The Raven Knight

Paladin Archer


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The Pharasman Code:

*Death is as sacred as life, and is to be respected.

*To reap another is to take away all they will be in this lifetime. I understand the weight of this and will never kill for its own sake.

*Infants and elderly are at different ends of their journeys, but both can require assistance. If I can help these souls I shall.

*I shall never desecrate the corpses of the fallen. The vessels of others are to be respected. The abominations of the Urgathoa, however must be destroyed.

*Everyone makes their choices in life and it is Pharasma’s place to judge. Set aside your predjudices and pride and strive to set aside your own judgement on others. For we all reap what we sow.

*The world has its fate just as people. I shall strive to maintain balance both in the world and in myself.

*I shall never raise the undead, I will never kill a child, I will never eat the blood, body, or bone of my fellow man.


The Raven Knight

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