Carrion Crown: Kyle's

Chapter 8 - Travelling to Lepidstadt: Fri April 14

Said farwell to tarkus, mury, kendra, anca, old grey feather and Ravensgro
One day travelling no incident
2nd day travelling met the circle of blades
Said hello to Lancel, Ambriel, Orog and Gordon
Cirvle of blades said they were tracking and hunting a rogue orc tribe
Found abanoded wagon with ripped up note
Deciphered not and found secret loot
Fought an ogre and a dozen orcs
Rested in Tramiel
3rd day nothing
4th day nothing
5th came acrosd squbbling gremlins and leprechauns whom were at eavh others troats
Ambriel caused a fight
Darnys was killed.
Gremlins wete killed
Leprechaun promised to help party out in future
Met Keleb Hesse and Crooked Kin
Decided to look for missding girl
Killed phase spider without to much trouble thanks to Lancels critical hits with his bow
Arrived in Lepidstadt
Went and ressurected Darnys
30 days leisure time

To be completed

Pzo9021 taking it easy

Chapter 7 - Hunting the Lopper, Piper and Father: Fri March 30

Haunting of harrowstone

After looting the captains quarters, old Greyfeather had hurt his back in the last encounter and needed it tended to by a true healer. Sensing immanent danger and with a lack of capacity to understand arcane knowledge, Greyfeather was sent with word to return to Harrowstone to return with Von’Drake. A couple of hours had past before the party heard the unusual mumblings of the professor. Taking the time to recuperate, the professor noted the next cellblock, known in common tongue as “Reapers hold”. He knew that Reapers hold was the cellblock that was used for spies, moles, traitors, deserters and conspirators. Such criminals were tortured in the room of pain for information. The room of pain Drake was more then accustomed with. He had spent nearly 10 hours in there while tortured by the splatter man. After hastily searching the other guardroom, winching open the portcullis to Reapers hold, the party continued. Ecthelian picked up three distinct signatures of evil radiating in the room of pain, but the cellblock looked clear. Using Curtis Vousche key (guard captain), Ecthelian unlocked the large padlock on the door.

Ecthelian told the party that a nearby corpse, a section on the far wall and a iron maiden directly to the right when entering were all lighting up like a radiation giga counter on a nuclear missile, strong presences of evil. The party took some precaution buff spells before entering. Tarkus and Ezekial fired a barrage at crumpled skeletal corpse that showed signs of being tortured. Its form had be battered, hands cut off, large drill like holes through bone sections, broken joints and ribs. The Skeletal form had the dirty garb of the captain of the guard. Ectherlian moved towards the presence in the wall while Stonecrow did what he did best and went to turn the skeleton into powder. Inching closer towards the skeleton, Stonecrow swatted one of the skeletons hands as it launched at his face like a jumping spider. The other hand twitched with lunife. Although headless, an eerie noise that sounded like “Get out ”echoed in the room. The skeletal form stood up, and ectoplasmic hands appeared where its hands had been severed. It clutched a nearby axe. Stonecrow towered over the skeleton and chopped at the skeletons form while it went to stand. Meanwhile at the door the alchemist fiddled through his backpack, looking for something.

Images 24

A sweet voice in the air called out to Stonecrow. The voice prompted him to come closer to the iron maiden. As the suggestion effect washed over the half-orc he turned and made his way over to the iron maiden. A figure emerged from the wall and tossed an axe at Ecthelian. Lopper…. Lopper was on back of every ones tongue. Ectheian move to engage the Lopper. Ezekial heard a sorrowful moan come from the iron maiden. A voice he was familiar with. As the gaping maw of the iron jaws opened from within the coffin, battered bruised and barely moving Kendra Lorromirs body slumped out of the iron spiked coffin. Upon seeing this Ezekial immediately rushed to aid her. He saw here breath still had life (failed Will save :P).

Images 34

Tarkus went to fire on the skeletal corpse again but something went terribly wrong. As he went to fire his precious crossbow a large groan of cracking wood which ran down the spine of his repeater could be heard (critical fumble). The weapon was unusable and would require repairs. His loaded ammunition case had also been destroyed. As the skeletal figure moved to attack the paladin, the Lopper left out a squeak in fear as the fire from Captain Vousche fiery corpse got a little to close. Immediately the Lopper fled for the nearby wall. Drake, the hours of torment that felt like an eternity to him now flooded back into the tortured alchemists mind. Unable to keep his fears at bay he turned and fled, mumbling to himself “the pit, the pit“.

Now the iron maiden worked its charms on father Ezekial. While clutching the barely alive Kendra his face turned to the iron maiden in an incident out of anger. It was in this moment the soft force echoed in his head. “Come to me my child, step in, feel my embrace and let your fears go” The womanly voice sounded like his mother. With that Ezekial stepped into the iron coffin. The iron jaws of the maiden slammed shut. It was only then the father realised his folly. Inch wide sharpened spikes cut through his body like a knife through cheese. With his wits back the father tried to his best to push against the copper lid. With his many wounds he struggled to find the strength, and pushed in a futile attempt against the lid (like Montgomery Burns).

Images 25

The jaws seeped into his flesh more and more with every movement he made.

Ecthelian, now engage by the headless figure of Captain Vousche skeleton and one of his dismembered hands, Tarkus with a destroyed weapon, Drake had fled, Ezekial was dying inside the iron maiden and Stonecrow could not shake off the maidens influence. Stonecrow was lining up to be the next buffet meal of the maiden (thee failed saves in a row DC 14). Ecthelian killed the remaining jumping hand . His small stature and speed prevented the skeleton from getting anywhere near him with is lumbering strikes. Time began to slow, the fathers life flashed before his eyes. His time with Kendra only short lived. As the lid of the iron maiden swung open, the father managed to say a few words before his passing. As lid opened Stonecrow immediately stepped in. Now it was the half-orcs turn. The jaws gnawed at bone and flesh alike. Tarkus ran to see if the father was alive. By this time Ecthelian had landed several blows on Vousche skeleton. Its tortured body was barely standing. As Tarkus went to drag Kendra away he notice she was an illusion created by the iron maiden to trick people to come close enough for he maiden to attack. As such, Tarkus began to work on the maiden from the outside. His large bulky friend screamed in agony and pain from inside. Within 20 seconds, the lump body of Stonecrow was expelled from the coffin.

Pathfinder  torture chamber by udon crew

But not before a large smile spread across the half-orcs face. Stonecrow took one last gulp of Wolfgang ale before the gurgling sound of blood filled his lungs. He lay dead, next to Ezekial. Tarkus had been unable to save the half-orc. Neither was Stonecrow strong enough to break free. Two dead, one had fled and two remained.

