Carrion Crown: Kyle's

Vroods farewell

Vroods eye had kept constant watch over his pupil, ever since he had arrived in Carrion Hill. It was always funny how he had kept tabs on his student. Watching the stake plunge into the dwarfs chest, he was upset at first, but grinned with malice. The dark cloak figure would be happy. A rift had been created and the biggest threat to Vroods and his masters identity now lay dormant. Ostarion had know both Vrood and his master by name and face. The dwarf had extensive knowledge into the whispering way, studying with Vroods master at the same Acadame in Caliphas. But now he did not have to worry about such things.

Salem 1692

Vrood clutched at the shrunken head around his neck, calling forth its powers to contact his master. The shrunken head appeared before the dark cloak figure whom was busy studying the Carrion Crown recipe. Several ingredients were still needed. “Massterr” came Vroods whispers. “Osstarrion the dwarrf is dead. The halfling is vulnerrable, Osstarrion currssed him with an aging spell. He ssuccumbed to the vampyrric tome of the book of eterrnal necrromancy. I knew he could not handle such powerr. It is unforrtunate he will not be joining uss”.

The black cloaked figured continued to write on his parchment, unflinching despite the new news. He stopped writing for a moment. "I will dispatch Clanartus Viliras and the Red Mantis assassains to capture the halfling. They should fare better then Scarlett, her failure was not forseen by my divinations. Ecthelions sisters blood is not pure enough to complete the Carrion Crown elixir. We traded to much to Nalinzarborg for her soul. She has proven to be useless to Orcus and me, a liability worth discarding of when you get the time. Only the blood of Ecthelion will do to complete the elixir. Lorrimor and his friends did a fine job of hiding the facts about the halflings bloodline, but in the end we learnt the truth.

I am personally heading for Caliphas to secure the other subject should the halfling elude us. But I have concerns for Illmarsh as I have lost contact with the riders we dispatched to trade the seasage effigy for the ingredient we need. No more games Vrood, this has gone on long enough. I want you to put an end to our pursurers. Especially Anca the witch. Orcus has informed me she is on the pathway to discovering Ecthelions ancestry. Information that was expensive to come by, and truths that I do not want Ecthelion or his frirnds to know.

“What sshould I tell Lucimarr and Nalthezzarr, they sstill believe I am loyal to Rred Churrch”, Vrood responded.

“Turn there attention to where it belongs, and that is erradicating Tarkus Finleys in tje Tusk Mountains, and Viktor Von’Drakhs Age of Metal preventing the lesser seals from being opened. Marrowgath is hunting Dantz, he saw to much in Xin-Grafar and can reveal my identity”.

“Marrrrrowgath, ssurrely a drragons time is betterr sspent on Ozem”, Vrood replied once more.

“No!”, came a swift and direct response. “I cannot risk it, when we are so close. Those whom know to much must die before they can piece together the puzzle. Cassielt and Ozem will be blind to our strike from the shadows. Kaiden in Lepidstadt is still busy with dealing with unrest and the inquisition trials. This shall be our first strike, the sewers are filled with more dead then those lost at the Furrows. Vorkstag and Grine did an excellent job of preparing our connections within the city. With the elder shaman of the rat folk tribes in Lepidstadt under my direct command, Kitch will prove little but a hindrance. But for now, Dantz, Anca, Viktor and Tarkus must all be eliminated. They were there at the begining. Friends of Lorrimors whom you failed to kill in Ravensgro. I cannot allied w them to learn znything further”.

“The witch is herre in the city, how do I dissposse of herr”, Vrood replied.

“Use Kendra and the demon wolves she brought with her, just make it as though she believs Anca is you. When she is dead kill the others that travel with Ecthelion and bring him to me”. The cloaked figure began to write again, his infernal scriptures and plans for the future were now well on he way. He paused a moment “And Vrood, do not fail me again”.

“Yess massterr”. Vrood rubbed the magical pendant again to dispel its enchantment. “So much to do, so little time. Do you not know you cannot rush art Master”. Vrood turned to the gagged Wilhelm the bardic musician who proclaimed his music to be better then any art in the land. “Now where were we. Arr yes, I was going yo get you to show me how you play the harp without fingers, I think I might make a birthday cake as a surprise for Ecthelion with your fingers as the candles”. Wilhelm looked in horror as Vrood closed in with a sharp scalpel. Windhelm paswed out as his third finger was removed. He stopped his art making for a moment. His art would suffer without a compliant muse, he would have to wait for him to wake.

With that Vrood looked bsck into his crystal ball once more, at Ostarions lifeless body. Vrood considered claiming Ostarion body, to raise him again. The master had commanded him to do it in the past to Ezekial and Ambriel, to learn more about the adventurers. But in his heart he knew Ostarion would be a much harder to soul to submit. “Farewell my favourite student, I am afraid we will never meet again. For the gods will not undestand our art Ostarion. I like you renounce them as nothing more then propaganda to keep the common folk in line. But when Tar-Baphon walks the surface of Golarion again, people will be able to see a true god walk this world once more”. Ostarion dismisses his scrying spell, and starts to ponder of a clevr trap for his pursuers. With Saera at his disposal, and Kendra working with werewolves, a wicked grin crossed his face. “Perfect….”



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