Sky-Torn Hold

The Urthadar family Bastion


1Sky-Torn hold is now but a shadow of what was once a greater glory.

This great cliff-top bastion was built in a time forgotten, when Ustalav was one of the most bountiful and lush realms of Golarion. It has sheltered generations of Golarion royalty under its ornately painted cielings and at its greatest, it was the heart of a dynasty.

Dynasties, however, crumble and wither and leave behind empty halls and unopened doorways, all choked with cobwebs and dust. Some 200 years ago, the title to Sky-Torn Hold was passed to Garran Urthadar, a legendary paladin of Aroden. He raised no less than three generations of the noble house Urthadar under his famed roof and tragically lived past two of them. During the area of the “Desperate War”, tragedy struck six of his seven grandchildren and their lives were lost to the fires of war.

His noble heart crushed and his personal worth compromised, Garran Urthadar sent his remaining children and grandchild away into Ustalav, far from their appointed home and he closed the doors of his great bastion to the world and barred anyone to enter it. No Urthadar has walked the halls of Sky-Torn Hold since and neither do they desire to- the title to this mighty edifice passes from hand to hand through the generations, no Urthadar daring to claim it.

Until, one day, tales of the fabled halls reached the ears of a certain young Urthadar who was last seen in Lepidstadt…

Sky-Torn Hold

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