Marooned Ranger


Quite mad, Dusain met Dantz when he helped him from the ship wreck of the Black Mist. An ex ranger of Earistil, Dusain agreed to help Dantz reach Xin Gafar, the city of gold. In return Dusain bargained for a trip off the isle that did not require the use of a boat, due to Dusains deftly fear of the vessels. Dusian helped Dantz track Her Majestixs Expeditionary to the city of gold, despite Dantz loosing the map in the shipwreck. Along with Irimine the three tracked down the adventure party, before they escaped. In a cursed city of such riches Dusain helped the trio navigate past some of the more dangerous traps in the city e had scouted out over time.

Looking like a haggard man, whom looks more like wolf then human, Dusain has gone mad with his isolation. In his abode he has the skulls of dead sailors and there journals, often quoting the literature contained within the journals as memories from his own experiences. Suffering from an identity crisis, which is slowly developing different personalities within the ranger, Dusains suffers from constant memory lapses and his personality and demeanor fluctuate from that of a grumpy old man whom is angry with the world, to that of petite immature lady. The funny thing in a way, is that Dantz can associate with his behavior, experiencing a gender disorder himself from the cursed Orision artifact he touched.



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