Carrion Crown: Kyle's

Ostarions end

After the filthy battle in the rotting sewer Ostarian moves to one side to study the huge ancient tome, while the others are searching for trinkets. Fools, they do not understand true power is not in trinkets. Defeating the locks he turns the cover and sees thin pages with fine writing, and hears a maddening whispering, things that would make weaker creatures insanse. Ostarian’s force of will and greed for power drives the whispers away for the moment, and he sets his mind to reading this strange language. Their appears to be a list of summoners and rituals describing spells of such power never seen in centuries, world walking spells, calling forth something called the old ones. One thing is clear, they summoned the beast and it needs to consume them all to close the spell and stay on our world. We can not let this foul beast stay here. Ostarian looks at the two knights, Ecthelion in particular, as he knows that they will have to kill all the summoners to stop the beast from consuming their souls. We will have to kill their souls first.

Looking at the powerful spells in this tome a deep sadness comes over Ostarian as he knows now that he will not be able to control this level of spells with this blood curse upon him, spells are already difficult to prepare. Running a dirty hand over his teeth, he knows that he is a vampire, even though the teeth have withdrawn and will come out when he calls them. The spells he still has left can detect that he is tainted with undead and vampire bloodline from his past that has awoken. Lost in dark thoughts Ostarian does not know what to do. He cannot return to his clan forever and his new friends will want to kill him.

Scratching notes on parchment Ostarian continues to read the very difficult language of the tome. He can tell that this translation is in fact a translation of a much older text, with the information and spells contained within spanning thousands of years in the hand of an unknown race. Handing the parchment to Ecthelion, he sees that Ostarian’s eyes are a deep red and sparkles with excitement and yearning. Written on the note are three names, Keepers Crove, Hyve and Myre, who are the last surviving summoners of the beast. Looking straight into Ecthelions eyes and in a firm voice “My friend, we need to kill these summoners to weaken the beast so we can kill it before it comes completely through the tapestry. I will need to study more and scribe a scroll or two.” Ostarian goes into the cultist chamber to study more.

“If these people have truly summoned this beast, then they have committed a most heinous crime, punishable by death. We must uphold the law, and destroy the creature purging the town. I trust that you have sufficient evidence, and are sure without a doubt, that this is what has happened?” Ecthelion looks into Ostarian’s eyes – as the eyes often are the first sign of any misdirection – and what he saw startled Ecthelion. Eyes the deepest hew of blood! Ecthelion had stared into such eyes before, but never without the Sunraysia Razor drawn. He stepped back, and his hands swiftly went to the mighty scimitar, but he did not draw the blade. “You have lost your taste for garlic I see, Ostarian.” Looking around to ensure that no one else was listening in, Ecthelian steps in closer to Ostarian and goes on in a whisper, “You know that you cannot keep this secret hidden from me for long. Why would you not tell me. I can see from your actions that your affliction has not taken you completely yet… but your very being here threatens my companions safety. There may be a cure you know?” (At this point, I roll my religion check +9 for a cure, and state what the cure might be….. if I don’t succeed, then I go on with the following……..

“You have done many good things this past month Ostarian, which Sarenrae has witnessed through my own eyes! There is a ritual which can be undertaken, which can reverse the effects. It involves acknowledging Sarenrae’s scripture, and handing your fate over to her. It can take place at an altar standing in the sunlights rays, at it’s strongest time of the day. You must approach the altar, open Sarenrae’s holy scripture and place it upon the altar. Read from it, the chapter of the vileness of the undeath. Once you have read this, you must remove your robes down to your skin, so that Sarenrae’s holy light can wash over you, searching for any evils, and cleansing them from your body. You must then read the chapter on why the Undeath must be purged from existence. At the completion of the chapter, Sarenrae will ask you a question. Your fate will depend on your answer.” …. “Please Ostarian, If you do not agree to this, then you know what I must do,” Ecthelion tightens his grip on the Razor, and draws it slightly. There is a holy symbol of Sarenrae on the base of the blade, which gleams up at Ostarian (I am expecting Ostarian to shy away from it slightly)

“You cannot fool me Ostarion. A paladin of Sarenrae knows a Vampire when he sees it, up close. The garlic you use to wear, the increased strength and agility, your red eyes… You are an abomination” Ecthelion said.

Wearily Ostarian places a hand on the shoulder of his ally of the past weeks “I have destroyed many undead with you at my side and have been proud to do so, your strength of purpose was a mirror to mine in the hunt for Vrood. I fear that the madness of this town and its evils was stronger than my will, the eternal tome has awoken a family curse within my blood where I will become what I despise the moment I weaken.” Staring at the others searching through the rubbish around the altar “My soul has been torn asunder and tortured, my flesh burnt from my bones, and now my body rejects life at its core. Your words are pleasing to my forlorn heart and I know that you would do your duty rather than suffer an undead abomination to take another step. That is what I liked about you…you are so like me.” Showing Ecthelion the ancient tome “To save this city, someone has to know the beast and its ways…only I can read this insane collection of arcane lore. I will give my soul to end Vrood and I make an oath that I will not bow down to the weakness in my blood and injure any innocents.” Smoothing a hand over his shambled clothes “I need to believe that gods exist before I can submit to their will. Prove this god of yours is real and then I will talk.”

Ostarian’s heightened awareness sees the slight movement of the holy blade and symbol that seems to flare, pulling back instinctively, Ecthelion notices that there is Ostarian does not cast a shadow on the wall of the cave behind him. Glancing down Ecthelion uses the polished blade to check for reflections and sees none. Ostarian’s eye harden and the dark energy in the room pulls in to Ostarian as he mutters “Care, half-knight, I mean you no harm and I will try to remove this curse but do not think that I will let you kill me without trying.” Ecthelion feels the familiar tugging on his mind of a domination enchantment, though he can see that Ostarian is not trying to use it…the power of his gaze is not practiced or understood well yet. “I will not harm you my Lord, I gave an oath to you, but I do not care for the others and their deaths will be on your next actions.” Ostarian stares waiting for a response from his old ally.

With a determined stare Ostarian moves closer to Ecthelion as two sharp incisors slide out of the dwarves pale gums “Well, hero of harrowstone, general of Feldgrau, and leader of this rabble. What are you going to do now?” Shifting his gaze towards the other adventurers handing out the recovered magical trinkets “If you say nothing, they will be none the wiser, but then your false god will have something to say about that wont she?”

