Adivion Adrissant


Born to a life of privilege in Ustalav’s former capital city of Ardis, Adivion Adrissant was destined for greatness. His family spared no expense on his education, enrolling him in Caliphas’s highly prestigious academy at the Quarterfaux Archives. Handsome, cunning, and cultured, Adivion hungered for knowledge, but soon found himself bored in his studies, which left him dispirited and melancholy. The young scholar should have wanted for nothing, but by the age of 20 had dismissed structured academia as unchallenging, romance as little more than a distraction, and religion as a fool’s errand. Inspired by the nihilistic poetry of Krait, Perry, and Vhaags, the young man left Ustalav to explore the cultures of Golarion in hopes of staving off his malaise, only to return to his family’s holdings years later as disappointed as when he first left.

Upon learning of the death of his peer, Professor Petros Lorrimor, Ardrissant left immediately for the town of Ravengro to pay his respects to a fellow scholar, and intellectual competitor. Also, the thought of the late professor’s extensive library rotting away in a provincial farming town was too much for him to contemplate.


Adivion Adrissant

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