to the strange inventor’s cottage and seeing the steel contraption beached on the pebbled foreshore Amandlon was deep in thought about his new path.

Having the 50,000 in gold leads to being able to purchase needed magical items from the town merchants that would greatly aid the fight against the whispering cult. Ecthelion stated that he needed a belt that increased his stamina, though I felt he needs strength more, after hearing of the botched attempt to lift a wagon of the trapped grandmother.

Thinking on what the heroes need, it is clear that we need some enchantments to protect against poisons and attacks on our sanity. I know the coin was to buy the Ravenshead artifact but this will not be bought so easily I feel. Not only does it not rightfully belong the current possessor, the whisperinf way cultist, I do not intend on providing them so much wealth to continue funding their evil ways.

We could pool all the coin and gems made from the sales of the found magical items, and the 50,000 gold, so the group can make combined purchases of items that protect us all. Too easy have the assassins and cultists been able to severely hurt or kill our allies.

I think I will speak to the others when I get back, after we have dealt with the mantis killer, and clearer heads prevail at dinner.



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