Stepping back, Ecthelion draws his mighty scimitar as a move action, and glances down at the remaining wounds on his arm and side where the stalactite had connected. His muscles bulge for a second and his eyes roll back in his head slightly, as he suddenly emanates a golden glow, and his remaining injuries fuse themselves back together (Channel energy as standard), before holding his sword high, and brandishing the holy symbol once more, declaring his smite evil upon Ostarian the Evil. Ecthelion knew that he had drawn most of his divinity for the day, but he still had a few contingent healing spells available. “Do not test me Ostarian.. I have given you a choice! Fall before Sarenrae’s feet…” Ecthelions looks up into the Dwarf’s bloody eyes… His face hard, and unmoving…..“….Or fall before mine!”

With his improved initiative and lightning reflexes Ostarian sees Ecthelion draw on his holy power, and takes this opportunity to draw from the unholy power of the tome to throw a dark brown line of energy at Ecthelion (ranged touch 18) to siphon off his strength (lose 11 str Fort save 16 to only lose 5 str). Ducking and moving back into the small study area Ostarian whistles and a swirling cyclone of air whips around Ecthelion threatening to sweep him up in the 20’ tall cyclone that seems to have two dark blue eyes looking at him.

Ostarian sees the intent set on his friends face and knows that he will give his all in this fight “My friend, if you fail in this task, know that I will treat your body with respect. But I will feast on all the others till my hunger is fed!”

Frustrated that his enfeeblement spell missed, only furthering his hatred of the lazy enchantment, Ostarian chants darks rituals of a spell that will drain Ecthelion of life instead. “I am glad that spell missed you my friend, I do not want an easy battle, my blood stirs for excitement and the challenge of a true adversary” Stepping into his new study and throwing down his heavy backpack, the stack of tomes crash to the ground in a heap. The air elemental tries to drag the halfling into the air (Reflex DC17 or take 5pts dam. another RDC 17 or be picked up in its churning wind taking another 4pts). The dwarves teeth are now fully out and his eyes have become blood red, veins on his neck pulsing with eagerness.

Rolling back from the spell, ecthelion narrowly avoids the ray of enfeeblement… “You area fool ostarian… I will prove to you here an now that my god exists, and protects me from everything you could throw at me..” Ecthelion narrowly makes the Reflex saves, stepping back further from the elemental and casting protection from evil..

“Do not be a fool Ostarian… There are other choices that you can make… It is still not too late…”

With Ecthelions movement away from Ostarian’s pet elemental, the dirt and muck from this fould chamber to the old gods is spinning wildly in the air as the elementals whips around Ecthelion to drive dirt into the eyes of the other allies before are fully aware of the battle in their midst. (ranged touch ray enervation 22AC and lose 4 levels if hit no save).

Ecthelion sees the totality of the sadness in Ostarian as he has become what he hunted, an undead abomination. It almost feels that he wants to die but does not have the strength of will to do it himself. Ostarian calls out “Blood knight, you are not to interfere with my battle here! Under my oath you will stand down and only observe!”

Zephyr will not delve into the problem of the two fighting… Killing each other could be the best thing he thought as it will save on paperwork for the upcoming court hearing. “Well….. aren’t you lot going to do something about it.” Hoping a few more will enter the fight.

Ostarian sees that he has drained his friend of some of his life force, and the sweet taste of it makes the dwarves blood hum for more. Seeing the hero of harrowstone stagger, Ostarian readies to leap upon the knight with teeth bared and a mad look on his dirty face. As Ostarian runs across the cave floor he accidently kicks his pack spilling its contents across the floor.

The enervation hits Ecthelion, and he sees Ostarian ready to pounce… “I will drive you back to the plane you came from, you vile Dwarf!” He yells, charging toward the Dwarf, whom he can only see as a foul Vampire now. “I gave you my crossbow!” Ecthelian yells.

Ectheliona sword strike forces its way through the armor of force to draw blood from Ostarion, though you notice that my skin is hard and the wound heals a little. Grimacing in pain Ostarian continues on his way through to grab Ecthelion (improved unarmed + melee grab of CMB 20).

Ostarian stretches his mouth wide open exposing two incisors that are 3 inches long aiming for the halflings neck. Spittle flying “Damn you knight, you have been my only friend in over 80 years.”

“I have been friend of Ostarion the Dwarf.. I have never been the friend of a creature such as yourself.”

Ostarian falls away and rolls on the ground near his belongings with his life blood flowing out from the vicious gash from the holy sword. Holding up a blood stained hand “Please my friend, dont kill me like this, you know I will just end up in the coffin somewhere to heal. If you dont finish this I will come back for you. I have lost the will to resist my old friend.” Tearing open his borrowed clothes to expose his scarred chest “Do it well my friend before I turn completly!”

Ecthelian steps back, and takes a standard to empower his weapon with the mercy ability… “I will take you down vampire, and extract all the taint of you, through Ostarians Dwarven Sphinctre!”

Closing in on the Dwarf’s body.. He sees the man who was once his friend.. and remembers the times which Ostarian had perhaps saved his own life… Holding the Scimitar above his head, He slashes down upon the Dwarf, dealing non lethal damage and knocking him unconscious. 25 non lethal

Screaming at Ecthelion, blood foaming on his lips, as the wound slowly tries to heal itself “Not a sword, you fool, give me the final death.” Scrabbling on the floor Ostarian finds a smooth dwarven carved oak stake and pushes it across the floor.

The dwarves head rocks back with the mighty hit, but all can see it had little effect except to anger the dwarven vampire “Idiot, I cannot be knocked out so easily” and starts to rise to his feet muttering a necromantic spell.

Ostarian’s blood is congealing and he gets to his knees, a deep purple bruise over his left eye swollen shut with the halflings solid hit. A scar of his gods symbol burnt into the vampires scalp smoldering into the flesh. Ostarian reaches out and touches Ecthelions foot (touch 24AC and no save as ecthelion ages 50 years within 6 seconds).

Seeing the wound heal, and knowing that there is only one way that this can end, Ecthelian kneels above the Dwarf, pinning him onto the ground.. He picks up the Oak Stake… and presses it toward the Dwarvs heart… “I am sorry my friend.. Perhaps this way, you will find proof that my god exists…”… Ecthelian pushes down hard with the stake, and a tear slowly drops down from the halflings face, falling on down on the corpse below.

With the powerful halfing holding him down Ostarian pushes against the stake coming down and watches his friend age and fill with sorrow. Suddenly Ostarian grabs the halflings hand and pulls the stake into his chest pucnturing the toughened ribs “My friend, ware my tomes….make sure you finish this dark job for me…please..” As the dwarf suddenly stops moving and lies on the ground with a stake in his heart.

Wiping the tear from his face, Ecthelian offers a prayer… “Sarenrae! He died not knowing. Please have Mercy… and show him your grace.”

