Kitch Catsnik

Lvl 6 Gunslinger


Pzo1121 ratfolk

Kitch is a ratfolk whom desguises herself as a human girl.

Kitch owes Viktor a life debt after the beast and Viktor saved her and her family from extermination in the sewers beneath Lepidstadt.

Kitch helped Viktor escape the Minslaver thrall alive and threw of the scent of his would be persuers. She has sinced joined Viktor and the age of metal to try and put a stop to the whispering way by ensueing the seals that keep Tar-Baphon in place are not broken.

Kitch was found in the sewers by Viktor whilst he was fleeing Lepidstadt. The beast found her and was about to kill her. Viktor told the beast she was a friend, and he backed down.

In the short time they had together, Viktor befriended Kitch by giving her some food and told her where they were heading. He told her “People will be following me. Strong people. Some are friends, some are not. If you find people, and you are sure they are friends…tell them I have not forgotten them. If you help me little one, your family will never starve again.”

Kitch then followed Viktor to Scholos Cormacks, where she was eaten by a mimic. She was rescued days later by the party. She is not sure they are friends yet, but if the time is right, she will tell them whitecoat is waiting for them.

Kitch managed to smuggle Viktor Von’Drakh out in his potable hole to escape the wraith of the adventurers who would see him dead for freeing the Beast of Lepidstadt from the Lepidstadt courthouse. She has since joined Viktor on his quest to learn more of Tar-Baphon and the whispering way, accompanying him to Falcons rest were Alphonze Cormacs notes suggested one of the seal to the Whispering Tyrant prison rests.


Found by the party whilst exploring scholos cormack’s manor.

Status: Disappeared following the Battle of the Mindslaver Thrall

Kitch Catsnik

Carrion Crown: Kyle's Viktor