Tarkus moved to help Ecthelian fight the haunting skeleton. Together the two finished off Voucshe. Just as they did, the mumbling figure of the alchemist returned. It took some time but Drake had managed gain enough composure. With the Lopper still on the loose and probably close by. Drake managed to put enough words together. He told the group the Lopper had perished in this room 50 years ago. When the fire broke out, the Lopper had hid in the large central pit. This explained why he had such an abundant fear of fire. Knowing the spirits could be destroyed by destroying the objects that bound the haunts to the material plane. Ecthelian took out the Loppers insidious murder weapon the party had found in the locked safe. Throwing it into the fire, Drake made a power batch of explosives and tossed it into the pit with the axe. As it melted, the figure of the Lopper emerge from the wall. In one final act of insanity the Lopper gave a final sadistic laugh before he slumped to the ground dead. Unlike the other haunts the lopper wight form still remained. Takus went and removed his head to show Dantz he should have no fears about returning to he prison. The alchemist added two more names to Hean Ferramans book

Those left dragged and winched the two dead bodies of comrades off the prison grounds. Drake returned to Ravensgro to get some horse to transport the bodies back. It took almost three hours before Drake got back to town. This included talking to Riff the watchmen to bring some horses, return to the prison and finally return back to Ravensgro with the bodies. The round trip took its toll on the alchemist who looked quite tired. Tarkus and Ecthelian watched over the two bodies of fallen allies, to ensure they stayed in the realm of the dead.

Returning to Ravensgro many townsfolk gave ominous glances as two dead bodies of Heroes of Harrowstone were brought into the town headed for the temple. The acolytes gave glum glances. But nobody could prepare the party for Kendra’s expression. The dead body of Ezekial, a long time friend and more recently a lover was dead. Somewhere in the distant mountains, Stonecrows father also feet it in his gut that he had lost his son this day. Although the two had fallen out due to Stonecrow leaving the tribe, not wanting to face his brother in combat. The old grey orc let out a large yell to the sky, which quickly turned into a howl as he transformed into a large wolf and ran for the horizon.

In Ravensgro, the bodies of Stonecrow and Ezekial were washed and lathered in alchemical embalming oils. With the ring of speak with dead, 2 charges left each of the surviving friends had the chance to ask one final question to their fallen comrades, before the psychopump would lead them to the halls of Pharasma for judgement. The large vulture like beacon with a head covered with a bird beak mask (assassin creed) took the duo to be judge. Tears had been shed, Tarkus and Ecthelian had prepared a funeral for the bodies to be buried in the Halls of the Ancestors, an area in the Restlands in Ravensgro set aside for heroes. A day of mourning. A day for the funeral. A day to regather wits and recruit able body members to return to the prison. Anca the witch had decided to leave town, her reasons unknown. The head of the Lopper had been delivered to Dantz. But he was now charged with protecting Kendra, who had not left her temple chambers for the better part of three days.

The party held a small ceremony to commemorate the fallen, Ezekial and Stonecrow. Tarkus conducted the ceremony. Takus read out the following prayer to Pharasma;

Hail to the funeral pyre that lights the shadows,
Hail to the ocean that devours all flesh,
Hail to the open grave in the earth,
Hail to the carrion birds that feed and fly.

Open before me the gate of sorrow,
For Ezekial and Stonecrow come with a song of joy To bring light into the darkness.
Open before me the gate of grieving,
For Ezekial and Stonecrow come on the wheel of time To begin a new year’s turning.
Open before me the gate of silence,
For Ezekial and Stonecrow come with the trumpets of daylight To shatter the pressing glass.
Open before me the gate of drudgery,
For Ezekial and Stonecrow come with willing hands To find sanctity in the thawing earth.
Open before me the gate of fear,
For Ezekial and Stonecrow come with a will unbroken To brave the summer storms.
Open before me the gate of madness
For Ezekial and Stonecrow come with the blade of clarity To rend the veil in two.
Open before me the gate of weeping
For Ezekial and Stonecrow come with the strongest heart To endure the pangs of living.
Open before me the gate of hunger
For Ezekial and Stonecrow come with words of hope To fill the cup to the brim.
Open before me the gate of Death,
For Ezekial and Stonecrow come with the breath of the future To bring the dead back to living in the afterlife.

Hail to the funeral pyre that lights the shadows,
Hail to the ocean that devours all flesh,
Hail to the open grave in the earth,
Hail to the carrion birds that feed and fly.

O Lady Death who guards my ancestors in autumn peace, Teach Ezekial and Stonecrow to find the stillness within.
O Pale Lady of the Skeletal Hand, whose standards are unyielding, Teach Ezekial and Stonecrow serenity in the face of dire necessity.
O Pale Lady born of foreboding and fire, Help Ezekial and Stonecrow to find there way through the shadows of mourning.
O Pale Lady whose realm is oasis in the ice, Teach Ezekial and Stonecrow compassion for others that does not squander on themself.
O Lady who speaks only truth, May all Ezekial and Stonecrow illusions be stripped away.
O Pale Lady Half-Rotted, Teach Ezekial and Stonecrow never to flinch at any part of Death.
O Lady who sees far and clear, Teach Ezekial and Stonecrow to make decisions beyond the bounds of there hearts.
O Lady of the darkest Depths, I pray you ease Ezekial and Stonecrow transition from life to death to life.
O Lady of the Straw Endings, Teach Ezekial and Stonecrow to praise loss, death, And the passing of all things, For from this flux I know your blessings flow.

Hail to the funeral pyre that lights the shadows,
Hail to the ocean that devours all flesh,
Hail to the open grave in the earth,
Hail to the carrion birds that feed and fly.

Hail to the ashes of the cremation grounds,
Hail to the silence of the tomb,
Hail to the gleam of the white bone,
Hail to the stones of the barrow-mound,
Hail to the whispering wind that mourns,
Hail to the opening of the empty hands,
Hail to the work of the carrion beetles,
Hail to all that rots to feed Life anew,
Hail to the end that is the beginning.

Hail to the funeral pyre that lights the shadows,
Hail to the ocean that devours all flesh, Hail
to the open grave in the earth,
Hail to the carrion birds that feed and fly.