But Sarenrae would not answer. The Sunless Grove was a dark place of evil. The three leafless branches stretched towards the roof, searching for the sun. But the sun could not be found here. Indeed, Ecthelion momentarily could not feel a contact with Sarenrae at all. The trees impulsed with a necromatic energy, which had hastened Ostarions transformation as a vampire. Consuming the blood of the creeper he killed had given him a taste for blood. And how sweet it had tasted. It was like eating after starving for 30 days. Ostarion had increased in speed and strength, but the impulse prevented him from maintaining thr concentration required to weave his more powerful spells. But the lifeless body of Ostarion lie dormant, blood slowly pooled into the darkend slimy pond nearby.

Ostarions transformation into the creature he hated more the anything, the vampire, was brought upon his carnal search for more power. The book of eternal necromancy feed on life force. After his long journey to Carrion Hill and the tiring chase of Vroods shadows in search of answers, the journey had taken its toll on the dwarf. Especially his concentration when he read from the book at Heggrys Manor. Indeed Vrood himself had tried to corrupt the dwarf further. During Ostarions momentary weakness Vrood had killed Mayor Heggry and implicated the adventurers in a murder mystery. Vrood had enjoyed playing with his little art pieces, but he wanted the canvas to be perfect when it came to killing the adventurers. It was to much fun, just like in Caliphas. Vrood could not help himself. He had toyed with his pupil back then.

As Ostarion had turned a page of the tome at Heggrys, the necrotic impulses had lashed out of the dwarf again. This time they had ensnared him, begining his transformation into a vampire. A born vampire from the necrotic energy that now envelope his body. Consuming him. Feeding the the black tome. Morphing Ostarion into not a dead, nor alive xreature. It was something inbetween. But the Grove and Ostarions taste of the blood had eradicated what semblance of humanity the dwarf had left.

The air elemental swirls around the dwarf causing rivulets and eddies to move in the fast congealing blood pooled on the ground. Ostarian looks at peace, even though the deep gash is not healing, and his own oaken stake is embedded in his chest. Pages of his books are stained with drops of his blood.

Standing up and addressing the party, face now tearless and hard…..“Let this be a lesson! I will not tolerate any evil actions within my party”

Confussed by the sudden outbreak of violence Ulysses slides down the fettered remains he is standing upon and runs in the direction of Ecthelion. Seeing his friend lift a wooden stake and begin to plunge it into Ostarion sudden realisation begins to dawn on Ulysses. As he nears his friend he stops as he sees Ostarion grab Ecthelions hand and plunge the stake deep into his own chest. Silence fills the room as it did just moments ago.

Feeling the weight of Ecthelions actions Ulysses moves towards him and places a hand on Ecthelions shoulder, shocked to see that the brief battle has taken a heavy toll on his friend. Ulysses looks down upon the body of the dwarf and siliently whispers a prayer to Pharamsa. Ecthelion moves away from the hand of Ulysses and turns to address the party. He can see the pain in his friends face as a speaks.

Muerte had arrived too late. Ecthelion had issued his warning at the expense of the life of an ally. His shoulders slumped and with a shaking hand he pulled off his mask and sank to his knees, the shock overwhelming the half giant luchador. Disbelief racked him and he shook his head slowly.

His thoughts turned to the ring, to the redemption that champions would offer to heels, that they may rise from villainy to champion a cause for the people once more. How different it seemed in the real world.

“What happened?” he asked, his deep voice quivering.

The construct walks over to the still body of the dwarf as those around it begin to hiss and screech at one another. It kneels slowly and solemnly beside the corpse, seemingly oblivious to the surrounding cacophony of noise and gore.

It does not feel the need to analyse the body. It was well aware of the transformation that the dwarf creature was undergoing. It did not understand. It did not understand the anger and rage of the fleshlings. It did not understand why the creatures it was deigned to protect were killing and shouting at one another. They had defeated an army together, but somehow they still found reason to fight amongst themselves.

It experiences something strange and uncomfortable. It has failed in its duty. The dwarf, once full of knowledge and conviction, is slain. The murderer, and Unit 01’s precursor companion was withered and aged beyond recognition.

It was unable to comprehend the situation. How does it protect those whom fight themselves?

The voice spoke, as if it had been waiting for this moment.

”You alone are beyond the reach of the enemy we face. Those whom you protect are not. They will turn on one another, and they will likely turn on you, eventually, for their own reasons. Such is the nature of man.”

The construct lowers its head.

”Age, death, and war are the weapons of your enemy. Age can be renewed, but death and war are inevitable. You forge the future, and you will know what to do when the time comes. Be strong, my child.”

The construct continues to bow its head for a moment. Afterwards, it leans close to the corpse, and speaks quietly.

”An eye for an eye. It leaves everyone blind. You will be remembered, comrade Ostarion.”

The construct pats its hand on the corpses shoulder before standing and returning to its duties.

Walking over the lifeless body of Ostarion, Ulysses bends over the dwarves body and lifts his upper lip confirming his fears. Looking over his shoulder and seeing Ecthelion with his back turned to Ostarion Ulysses begins to gather up Ostarions scattered possessions placing them gently into Ostarions pack.

Having finished gathering Ostarions possessions he begins to fashion a stretcher using items from his own pack and respectfully moves Ostarions body onto the stretcher, placing Ostarions pack on the dwarves chest. Having finished his work he turns and addresses the party; “Ostarion was a companion and a friend, he shall have a heroes burial… now who will help me with the body?”.

Ulysses turns back to the body of Ostarion as troubled thoughts cross his mind. Surely he would have noticed if Ostarion was a vampire, how could he be so blind! Ulysses thinks to himself “What madness has led to this, if Ostarion has fallen to the darkness than I fear it may touch us all.” He looks back towards Ecthelion and continues to think to himself. “If the same darkness befalls me I hope you have the strength to act as you did today half-knight… you are the last shard of light against the darkness.”

Placing the items back into the dwarves pack, your hand is seared by the flesh cover of the Eternal Tome, a book promising much power to those willing to walk the way of the necromancer. Pouches of diamond dust and expensive jewellry are strewn around the blood spattered chamber showing just how wealthy Ostarian had become since his loses at the battle of Feldgrau. Four spell books written in four different languages, detailing many powerful spells.

“I will help,” Don Blanco said, standing back to his full height. He stepped to the Raven Knight’s side and cast a painful glance down to Ecthelion.

“La dama de las tumbas desearía que descanse,” he said, “Even if he did deny the gods.”

“The Raven knight picks up the eternal tome… “It’s power is too powerful to left unattended. It is safest in a pharasman vault. I believe it wss responsible for the curse on Ostarion”. The Raven knight picked up the Pnakotic manuscript handing it over to the construct. “Although we have lost a friend, there is still a beast on the loose. Do what you can with the manuscript Unit 1, we must learn more of these Keepers Ostarion spoke of”.

