Benjan Caeller



Benjan Caeller, the Ravensgro Sheriff is a ghostly looking man who wears a long trench coat and leather hat. Suspicious and xenophobic of outsiders, Benjan is know by locals to be particularly harsh on outsiders whom behave badly within the confines of his town. Benjan injured his leg in a scuffle with undead that had awoken in the towns cemetery, also know as “The Restlands”. Benjan is often seen patrolling Jominda‚Äôs Apothecary, as he strongly warns all people whom visit the apothecary to not procure any illegal reagents, as “He will know”. He often searches those whom leave the establishment. Benjan is also very suspicious of Viktor Von’Drake, as he was definitely in cahoots with Professor Lorrimors dark studies.


Benjan Caeller

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