Ecthelian and Drake searched up and down for people to help them finish the remaining haunts in Harrowstone. None could be found. They tried old Greyfeather, but he too could not be found at his campsite. Instead returning to Ravensgro they found a fiery auburn red head half-elf, kneeling over a small flower and talking to it. It looked to the two onlookers that she was uncomfortable with something about the flower. When they approached she cautioned the two to keep their distance. That the flower was precious. After talking with pair, she agreed to join them and finish cleansing Harrowstone. But not before hearing the recent plights the party had been through. Drake interested in the flower, plucked it and put it in a empty potion bottle. Mury, as the half-elf called herself, shed a small tear because of the alchemists decision to do so.

Although a little upset, she agreed to join the group in destroying the last remaining spirits of the prison. It had been 18 days since arriving in Ravensgro for Ecthelian. Friends had died (Oghren, Ezekial and Stonecrow), those whom did not have the stomach for it had abandoned the quest (Anca, Grey feather and Zeldarna). Now Ecthelian, Tarkus, Dantz and Mury severed to rid Ravensgro of the infestations of spirits. With the combined effort of the acolytes of Pharasma, an organised village militia and what remained of the town guard, most of the spirits had been held at bay. Over the past four days only a spirit haunting mirrors attacking people through them and a ghastly whisper turning people insane had been plaguing the town.

With the advice from Vesorianna Hawkren (the wardens wife), the adventurers knew that the undead would stop there siege of the town when the final two spirits that had been responsible for stirring up the hornets nest were put to rest. Only Father Charlatan and the Piper of Illmarsh remained, somewhere on the second story. For what would be the last time or the first for Mury, the adventurers returned to Harrowstone. Drake had been unable to concocted more haunt siphons. Whatever the Splatterman had subjected the alchemist to, its could still be seen as his hand at times still violently went into spasm, shaking violently. This had put him of his game, affecting his craft. Or perhaps it was grief over Ezekials death. Tarkus had repaired his crossbow. Ecthelian now more then ever stood vigilant. Dantz with the loss of Ezekial was charge to protect Kendra.

Ready as they’ll ever be, the heroes returned to Harrowstone. The party returned to the central chamber of the prison basement level, to finish searching the final wing, named “The Narrows”. In the middle of the cell block was a large cage, suspended over a 30ft pit. The cage was empty as was the cellblocks. The only thing the party was subjected to was a premonition. A premonition or a play of lingering spiritual entities that act out the Loppers recount of events and how the prisoners had managed to escape. Initially it started with the Loppers trial. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

1st Premonition: The final sentencing of Vance Saetressle (“The Lopper”) – June 12th 4661 ar

Jurisdeclaris Axenris the Third: “You are hereby sentenced to live the remainder of your short life in Harrowstone, which, I hasten to add, is a blessing compared to the extent of your crimes and the suffering of your victims. There you will reside in the misery of your thoughts until such time as you are drawn, hanged, and quartered. May the gods have no mercy on your blighted soul. Do you have any final words for the court”.

Vance Saetressle: “He he he hahahah, I will see all your children’s heads roll for this. Some how, some way, I will make you suffer. You will all suffer. Each and everyone of you”

Jurisdeclaris Axenris the Third: “Bailiff, gag that man so we never has to listen to his insane ramblings ever again . I now ask the father of the accused last victim to speak“.

Wilton Hesten (father of the Loppers last victim): “Your honour, my only wish is that you stave off the punishing man until such a time in which my wife can make it to Harrowstone…(sob)… to see his head roll. She is ill and sickly, still suffering from the loss…of our boy. I know in my heart she would like to be there…(sob)… to see him pay for his crimes”

Jurisdeclaris Axenris the Third: “So be it. Vance Saetressle public execution will be held on July the 13th 4661 ar at Harrowstone penitentiary“.

2nd Premonition: Entering Harrowstone, walking to the cell block The Narrows – June 15th 4661 ar
Curtis Vousche: “Hi warden… how was your journey?”

Warden Hawkren: “ Fine captain, the ride went smoothly, except for the carriage. The dastedly thing broke down twice”.

Curtis Vousche: “hahaha… well I suppose that’s what you get for putting your faith in gnomish engineering”

Warden Hawkren: “haha…. I suppose your right. Anyway captain…. I would like you to meet the two newest additions’
Warden Hawkren takes off Vance Saetressle hood
“Meet the Lopper. 27 murders. 12 women, 13 men, 2 dwarves, a little girl and boy. He’s a nasty one, so make sure this animal gets the right treatment before he’s caged.…. And our other guest is .. Well he doesn’t have a name save for the piper of Illmarsh”.
Warden Hawkren takes off Piper of Illmarsh’s hood
“This sick twisted individual would poison peoples meals with lich dust, paralysing them before letting his pet striges drain their blood. He then went and posed he corpses using stings like they were dancing. He killed 19 people with this flute of his…. So I‘m gonna drop this off to the property room, because he can‘t be trusted with any wind instruments. So we will have to make sure his mouth is sewn shut”.
Shows Curtis a handaxe and pipe
“By the way Captain how were things in my stead”

Curtis Vousche: “well…about the other three trouble makers, we have decided to amp up security around there cells. Garth the guard who was attacked by the Marauder will never be able to walk again, let alone work. I doubt he will ever be able to hold anything either. The physician said his skull was that so badly damaged by the pipe the bastard hit him with, he’ll be a vegetable for the rest of his life”.

Warden Hawkren: “That is unfortunate, he was a good kid. I want you to make sure that every week you break that dogs hands so he can never hurt anyone again. I don’t want anymore surprise again before he’s put to the block”

Curtis Vousche: “The bastard won’t ever touch another person every again I can promise you that. I’ve go a special hammer in me office that will do a fine job manglen his hands” Warden Hawkren: “I will leave his punishment to you….. Well I better have a word with these two before they are locked down.. Un-gag him Seth”.

Seth (Guard 1): “Hold still ya loon”
He un-gags Vance Cateresses (Lopper) Curtis Vousche stands right in front of the Lopper, digging hard into his chest with a pointed index finger.

Curtis Vousche: “I can make your say here as comfortable or uncomfortable as you like. If you behave, I will make sure the docs see to you properly after your time on the torture table. If not, you’ll be tossed back into the pit with naught but pain to look forward to”.

Vance Saetressle: “Tiddle taddle, tiddle taddle…all the guards here but do is yaddle. He he… I am gonna enjoy the day I get to say… he he .. blood run out of your neck and in one chop I shall cut of your hair“.

Curtis Vousche: Stuffs the gag back in “He’s quite clearly mad.. Why do we have to wait so long before he see’s the punishing man?”