Sensing the magic of the book (and with what i assume is a successful knowledge roll), Unit 1 turns to the party and says

“This book is likely immensely powerful, and very dangerous. Magic is a dangerous art, and our fallen comrade is proof of such a fact.”

“I am capable of deciphering the text, but I fear its content may be inherently dangerous. It may be possible to destroy the tome, but I fear such destruction may be just as dangerous an act.”

“I would prefer to safekeep the tome for now. But if you would have me learn its secrets now, or attempt to have it destroyed, I will defer to your judgement.”

The construct stares and awaits the parties decision.

Standing beside Don Blanco the Raven Knight looks over to the blood knight and whispers to Don Blanco. "I fear further violence before this day is over. Ostarions body is to be protected at all costs, let no other touch it Don Blanco, may the Lady of the Graves be at your side. The Raven knight then turns to face the rest of the adventurers, before facing Ostarions body. “Rest easy friend, may the Pale lady welcome you into her fold. The rest of your spell books and your possessions will be buried with you. You will also be beheaded and buried with a stake through your heart. I will bury you on sanctified ground Ostarion so you can be at peace”.

Looking down upon Ostarion after his demise, it was hard for Ecthelian to see him as the man whom he had befriended. His sharpened teeth protruded over his lifeless lip, and it served as a reminder that the Dwarf had become that which the Halfling had sworn to kill. There was no remorse, no doubt. He had followed his code for so long now, and was so devout that he knew that his actions were correct. He had given the choice, and the Dwarf still denied. Looking back toward the group, when Ecthelian spoke, he was surprised to hear that his voice was now a different tone.. deeper, and raspier. He felt weaker than he had before. He could feel the negative energies flowing through him a moment ago, and they had truly affected his body…He swayed on his feet, almost looking as though his legs would buckle beneath him. His skin was wrinkled, and his hair was now long and more grey than golden. He looked like he had aged 50 years, and should be in a small rocking chair…. Yet, in spite of his clear enfeeblement and fatigue, his words were full of vigour….“What are you all standing around for? There is still more evil down here! I will purge the whole catacombs if I have to! Grab those items off the table there, and drag the vampires backpack with us… we may still need those books!”

Ecthelian starts to move across the room, toward one of the exits. “There will be no funeral! We do not have the time to waste on such trivial things with a beast massacring more people daily”.

The Raven Knight slings Ostarions pack over his shoulder and picks up one end of the make-shift stretcher. He looks at his friend Ecthelion walking towards the exit. No man can strike down a friend without remorse.

The Raven Knight whispers to himself in worried tones “Use your anger as your shield little friend and not as your weapon as I have done in the past.” Picking up the stretcher the Raven Knight resolves to keep close to the Half-Knight… “the coming darkness will weigh heavy upon us all, most of all Ecthelion… how many friends has he already lost? How many more?”

The Raven Knight hoists up the stretcher. “Onwards Don Blanco… remember, protect him at all cost.”

Don Blanco nodded to the Raven Knight. “There will be a funeral,” Don Blanco said, matter of factly as he made the sign of Pharasma with his enormous hand, “He will be given his last rites. And we will honour him as our friend.” He crouched down beside Ostarian’s body and pulled El Muerte’s mask over his head, his eyes igniting with his burning spirit. His muscles clenched and he audibly cracked his neck. “Cuervo Caballero,” he boomed to the Raven knight, “Como otro hijo de la señora de las tumbas, te doy mi palabra de que voy a cumplir lo que me pides: As another son of the lady of the graves, you have my word that i will fulfill what you ask of me.”

“Argh big man, hate to disappointed you but if that dwarf is found guilty for the crimes committed the previous day, then his body will repay the debts by working in the eternity mines. That….. is the law of the city after all. The halfing has some wit about him now, suppose wise comes with age. " Zephyr smirks. “As there will be no funeral unless he is proven innocent in the trial. So I ask of you to return the body to the Abadar temple where it can be reposed until the fate of the trial”

“I have read your lawbook crow! And the law you talk of states that he in question has to be a citizen of Carrion Hill. He was no citizen of this town.” Ecthelion responded.

“I am no man, Cuervo, especially not a man of a city that thrives on the desecration of the dead. His body will be put to eternal rest and should you want to attempt to seize him from me…” Muerete rises to full height, towering over Zephyr. He grinned menacingly and allowed his spirit energy to flicker, the blast whipping clothes, moving furniture and cracking windows. “I’ll put you to yours.”

“Yes indeed, he not a citizen but a possible convicted criminal. Our laws state that until proven innocent at a tribunal requested by his astate his body is to be held in contempt, upon which time a ruling panel of magistrates will determine the fate of his sentence. If convicted he will serve no less then 10years per life he is responsible to work in the eternity mines. All funds will go to the morning families of the victims. This is…. only if he is proven guilty otherwise you can do whatever his astate wishes with the body, of course you can appeal the verdict of the case however it will cost ten thousand gold pieces per appeal. If you cannot afford the price and lose the case…. Well the body will remain even longer in the mines. There is a reason it is call the eternity mines after all. Well Dwarfs are renowned for their natural mining, he will become closer to his ancestral heritage. Hmmmph you think death gets him off his vile acts, this city is known for its laws as criminals will repay their crimes even in the after life”

Raising his hands in front of Muerete wailing them about. “Woah…. no need to get violent big fella, I ain’t picking a fight, just stated the facts of the city that is all. As their is enough bloodshed spilt this day.” Looking towards Kraaven Zephyr tosses him his 5 gold pieces. “For your trouble good sir.”

Ecthelion looked at Zephyr with disdain. “Excuse me? That man has admitted to illegally treading foot in the catacombs a number of times before this.. that he knows his way around here is testimony to that. There is also suspicion that he a fugitive of prison, and yet, you throw gold at him… You will do your job, and arrest him, so that he can stand trial… You will do this now, or my party and I will arrest you and have you locked away for corruption, and aiding a criminal…”

Muerte had not forgotten the knife in his shoulder that the groups guide had lead him into. “You heard him, Cuervo.” He rumbled.

Ecthelion added more to his accusations. “…. Perhaps you may make bail…. the price is 5000GP…. Clearly they pay you well?…” Ecthelian says, pointing at the well made items on Zephyrs’ body,… “Or are they tributes to you from other deals which have been made with those who should be behind bars?”

