Aasimar Oracle


Arvalis 2010 by arvalis

Cassielt fell from the heavens which was visible to those who were at Ascanor lodge at the time. Cassielt helped defeat Mathus at the battle of the highthrone. The Aasimar was only 1 of the three whom survived the encounter, 4 others were kilked. As an Oracle Cassielt was inhabited by an ancient angelic presence that possessed a mortal form. The angel possed the human form during times of battle, otgerwise the form was in complete control of itself. Due to a disagreement with the Raven Knight on tge treatment of prisoners at the battle of the furrows, Cassielt held his troops during tge battle.

After the battle he absconded with Elmore Dane and the Whisperers End to Lastwall, seeking out the knights of Ozem whom the pair felt were not tainted unlike the Pharasmans.



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