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Devil’s Alphabet – Note recovered from hiws soulstealer

Sermon for the Un-loved and Evil

A for Alone, no-one with you
B for Betray, when friends become enemies
C for Curse, hatred upon all
D for Death, the end of all
E for Evil, lots of bad deeds
F for Fear, of paying for your deeds
G for Greed, when you want it all
H for Hate, wishing pain on others
I for Idle, wasting time
J for Jealous, wanting what others have
K for Kill, fully hurt others
L for Lazy, wasting more time
M for Murder, hurt them and kill them
N for Nasty, be evil in deed
O for Odd, difference in evil
P for Pain, hurting others
Q for Quit, leave good not done
R for Rage, power to hurt
S for Selfish, live for yourself
T for Taunt, laugh at the good
U for Unkind, don’t do good
V for Vanity, useless liking of yourself
W for War, pain to all in it
X for Xenophobia, trust none
Y for Yearn, what you can’t have
Z for Zombie, feel nothing


Carrion Crown: Kyle's Mugen