Seasage effigy


Dr. Crowl was unsure of where the statuette originally came from, but admits it’s been part of the department’s collection for many years. Physically, the effigy is a murky green statuette depicting a grotesque creature writhing with tentacles. Dr. Crowl admits that he found the effigy fascinating, as it appeared to be an anomaly, an idol of some sort that did not seem to correlate to the worship of any known divine being. He privately suspects that the statuette depicts something only whispered of in the ancient legends of Golarion — some sort of creature from the mysterious Dark Tapestry.

Regardless of such idle speculation, however, Dr. Crowl believes the Seasage Effigy’s distinct appearance will make it easy to recover, and he expects the statuette to be found soon.


Seasage effigy

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