Dr Aleister Carrow

The very act of observation changes that, which is being observed.


Dr Carrow stands just over six foot tall, with short grey hair and a well maintained beard. He wears a dark suit and dark hat. He almost shines in an odd way, and there is something strange about him that you can’t quiet put your finger on.


The manifestation of Dr Aleister Carrow.

Dr Carrow manifested deep within the University of Lepitsdade just under a week ago, awaken several sleepers now known as the Timeless Hands. For the last week his power and emotions have been fluctuating, as his the universal principal of order grounds itself within him, and the principal of chaos grounds itself with his puppet.

His manifestation was due to the return of the whispering tyrant, an event not yet known to him. All he knows is that the threads of time and fate are being severed, and they must be stitched back together. His last few days of research have led him to believe that the Dr Viktor Von Drake has severed his threads and is now acting autonomously, however he believes that greater events are unfolding as single threads are not easily severed.

He believes that Lancel Dane, associate of Dr Von Drake, follows a path of order and answers, as his threads shine brightly. For that reason he has sought out the paladin and begun on a quest to stitch the threads back together.

Dr Carrow no longer has a connection to the hive mind as he now controls his own strings. It is very possible that other puppeteers have manifested, but for now time will only tell.

The Golden Tapestry
The following is a conversation between Ecthalion and Carrow:

Ecthalion: ‎"Tell me old man, how exactly do you study ‘the threads of fate’? Can you see into the future? I wonder what would happen should you foresee your own death? What if your life and death pivoted on a choice which you had to make.. a potentially difficult one. Have you ever loved someone Carrow? Would you choose your life over theirs? Or perhaps you would sacrifice an innocent soul, for the life of your loved one?…… I will let you in on a little secret old man.. If I foresore my loved ones death, I am unsure what I would do. I would ask you kindly to keep such things away from my ears. Past experiences with such things rest uneasy in my mind."

Dr Carrow: ‎"Every man has a thread little one, and every thread connects to the golden tapestry. There are evils outside this world you can not begin to imagine. Evils that embody the very nature of insanity. These evils are connected to the dark tapestry. As long as the golden tapestry is maintained, the evils lurking beyond the dark tapestry can not reach this world. The golden tapestry represents order, the dark chaos. When a puppeteer enters this physical plan we are given our own threads to take hold of… this causes a small part of the dark tapestry to leech into this world and cause our summoning sickness, as you have recently seen. The hole left by my thread is maintained by my presence here, no more of the dark tapestry can fall through it.

As a result little friend, I can not see my own threads. I will not know of my ‘death’ as you call it. The longer I spend on this plain, the dimmer the threads of fate become to me… only the brightest can I see. I can not see where a thread leads, for I can no longer perceive the golden tapestry. All your threads shine bright, hence why I was drawn to you.

I have never loved, I have never hated. This ‘emotion’… we are warned against them for they cloud judgement and can change our own fates. These however are easy things to discuss, and harder things to experience… I feel, and I am uncomfortable by it.

I am here because threads have been broken, and a hole is forming in the golden tapestry. It is the role of the puppeteers to maintain the golden tapestry, and pull at the threads of fate when holes begin to form. I fear beyond all reason what may escape through that hole that is now forming. The golden tapestry must be mended, for the sake of us all."

Role playing notes.

Summoning sickness:
Over the last several days Dr Carrow has been experiencing summoning sickness that has caused both his psionic power and emotions to fluctuate widely. Joining with Lancel and his group has provided Dr Carrow with a thread to follow, allowing him to begin gaining control over himself. In game this process will happen over the course of the next 24 hours, with the worst of his summoning sickness being blown away in the events of last session.

Lilith, Dr Carrow’s puppet, represents the nature of chaos. Lilith is a kinetic psion, representing that destructive power is chaotic power. Lilith acts as a thrall to Dr Carrow and follows his every command, as only order to can have control over chaos.

Lilith however does have an independent personality, and will often suggest chaotic resolutions to problems, at times even appearing as evil. Ultimately though it is Dr Carrow who controls the actions of Lilith. As Dr Carrow’s nature softens (read below) so will Lilith’s, and she will begin to see Dr Carrow as more of a fatherly figure, and her darkness will dim.

After the effects of the summoning sickness have worn off, Dr Carrow will become controlled and methodical in his actions. Dr Carrow believes that nothing can be achieved alone, and has a great respect for his travelling companions. Emotion is a new experience for Dr Carrow. As he begins to experience more emotions his love for life and the physical plane will grow, something that puppeteers are warned about before being handed their threads. Over time I wish to roleplay Dr Carrow softening and transitioning from the neutral alignment to the good alignment. Ultimately this will cause Dr Carrow to become reluctant to hand his strings back to the hive when the time comes.

Good and evil:
Dr Carrow does not polarize the world in black and white, and believes there is no good or evil, there are just the threads of fate. He will not shy away from people or creatures of any alignment and will always attempt to communicate with them.

Dr Carrow, like all puppeteers understands that the gods are ultimately people too. Dr Carrow does not engage in the myth, legend, and ritual of religion. This is not due to disrespect, and he understands that the gods have important roles in people’s lives.

Dr Carrow uses his psionics to control the minds of others, as that is the nature of a puppeteer. He will use this to avoid conflict where possible and to control enemies on the battlefield. Lilith will use her psionics as a way to damage and destroy, as that is the nature of chaos. This will always be done under the watchful eye and guidance of Dr Carrow.
As Dr Carrow’s power grows, so do the amount of sleepers awakened and turned into believers. Sleepers are random people, and Dr Carrow has no control over who is awakened. Once awakened they bend to the will of Dr Carrow, following his command.

Dr Carrow uses a handful of these believers as ‘Timeless Hands’, members of his puppeteer troupe.

Dr Aleister Carrow

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