Kraaven looks at the dead dwarf, then at the newly aged halfling. “Looks like its time for me to leave. I ain’t picking a fight. I was just trying to help and make some coin on the way. If you are going to arrest me so be it. But I’ll have my freedom back in a few hours. Van Hammer will simply pay for me to get out or I will escape. And the crows will care less for it. I ain’t causing no trouble and I keep things like Yarresh from stealing children in the city. Don’t complain to me about your lack of cheese….”. Kravens words wafted off into some nonsensical jumble of words about of cheese and how it tastes and smells.

After a while he became lucid again. “So where was I, thats right I was being arrested”. Kraaven holds out his arms for manacles to be put on.

“Very well, Kraaven you know the drill.” Snapping the manacles onto Kraveen’s hands Zephyr grunts. " Fucking more paperwork, I’ll be up all night because of this." Knowing quite well Kraaven will escape.

“Who is Yarresh?” Ecthelion questioned.

It took some time for Kraaven to become Lucid again. While havining the manacles tighten by Zephyr, Kraaven said “Yarresh is that ghoul over there you killed. I told you she was trixsy. I told you just to feed her aleg of lamb. For surely now something just as dangerous as her will claim this grove as there own. Something more dangerous maybe, which cannot be tamed with a leg of lamb”.

Ulysses stares intently at Zephyr; “I claim this body as is my right as a member of the Pharasman church. He is still a free man until he is found guilty. His corpse will remain a free corpse until then. As per the rites of Pharasma his body will be burned and dealt with in a manor befit to the undead, least his corpse rise again”.

Ulysses breaks his gaze of Zephyr and looks back towards Don Blanco; “Come friend, we shall not delay further, Ostarions body must be given it’s final rites.”

Don Blanco nods deeply, and carefully lifts the Dwarfs body into his enormous arms. He nods to the Raven knight.

Don Blanco nods deeply, and carefully lifts the Dwarfs body into his enormous arms. He nods to the Raven knight.

Ulysses draws his bow low, not taking his eyes off both the Blood Knight and Zephyr. “Walk Don Blanco, I am at your back.”

With the hostility dying down Ecthelion sheathed his sword keeping an eye on the Blood knight whom had not yet responded in any way, despite the dwarf he made ablood pact eith cut down before her very eyes.

“I am not stopping you from taking his body, Be warned though you will be charged in place for his crimes.” Flailing his hat in the air looking towards the group as they walks off with Ostarians body. “Shall I add these to your growing list of crimes. Tampering and destroying evidence, defiling the dead, another account of murder, verbal abuse to the authority. You will be in the eternity mine for 1000 years if you keep this up.”

Looking towards the wind sorcerer Zephyr whispers “You be best stay away from that rowdy bunch, as you don’t want to be an accessory to their crimes.” Then turning to the Blood Knight “Did you not swear an oath to the Dwarf , that you will guard him with your life. Perhaps it might be time to fess up what happened at Belfor’s party or do something about them burning your friends body as he didn’t believe in their gods.”

“So you are giving them permission to take the body?” Ecthelion asked Zephyr puzzled.

“I never said that, I am simply pointing the facts as burning the body will prevent the Abadar Clerics from learning the truth from what happened at Belfor’s party. In which evidence may exonerate or condemn you. Do you take me for a fool you aren’t going to goad me into a fight down here, as I am merely a passive….. Observer, whom testimonial will be presented at your hearing.” Spitting on the ground Zephyr gazes upon the group again. “Better you burn the body well, as I don’t see how you going cinder the bones to ash. A fire needs to be quite hot to do that, while I hope you know lighting a open fire within the city limits is illegal without a permit.”

“Who in the name of the hells are you, Cuervo Zephyr?” Muerte asked aggressively, stopping mid-step. “You stand here, issuing threats of your perverted justice to the three of us. Who are you? Why do we give even the slightest amount of care? We are three sworn champions who have bled alongside one another and you dare to carry on like we should care who you are? Amigo, you are loco. Any of the three of us could snuff you out alone let alone together. Do you honestly think you will make it out of this room to raise your concerns to the courts?” Muerete said angrily.

Backing further away the Raven Knight speaks to Don Blanco. “Easy friend, I would like to leave this city with my honour intact.” The Raven Knight continues to back away. “Three days Crow.” He yells. “Three days”, before slinging his bow back over his shoulder.

“Threatening to kill an official of the law, you just witnessed that didn’t you?” Zephyr looked towards the two abstained members and Kraaven (Falkon and the Bloodknight).

“Please… stay your tongue, for we are in these lands now, and are bound by different laws…” Ecthelion said to Muerete, trying to calmthe enrage half giant monk down.

Muerte begrudgingly silences and scoffs at Zephyr with contempt. He dips his head and leaves the room, still carrying his dead companion. “I didn’t threaten to kill you,” Muerte smiled and called out over his shoulder, “I warned you about the position you’re in. And you’ve had your one warning with me, Pendejo. You won’t get a second.”

“Ostarian’s body is not evidence in the crimes we have been wrongly charged for.. the body must have his head severed so as not to have the Vampire come back once more.. would you allow them to sever the head?” Ecthelion questioned Zephyr. Zephyr did not respond, so Ecthelion added further “Hurry up lawbender.. tell us what me must do with the corpse, so we can be on our way. I would like to clear my name sooner rather than later.”

Zephyr took his time to choose his words carefully, knowing he was still out numbered. “Do with it as you will halfing. As I previously stated I am merely an observer. However expect repercussions of your actions.”

“My knowledge on the laws of this town are clearly not as sound as yours… I wish you to tell me what we can do with it, without breaking your laws.” Ecthelians voice stays neutral. He knows that his knowledge on the laws of this town are not sound, and he will strive to obey them where he can.

Zephyr smirked again, knowing the adventurers were quickly learning how things work in Carrion Hill. “It will come under the act of defiling the dead, if you sever the head from the body. Having witnesses here, do you think that’s a good idea to break those laws….. Hmmmph!” Zephyr pauses before he begins to speak again. “Oh my, looks like I have to repeat myself twice so the elderly can understand, the body must be given to the Abadar Temple as it is evidence for the trial. You can obey this knowledge or disregard it. The choice is yours!”

Ecthelion said addressing his companions…“I suggest you let Zephyr take the body to the Temple.. We tread thin ice as it is, and I am bound. I cannot condone the breaking of any such law..” Addressing Zephyr, “While you are at it, you will have to take all these other carcasses, as well (pointing to the zombies and the creepers)… as they must be evidence as well….”, Ecthelian points out matter of factly.

Responding to Ecthelion words the Raven Knight says “I ask that you respect the tenants of my code Ecthelion. Do not ask of me what I can not do. The body comes, I assume full responsibility for my actions. Concern yourself with your own fate.”

Ecthelion knew that the raven knight would not do as he advised. His code did not permit it. “Then the crow will need to report this, and you must clear the crime in court.”

