Company of the Black Banner



The Company of the Black banner

The Company of the Black Banner gets its name from the soot-stained banner carried by Nirashi Sylvanmede. Grelm Hammerlock is the leader, although Knu subtly manipulates the members from behind the scenes. In addition to their normal equipment, each carries a backpack with a bedroll, a waterskin, and 5 days’ trail rations.

Grelm Hammerlock
Grelm wears all black, including his scale mail and cloak. His belt has tiny skulls embossed upon it. Grelm specializes in fighting humans and always chooses to fight them over other races. He is something of a coward, preferring to attack from hiding with his bow, but he has a volatile temper that compels him to approach and land the killing blow with his greatsword.

Nirashi Sylvanmede
Nirashi is a thin and pale elven woman with nearly white hair worn long and loose. As a cleric of Urgathoa, the Pallid Princess, Nirashi focuses on the goddess’s seductive aspect of strength and magic. She rarely speaks other than to cast spells or utter vile curses in the name of her goddess and she absolutely despises half-elves.

Pudge Whartley
Extremely lazy, Byron “Pudge” Whartley chose magic as the path of least physical labor. He has a large paunch and is in poor physical condition, earning him his nickname. He holds his place in the group through magic alone and whines constantly about the rigors of adventuring. He neither likes nor is well-liked by the others but finds it easier to stay with them than quit their group. He wears gold-trimmed robes with fake mystical symbols.

Knu subtly manipulates Grelm for his own ends. He wears a dark, hooded cloak that covers his face to avoid notice and tries to not let on that he is a sorcerer until battle is joined. He despises melee combat and avoids it at all costs unless he can make a sneak attack and retreat.


Company of the Black Banner

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