Aurum is 935 years old venerable Gold Dragon. Lady Amberliegh learnt of the dragons existence through researching Lepidstadt University archives. Since then she has sought out to befriend the dragon to gather knowledge on Aroden and the Starstone. As one of the oldest creatures in the area, Aurum is an encyclopedia of knowledge and history. Lady Amberliegh has only met the dragon twice, each time presenting the dragon with a tribute worthy of his greatness. Lady Amberliegh hopes to use him to learn mor, or uncover more about Aroden and Starstone, in the hope he can offer insights which a book could not.

Description: At his age, Aurum prefers to sleep more than anything else, so he is rarely found outside his lair, and then usually in the shape of a powerful white horse. In dragon form his body length is 121 feet and his tail is 110 feet long. His scales are small and smooth fitting, making him appear glossy and scaleless. He has grown numerous tiny horns on his head, along with the larger, more conspicuous ones, but all of Aurum’s horns are rubbery and velvety to the touch.

Attitudes: Aurum has little or no interest in the affairs of men or other humanoids-he finds the politics of nature much more honest and interesting. Hence, he never takes the form of any humanoid, but frequently assumes those of various animals: the horse, eagle, shark, or the badger, among many others. In his youth, he often held court among the beasts of the Shudderwood, but he has largely abandoned such practices now, leaving it to the local lycans, preferring solitude and sleep. When hungry, Aurum usually picks off roving warbands from Belkzen.

Aurum is extremely slow to anger. A direct provocation of almost any sort will result in pity rather than anger. This infuriates his adversaries, particularly the chromatic dragons, who fail to learn anything about his strengths and weaknesses until they attack him, always to their woe. Even after being attacked, Aurum will often heal his enemies and censure them to rehabilitate themselves. This humiliates and infuriates his adversaries more than anything else.

Background: Arum orginally from Hermea, left the region and took up residence after a dispute with Mengkare, over a dispute with how the Gold dragon wished to rule the populace, treating them more like a science experiment then beings capable of great and wonderful things. When he left Aurum took up residence in the Tusk Mountains, where he has remained in solitude. He has only ventured out of his isolation to rid himself of a nuisance, Kulsyther, a blue dragon that had been attacking humans. Aurum was the personal steed to Soividia Ustav, whom commanded the legendary knights of Lepidstadt versus Kulsyther. He was injured in the encounter, and in many ways is still recuperating.



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