Warden Hawkren: “Some sort of bureaucratic nightmare”
Pulls Captain Vousche to one side
“Careful of this one captain, he’s an expert thief and stalker. Worse then that he’s a raving loon. We can’t trust him with locks, so take him down to the Narrow cellblock, there is a special cage we will use to make sure he is no threat to anybody. I‘ve had it specially made just for him”.

Curtis Vousche: “As you wish Warden”

Warden Hawkren: “Ddoes our other dog have anything to bark” Seth un-gags the piper of Illmarsh
“This one likes to be called the piper, but we will call him the flea…he certainly smells like something hats been sitting on shit”

Piper of Illmarsh: “I’m going to kill you and make a saddle from your hide, so I can fart on it the rest of my life”

Curtis Vousche: “well hes the romantic sort” Stuffs the gag back in “They’re both charming dogs… but they do say we only service the best here at Harrowstone”

Warden Hawkren: “I’m sure there mothers would be proud of them… anyway I’ll leave them to you captain”

Curtis Vousche: “As you command warden”
Warden Hawkren leaves. Curtis Vousche escorts the Lopper while Seth leads the piper away. “You’ll enjoy your new cell here Vance. There is a special place in hell reserved for the likes of you. You’ll be the newest royalty round’ere. And we wouldn’t like you to miss out on a royal treatment. So where’ve prepared a special room just for you… ha, en I know old Gleaves down at the torture room will be more then happy to see ya”
Takes Lopper to Narrows cell block,

Premonition 3 : The room of pain – June 18th 4661 ar
Vance Saetressle: “So did you see my collection of heads. The best part was the blood came out, it made a special splash”.

Curtis Vousche: “SHUT UP (whack)…. I can‘t stand this loon“.

Gleaves: “Well, well. He might not be scared, but I am pretty sure I can instill the fear of Zon-Kuthon in him” Places some flammable oil on he Loppers legs while he is shackled to a table.

Vance Saetressle: “Pitta patter, burns won’t matter”.

Curtis Vousche: “I am gonna enjoy seeing this” Ignites the oil with a scolding hot branding poker. Vance Saetressle: “eeeeeyarrrrrrhhhhhh…..”

Curtis Vousche: “Hehe…. I like watching him squirm”.

Vance Saetressle: “…. (breathing heavily)… Some day… Some way … I am gonna make you pay”

Curtis Vousche smacks the Lopper in the face again
Curtis Vousche: “I had enough of that lip. Gleaves lets use the pit and give him a real tann. I want you to make him nice and toasty”.

Gleaves: “You sure you ain’t got demon blood in those veins Vousche, cause you are one sadistic bastard. I’ve heard drow tales that talk prettier of torture then what comes out of your mouth”. Hoists up table frame and begins to winch it over large fire pit which is a blaze.

Curtis Vousche: “these dogs only know one thing, en that’s pain. En I’m a bloody wizard when it comes to teaching that lesson. Just ask Hean Ferraman”.

Gleaves: “Well I can safely say I don’t enjoy inflicting the level of agony on these folk like you do Curtis. Most of em aren’t right in the head”

Curtis Vousche: “that ain’t no excuse, they know right from wrong. En this dog definitely knew murderen them kids was wrong. En the dog got his rocks off doing it . So why should he have all the fun/ I say we get a bit of payback for all those folk he hurt”.

Gleaves: “hey, your preaching to the heavens. You don’t need to explain yourself to me”. Begins to lower Lopper into firepit.

Vance Saetressle: “Eeeeeeyaaaaaaahhhhh”

The Loppers flesh begins to sizzle in the fire.

Premonition 4 – The Loppers cell, Narrows cellblock July the 27th 4661 ar
Curtis Vousche: “They pushed his execution date back again….why?”

Warden Hawkren: “The sod is to be given the last right of a religion of his choosing. Until then, we are not to touch him. That includes your trips down to the torture room. Gleaves told me you have gone to far with him. So much so the burnt flesh on his arms is still warm before you take him back again. He is still a human en I don’t condone that. You know the regulation, at this rate he won’t be breathing long enough to attend his date with the punishing man. So I’ll have no more trips to Gleave’s Captain. Is that understood?”

Curtis Vousche: “Understood Warden’
Warden leaves
“Just cause that lubber’s gonna go easier on ya doesn’t mean I have to” Pushes the Lopper into the 30ft pit where he breaks his legs from the fall. Shuts the lid on the oubliette, but not before tossing some food scraps in like feeding some pigs.

Premonition 5 – The Loppers cell, Narrows cellblock September the 8th 4661 ar
Vance Saetressle: “Rittie rat you head goes splat”

Rat: “Squeak!!!” The Lopper chops off the rats head with a fashioned blade from a sharpened dislodged stone

Moments later, a magical message is sent to the Lopper from Hean Ferraman, the Splatterman. Hean Ferraman: “Listen up… I have managed to concoct a levitate potion from ingredients the piper and I managed to collect. Make sure you are ready to move tonight”.
The voice disappears like wind

Vance Saetressle: “Who is that voice in the air, I shall not care because he offers me my freedom… ohh I rue the day I must not say…. that blood of rats is so fickle I will enjoy removing the head off that pickle” Large smile on Loppers face

Later that night, a conjured air elemental of Hean Ferraman delivers the potion. The Lopper lies in wait for Captain Vousche to deliver his food scraps. In the blink of an eye the Lopper pounces on the Captain, clutching him around the leg and knocking him prone through the oubliette bars. With the beck pf his head his head pinned in a headlock, the Lopper violently thrusts with the stone knife at the captains hands, before removing him of his sword.
Vance Saetressle: “Now now that’s not the face I want you to have before you go nigh nigh”

Before the captain can yell out the Lopper removes his head. Fishing the keys from the corpses waist, he opens the oubliette (bars in a floor which acts as a cell). Sneaking into the central cellblock he kills two other guards, after which he winches open all the gates to the cell block and begins to unlock the cell doors, killing hose he did not like the look of. During the commotion the Lopper manages to capture warden Hawkran alive, but not before the warden orders the stairwell collapsed and the elevator raised. Hean Ferraman subjects the warden to several hours of tortures, while his new pet the Lopper played with Vousche corpses, using torture techniques on it that had once been used on hum.

After seven hours Lady Hawkran rushes to aid her husband after of news of the riot reaches Ravensgro. In an act forestation she drops the elevator. A guards lock her in a nearby room. Meanwhile the Lopper and those trying to use the elevator are showered with oil flasks. The elevator is set on fire and quickly spreads. With the rest being history.

Premonition 6 – Hell breaks loose September the 8th 4661 ar
As the images manifest infront of the party they see the fates of the five spirits last fate, and there undead bodies awaken from their slumber.

