Kvalca Sain

Packlord of the Highthrone


Kvalca Sain – Professor Lorrimor first met Kvalca when the professor was studying various diseases that could be spread throughout the lycanthropic community in order to destroy this plague on humanity once and for all. Kvalca proved an invaluable aid for his understanding and knowledge of lycanthropes.

They became good friends, which was Kvalca’s goal. Kvalca revealed himself to be a natural werewolf and sympathised with Professor Lorrimor’s fears of the average lycanthrope. Kvalca pointed to werebears as a benevolent example of his race, and told the professor of his ultimate goal to one day unite the werewolf tribes.

Through these discussions Kvalca managed to convince the professor to cease his studies for now and to continue it one day in the far future if Kvalca failed in her goals.

Kvalca died at the Highthrone due to the traitor Mathus Mordrinacht, who along with Vrood drained the packmistress of her strength and natural resilience before she was stunned by Acrietia and finance ished off by negative energy magics. The assault cost Vrood many followers, and undead slaves. But in the end he claimed Kvalca’s heart for the Carrion Crown.


Kvalca Sain

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