Anca Willow



Anca is a witch whom saved Professor Lorrimors life in the Tusk Mountains.

Pathfinder fan art  the witch by cromaticresponses d4o9rf1


Anca helped the adventurers with there research regarding the whispering way in Ravensgro. She contacted several spirits using the spieit board found in the hidden chamber in the Restlands. Anca is a changling, with white hair and purple eyes. Her familiar a fox was left in Kendras manor to read through the late professors books.

After seeing the words etched into to Kendras flesh from Ezekisl or Lorrimor from beyound the grave, Anca made her way to Lepidstadt in on her own accord to claim her entitlements from the professors will. Disliking Ecthelion and those associated with him, as well as the buay lifestylw ofthe students atthe Lepidstadt University archives, Anca borrowed lore books on contacting spirits of the dead to learn more of the Whispering Way and there motives. Not beholden to any sort of loyalty to the late professor or his insufferable daughter, Anca was more interested in Lorrimors research.

Following a lead to Carrion Hill, Anca has set up a temporary shop to learn more of the ones described in Lorrimors research as the dark ones from beyond the stars.

Anca Willow

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