The very air around muerte seems to shudder, so angered is he by infuriating squawking of the man named Zephyr. He maintains control of himself, though even the least observant idiot can tell that the luchador could release his anger with explosive magnitude.

Zephyr moved so he coukd address all the adventurers. “Yes, I factored those culprits for murdering the 12 Crow members that were sent down here to investigate the beast. The poor bastards didn’t stand a chance it seems. May I signal the other guards to bag all this place as evidence as now my hands are tied with Kraaven.”

Falkon up until this point had been still, slowly observing all that was unfolding before him being said, (OOG: due to the fact that I was at work and when I got home was unable to comprehend how quickly shit got out of hand haha) Inside he did not yet know how he felt about Ostarian’s death. In some way he felt as if he had lost a mentor. He was a mentor that the party had looked to for knowledge and wisdom in all areas of magic. Would they look to him now? Thinking about it made him feel somewhat inadequate. He was never one for studying books and reading about religion. All that he knew of magic came naturally to him and he new little of anything else. He looked at Zephyr and the others as they began to carry Ostarian’s body up the stairs. He was tiered of rivalry and squabbling. For the first time since he began adventuring he felt like he had nothing more to say. Instead he gave each of his companions including Zephyr a curt nod before walking off up the stairs himself pausing momentarily to take one last look at Ostarian, “Rest in peace friend” he whispered before continuing up the stairs.

“Like I said.” Zephyr said looking at the Raven Knight. “His body will remain in the Abadar Temple until the hearings verdict is made. If the dwarf is as innocent as you think, you will have nothing to worry about, thus the body will return to you and you can continue your burial procedure.”

The Raven Knight turns and continues up the steps, his head held high in a determined embrace, the fire of defiance burning in his eyes.

“Cultist…” Kraavern became lucid again. “I know these cultist you speak of. I have seen them doing there dark sermons down here with that book your dwarf friend had. If I was willing to tell you who they are and where you can find them, what would it mean for these”. He holds his manacles above his head. “Sure you can find them yourself, but with only three days before your cheese becomes rotten, the clock is ticking”. Kraaven began to make the clicking sound of a clock with his tongue, swaying his index finger from side to side. The ticking sound turned into sniffles as he sniffed at the air. “I smell cheese….”. He sniffed in the Raven Knights general direction. The madness had him once more.

“Very well…. keep control of your friend their knight. As I feel he is displeased of the situation.” Nodding towards Muerte, Zephyr then gives a quick tug on the chain holding Kraaven “C’mon Kraaven let’s go deal with you now, shall we!” while moving up the stairs Zephyr grabs his signal whistle ready to arouse the Crows as soon as he leaves the building.

Ecthelion thinks back on the many discussions around the camp fires about gods and morals, and remembers that Ostarian talked fondly of his family in Caliphas before the day his soul was twisted out of his body. In recent days, Ostarian explained how he is exiled from his family due to losing the hammer of his clan, and his beard all in the same explosion. The sadness of losing his academy ring also meant that Ostarian could not return to his wizards guild. All in all. Ecthelion can see now that Ostarian truly cut himself of from his family and colleagues leaving only him as the one last ally of Ostarian.

Ecthelian’s body had aged badly, but with the negatives came positives.. He was able to see the world with newfound clarity, which he was excited to explore further. Thinking on the conversations with Ostarian, Ecthelian could not help but realise that they were similar in many ways… One prominent example of this was their separation from their family… Yes Ostarian had been forced out of his clan, and some would say that Ecthelian had the choice to let his parents live (although Ecthelian would never see that he had any choice on the matter), but they had both come to a point where they had very little left in the world. However, at that very point where both men had nothing, they both went very different directions. Ecthelian had turned to faith, and it had saved him. “I am sorry my friend, it could have been very different… Maybe now you will see.”

Ecthelian ensures that the stake is secure in Ostarians heart, to prevent the Vampire rising again, before Zephyr removes the body.

Ecthelion ensures the stake is firmly in the heart before the Raven knight moves to take the body back up stairs and out of the Sunless Grove. Muerete had laid the body down to let he halfl I notice the pulse or that there is signs of life, Ecthelion attempts to Lay hands on Ostarian

Ostarians body is cold, though a faint pulse beats about once a minute, showing some form of life is still attached to this body, as Ostarians sould hangs on by a thread. Lay on hands doesnt heal any wounds or change the dwarfs condition.

Vampires, an account by Van Ritchen

A stake doesn’t kill the vampire outright, it only prevents him from regenerating, or if used in combat along with a failed save reduces a vampire to 0 hp, placing the creature in a dormant state preventing it from regenerating. If the stake is removed, the vampire can still come back and plague you. With Ecthelion and the Raven Knights combined knowledgr they know they have to find some running water, do some jiggery-pokery with a load of holy wafers and some light decapitation, or hope for some sunlight. Or use a gilded stake

The use of silver as a weapon against vampires is actually a false legend propagated by the vampires.

The reason is that only recently in literature has silver had any affect on vampires. It was by tradition used on lycanthropes.

The reason it was useful on lycanthropes is because silver was mystically associated with the lycanthropes weakness, the moon. Therefore, using silver, was in effect using the moon to slay the lycanthrope.

The same reasoning applies to vampires. Except the moon is not a weakness for vampires. The sun is. And gold is mystically associated with the sun, not silver. Therefore to kill a vampire you need to use a gilded weapon. Vampires, being intelligent, have realized mankind is a sucker for stupid myths, so they invented silver as a weakness for killing vampires, knowing they will be born again once the stake is removed. That way when the would-be vampire slayer pulls out his silvered sword and plunges it through the vampire, it can laugh at the stunned slayer and rip his throat out.

Any gilded (a weapon that is made out of gold) stake used is consumed in the process

Ancient scrolls in most churches of good speak of the difficulty in killing vampires. A stake through the heart only places the vampire in deep torpor and if the stake is removed the vampire will instantly come back to action. That is why the rituals include beheading and sacred anointing on the head to really kill the creatures.

Blowing on his whistle when he reaches the bright sky Zephyr signals the crows. “Over this way lads, I want this place cleaned out before nightfall. As it contains vital information of the invisible beast and our poor brothers at arms that went missing a couple days ago.”Watching the Raven Knight bypass with Ostarians body Zephyr nods in disgust. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you Sir Knight, you are tampering with your fate by doing that.” Then jangles the chain binding Kraaven arms together. “Still with us Kraaven, let’s go sort you out ehhh.”·

“The shudder wood was lawless.. I needed to plough the field to get rid of the weeds, before planting the seeds of law there” Evthelion exclaimed.

