Delgros Kroitzeer

Silver Hand member - Werewolf hunter


The huntmaster of Ascanor Delgros leads rhe majority of the hunts for loge guests. Quite reckless and a big risk taker, more then once Delgros has lead hunts which have turned out to be dangerous for those involved. A brilliant games hunter, he prides himself in his ability to capture agressive and exotic creatures which he keeps in a series of subterranean pens on the lodges grounds. He offers lodge guests a chance to hunt down creatures he has captured in return for coin. In his early thirties, Delgros is experienced in huntimg most of the denizens of then Shudderwood. Quite fit and sprite for his age, despite his gruff appearance and demeanour, he enjoys city folk commentimg on his apparent feralness often using at a means to keep wild hunters in line, should they spoil the hunt. Delgros is quite a capricious, mischievous and crude man. His favourite motto is Don’t think you can’t fill an emptiness in your heart with gold, coin fixes almost anything".


Delgros Kroitzeer

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