Baron Samedi

Vodou Spirit of Death


A very powerful Dark magician, Baron Samedi is the head of the family of ancestral loa, the Guédé, and is considered one of the patron dead that helps Pharasma control souls that cross over to the eternal boneyard. Baron Samedi is the Spirit of Death, along with his other incarnations Baron Cimetière, and Baron La Croix. He is the ultimate suave and sophisticated spirit of Death, typically depicted as if ready to be buried with a top hat, black tuxedo, dark glasses, and cotton plugs in the nostrils. He has a white, mostly skull-like face and speaks with a nasal tone of voice, and tells crude but funny jokes. The first burial of a man in any boneyard in Ardeal is dedicated to Baron Samedi. His wife is the lwa Manman Brigit.

Baron Samedi stands at the crossroads, where the souls of dead humans pass on their way to the Boneyard to be judged. As well as being the all-knowing loa of death, he is a sexual loa, frequently represented by phallic symbols. He is noted for disruption, obscenity, debauchery, and for having a particular fondness for tobacco, especially bay leaf cigarettes, coin, and white rum. The Baron’s ceremonial foods included grilled peanuts, black coffee, and bread. One of his favorite drinks is rum in which 21 hot peppers has been steeped. Baron Samedi is also the loa of sex and resurrection.

Baron Samedi guards the crossroads between life & death, guarding the crossroads of this world to the underworld. He absolutely loves children and protects them with all of his power. He is a very powerful magician and is very helpful with magick rituals, especially those involving children, money, and life changes. Baron Samedi is known to be very wise & honest in his responses to those seeking his help!

The Baron also has a dark dide, dealing in limbs as sometimes a currency exchange.

For some reason Samedi is fixated on El Muerete.


Zora Neale Hurston Guide to Baron Samedi

Zora Neale Hurston recounts that when you make a request of Baron Samedi, you use a cow’s foot extended in place of your hand. When the Baron is ready to leave, he takes with him whatever he’s holding. By substituting the cow foreleg, you don’t loose your arm!

Contacting the Baron

You are going to need a place to work with him. Depending on how many Gods or Goddesses you serve, or your personal life, you may have little or no room. At the very least remember to have his candles in white, black or purple.

He prefers an altar cloth of white and black, or a white cloth or lace over a black altar cloth. He will happily accept purple as well. Most traditionalists avoid using an all black altar cloth. This can channel you to a Baron will little patience for beginners. Well, it can also channel you to a very gay Baron who’d adore some personal time with you. I’ve also noted folks using red, rainbows, red and black, purple and white, and yellow with him. Baron can get peevish and demand new colors. Remember not all Barons behave the same.

Try to avoid red and black together. The Petro, or hot Bawons wear these. He is in a mood to harm you if he shows up in red and black. Remember Duvalier? His Bawon adored red and black and was as much a heartless desport as Papa Doc. Remember he is death, and he does not care for humanity in his hottest aspects.

He will also need a cross, not a crucifix. Unless of course it is from an order with the skull and crossbones on it. The cross is his symbol. If you find it repellant, try to deal him away from it and into a pentacle. He seems enchanted with them in my experience .

A skull symbol with a hat and glasses would be appreciated and will act as your altar statue. You can substitute a picture of him for this. These are the basics. He also likes many other items depending on his path.

Traditionally sunglasses with one lens missing, playing or tarot cards, the death or judgment tarot cards, dice, an offering bottle, all his offerings, a baton or walking stick, and a top hat. There are many others and you don’t need them all. But he does have a way of amassing things.

Baron Samedi

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