Kendra Lorrimor



Kendra, daughter of Professor Petros Lorrimor. Although he was getting on in years, Petros’s death was rather sudden and his daughter Kendra, a 25- year-old woman who has lived in Ravengro for nearly a year (having moved here with her father from Lepidstadt after her father was temporarily stood down from teaching), is still in mourning. Her eyes are red and puffy and she dresses in dark, conservative clothes. Trim and attractive.

Kendra was attacked by stirges bewitched by the Piper of Illmarsh.
Kendra was distraught at the loss of Father Ezekial, a long time friend and short time lover.
Kendra of recent times has fallen into a deep depression.

During the festivities that took place after Harrowstone had been cleansed, Kendra ran to Pladin Ecthelian and showed him a mark on her arm (words burnt into her arm) she had received while trying to contact Ecthelian using the “Spirit Planchette”, which read “Stop the Whispering way, What is the Carrion Crown?”. She believes it as a message from Ezekial beyond the grave, and has dedicated herself to unlocking the secrets behind both. She is also searching for a way to bring her loved one back, scouring her fathers research and notes into the “Dark Arts – studies of the occult”.

“With things the way they are in town these days”


Kendras Prayer to Desna

My Lady of the starry night, grant me love and hope.
Guide me along this troubled road that I must tread alone.
And although the darkness is so vast, And the night so deep,
It is in you I place my trust, as I lay down to sleep.

It is you that shows me that there is beauty in the night.
I do not fear its shadows,
For I always have your Light, In the stars above me, shining in the black.
Be with me now, dear Goddess, Guard me from attack.

For there is a darkness deep within me that I cannot deny.
It hides inside my blood and bones, And gleams from my red eye.
But I know you will forgive me, My monstrous heritage.
It is to you I give my heart, my life, my soul, my pledge.

Help me to break these bonds And never need to fear,
That I will someday hurt the only ones that I hold dear.
The butterfly that is your sigil, Is how I want to be…
To dance, To fly, To soar away.
I just want to be free.

Kendra Lorrimor

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