Jar of Wolf's Piss

A thick, syrupy fluid tips back and forth in this old, crust-lined jar. The coloring of which leaves little to the imagination as to what it could be.


“Hector’s finest” does not have a profile as such, as it has been designed to be a fluff only accessory to be used by Ulli Gengari.


This is a jar of Hector’s finest: Wolf Piss. When Ulli was travelling with his favorite companion, Hector the Wolf, he taught his “doggie” to signal to him when he was going to urinate. Ulli would use a jar to collect his friend’s urine and would keep it in his travelling pack for survival purposes.

These purpose include:
*Using to sprinkle around caves to ward off/confuse wolves and werewolves.
*To mask personal odour from predators and prey alike.
*As a reagent in salves and unguents.
*To trick a fledgling vampire into thinking he was a werewolf. (this involved a rubber tube and a bit of quick thinking. Ask Ulli if he has encountered any vampires for this story.)
*To spoil the scent of blood when hunting.
*As a thrown ‘weapon’.
*Tricking a bandit into thinking it was ale. (Mention drinking it in order to unlock the story)

As Hector has aged, his urine has become exceptionally odorous, viscous and potent. Its quite rare for a wolf to live to be so old and as such the smell of the urine of such a venerable beast will repel even the most foolhardy wolfpacks.

Jar of Wolf's Piss

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