Lady Ambriel

Aasimar, Sorcerer Celestial (Archetype)


Status: Dead, killed by Trolls at Scholos Cormarcs Gatehouse

Lady Ambriel was turned into a wight by Night Harrows to join there ranks. Shewas sen momentarily at the battle of the Furrows.

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Character Background synopsis:
Lady Amberliegh was been of Noble parents in the region of Taldor. When she was young both her parents were killed in war between two feuding river kingdom nobles. As a child Amberliegh had a keen interest in history and the starstone, and whilst being whisked away from Taldor but one of her families retainers, it filled her heart with great sorry to see the once great Kingdom of Taldor fallen.
Amberliegh was taken to reside with her Uncle in Ustalav, at the University of Lepidstadt. Her Uncle, Prof. Varamir, served as head chancellor of the University, and Amberliegh was brought up within the University confines.
Soon after her arrival at the University she began to manifest strange powers, and once knocked out her bedroom window in a fit of childish rage, leaving a gaping hole in the University tower. Her Uncle sent for the Professor of the Dark Arts, Professor Lorrimor, to see to his ward, fearing that something dark had befallen her. The professor took an interested in Amberliegh and determined that arcane blood flowed through her veins.
As Amberliegh’s power developed, under the guidance of Lorrimor, her eyes began to turn purple. Amberliegh took a keen interested in Alzanti history and the starstone, become obsessed with the last remaining relic of her home kingdom.
Amberliegh grew in power, and her knowledge expanded. Lorrimor tutored her in the way of darkness, and how to defend the light against it. A night before Lorrimor passed away Amberliegh received a letter from Lorrimor. The letter was simple yet disturbed in its tone.
‘What is the Carrion Crown’ in repeated.

Role Playing Notes:
Lady Amberliegh is kind and good-­‐natured. She respects human life, and believes that humans who do evil, especially those who kill innocent and good aligned people, dishonor the human race. She believes that being human is an honor, and not every man can call himself human. She will always give evil the chance for redemption.
She is loyal to her friends and actively seeks their advice. She is charismatic and seeks to help those less fortunate. She enjoys high human society and culture, and is passionate about the arts. She is studious and is passionate about learning new things.
She despises undead, believing that being undead is the ultimate corruption of the human soul.
Amberliegh is young and optimistic, she is social and enjoys the company of others. She does not see good and evil as black and white things, and can look past minor evil acts (as long as no human is suffering as a consequence).
She is obsessed with the Startstone and the four human Gods, especially Iomodea and Aroden.

Books of Aroden
Lost Gospels of Tabris
The Book of 1,000 Whispers
The Book of the Damned

Lady Ambriel

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