Kraven Moorhead

Carrion Hill Catacomb Guide


Old Kraven was and still technically is an inmate of Carrion Hill asylum. Despite the asylum best efforts Kraven kept finding ways to escape. Eventually the asylum just let him go free. Kraven now lives out the back of Hammers Forge in Carrion Hill. An expert in traversing the extensive catacomb and sewer network, Kravern often ventutes down there by himself or with other adventurers to explore and often returns with some very valuable treasures. Kravern often tells people they smell like cheese. Part of this is due to his madness, the rest the fact he lost his sense of smell from living in the filth to long. The crows have a doft spot for okd Kraven and let him eonder the catacombs despite it being illegal to do without a writ from the mayor.


Kraven Moorhead

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