Vance Saetressle
Faced with death by asphyxiation or worse fire , the Lopper fled back to his oubliette, hoping to wait out the disaster in the depths below. Yet while the Lopper’s theory was sound and the smoke never did reach into the oubliette’s depths, the rope he used to lower himself into the pit had been damaged in the fire. When, several hours after the fire burnt out, he tried to climb to safety and escape, the rope broke, dropping him back into the pit, breaking his legs anew, and consigning him to a lingering death from thirst. The Lopper was the last prisoner on the grounds to die.

However the Lopper returned as a spectral “wight of anguish”. The term wights of anguish” is used to describe those whose birth into unlife occurred following a horrible trauma, often both mental and physical, that leaves their bodies broken, their psyches shattered, and their spirits consumed with hate and revenge. The depth of their suffering and the lingering shock are so intense that these unfortunates become enthralled to their own pain, clinging to it with every fiber of their being, crucifying themselves across the threshold of death’s door, unable to truly live but unwilling to truly die. With his broken legs the Lopper could only haunt the lower levels of Harrowstone prison. Despite this, the victims of the Lopper would arise as headless skeletons or ectoplasmic entities that he could control, although Curtis Vousches spirit still haunted the Lopper, especially with the cruel fire treatments he once inflicted.

Curtis Voursche
Curtis Voursche in death and surrounded by spirits wrought with cruelty, anger, torment and violence, the captains spirit reawakened in the land of undeath. The captains sadistic nature and joy of inflicting pain, corrupts his soul into a creature that acts on such impulses/ He acts out similar to those he once imprisoned.

Hean Ferraman
This prison Nevermore block is the final resting place of Hean Feramin, the Splatter Man. In life, Professor Feramin was a brilliant man, even after his corruption and descent into madness. His intellect served him well in devising brutal and sadistic ways to murder people, and while it wasn’t enough to prevent his eventual capture, it aided him once he was imprisoned in Harrowstone. The loss of his spellbook was a significant setback for the insane wizard, but he hid from the guards the fact that, thanks to his Spell Mastery ability (feat), he could still prepare a few spells each day. While some of these spells (specifically magic missile) could have given him the chance to do a fair amount of damage to the guards, Hean was smart enough to know that once he revealed his ability to still cast a few spells, the element of surprise would be lost. He refrained from using his spellcasting directly as a result, and the guards, thinking his lost spellbook rendered him nearly helpless, didn’t monitor his activity as closely as they should have.

Curtis Vousche made regular trips with the wizard down to the room of pai. His favourite treatment for Ferraman was lashing and drowning the mad wizard. Inbetween the his session, using his vastly reduced spell selection and good oldfashioned trickery and diplomacy, Ferraman scrounged together enough spell components and resources, working alosindethe piper of Illmarsh, to put into action a daring escape plan by recruiting the aid of the prison’s strongest and most violent murderer—the man known as the Lopper. Working with components and resources smuggled in to him by enticed guards of the piper and taking advantage of the near total solitude that imprisonment in Nevermore afforded, the professor was eventually able (after much trial and error) to concoct a single potion of levitation at the bottom of his oubliette.

Trusting the Lopper to act according to his nature, Feramin summoned a small air elemental late one night and instructed it to ferry the potion to the north, passing through the two portcullises and avoiding detection by the guards by flying slowly and quietly near the ceiling, eventually delivering the potion down into the northern oubliette and into the Lopper’s hands. After that, it was only a matter of time before the Lopper secured his own escape and began releasing the other prisoners. When the fire came, the Splatter Man was in the thick of the mayhem. Soaked with oil and burning to the bone, he f led in searing pain back south and managed to return to his prison, but in his blind agony he stumbled into his still-open oubliette and died from the fall. Soon thereafter, he made the transition from physical prisoner to spiritual prisoner, with his frustrated and evil soul rising as a ghost.

Just as in life, the Splatter Man in undeath is the primary organizational force in Harrowstone—of the haunts and undead, he can be seen to be the “leader.” Yet until both the warden and Vesorianna’s influence over the region is removed, he cannot leave this chamber which forces him to instead manipulate and influence things from afar. His greatest triumph—one that would have been impossible while the warden’s ghost guarded the dungeon, and that even today takes much of the Splatter Man’s will to effect, is the remote possession of one of Ravengro’s most weak-willed citizens—old Gibs Hephenus.

The Splatter Man confiscated Warden Hawkran’s magical gear when the prisoners seized control of the prison, hurling the items into the oubliette for safe keeping (and to torment Hawkran, of course). These items remain at the bottom of the flooded oubliette still, under 30 feet of water with the corporeal remains of the Splatter Man himself. These objects were technically unclaimed as belongings by the Splatter Man when he died, and as a result he didn’t form a strong enough spiritual and emotional attachment to them to be able to manifest ghostly duplicates of the gear for him to use.

Ispin Onyxcudgel
The mad dwarf known as the Mosswater Marauder had little interest in rioting or, indeed, in escaping Harrowstone. Once he was freed from his cell in the northern wing, he overpowered two guards and a prisoner and holed up in this room after the other prisoners had looted everything usable from the place. The Mosswater Marauder killed his victims, extracted their skulls, then proceeded to pick up his grisly goal where he left off, attempting to find the correctly shaped fragment among the skull shards to finally repair his wife’s fracture. Of course, just as with all of his other attempts, the Mosswater Marauder failed, finally dying from asphyxiation from smoke inhalation. before his body is burned to cinders. The Marauder’s spirit seems to rise up from his bones, appearing as a sobbing dwarf wielding a ghostly hammer

Sefick Corvin
The corner cell of the western wing of the second floor was Father Charlatan’s final home before his death from smoke inhalation. Of the five key prisoners, Father Charlatan’s crimes were the least heinous, and thus he was imprisoned not in the dungeons below but instead this relatively spacious cell on the second floor. Due to him impersonating a Pharasma acolyte, seizing the final ingredient from the prisons shrine and smuggling it to the Piper of Illmarsh, he was harshly dealt with especially when he was caught trying to escape. With the added insult of his latest impersonation, the power of the churches (in particular Pharasma) he blasphemed against again and the threat of an escape, Father Charlatan was bound in heavy chains decorated with the symbols of the faiths he sinned against. Furthermore, he was often tortured by Vousche being buried alive for long periods at a time. In death the chains became part of his incorporeal form as his body was burnt to ashes.

