Mysterious Journal


10th of Desnus , 4710 . Another murder occured in Lepidstadt today, the beast is purported to be responsible. It is funny how Just before Cormarc returns to Lepidstadt a person dies. Alphon and I have been conducting research in secret in Lepidstadt for almost 5 years. If the Order knew I’d suffer major concequences for working alongside the man.

7th of Arodus , 4710 The university found out I had been conducting secret research with Alphon Cormarc. Due to the bad blood between Alphon snd the university they have decided to repremand me on a two year suspension from teaching at the university. I should have known better. The order of the Palantine eye have set there sights on me and cast me out like a lepper. They did not approve of me working with Alphon, but we had accomplished much in such a short time frame. Krane has been funding our research into discovering the secrets of the dark tapestry. I always feared Alphon had a much different use of our research then I did. I’d always wondered of exploring far away lands with my friends. Discovering new species. It does not matter now, as the Ordere confiscated all the research Alphon did not escape with. The little I salvaged I sent to Viktor Von Drakh, perhaps he can continue my research.

12th of Arodus , 4710 just want to get out of the Orders clutches, they control to much and have to much power. Nearly every noble in Lepidstadt or person of intelligence is under there control. I do not agree with how they handel things. They treated Alphon poorly, stealing his lands and wealth from under him just because he wished to leave the order. If they have the ability to over throw a king watch chance do I have.

15th of Arodus, 4710 The Palantine eye have siezed control of most of my assets, to teach me a lesson of working alongside traitors to the order. Alphon has fled Lepidstadt for his own safety. it is lucky I still have friends in the order. Embreth is helping me out for the time being. She is trying to convince the order to go easy on me. I just wish Kendra knew how much Embreth meant to me, but how could I tell her. I am going to try my luck at adventuring to get us out of debt.

5th of Lamashan , 4710 I adventured with a halfling named Ecthelian. We discovered an ancient tomb to a long forgotten cult. The Whispering Way or something they were called. Ecthelian saved my life. I found a magical scimitar at thr tomb. I intend to study it. Hmmm maybe I will keep it as a reward for the halfling should we ever meet again.

19th of Lamashan , 4710 I met another man named Father Ezekial. He has asked me to study the terrible affliction that inhabbits his body.

27th of Lamashan , 4710 I have study Ezekial long enough to realise he will never return to his former self. Whatever he was exposed to has left him with a sickly appearance. He has agreed to see me regularly as is possibke to make sure whatever it is that ravages his body does not get worse.

6th of Kuthona, 4710 I woke up today to find two dead whippoorwhirls on my windowsill. Ancas foretelling has finally come true. It’s every bit as dreadful as she promised. I have almost no money except the manor in Ravensgro.

I know growing up in Ravengro hasn’t been the easiest on Kendra. Although she didn’t remember very much about living in Lepidstadt, as a child she would often tell me of dreams of a big city. I tried to tell her all children have these types of dreams, but I don’t know if she ever truly accepted it.

I’m going to sell my home so that at least Kendra can finally return to the big city and hopefully I can dig my way out of the trouble I am in with the order. It might be good for Kendra, as she might finally meet Embreth.

8th of Kuthona, 4710 I’ve been spending my spare time adventuring. I met a dwarf named Ogrhen. We had an interesting adventure together.

10th of Kuthona, 4710 I leave today for Lepidstadt. I’ve had Professor Crowl put out feelers for any interested buyers. I haven’t told my other colleagues about my plans. They’ll find out soon enough. Embreth has given me an ancient Palantine text, she believes if I can transcribe it, it may go along way with regaining favour in the order.

25th of Kuthona, 4710 I have secured a buyer for my property. One Dr. Adivion Adrissant, an old friend. I’ve signed the papers over for a sum that should allow Kendra to settle into Lepidstadt quite comfortably, despite my personal money troublew. I was able to convince Adivion that I have some unfinished business in Ravengro that would need to be dealt with and requested he hold off until the 30th of Gozran before moving in. He was quite amenable to the idea once I explained he could hold off on paying me for the property until the 1st of Calistril, at which point it would be held by the Bank of Abadar until the agreed date.

This should provide enough time for Kendra to move at her leisure.

26th of Kuthona, 4710 I had dinner with Professor Viktor Von’Drakh last night. I had been planning on slipping out of Lepidstadt before anyone from the university knew I was here. However I’m glad I relented and spoke with him. He’s doing quite well for himself and seems to have settled into things well enough. I asked him how his research was going, he was very distant with his response.

