A Strange Wanderer


Seers throughout the entirety of Golarion are reporting strange holes in the fabric of time. The strands of fate and destiny are slowly being unwoven by some sort of strange anomoly. The more potent Seers have whispered of a darkness encompassing the Shudderwood of Ustalav and the City of Carrion Hill.

Some travellers have spoken of a strange man in a black coat making his way through the southern end of the Shudderwood. They say he is shrouded by madness and chaos, and no good can come of him.

Viktor Von’Drakh clone

Hoping to escape his pursuer Thraka the bounty hunter Anomoly has passed through Shudderwoods to Carrion Hill. After escaping the life or death confrontation at Scholos Cormarcs atop the Mindslaver Thrall, Anomoly fragmented mind – a direct result of Viktor Von’Drakh splitting his soul via a soul stone stolen from Pharasma vault of souls –Anomoly is obsessed with the Mindslaver Thrall recreation. With the Mindslaver Thrall out of his reach due to the device called the storm caller now enveloping the entire structure – creating gale force winds, lightning strike, mini twisters and other anomolies –he now is after the Pnakotic manuscripts so he can access the Mindslaver thrall once more. Currently he is dodging his pursuer Thraka while trying to strike against The Keepers of Carrion Hill Asylum, in an attempt to steal the manuscripts.

His efforts are not in vain, as Anomoly has learnt Cormarc had plans of his own to attack the Keepers. Cormarcs notes suggested a artifact called the Dark tapestry which would grant one control of the sun and the moon. Cormarcs research indicated the dark tapestry could improve the Mindslaver Thralls effectiveness and efficiency by 10,000%.

“The stranger. I had a friend who seen him. He came to me, terrified. He was shaking. He told me he and his crew had been attacked by werewolves.

“Another day in the Shudderwood Kaleb, nothing you couldn’t handle I suppose.” I says laughing as I took another drink.

Then he leaned right in close and said “Werewolves we can handle…but the man…” He started weeping! Right there in the tavern!

“The stranger” He continued “He scared us good. Wearing a black coat he was. We found him by the river. Just staring at it he was. We thought easy pickings. As we approached him we heard him talking. He kept saying ‘hungry’ and ‘empty’. We thought he’d lost his marbles. So we snuck up on him. We thought we had him.”

Then Kaleb lost his shit. He was weeping and screaming.

I tells him “Calm down for fucks sake, the innkeeper’ll have us kicked out!”

Then he says “He’s following me. He knows I’m here.”

Then Kaleb took off running. I heard nothing of him for days. But I’ve heard tell of a man found who’d been mostly eaten. Happened far south east of here. They say it was wolves. He was wearing Kaleb’s ring. I know because they found a note on his corpse. It had my name on it.

It said “I was lost, and now I’m found. Alex, pass the ring around.”

I know Kaleb didn’t write that note. It was his blood the words were written in. I don’t know how long I’ve got. I’ve been in this tavern for days.

Trust me, friends…

Don’t cross the blackcoat.”


Anomoly has became obsessed with the old cults and harnessing the power of the stars. Trying to locate the manuscripts has lead to unsuspecting rewards. Developing a prototype device which he believes will allow him to see into distant worlds and utilises a sixth sense perspective, that will allow humans to see ultra violet light spectrum. Anomoly believes his ground breaking research will provide alternative power sources that will power his next generation of golems when he moves to take Ustalav for himself.


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