Estovion Lozarov

Lodge Warden of Ascanor


Lodge warden and overseer of Asvanor, Estovion is the only son of the former retainer count Beauturne. Swearing loyalty to the palantine order in order to retain Ascanor Lodge, Estovion is a purported die hard traditionalist. Many believe the man to be a manster manipulator, using the lodge to fuel tensions between the aristocracy, others consider him to be a humble retainer whom is driven by a thirst for nooks and knowledge, often acquiring old texts for personal study. Despite being suspicious of outsiders, Estovion prefers a soft handed approach when dealing with trouble makers. A scholar of ancient myths and fables of Shudderwood, Estovion often offers guests a chance to uncover tombs he beileves untainted by humans and foregotten for many years that he has researched. Despite the mysterious diesappearnce of a few lodge guest here and there, Estovion has managed to turn the lodge into quite a profitable establishment, using its weslth to fuel his own research, increase the lodges grounds or offer more expemnsive and exotic services to guests.

Estovion was found to be consorting with the Whispering way. He managed to Escape Ascanor Lodge and flee to the Highthrone. He fompleted rhe dusk moth ritual and is now looking to punish those whom ruined him.

Kaalith mar

Estovion changes his appearance and plots his vengeance against those whom ruined him. Both the Whispering way and those that survived the High Throne. Armed with the Vilkcaris and the Dusk Moth, he is quickly becomming the embodiment of wrath. With each kill his precious Vilkcaris grows in strength.


Estovion Lozarov

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