Scarlett Cross

Status: KIA at high throne tower.


Scarlett is unfathomably perfect and beautiful.Her platinum blonde faux-bob hairstyle softens her strong facial feature, whilst her skin complextion is pale it tends to bring out her piercing blue eyes. She wears an iconic skin-tight red leather suit at all times which gives her a gorgeous hour-glass figure shape due to her well kept athletic physique. The contrast of her red leather suit hides the blood stains of her victims knowing sometimes killing someone causes quite the mess. Her eleven ears aren’t really noticible unless you examine upon them closely which misleads some people to believe she is a half-elf.
Red Mantis Assassin Name: Red Mist
Rank: Slayer
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 119
Class: Fighter/Rogue/Red Mantis Assassin
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Occupation Within the Guild: Assassin
Personality Traits: Selfish, Driven, Lusty, Perfectionist
Interests: Following the orders of the guild, Killing, Investigating
Moto: Always fulfil a contract

Personality (must work with deities, moral codes, background, player interaction, enemies, alignment): Scarlett takes all of her task at hand very seriously. She follows her orders from her superiors without question. (Red Mantis Assassins Guild) even though the way of which she was indoctrinated within the Order. Otherwise she tends to be stubborn to outsiders of the Order and makes her own call. She tends to be a perfectionist when it comes to the art of killing by ruling out all the possibilities that link back to her. Scarlett is a great judge of character and treats all indifferent depending on what she can gather from their body language and their indulging conversations with others, letting her analyse them and base her personality on which suits best for obtaining information from them, ranging from aggressive to charming.

Patron Deity(s): Achaekek, Protector of gods.

3 NPCs (at minimum provide name, race, gender, age, class, alignment and relationship with your character.) :
Astrid Rhaevaern: Azlanti, Female, Unknown , Fighter 3 Rogue 4 Red Mantis Assassin 9, LE She is the leader of the Red Mantis Assassins in Ustalav and was the one who indoctrinated Scarlett into the guild even though it was harsh and cruel. Scarlett adores her in every way and is inspired to be like her.
M’raaj Dar: Cat folk, Male, 28, Hungry Ghost Monk 9 Red Mantis Assassin, LE. M’raaj gives advice towards Scarlett in anyway he possible can to help her out with a contract. Even though she is nearly 4 times his age she holds his advice to heart and makes of it as knowledge. She respects him well due to his high rank amongst the guild.
Ocheeva Taiata: Half-Elf Vampire, Female, 85, Rogue 3 Fighter 3 Red Mantis Assassin 4, LE. Ocheeva has resented Scarlett since the day she joined, since most people go do something in their past which catches the eye of Seeker. She was displeased in the way Scarlett joined the Order with a non killing background as it isn’t the tradition within the guild has made her to treat Scarlett as an outsider not as a sister of the guild. Their rivalry brought upon this Ocheeva does whatever she can to down grade Scarlett in and out of mission.

Quotes/parables/proverbs you live by: “He who walks in blood. Always fulfil a contract. Never let those discover your true intentions. Protect the ways of the Order”

Your heroes: Scarlett is inspired by Vernai Astrid and wishes to follow in her foot steps which may lead into her becoming the next Vernai of the Caliphas guild

Character/Player Goals (short and long term, for you as well as your PC): Scarlett continues to follow the honor and tradition’s of the Red Mantis Assassins, by hunting and killing those whom the guild has contracted to do so. Eventually, she wishes to become the next Vernai (Leader) of the guild. Till then she follows the orders in which are given to her without question.

Why do you adventure? – Scarlett adventures to follow her goals above.

What irks you? – Scarlett despises people that curse and ridicule the gods. She also hates when people take time to relax and celebrate unnecessarily, as she values every minute of her time. Another thing that irks her is when people who accuse others without the support of efficient evidence.

What do you value? – Scarlett admires those inclined to work the way she does, with getting their hands dirty (blackmailing manipulating ect.) in which to obtain knowledge. People who think about the situation and cut off all the flaws to a plan to make it 100% success rate. She values courage in small doses as sometimes it leads to brash decision making someone get killed. A common cause and purpose holds her respect to others, even if she has to kill them later for it.

Do you work well with others? – As long as those around her have a common purpose and goal in life. If not she tends to stay clear from what they have to say or tries to manipulate them into it. She works well with those who have a well processed plan to tackle the situation that lays ahead of them. Those whom get themselves caught from stupidity, receive no sympathy from her and are left to clean up their own mess unless its linked back to her.

Where do you call home? – The place she calls home is Red Mantis Assassins guild located within Caliphas walls somewhere.

What is your favorite food? – She appreciates a warm and filling meal, and a glass of expensive wine. If not then the luscious taste of fine elvish bread.

What’s your approach to combat? – Scarlett has a level head while in combat, and chooses not to risk her life in situation which can be simply avoided. Letting the stupid and brawn get themselves killed for a pointless fight.

When faced with a challenge, how do you tend to react? – She decides to plan the situation, find the weak points or clues to strike.

When you die, where will you go? – 1st layer of Hell, Achaekek plain of which Scarletts spirit will serve him for eternity.

Bright Destiny (Bright destiny is the happily ever after. It is the point where the player can happily retire the PC. “Happily married to Sue, the land safe from evil, wealthy and secure on my family’s reclaimed lands.”) – Becoming the new Vernai of the Caliphas guild and the lands are safe from tyrant or undeserving leaders such as the Palatine Eye.

Dark Destiny (Dark Destiny is the worst possible fate. It is the point where the player will discard the character as un-playable. “Permanently crippled, oathbroken and stripped of wealth and title.”) – The only way that Scarlett will be unplayable if party members discover her true identity and decide to react that she is no longer welcome within their ranks, which may fall into her having to come kill them. Or speak too much blasphemy about the gods. Something that causes her with extreme trauma in which leaves her emotionally and physically fit to preform the task.

What are you afraid of? – She is absolutely afraid of failure from unable to preform her contracts of the guild to her full ability.

What is one thing for which you would fight to the death? – Despite being a contract for the Red Mantis Society, she would not fight to the death for anything unless it would result in protecting the ones she calls friends and family (Red Mantis Assassin Guild).


Scarlett Cross

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