Carrion Crown: Kyle's

Devouring 1001 Soul

The lifeless female halfing body laid upon the ground, as the blood spilled across the floor. Anastasya felt the urges to bathe in the blood, feast on the flesh of the corpse. But gritting her teeth she managed to tame the inner beast that lurked inside her. Leaning over the body she looked upon the male halfing. “I am ready to begin..” Seconds later she started to murmur words in Necril “Ast fastus charon ab bitus nordiarch” (May these souls be devoured for they have sinned) over several times. After the symbolic hymns were completed, Anastasya moved to caress the lips of the lifeless body. Feeling the Darkness approaching, encroaching… as the essence transferred from one body to another. Anastasya skin begins to darken and the veins in her neck pulsate, submerging her with the evil intent…

Her eyes deluded to white, as the echoes in her mind turned to screams of pain..
Overburdening her with such vile acts of pain, her mind became unstable as if experiencing a 1000 years of torture.
“Argggggghhhhh!” She screamed with her voice sounding so loud it echoes across The Tangles.

“This power is over taking me” groaning in agony, “I must hold my willpower together” Anastasya struggles to crawl to the nearby room grabbing a piece of ceremonial chalk and embarks on drawing a pentagram around her. “By The Bones Land in a Spiral I will not let you control meeeeee!”

Completing the pentagram she huddles up into a fetal position rocking back and forth murmuring the words in Necril “Ast fastus charon ab bitus nordiarch” Slowly the voices in her mind start to fade away, her skin blemish back to its former color and her pupils return to their former state. Leaving Anastasya vigorously panting as the ritual is completed. However feeling the essence absorbed into her soul Asastaysa feels immense power course through her veins as if she was as strong as 1000 men, but knowing that the duration is limited to a short time. She needed to make the use of it by hunting the vampire who she has tracked into Carrion Hill.

Bewildered by the room next door, where she left the two halfings. She felt the warmth on her skin as the room was overpowered by some unnatural source of light. Anastasya waiting for it to stop as her eyes were dazzeled by the display. Glancing upon the room she saw the halfings hugging each other as if they haven’t seen each other in decades…



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