Mayor Heggry

Mayor of Carrion Hill


Mayor of Carrion Hill, the adventurers met Heggry when he was in a very vulnerable state, trying to rid his city of an invisible monstrosity. With the Slippet market completely destroyed, Heggry is having trouble dealing with the comnon folks and noblemens problems. With the city being held to ransom from the beast, with the once thriving economic city now a ghost town of tangled steets in ruin, Heggry sent out crow mercenaries to look for able people to kill the beast.

A worried and negativistic personality, Heggry sees the world through a uniquely distorted lens. He sees dark clouds everywhere, expect the worst, anticipate disappointment and never seem to be at peace. What Heggry fails to see, however, is that the way he tends to think about things colors their perceptions. He also fails to recognize that they can change the way he thinks. Heggry is weighed down by the weight of hisi responsibilities. Especially since he is business oriented and a perfectionist.

Most nobles in Versex know Heggry for the mere fact he holds the title of the ’Crown of rags", a dishonourable title given to the current Mayor of Carrion Hill.

Mayor Heggry was found dead in his manor supporting wounds opposed by negative and necromatic energies.


Mayor Heggry

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