Dr. Ashaer Dovesfriend



The Phoenix is her official title (also owner of Phoenix tavern), though most call her the White Mistress. Dr. Ashaer Dovesfriend has a public persona as a peaceful, calm graceful human who heals the sick and is believed to have made herself immortal somehow. Such rumours are founded around the fact that the Phoenix for the past forty years has not aged one day. Many of her peers believe she has somehow managed to create n elixir life, others attribute her timelessness to a Healers stone she purported to have created in her youth. Many believe the small silver-chain affixed about her waist keeps her a comely woman in her mid-30s. Infact, no-one knows except the Phoenix, and she is know to fiercely guard her secrets. Ashaer shocks many students with her coarse language and matter-of-fact nature. Known to be a flirt, she delights in dallying with guest lectures (or even students) decades younger then her actual 94 years. Like the school of transformation, the faculty in residence for the White Tower is small, with only three senior faculty including the Phoenix. Thus, the lecturers and graduate students shoulder the bulk of the teaching.


Dr. Ashaer Dovesfriend

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