Alphon Cormarc

Alchemical genius


Responsible for the creation of the beast of Lepidstadt, the death of 27 citizens at his hands Alphon has been committed to spend the rest of his remaning years at the tower of conviction. Driven mad by a bloodlust for vengeance against those who overthrew his reign of the Vielands, a heritable title passed down from his ancestors, Alphon created the Mindslaver Thrall to be his weapon against the Estoic Order of the Palantine Eye, which overthrew him. An outcast dog, his linage all but removed from the universitiy of Lepidstadts history, Alphon was turned into Lepidstadt and a trial commenced for his crimes by adventurers who sort to uncover the beasts creator. With his manor burnt to the ground by vigilante Lepidstadt citizens and the Storm caller enveloping the Mindslaver Thrall, weaken from being encased in an iron casket by the Whispering way for more then 3 days, left for dead, Cormarc had little strength left within him to appose his captors.

Alphon was a true genius, he reverse engineered his ancestors seals that were used to imprison Tar-Baphon the Whispering Tyrant to creat the alchemical vat that allowed him to control the beast. A master alchemist, Alphon also sort restitution for the death of his wife at the hands of the Estoic order of the Palantine Eye. After discovering soul gems, Alphon gave birth to a the Beast of Lepidstadt, a cymical and alchemical being. Alphon used the soul gem to imprint personality traits onto the creation. Not without a sick sense of irony, Alphon imprinted his childhood, his compassion, the love of his wife, his guilt, his remorse and his tenderness onto the creation, so all that remained of himself was his malice and his burning bloodlust to kill those responsible for his houses fall and the death of his wife. By ridding himself of those emotions he was able to concentrate his efforts on the task at hand, creating the mindslaver thrall that could control his cymical created son. Alphon began creating his cymical army and punished those responsible, terrorizing Lepidstadft for more then 30 years. His plans were close to fruition creating another genius creation the aberrant promethean, when the whispering way attacked his secluded stronghold enlisiting the aid of trolls, siezing power over the minfslaver thrall. The beast was then used to steal the seasage effigy from the university of Lepidstadt, an artifiact the whispering way intends to use to create the carrion crown. This brought about the capture of the beast as it was simply discarded by the cultist and captured by the Lepidstadt watch. Which inturn revealed the revelation of Scholos Cormar to the beast pursuers.


Although accounts record Count Caromarc’s beneficent abdication of his title, the deadly fury of a genius rarely gives its subjects time to prepare. Thus rose the Beast of Lepidstadt, the instrument of Alpon Caromarc’s revenge upon a new age of fools. Yet after his bloody thoughts cooled, the former count gradually accepted his place in the new palatinate. Although death lurks in his past, Caromarc spends his declining years delving ever deeper into life’s mysteries. Knowing that even the supposedly advanced thinkers of Lepidstadt would condemn him for his research, he keeps his experiments and their sometimes-horrifying results hidden, his grand estate at Schloss Caromarc having undergone numerous renovations through the past decades, making it a fortress of privacy.

Alphon Cormarc

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