Duristan Silvio Ariesir

Aristocrat Ranger


Duristan Silbio Ariesir – An aristocrat inspired by the professor’s many tales and dealings with creatures of the night. He has come to the funeral and has vowed to continue on in the good professor’s step. His first goal is to go into the Shudderwood which the viscious creature s of the night call home.

A woodsman and leader of the silver-hand, Duristan is a self styled werewolf hunter. At times the nobleman from the house of Ariesir of Ardeal is quite loud, rude and has little belief in others privacy, openly offering his opinion of others despite any effects it may have on there reputation. Recently he killed three werewolves by himself, but unlike adventurers is always wanting to delve deeper into more dangerous waters while hunting. He has great excitement for other adventurers whom come and go by the lodge, ususlly being the first one to approach heavily armed parties with a friendly demeanor, often star struck by their feats and exploits.

He likes to indulge in story telling, often paying for others lodgings or offering them a room in return for a good story or exchanging combat secrets. Duristan has little regard for lodge etiquette, often dining with others in his bloodied armor from a recent days hunt. He also likes to flirt with servants and fill them up with wine, seating them at tables reserved for wealthy lodge guests. A courageous, Craven and open ended man. His favourite motto is Don’t be a person who says “Ready, Aim, aim, aim… life is short and let loose the arrow, worry about the concequences later”.

Silivio was killed by Ecthelion in Feldgrau, after Ecthelion learnt that the ranger had transformed into a demon werewolf. Silivio tried to plead for his life suggesting there was still time for him to be cured, but Ecthelion did not want to chance a demon werewolve roaming the furrows whom could wndanger hiw friends.


Duristan Silvio Ariesir

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