Dantz Urthadar

Rogue Assassin of the Sarenrae church


Li169 occultist
Above: Dantz, as a female Half Elf. Below: Dantz as a male human.

“To master the flames, one must walk through the fire.” -Viktor Von Drakh

Dantz had not taken heed of Viktor’s ominous warning and has barely survived the experience of learning the meaning of the above mentioned quote.

Dantz has successfully located a trinket that allows him to switch genders at will and so he is able to exist as the human male that he was before the curse in Osirion turned him into a woman and the Half-elf female that he has spent six years living as.

Unfortunately, the prize Dantz sought came with a great cost and it was paid with ravaged flesh and a ravaged mind. Captured by criminals aboard a ship she was smuggling aboard, female Dantz was brutally and repeatedly raped during the journey back to the desert kingdom and has lost three things that used to bring him great satisfaction- Liquor, Sex and being lawless.

Saved by Samuel Lightgood, Iramine and Dusain, the mentally broken desperado has been reforged, tempered with the heat of Sarenrae’s holy light and given a new purpose in life that he will not stop to pursue: The Utter Annihilation of the Whispering Way and it’s leaders. Now, he walks where Paladins dare not, strikes down those who would strike down clerics and hunts those who hunt the innocent and does so with the dawnflowers blessings.

He is currently attempting to return to Ustalav, but is currently being pursued by the Dragon Merrowgrath. Pray that he arrives, as his knowledge of the Whispering Way can cripple their organisation should it fall into the right hands.

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Great Sand Incident
Incident in the Great Sands
Orison location of incident

Lepidstadt 30 days RnR

Lorrimors Notes
Pr Lorrimors Notes

The Night Cat
In pursuit of The Night Cat

(Dantz’s artwork is taken from the “Selhoff Occultist” MTG card, by Igor Kieryluk. I fully acknowledge this artist’s work.)

Dantz Urthadar

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