Cilas Graydon


Cilias Graydon the Margrave of Sturnidae, is a retired Military Commander who served under count Neska of Barstoi. Graydon is infamous for the ruthless brutality of his martial strategies, and almost universially loathed by the citizens of both Ardeal and Barstoi. Toward the end of the civil war between Barstoi and Ardeal, Graydon broke with Neska and openly denounced him as a tyrant, an act that many credit as one of the causes behind Neska’s retreat from Ardeal. Forced to flee his country Graydon now resides in Lozeri at Ascanor Lodge while he enjoys his hunting. His title in his home country was revoked and a significant bounty placed on his head. Graydon is a fearlessly defiant man, a sharp and almost flawless strategist and a now powerful stateman. A fierce hunter and a consultant of defense, strategy and military affairs. Graydon stands about 6ft tall with a slender build, long features and a shatp nose. Hevwears his hair cropped short and has a carefully trimmed goatee and waxed mustache. He wears the Lepidstadt scar across his right eyebrow as a sign of his martial prowess.

Cilias was killed by Corvin Tergsvor whom had been possessed by the Vilkarcis


Cilas Graydon

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