Piper of Illmarsh
After Ferraman had sent a message to the piper of his plan the piper help acquire some of the more exotic material required to make the potion of levitate, The piper had managed to fascinate guards long enough to lure items from them, but only long enough just for them not to suspect a thing. Ferraman would then command his air elemental to retrieve them. In the riot commotion the piper tried his best to strike a tune with a flute made out of the bones from rodents he had captured. However, due to the heat of the moment, the commotion and with the loud noise from he riot, his haunting tunes were drowned out.

However he still maintained control over a few guards on the lower level he had fascinated with his tunes. Although his body was burnt to ashes in the fire in the dungeon below in a cellblock called the Reaper’s Hold, the ghostly spirit of the Piper of Illmarsh had since gravitated up into the second floor, where he can see the moorlands outside and feel the periodic breeze of cold air wafting through empty windows. Here the Piper bided his time, playing with spectral versions of the stirges he once raised in life while his strength slowly increases as Vesorianna’s hold over the prison dwindles. Over the years, the Piper’s presence here has attracted numerous stirges, but in addition, his presence has augmented the spirits of the prisoners who died on second floor, as well as those few guards he still commanded in life before he died. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Guided by the premonitions the party headed up the stairs to the second level. The second level contained two corridors of cells, a kitchen, mess hall, sleeping quarters and a privy area. A large section of the eastern wall now looked directly out into the Moorlands and the sky, as over time it had collapsed. Scanning the rooms Ecthelian only managed to pick out two sources of evil radiating along the western wing. One in to the north, the other to the south.

Tackling the north room first, opening the party saw a large grinning fat man wrought in chains. Holy symbols covered his large body. In a booming voice the figures id “Pharasma teaches us to respect the dead… brothers and sisters of the dawn flower, you have greatly displeased her”. In a cruel edict, his blasphemous words were designed to dishearten those loyal to the two religions of Sarenrae and Pharasman. As the party moved into attack the Fathers plump exterior, a chained lashed out from underneath Drake. As the chains consumed Drake in its clutches, wrapping around him like a python squeezing its prey, Drake was frozen solid. In his mind Drake all drake saw was the polished wood of a coffin lid. Each time he pushed out, dirt flooded in and he lost air.

Physically the chains strangled at Drake, making it appear to him the roof of the coffin was collapsing and he was going to be buried alive. As the chains constricted, Drake took damage. Tarkus opened up with a barrage of bolts. Mury followed up with some arrows of her own. The barrage seemed o have no effect on Charlatan. Ecthelian moved in with his hand positively charge, striking at the haunt with his lay on hands. Charlatan was damaged from the attack.


More dirt poured into the struggling alchemist grave (more failed will saves :O), once more he was heavily damaged. Tarus snapped some holywaer bolts into the repeater and unloaded. The water hurt the father. Before Charlatan could flee Ecthelianput him down with another positive charge channelled direly into the father. Charlatan like a fat balloon, puffed up and in an instant like a swirling vortex disappeared, He was no more.

Drake woke from hi recent experience of death a little more paranoid then usual. Harrowstone was definately having an effect on his intellectual mind. He showed signs of mental fatigue and wear. It was obvious to those around him that knew him well, he was becoming more a burden, with his paranoid delusions and demeanour. With one tormented soul to be destroyed, the piper of Illmarsh was on the back of the surviving heroes mind. Ecthelian was pretty sure he knew where the pipers remains rested. The other cellblock in the wing radiated a similar strength aura to that of Charlatan. With that in mind, Ecthelian moved to be rid of the god forsaken place once and for all. Approaching the cell from the north ,both sides of the corridor were adorned with 10ft wide cells. The cells themselves had a skeleton it almost every ell. Drawing closer to the room in which moments before Ecthelian had picked up an evil presence, the party heard a haunting tune begin to cloud the air.


Opening the door Ecthelian was greeted by a large 7ft floating spectral skeleton. Holding a cage of spectral stirges the piper began to play. Instantly as the tunes hit Tarkus’es ears he fell under the enhancement of the tunes. Frozen solid, large barb like wounds opened up along his forearms. The spectral stirges that assaulted Tarkus were not real manifestations, rather wounds materialized by his bewitched mind.

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Ectherlian struck at the Piper, but his sword did not piece the haunts shell. As the music played skeletons in the other cells along the corridor began to team with unatural life. First a hand began to tap in a tune. Then the other hand. Then a leg. Before the party knew it the skeletons were almost tap dancing around in their cells. Like a musical serenade of Phantasia (Mickey mouse with the mops and buckets), the skeletons slowly began to rise. Mury released a few arrows at he striges in the pipers cage before he could be released. As they too had slowly began to join in the haunting tunes strange dance. Turning back, Ecthelian could see the alchemist who had struck the nearest skeleton with a bomb was now to under the influence of the pipers tune. His arms like Tarkus, begun to show similar wounds. The pores of the skin opened up as the spectral (illusionary) stirge barbs pierced his skin. Tarkus failed to shake off the influence. Mury turned her bow onto the nearby skeleton. Once again the Halfling proved his worth. Shaking off the mental charms, smashing a cure moderate potion over the pipers head, that spectral figure of the piper disappeared.

Harrowstance had be cleansed. But not before the prison gave one last moan in agony as the spiritual entities that inhabited the place were expelled by Lady Hawkrans will. Although inured the companions yelled out in joy. Ravensgro had been saved. The haunts that plagued the town dispersed, once again leaving the city with the eerie silence the citizens were use to. There would be one heck of a celebration held tonight, and those that had survived the ordeal would be hoisted upon the pedestals they deserved. The Laughing demon would be the place to be. In there honour the town added the fallen to the memorial plaque in the town square. A plaque was also added to the town hall, naming the heroes “Dantz, Ecthelian, Ezekial, Tarkus, Von,Drake and Stonecrows” as trusted friends and fallen comrades.

As the festivities got underway, Kendra Lorrimor managed to drag herself out of her selected isolation and solitude in the temple. Walking up to the party she says “I have found something that may interest you. Using the ouija pancetta (spirit board), I was able to contact the spirit of Ezekial and properly say a final goodbye. I was also contacted my father who sent me one final message grafted into my skin“.

Reading the graft on her skin you clearly see “STOP THE WHISPERING WAY….WHAT IS THE CARRION CROWN???”

Congratulations you have completed the first instalment of the Carrion Crown adventure.