The hostility continued. The Raven knight said to Ecthrlion. “I think Courtaud’s Council of the province of Lozeri would have something to say about the Shutterwood being lawless Ecthelion”.

“Don’t presume you know anything of the shutterwood ‘raven knight’.. You weren’t there.. You know nothing of the rabidness there…. And you know nothing of laws?” Ecthelion responded.

The Lands of Ustalav (From The rule of Fear p 9)

Three distinct regions comprise the country of Ustalav: Soivoda, the Palatinates, and Virlych. The largest of these realms, Soivoda, includes the nine counties of Ustalav: Amaans, Ardeal, Barstoi, Caliphas, Odranto, Sinaria, Ulcazar, Varno, and Versex. Forming the central and easternmost parts of the country, these lands are each ruled over by a noble family bearing the hereditary title of count. The count of each realm holds the power to govern as he sees fit, with all lesser noble houses and peasants owing fealty to that lord, second only to the nation’s prince. Largely independent, the counties harbor generations-old bitterness and rivalries that often lead to bickering or, in the most extreme cases, armed disputes, such as the War without Rivals between Barstoi and Ardeal that led to the creation of the cinder-covered wasteland known as the Furrows.

While the prince holds considerable power to effect change and administer laws across the country, the counts’ wealth, influence, and pride makes forcing them to acquiesce to agendas they don’t favor—but will ultimately be relied upon to enforce—a fruitless effort. Thus, each county stands as a state unto itself, defending its people and maintaining a culture wholly reliant upon the county’s traditions and the will of its single unshakable ruler. The northwestern third of Ustalav holds the lands calling themselves the Palatinates: Canterwall, Lozeri, and Vieland. Nearly 40 years ago, dissatisfaction with the weak rulers of these counties led their people to rise in brief, consecutive, and largely bloodless revolts, putting an end to the hereditary rulership of these lands. Replacing their lords, the new palatinates each organized a unique ruling council with the same mantle of responsibilities as a count.

What the people of the Palatinates gain in rulers mostly divested of dusty enmities and flagrantly self-serving agendas, they’ve lost in decisive action and efficacy in affecting national changes, with the dismissive nobles of the court taking umbrage at the intrusion of the oft-changing commoner representatives. Virlych owes fealty to no lord, save the dreaded memory of the Whispering Tyrant, the arch-lich locked away beneath this accursed expanse. Tainted by foul magic and the curse of undeath, Virlych possesses no government, and only outcasts, sentinels from nearby Lastwall, and servants of the fallen lich dare the broken land and its haunted ruins. Three other counties also once existed within Ustalav’s borders. The county of Janoyt once stretched along the eastern banks of Avalon Bay, along with the southern reaches of Varno. After the country’s refounding, these sparsely populated lands lay primarily under the control of the Arch-Duchy of Melcat, to which Ustalav’s new government peaceably ceded control. After Melcat’s transformation into the fanatical theocracy of Razmirian, continued incursion upon Ustalavic lands met subtle but fearsome resistance from Varno. The realms of Grodlych and Virholt were also destroyed during the reign of the Whispering Tyrant, their lands now under the control of the neighboring country of Lastwall or merged in their shared ruin as the no man’s land of Virlych.

Ecthelian cuts in matter of factly, “if you wanted a lesson on history and nobles, you could have just asked. I am more than happy to share my extensible knowledge with someone who is without it.”

Walking silently to the vanquished dwarfs feet, the blood knight pricks it’s finger with a needle and gives a blood offering muttering “blood for blood”. Turning to the group: “The dwarf called you out and in his discourse forbid me to be his champion. You have acted with honour half knight and your sword has reached far. Blood has been spilt and the duel has ended. Blood for blood has been given. This man was my blood brother and I had given an oath to see his will be done. It was his will; my hands to destroy a scourge of a blue devil.” “However, blood brothers you are not. You now must honour the blood rights of his clan, forefathers and blood brothers. I will not allow you to destroy the body or handle the belongings you do not have claim to. I will be returning the body to the witch Anca, as she is the only one that has acted in my interests and has given aid willingly. She has shown me great magic in abilities to talk to the dead, a blood price I must extract from the body. This is how I will respect his wishes and his ways, not the ways of the crows or the gods that he did not believe in. My oath as a blood brother demands so”. “Now, if any of you wish to challenge my call me out now and challenge thy self to a duel. For in his death I am still his blood bound and will still act as his champion. I will not see any of you desecrate his body or memory further. The body stays as is”. The blood knight grips his sword handle, and takes a wider stance ready to have his sword leap out from his scabbard. “This is the price of my blood. Now speak what is to be”.

“You are far away from home blood Knight…. Things are done differently in this country. An oath here is second to the law, and the law enforcer has spoken… The body is to be brought to the Abadar council….” Ecthelian knew that he Blood Knight was set in his ways, and the laws would not bind him – at least not in his mind… Thinking on his feet, Ecthelian spoke to try to disarm the situation diplomatically… the blood Knight seemed to have a code which was not unlike a man whom Ecthelian had met in his travels, called Shenshi Katanoshi. Shenshi had spoken of humiliation and honour, but it sounded similar… It was worth a try… Standing in between the blood Knight and Ostarians body, Ecthelian puffed out his chest and drew his sword, full defence, and brazenly announced to the blood knight, “I have defeated Ostarian the dark in one on one combat, and thus take ownership over his body, to teach his soul a lesson in humility. Only once he has learned this lesson, can Ostarians honour be restored….” Ecthelian was slightly nervous but refused to let it show… He watched the Blood Knight to see how he would react.

Zephyr has grown fond of the halfing in the previous few minutes and yells. “Stop! Why throw your life away when he has no quarrels with you.” Pointing to the Raven Knight. “That man is disregarding the law by taking the dwarfs body away. So I say let them duke it out as it may knock some sense into both of their thick skulls.” Looking back towards Ecthelian “Then we can continue to return the body to the Abadar Temple, in which we can pursue the evidence of what really happened the other day. It maybe the vital key in clearing your name, So I do not understand why they want to bury that information.”

Zephyr said with a increasinhly hostile tone. “Your a man of the law, i am glad to see you now see eye to eye with Carrion Hills laws.” Looking back towards the Blood Knight , Raven Knight and ElMorete “Well what shall it be, will you sort your troubles out now and let the dwarfs body be returned to the Abadar Temple until the trial hearings decision. Or shall I turn a blind eye and walk away while you tarnish your chances of winning the trial. Easy decision to make the right choice…. Hmmmmph!”

