Alika "Sureshot" Voriac, Arrow of Erastil

The daughter of a prestigious merchant family who has forsaken a life of privilege to follow in the footsteps of her uncle.


Alika has bright red hair and a pretty face but has a quite masculine physique – honed by years of outdoor living. She wears hooped ear‐rings in the fashion of gypsies of Varisians. Maratri is very creative and often braids her hair with plants and flowers or fashions jewellery and gifts from natural resources. She carries her uncle’s journal everywhere and often updates it with notes of her own. The Morningstar she carries also belonged to him. And were every she goes, she is always kept company by a mottly old grey owl called “hoot”.

She died in the Shuddrwood forest 3hr outside of Ascanor pursuing Estovion Lozarov. She was eaten by a Quickwood tree, after unknowingly stumbling into its hunting grounds.


From birth Alika was born into privilege as the daughter of a famous merchant Marcus Voriac . She had the finest tutors and applied herself well to the art of bantering and diplomacy. However, all this knowledge was second to the passion she learnt for the bow under her uncle Kaltiga eye, with some saying that she was blessed by “old dead eye” himself. Together they explored the wilderness around Leptstead and surround area. She adored her father dashing young brother and was devastated when news of his death at the hands of a ghouls reached home. Alika retreated into herself until her mother gave her Kaltiga blood stained journal as a keepsake. The tome detailed her uncle visit and people he met, but most importantly his hunt and battles against an undead cult called the “whispering way”. The journal reinforced in Alika that there was more to life than being a daughter of a rich merchant, and also to seek vengeance for her mentors’ death. She told her father of her plans to seek out her uncle’s friends, learn from them and then find her uncle’s body. Her father told her not to leave she would be disowned if she seek such a fool errant, to die a lonely death like his brother did. Alika left the home in a bitter row with her father that night, and now to her him she simply does not exists. Seeking out her uncle’s friends, she learnt one by one the skills needed and become one of Eristal’s faithful, obtaining the rank of 2nd arrow after 3 years in her membership to the church. Recently, she was informed by the current 1rst arrow, a very skilled ranger that the hero’s of Harrowstone are seeking out the undead cult. Without permission, the headstrong woman shouldered her bow and headed out to sign up with the group to seek vengeance against the undead cult.

Alika "Sureshot" Voriac, Arrow of Erastil

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