Chapter 6 - Showdown with the Splatterman: Fri March 16

Viktor spent knight being tortured by Lopper and Splatter man
Stonecrow joined after challenging Ecthelion
Returned to Harrowstone
Fell through entrance way
Ooze attacked
Ooze killed
Located secret door
Entered secret door, saw Viktors tormented body in corner
Splatter man and haunt attacked
Splatterman killed and removed for every by using his own magic against him
Cleared hallway of spectral humanoids and skeletons
Enter captains Quarters
Fought and killed Mosswater marauder
Found a stash of items

To Be Completed

Splatter man

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Revenge corridor of corpses

Chapter 5 - Harrowstone, Secrets Revealed: Feb 24 2012

Waiting for Darny’s to complete her work on picking the lock on the evidence safe in he property room, the party took a moment to scoff down a late lunch. Upon opening the safe, it was mighty and fearless Ecthelian who was the brave soul who burdened himself to carry the cursed and crude objects of murder of the Splatterman, the Lopper, the Piper of Illmarsh, Father Charletan and the Mosswater Marauder.

Simply by just touching them Ecthelian felt a sudden urge to crack a person skull open with the hammer, he felt some force dig at his neck like it was being hacked off and an urge not to put the handaxe down and a force momentarily disrupted his connection to Sanrae. The old tattered book and pipe seemed to have no immediate effect on Ecthelian, not one he could notice anyway.

Shaking of the various strange influences that washed through his mind the halfling placed the objects in a sack and tied it to a large pole on his back. It had now be almost half a day since the adventurers had set foot in Harrowstone.

They had completely searched the east and west wings of the ground floor and now took the large iron banded wooden doors of the sitting room north, with which only hours before contorted faces of pain had slammed shut.

Opening the double doors the adventurers were welcomed by a large 120ft hallway. Two doors lay to the west, one at the end of the hall to the north, and three on the east wall. Entering the inner sanctum of the prison, only Ezekial carried a torch to light the parties way, trying to limit the amount of light exposure to the creatures that dwelt within the walls. With precaution in mind, the adventures took the time to check and listen at each door.

Opening the eastern doors the party discovered a collapsed stairwell that once lead to the basement level of the complex. Ezekial pointed out that the integrity of the room had not been subject to years of decay, rather a trap had been set off to collapse the wall and seal the stairwell to the lower level. Moving on, the next eastern door lead to another stairwell leading up to the 1st floor. Von’Drake took the time to mark the walls with chalk to provide himself a clue as to what lay behind each door.

The final door to the east was a simple small cloakroom, a set of a dozen cloaks and outfits with the emblem of Harrowstone remained in reasonable condition in a large wardrobe. A couple of potions were in the large draw at the foot of the wardrobe. Drake took the time to throw a cape of Harrowstone over his shoulders, more out of curiosity then anything.

The adventures then opened the rear doors at the back of the hallway. Listening intently at the door, cries, moans and murmurs of agony could be heard from within. Wiping away a dusty sign, the adventurers made out the insignia which read “INFIRMIRY”. Immediately opening the door Ecthelian picked up an evil source radiating from one of the cots that lay littered in centre of the room. His dog Wolfgang sniffed the air, ran towards the cot and began to bark and growl.

With the party alerted to the presence they tried to make out just exactly had the dog so riled up. As Zeldarna, the last of the party stepped foot into the room in a momentary flash a presence rose from the cot. The ectoplasmic form was vivid only for a second. Those who glanced at it eyes felt a brief moment of fear, as the red cold eyes of death glared back at them. Ezekial felt a weakness in his knees and turned to flee, only to see that Zeldarna had already began running away, beating him to the punch. With the image of the stout halfling marching headfirst into the poltergeist, the rest of the party fought the urge to flee in terror. The halfling figure implored them to let go off their fear and fight.

Tarkus the inquisitor brought forth an enchantment to quell Ezekials fears. With various attacks simply passing through the creature incorporeal form, Tarkus was the first one to identify the creature as a poltergeist. His long hours of studying in the Pharasma clergy had paid off. He remembered that poltergeist are undead creatures of envy. They were constrained to walk the earth as restless spirits owing to a deep covetous jealousy, resentment and spitefulness of the living. Tarkus also identified that such spirits are bound to their bodies and cannot more far from their corpse. Destroying there bodies would result in freeing such creatures from the material plane, and banishing them for eternity back to the boneyard of the dead.

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With that it mind, Darny’s and Drake immediately began scouring the room for remains. Nine bodies in total could be seen, six bodies in three small private rooms along he western wall. Another three scattered along the corners of the eastern wall. Launching holy water and various other attacks at the poltergeist seemed to have little effect on the creature. Then in a moments notice, the room became pitch black. Ezekial, the only person in the room carrying a torch had been enveloped with a large blanket from one of the cots. The telekinetic force of the blanket had fastened around him like a tightened vice. Shards of crude surgical implements and alchemical reagents pelted at the blanket like shrapnel from an explosion.

Ezekial was hurt, but more concerning was now quaffs off smoke that began to emanate from underneath the blanket, as the blanket caught fire. A five foot glowing hue was the only light radiating in the room. Darny’s had destroyed one corpse in a side room, Drake had taken to instead just tossing an alchemical explosion in each of the side rooms in an attempt to destroy the poltergeist body.

Meanwhile Ecthelian had moved in with Wolfgang to strike at the creature, waiting for it to become corporeal before hacking at it. Zeldarna had fled, overwrought with fear, lost to the party. Tarkus moved to help Ezekial from his flaming bindings. The debris of the room now proved to be hazardous, as there was no light in the room to illuminate the clutter. Yelling at Ezekial to be ready, Tarkus grabbed the side of the burning cloth ready to pull it at a moments notice and aid Ezekial from his fiery entanglements. But the father needed no help. With a feat off agility that few could achieve the father let go of his touch and pistol, slid down and out of his bindings, rolling and catching the pistol and torch in he same motion as he tumble out underneath the burning blanket [bloody 20 rolled >.< lol].

With light flooding back into the room, Darny’s finished off the remaining corpse near him. As she turned she saw Drake launch another explosive into the final side room. As if by some fluke, the alchemist throw still hit the mark. Despite him fumbling with his reagents and tossing the explosive to high. The explosive instead bounced of the ceiling light fixture, rebounding off the nearby wall and landed directly onto the two nearby remaining corpses in the room.

By this time Tarkas had let loose an orison spark and ignited a nearby corpse of his own. The incorporeal figure caught fire. The smell of burning flesh filled the air. To expedite the burning corpse, Darny’s throws her silk rope onto the fire to fan the flames. As the rope added to the inferno, but all nearby debris also caught fire as it spread along the rope. The blaze was starting to get out of control. Looking to be rid of the apparition quicker, the alchemist Von’Drake tossed an explosive potion onto the corpse, destroying the corpse outright and the poltergeist. The large explosion putout all nearby debris that had caught on fire. Being a little to close to the explosion Darny’s managed to contort her body in such a way to dodge not only the flames, but the bones and debris that spew out like needles as shrapnel.

