Tarkus Finley

Human, Inquisitor Vampire Hunter (Archetype)


Status: Disbanded, took over control of the Ravensgro Pharasma Temple because of Father Ezekials death and Father Grimburrow whom had returned to Lepidstadt. Remains a friend of Sir Lancel and Ecthelian. Is helping his friends uncover the Whispering way from the shadows, allowing them to remian in the spotlight. Has also created the Reaper vampire hunter association, and has since committed them to Sir Lancels “The Whispers End” campaign. Current finley and the Reapers are hampering the Night harrowers and the orcs in the Tusk mountains that have been growing in strength.

Tarkus is a young man in his early twenties. He stands 6.1 feet tall, but always stands with his back straight and his head held high. He appears taller than he actually is. His hair is dark – black and shoulder length long. His skin is pale, a stark contrast to his hair. His eyes are also light-colored, a pale blue. They would be beautiful except for the coldness in them; he seems vigilant and contemplative most of the time. If he is distracted he can be coerced into a good humor, but his eyes never lose that haunted look. He wears his armor proudly, and keeps a deep shine on it always. He wears a brown driza bone cloak over the metal that displays a large symbol of the goddess Pharasma on the back, with a purple velvet inlayer symbolizing his gods colour. Also another accessory he carries is a matching colour wide brimmed hat symbolising he is an inquisitor. On his chest he has a bandoleer with three silver stakes attached to it He carries an silver longsword, that if examined closely, has a symbol of Pharasma on the end of the hilt, and also an engraving on the blade, “PUT ALL UNDEAD TO FINALLY REST IN PEACE .” He also carries another weapon – a cold iron dagger. He would tell you that it is called “The Confessor” but would tell you nothing else of it. It is always carried on her belt, securely sheathed there. It is unlikely that it could be drawn easily, and something about it seems to suggest that it is connected to a weight he carries everywhere. The main weapon he carries and uses is a heavy repeating crossbow having engraving of 3 lines on the stock (///) acknowledging that he has killed 3 vampire spawns with it in the past. The most important thing he carries is a monster hunter book on his left hip in a belt pouch which was passed down by his father a former hunter. The book consists of weaknesses and strengths of common monsters including undead, demons and devils

