Eye of Rapture

Artifact of the Cold Rider


Source Carnival of Tears adventure module
Aura Strong illusion; CL 20th
Slot none; Price lesser artifact

The Eye of Rapture, once triggered, shrouds an area as large as one square mile in a powerful meld of enchantment and illusion magic. Those within range see only what they want to see and are filled with euphoric glee. They ignore anything that happens that does not mesh with their preconceptions. The effect lasts for 2d4 hours, and the wielder may alter the illusions witnessed at any time. When the duration expires, the eye crumbles to crystalline dust and loses all magical properties. A DC 25 Will save is necessary to avoid falling under the eye’s spell. The eye requires a powerful evil fey custodian to work its magic, as it draws on this fey’s darkest thoughts and hate. If the custodian is slain, the eye fractures and crumbles to dust.


Was destroyed upon slaying the cold rider at “The Carnival of Tears”

Eye of Rapture

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