Soul speaker

A magical item with the ability to send whisper messages to whoever the holder desires.


This grotesque, amulet-like shrunken head is said to contain the enslaved soul of its former owner. Forced to obey whomever carries it, once per day a soul speaker can repeat a message as if the spell magic mouth were cast upon it. The owner must merely hold the 6-inch-in-diameter head and speak his message and the conditions under which the soul speaker should repeat it. While it carries a message, the eyes of the stitched head stretch open, closing as soon as its message has been delivered.

Craft Wondrous Item, magic motuh, Cost: 1,200 gp, 96 XP


Vrood created the device at the Quaterfaux Archives of Arcane Acadamae in Caliphas. Since then the magic item has been widely spread around Ustalav. Although the item itself is widely popular in the Mwangi Expanse.

The Mwangi Expanse (pronounced MWAN-gi) is the catch-all term given to the wild interior of the continent of Garund. It is bordered to the north by the lands of Rahadoum, Thuvia and Osirion, to the east is Katapesh, Nex, Alkenstar and Geb, and to the west by the Sodden Lands, Shackles, and the colony of Sargava. The region extends southwards beyond the scope of current maps.

There are few records of the region initiating dealings with outsiders, apart from the anti-colonial activities of the city of Mzali. Instead, foreigners (most notably the Aspis Consortium) travel into the Expanse in search of treasure.


Little is known today of the region’s ancient history, but the landscape is dotted with human ruins as old as almost any to be found elsewhere in Golarion.

These ancient cultures were devastated by Earthfall, when the fall of the Starstone created the Inner Sea. As the Age of Darkness passed into the Age of Anguish, the legendary heroes Old-Mage Jatembe and the Ten Magic Warriors did their best to re-establish civilization. They defeated the sorcerous King of Biting Ants at the Doorway to the Red Star, and established the wizardly academy of Magaambya in Nantambu.

Ostarion had heard that Auren Vrood for a time had spent some time at the academy of Magaambya in Nantambu, studying the canabalistic cultures of the region. He even spent some time trying to understand the strange ritualistic symbolism dedicated to the old ones of the region. Vroods art gallery pictures in Caliphas depicted graphical portrayals of various denizens of the expanse, including tentacled creatures, fiendish apes, soul havesting hags, chained demons and various other devils, dinosaurs and other denizens of the jungle. The gallery since moved the arts expedition to Carrion Hill in the ivy district.

During the Age of Destiny the marvellous flying cities of the Shory flew over this land, and at least one came to a tragic end here – as demonstrated by the Ruins of Kho, and also possibly Ulduvai – but there is no evidence that they had any particular connection to the region. It is believed cloud gisnts visited the region, amd used similar magics to create flying cities and vesseld.

At one time, the northern jungles of the expanse were ruled by an ancient elven nation.

The modern history of the region may be considered to begin in 4138 AR, when Cheliax established the colony of Sargava on the western coast. The success of the colony was seriously curtailed by the appearance of the Eye of Abendego upon Aroden’s death in 4606 AR.

The founding of the city of Usaro on the southern shore of Lake Ocota by cultists of Angazhan (date unknown) ensured that the heart of the Mwangi Expanse will always be inimical to humanoid life.

The unification of the pirates of the Shackles in 4674 AR had adverse implications for the passage of goods to and from the Expanse, although it was the pirates themselves who established the free port of Bloodcove, through which much of the region’s riches now pass en route to Avistan.

Soul speaker

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