Don Blanco/El Guerrero Muerte

Tournament Wrestler, Reluctant champion of the people.


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Don Blanco is a quiet, compassionate humble being who walks the halls of the orphanage he was raised in. Despite the fact that he was not only the sole Half-Giant in the orphanage (and the only non-human for that matter) he was accepted by the children as an older brother, a role he accepts happily.

His mentor is Santo Del Rey, a wisened old priest who not only taught Don Blanco the principles that he lives by, but also to follow the teachings of La Dama De Las Tumbas, the lady of graves. In addition to all this, he also taught the young half-giant the art of the Luchador, the core of which being the champion known as “El Guerrero Muerte”.

As El Guerrero Muerte, Blanco is an icon to the people, to those who fear death and to those who hate the undead. He fights against other wrestlers dressed as zombies or skeletons or even necromancers. Whilst in the ring he is a character fighting a pantomime, beyond the spectacle of the luchador sport, he is not to be taken lightly.

In battle, he throws opponents into traps, throttles necks, dislocates limbs and breaks spines with enough ability to erase any doubts that he is a mere showman instead of an actual fighter. The target of his ire: the undead and those who raise them. As a man of Pharasma (even if he is unaware of the fact) he cannot tolerate the existence of the walking dead.

Don Blanco/El Guerrero Muerte

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