Eternal Tome of Necromancy

A large fleshcovered tome with a skull embedded in the cover. Old mildew smells waft occassionaly


Took the Tome from an undead mystic theurge in a rapid incursion raid to kill the leader of the undead hordes attacking Feldgrau. A band of knights and a wrestler were teleported into the necromancers cave and destroyed his ghoul guardians with lightning and fire.

The tome was lifted away by Ostarian to study for later. The Tome gives the possessor enhanced necromantic capabilities if they are evil and a necromancer. Luckily, Ostarian is both. Ostarion fel, prey to the book after opening its 10th page, undergoing a transformation into a born vampire.

The Book of Eternal Necromancy


Eternal Tome of Necromancy

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