29th of Kuthona, 4710 I cannot believe the difficulties I had getting into Tamrivena today. The guards at the gate were being completely unreasonable, demanding to know what my business was and why I was travelling on the road. I had to pull quite a few strings simply to get through the damn gate! I was half tempted to simply spend the night in Nathrus, but it didn’t come to that. This time. I don’t know what’s happened to this town, but I simply don’t have time to be dealing with petty thugs such as these. I’ve got far too many things to do once I get home.

3rd of Abadius, 4711 It was good to see Kendra when I got home. I forgot to get her a gift like I usually do. She seemed to shrug it off saying she was probably too old to get a treat whenever her father went away.

The disappointment in her voice still stung though.

5th of Abadius, 4711 I’m concerned that some unusual people have been snooping around Ravengro while I was away. Perhaps I’m just getting paranoid, but some of the comments people have made are somewhat unsettling.

14th of Abadius, 4711 I’m not growing paranoid, there have been strangers lurking around in the woods. I have my suspicions as to who it might be, but I have no idea what they could possibly want.

25th of Abadius, 4711 Of course. I’m such a fool for not seeing it before. There is only one possible reason they could have for being here. But why now? Why after all this time? This requires further investigation, but I don’t have too much time left.

29th of Abadius, 4711 It seems the rumours aren’t all just old ghost stories after all. That helps explain their interest in the place. But it doesn’t explain why now. Regardless I believe quite strongly that they’re after something <crossed> someone that was there. Father Dimitru should be able to help me with that.

1st of Calistril, 4711 I see just how ill prepared I was when I first headed out there. I am lucky to have returned at all. But of course I know luck didn’t have anything to do with it. I’ll get some benefit from that damn curse before I go.

I remember reading clues and hints about a crypt in the Restlands. I’ll need to go searching through my notes. I should never have let my supplies get so low to begin with. That was a foolish error on my part.

3rd of Calistril, 4711 Perhaps my memory is failing me. I’ve scoured through all of my books and haven’t been able to find the notes I need. I was positive it was in Ravengro. I couldn’t be getting this town confused with another one. Could I?

Success! My memory wasn’t failing me after all. The false crypt is in the intersection between Eversleep and the Black Path. I wonder if Father Grimburrow knew about it? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

5th of Calistril, 4711 I redrew my will yesterday and had Hearthmount witness it and store it away. He was quite perturbed by the fact I’ve signed over and sold my house to an outsider, But Adivion is a friend and because the university has sought to rob Alphon and me of our research, I needed the money to survive. Adivion has agreed to allow Kendra to remain in the manor and is comming to visit and sign papers I guess the rumour mill will be working overtime by the end of today.

I made sure I sat down and had dinner with Kendra last night. Our first meal together since I saw those two whippoorwhirls. I was almost going to tell her that I’ve sold the place, but got distracted and then forgot about it. Best not to let her know of our money troubles until Adivion arrives.

I helped myself to a few of the items in the crypt. Anymore wouldn’t do ME any good. I’ve gotten no sleep tonight as I’ve thought long and hard about who to contact in order to deal with them. I doubt I’ll take them out by myself.

10th of Calistril, 4711
Adivion has arrived and signed the documents to keep the manor in kendras name. He has been such a good friend. Kendra and zI would have been living on the streets if it was not for him. I have decided not to say anything about the strange things I have witnessed in Harrowstone. Instead going to send out letters to real adventurers I have adventured with to help me confront the cultists.

13th of Calistril, 4711
I finished my last letter this morning. I didn’t want to say too much, because the gods only know whose hands the parcels might actually fall into. In fact, I’ve done my best to be downright cryptic. Hopefully their interest will be piqued and they’ll investigate matters in more depth.

14th of Calistril, 4711
Something or someone knew about the letters I sent Ecthelian, Oghren, Anca, Ezekial, Darnys and Viktor. They were intercepted somehow. Poor Percy Chambers was found dead, his head had been removed. I am sure now that someone is tipping off the Whispering Way. It could be Benjan, he seems to always be lurking around the Restlands. His eyes slways seem to follow me wherever I go.

I have given this to my most trusted friend Adivion whose in town visiting and told him to leave town. If anything should happen to me Adivion is to pass this onto one of my friends. I did not tell Adivion to much about the danger I am in, because I did not want to put him at risk to. I redrafted my will and gave it to Grimburrow should something happen to me, my friends wilk know about whsts happening in Ravensgro. I left another journal in my footlocker to pass onto my friends should I die. I feel bad having to keep Adivion in the dark about whats going on, but the man is a scholar, not an adventurer.

15th of Calistril, 4711
A man called Auren Vrood stopped by my house and spoke to me about Harrowstone prison. I was a little cautious of the man at first. But after talking with him he convinced me he wanted to help dwal with the Whispering Way that are up at Harrowstone. He told me how he’d been tracking them for some time. He shared my fears about whatever it was the cultist were up to.


Mysterious Journal

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