Luchador traitor


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Living in the shadow of tge Muerete brothers was never easy on Averno. Even though he was nicknamed the inferno of thev arena, Averno never had the natural prowess many others at tge fighting school others had. As such he compensated. During an adventure in canterwell, hunting down a suspected demon worshipper, Averno after completing his quest came upon a strange book. Tge illustration on the front game him a new idea for a new mask. Something very important to the Luchadors. After looking through the book, Averno became intrigued with the content inside. The book spoke of summoning a cross road demon that could grant you your desires. To summon the demon one needed to negotiate with a strange society.

Not wanting his brothers to learn of his new dark interests into demonology, he hid the book. After tracking down the secret society in secret, he inevitable made a pack with a demon. His deal was to become the “King of fighter”. Although not as demented as La Parka, Averno is on a quest akso to prove he us stronger then the Mueretes.


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