Carrion Crown: Kyle's

The path less travelled

Sitting in the newly consecrated shrine to Desna Amandlon practices the mental discipline that strengthens his will and focus on the celestial realms of the lady. This city is built on layers upon layers of corrupted filth with the nobles selling their peoples souls to turn a profit making the middenstone.
The recent journey with the heroes of Harrowstone has shown first hand the spawn of evil and chaos that infests the city, summoned by cultists led by the high priest of abadar it seems. Before pursuing a path that leads to conflict with another church and the ruining of a ruling authority Amandlon is seeking a commune with the lady for answers to the citys future.
Amandlon can feel the insanity pressing against the minds of all in the city and sees the signs of some falling into madness. Amandlon is one of the wisest of his city and even he can feel his mental strength waning.



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