  • Personality (must work with deities, moral codes, background, player interaction, enemies, alignment): Tarkus takes any task at hand very seriously. He never forgets the plight of his family, which prevents him from indulging in good cheer most of the time. However, He’s not stone-cold, and will celebrate when it is deserved. He always attempts to give everyone he meets the utmost respect, unless he finds out they have been dealing with dark arts necromancy/witchcraft ect, they tend to be quite judged on the spot even if only suspected in the matters. If he meets someone who deals favorably with the undead, it would be very difficult to convince himr to not strike them down on the spot. He is not foolhardy though, and will always remember of what his fathers dying words were to him and his twin sister Kayla and older brother Gyles..
  • Patron Deity(s): Pharasma.
  • 3 NPCs (at minimum provide name, race, age, class, alignment and relationship with you):
  • Kayla Finley – twin sister, same age as Tarkus, she is a vampire hunter like most of the Finleys. She tends to follow her older brothers Gyles means rather then abide by the church, and manages to do day-to-day operation while Gyles and Tarkus are on campaign – which is most of the time. Tarkus tends to write to her when he gets the chance and keeps an update of her ongoing investigation in Lepidsated with the vampires.
  • Gyles Finley – Older brother to Tarkus and Kayla. He stills hold resentment for Tarkus by choosing to save him over his father (see below). but has not been heard from at least a year now. Last heard he was tracking vampires to the north. He is the most zealous of the three and tends to be nearly impossible to persuade by a decision then his own.
  • Nenna Finley – Is Tarkus mother and now a grieving widower. She still does a job by the church when needed but stays home and still moans over her dead husband. She keeps in contact with her children to make sure they are safe and do not share the same fate as their father did. A very devoted follower of Pharasma, and believes that if she live her life totally devoted to her then the goddess with keep her children safe from the danger that lurks from what they love doing (hunting undead and monsters) .
  • Bobby Grimsbard – A family friend in his late 50’s whenever the Finleys are in trouble on a hunt they usually try to contact him and ask his veteran expertise. He tends to have a answer for almost every problem. He made a vow to look after the children on the death of Alex’s death (Tarkus’s father) now he is apart of the family and tends to look after Nenna if he not busy saving the ass‘s of the children.
  • Quotes/parables/proverbs you live by: “Protect Family , Follow The Churches Bidding, Put All Undead To Rest .”
  • Your heroes: Tarkus loves his father and looks up to him almost exclusively. Even after death he tries to emulate him in every way. Character/Player Goals (short and long term, for you as well as your PC): Tarkus only goal is to continue to honour there family tradition by hunting monsters and follow the laws of the church. Eventually, he wishes to own his own private organisation to rid undead (mainly vampires) from the faces of earth including anyone who dips in the dark arts of it (necromancy/witchcraft).
  • Why do you adventure? – To follow his goals above.
  • What irks you? – He dislikes when people act cowardly, He also hates when people take time to relax and celebrate unnecessarily, he values every minute of his time. People who worship evil gods and brainwash others into following there ways.
  • What do you value? – She admires people who are bold, and go after what they want with gusto. He can find it in him to admire those who are courageous and share a common purpose as he does, even if he has to kill them for it later.
  • Do you work well with others? – As long as those around him do not posses necromantic tendencies he can find it in himself to find something to respect in everyone. His father taught him to find value in everyone, and never lose your humanity. He does have an initial distrust of arcane magic users, as he knows that many of them can control or raise undead.
  • Where do you call home? – The family home is just over the southern border of Ustalav and has been there for many hundreds of years.
  • What is your favorite food? – He appreciates a good stew, anything that is warm and filling along with a glass of mead or wine.
  • What’s your approach to combat? – He has a level head while in combat and will only be reckless if there is a commander of undead involved. He will always attempt to rein himself in.
  • When faced with a challenge, how do you tend to react? – He will approach any challenge with gusto.
  • When you die, where will you go? – To join his father and generations of family in Pharasma’s realm .
  • Bright Destiny (Bright destiny is the happily ever after. It is the point where the player can happily retire the PC. “Happily married to Sue, the land safe from evil, wealthy and secure on my family’s reclaimed lands.”) – When everyone can rest in peace and ridding the necromantic arts for good.
  • Dark Destiny (Dark Destiny is the worst possible fate. It is the point where the player will discard the character as un-playable. “Permanently crippled, oathbroken and stripped of wealth and title.”) – The only way the character will be unplayable is if he is crippled or turned into the abomination he certainly hates (undead). He will continue to pursue his goals and hunt to rid all undead even if he loses the churches trust and is condemned by them. He will not be able to continue with the party if a member uses necromantic magic, or if someone calls into question his family’s value or gods bidding and is completely belligerent about it.
  • What are you afraid of? – He’s absolutely afraid of failure from his church and protecting his family.
  • What is one thing for which you would fight to the death? – Despite being a inquisitor, he would not fight to the death for anything unless it would result in protecting the ones he calls friends and family. Unlike most inquisitors clerics paladins, he does not have a death wish, and does not ever plan on being a martyr.
  • Friends or family deaths you regret or always remember – The decision to save his brother or father from two vampire spawns ready to be mauled, with only having one silver tipped bolt left in his chamber to use. His father said “save your brother” and never questioning his fathers orders breaking a tear to his eye he pulled the trigger and killed the spawn holding Gyles while the other began to hunger on the flesh and blood of his father, drawing his sword and moved to help his father and killing the second spawn it was to late. His father was dying and slowly turning on his death words “You done the right thing keep your brother, sister and mother safe. Now to do the right thing and put me to rest before I turn” Hesitating Tarkus struggled to decapitate his fathers head but did. Gyles never forgave him believing it was his life he should of took.

Tarkus Finley

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