Zephyr Markov (DeadEye Dancer)

Dervish Dancer 9 (Bard)/ Mysterious Stranger 1 (Gunslinger)


Zephyr decided it’s best to stay in Carrion Hill which is his home town and where his closest friends are. The CROWS

Gunslinger king by adam withers


A Locket he carries around of his beloved missing wife Ruby Markov.
Zephyr wife


This gentlemen makes you think of a proud peacock. He has hooded brown eyes that are like two patches of blood stained dirt. His silky, wavy shoulder length brown hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a plume of smoke. As for his facial hair, it consists of a well kept gunslinger mustache and goatee that works in contrast with his elegant nose. The man’s skin pigmentation is very tanned, maybe due to his lifestyle being a local watchmen (guard). Quite tall and graceful he stands around 6ft1, leaving him easy to spot in a crowd. His wardrobe is mysterious and professional, it consists of a cadet grey military jacket with matching colored pants. While underneath his jacket he wears a laced white ruffled shirt. As for his over-layer is a black heavy cloak with an insignia of Carrion Hills Watch signifying his as a member of the Crows. His accessory feathered top hat (Feather fall Tokens) individualises him from the other Crow members. For his weapon arsenal he has a sawn-off shotgun strapped to his lower left leg called Bessy. A scoped rifle holstered onto his back and twin revolvers on his hips, in case he needs to make a quick draw.

Zephyr Markov (DeadEye Dancer)

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