Sitting crouched behind a series of chimneys on the houses near the scene unfolding on the streests, he pulls his cloak over his head, while keenly observing how the heroes handle themselves. As a fellow traveller, he always learns more about his choice of companions. A glint of fine steel armored links can be seen on his arms as he readies his bow carefully to prevent disaster unfolding. His travels have led here for a reason, and he always trusts his path is the right one. After all, why claim to have faith in the way of things, if you do not accept we are all pawns in some greater game.

Just as Falkon was about to leave to return to his companions he noticed someone else up on the roof tops who didn’t seem to be a crow. Who ever they were they seemed to be making an effort not to been seen. If Falkon hadn’t still been invisible he was almost sure that they would have made themselves hidden to him. Yet even with his invisibility and the distance between them, he still felt uncomfortable, fearing the unknown especially in this city….

On walking out into the light Falkon looks around the market. His head is so full of thoughts that all the noise and rabble of traders and peasants is making it throb. He looks up at the sky. The sun was really starting to set in now. The heat was making the stink of the slums even worse as the smell of piss shit and rotten fish crawled up into his nose. Falkon felt suffocated and desperate for some fresh air. He felt an overwhelming feeling of needing to get away from it all and spend some time alone. Looking back down the stairs he could see that his party members were still a way off. Without a second thought he slipped into the shadows. When he was sure he could not be seen he cast invisibility and as he looked down to where his body should have been he began to relax. He spent the next few minutes climbing the rubble until he was on a rooftop alone (free from crows).

He looked down at the markets below. Being up higher hadn’t helped with the smell; the air was still stuffy and heavy in his chest. It was then that he slipped his hand into the secret pocket on the inside of his robes and pulled out the orb of storms. He turned it over in his hands a few times, marveling at its power and beauty. He took one last deep breath gazing out to the ocean side of the city before begging to cast, alter weather. For the first few minutes nothing happened. Then, all at once, the sweetest sea breeze swept over him. As he continued to focus on the spell the cool air picked up pushing away the stinky smog. By the time he had finished and put the orb safely back in his pocket the sea breeze was washing over the city in a steady but gentle flow. The smell of salt and water was far better than what had crawled up his nose in the slums below. Falkon finally felt like he could think with a clear head. It was up here that the death of Ostarian sunk in. Things would be different now he knew that much. This city still held many challenges for him and his companions. He sat quietly contemplating the world around him when all of a sudden felt drained. His focus needed for spells was beginning to run out. He needed to find his companions and rest. That much was clear to him.

The Blood knight keeps an eye on the two Pharasmas. “I am sorry, but your words do not redeem my blood oath to this man. I will not allow this matter to ensue and destroy what honour remains with him. I will not be swayed from this action. Anca will question the body and see the dwarfs will be done, and by his accustoms he will be buried. He did not care for the customs of the ways of the crows, your gods or contracts written. A blood oath elapses all. If this is to be by way of blood grip your steel half knight or choose your champion. Otherwise, let me be and see his blood price be paid to me. See honour returned to this party. But be aware, if you grip steel my code dictates a blood price to the death must be paid. Choose your next words wisely my associates”.

“The law is there to defend Zephyr. Watch, and you may learn some things from an old man.” Ecthlion responded to Zephyr insuts about his age. He then turned and said go the blood knight. “You are no associate of mine Blood Knight. With the dwarf’s death, your tie to me has ended.” Looking down at his frail body, Ecthelian continues, “but I am afraid that I am in no condition to fight you over a foolish matter like this. If it must be done, I choose the Raven Knight as his own champion to defend the body. For it is his responsibility to follow both the law set by Zephyr, as well as the code which he was beset by the Pharasman church.”

The shadowy figure on the rooftop looks around and smiles directly at Falkon in a casual manner of confidence. Falkon notices a faint rainbow pattern of lights over the elfs eyes, almost certainly a spell that can see invisiblity. Though it is not one that Falkon knows the spellcraft for. With a fluidity of motion the elven figure quietly runs across the roof and jumps across a 20’ gap with ease, longbow in one hand and arrow in the other. A light thud as the elf lands in a better position about 50’ from all the heroes. It is clear that the elf is wearing a full suit of elven chainmail and is very agile. Still, no signs of threat appear in the movements.

Holding the arrow downwards, and standing upright where no crows can see the cloaked figure it speaks in soft auran to Falkon “Greetings rider of the air, sweet meet to those of the planes of air, It seems that our fates are twined together for the now.” Yesterday at 4:18pm · Like · 3

“Honor demands my actions, and this is no folly to be fooled with.You have named your champion. What say you Raven Knight, are you ready to act as the half knight champion”? The blood knight exclaimed, keeping his stance ready to butojutsu his sword brom its sheath.

“Nice to meet you also, agile one. I generally like to keep those who have the wits to see me on friendly terms if I can help it so I can’t be snuck up on so easily. I fear if you were an enemy I could have been filled with arrows from your pretty bow by now.” Falkon chuckles to himself smiling back curiously at the elf. “One gets to complacent about his surroundings when he feels he can’t be seen. So tell me elf, you say our fates are twined, but what brings you here today and sets your eyes upon myself and my companions?”

Chuckling softly “No young one, I am only a fair shot with a bow compared to my fellows, I spent more time listening to the animals of our forests and attending dancing performances.” Turning his gaze on the drama below “My feet bring me here today” smiling a little, “ dreams show the heroes of harrowstone fighting an invisible beast in this city and they will die without our help.” Kneeling down to study a coackroach feasting on the middenstone wall nearby “I bring no harm or threat to you or your friends. Having walked many paths and seen many things I bring advice and sense to help you choose your paths.”

“Well, we did go out of our way to seek a lunatic as our guide, Im sure we won’t have any problem letting a calm and composed elf accompany us in our search from this beast. The more help we can get the better I say and by you seeing me it seems you have already proven yourself worthy.” With a big polite smile Falkon tacks a step back, “May I introduce myself formally” he clears his throat, “I am Valkoron, Child of air” With that said Falkon took a low bow as air swirled around him. On standing back he added, “Yet most people call me Falkon, must be the black robes and my tendency to fly I guess”, he chuckles again.It seems you have a love of nature just as I have a love of air. May I bring you good weather to help all that is around you to grow. Your help I’m sure will be most welcome……."

“I thank you for your kind words, however I am not yet worthy, there is more to do in this life yet before I can make that claim.”

Standing up and pushing his hooded cowl off his head, you see the material is silky smooth and absorbs the light as it moves. HIs platinum hair is long and untied with a silver circlet across his brow. Fine elven chainmail is worn underneath and moves with his simple actions “Well met Child of Air and a blessing on your family. I am known to my fellows as Amarandlon Edasseril of the stars and the Fireani forest.” He bows slightly “I thank you for the offer to join the heroes of harrowstone, but I must decline your offer sadly since I follow paths not quests.”



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