After searching the room thoroughly, the party finds a number of alchemical items that are in working condition and will prove to be useful. Drake explains what the different items do.

Moving on, the party encounter a small room dedicated to Pharasma. The small sanctuary is outfitted to allow less dangerous criminals an area to pray to the white mistress. Opening the door and entering, strands spider silk outfit the majority of the room. Pushing through the initial webs, the troop find a group of hungry giant spiders that spew from their hiding places.

Ecthelian springs into action attacking the nearest two, Drake begins to mix his sulphur bombs tossing them at the largest group of them. “Tat’ata’tat” comes from Tarkus repetitive crossbow picking off the nearby spiders. Meanwhile Ezekial fires from the cover of the doorway. Darny’s moves in skilfully dodging the worst areas of the webs. With Drake burning most of the webbed areas, Tarkus and Ezekial picking off the spiders whom managed to survive one of the fiery explosions, in the blink of an eye the combat ends. Only Darny’s had been hurts, two large pincer like wounds on her forearm where the spiders mandibles hit flesh. Shaking off the worst of the poison Darny’s finds a small treasure trove of items left behind in the prison in a locked cupboard.

Crossing the hallway the party listens intently before entering the room. The rattling of chains alerts them to some form of presence in the room. Upon opening the door the party realizes the room is a preparation room, dedicated to the thorough search of prisoners to ensure they have no conceal objects on their person. When Wolfgang begins to bark the party takes defensive actions. Two animated chains circling the central portion of the room attempt to clamp themselves onto the nearest living creature. Ezekial skilfully dodges he first shackles stepping back behind Wolfgang.

Unleashing attacks of their own, many of the party finds it difficult to damage the chains through their hardness. Ecthelian’s eyes go white as each of the shackles clamps onto the front and rear legs of the hound. Wolfgang begins to yelp as his body is essentially wracked by the chains, contorted to the point that what was one piece of flesh is now two. Anger gleams from Ecthelian’s eyes, as a few tears drape down his cheeks. He had only known the dog for a few days but had become attached to it. The dog had probably saved each member of the party already more then once, alerting them to the presence of something before it could be seen.

However it lay dead. Most of the party had been showered with some sort of refuse of the dog as flesh and bones racked and ripped from the force of the chains. With a few precise shots and another one of Drakes bombs the chains lay dormant and destroyed. Drake scooping them up, in an attempt to study the enchantments placed upon them. For some reason he also scoops up some of the remains of Wolfgang.

The next room explored was the laundry. Opening the door an old straight jacket is awoken from its resting place. It quivers with unnatural life as it moves to attack the nearest person. Getting a little to close Darny’s is slammed by the sleeves of the jacket. Lashing out with abnormal strength, the various buckles, belts and zips on the jacket being to open. As the jacket unwraps, it looks more like a gaping maw then a jacket. A face of a man briefly appears inside the jacket. His face gives a sadistic smile, as it tries to pull Darny’s into its fold.

Tethered to the sleeves, Ecthelian and Ezekial move to help Darny’s. Meanwhile Drake and Tarkus continue to put holes in the jacket. With a wellstruck blow from Ecthelian, just as Darny’s frees himself as the face in the jacket disappears. The presence that gave it life vanishes and the jacket falls to the ground motionless. Reading the marks on the jacket, scratched into the leather is the name Burlo the bear. Recalling the records from saved from the wardens office, the party remembers that Burlo was a man responsible for crushing three men to death with his bare hands during a tavern brawl. Drake picks up the jacket to study it further. He receives various concerned glances from the rest of the party. Implied in there glances is “Drakes curiosity will be the death of him”.

Searching the room meticulously the party finds a secret door . Moving back to the hallway, being cautious before opening the secret door they discover that a second door probably opens into the same room. Listening at the door, the sobbing of a woman can be heard from within. Looking to ambush whatever was inside and get a drop on the various haunts haunting the place the party splits up looking to tackle the room from two different entry points.

Ezekial and Tarkus tackle the secret door, while Drake and Ecthelian come in from the hallway entry. Darny’s keeps watch in the hallway to co-ordinate there efforts. Ezekial and Tarkus make it in fine. But Ecthelian and Drakes entry point is locked. As the false wall squeaks open. Careful to look around before entering, Tarkus spots a skeletal arm protruding from some fabric. The rooms shows still vivid traces of the immense fire that went through the place 50 years ago.

Tarkus and Ezekial hear Ecthelian and Drake trying to bust in through the locked door. Darny’s motions for them to come around through the false wall. Waiting for the others to arrive, the party approaches the skeletal arm with caution. Giving each other concerned glances, the party re not shocked by the sudden appearance of a womanly apparition. “Please, stay your hand… I mean you no harm” the apparition speaks, her voice wrought with distress, pain and dismay. “My name is Vesorianna Hawkran, I died in the fire here over 50 hears ago. After hearing my husband was being held captive in the lower level of this complex I rushed to aid him. I let down the elevator in the training room, so the criminals that held my husband hostage below would let him go. Because of that, the captain of the guard removed me from the training room and locked me in this room, apparently for my own safety. The last thing I remembered was a wall of smoke, haze and heat”.

After questioning Lady Hawkran, the party learnt that the warden with his set of keys died at the foot of the elevator. Also that some strange men preformed a ritual and took the spiritual essence of the warden with them. With the warden gone, the serial killers are escaping their confines. Furthermore that Lady Hawkran’s ability to suppress the ghosts from manifesting in the town is weakening, as the man known as the Splatter man is using his strange name magic to weaken her will and resolve.

She tells the party that there are several ways in which they can protect Ravensgro from the prisoners. Firstly, if they can destroy the ghosts of the five main serial killers she can exert her will to prevent them from being able to manifest, Harrowstone will reman haunted but safe. Secondly, if the Wardens spirit is returned, their combined will can suppress the ghosts. Thirdly, there must be a link between the ghost and the land of the living, if that linked severed and their apparitions dispersed, the ghost of the killers will not be able to manifest. Fourthly, consecrate the entire complex, removing the glyphs that surround the prison, empowering the dead. Either way, Ravensgro should be safe. She also tells them the captain of the guard held a treasure trove of items in his office on the basement level of the building. It contained valuable artefacts and items removed from inmates. Additionally a weapons cache to arm guards quickly to respond to any threats on the lower level. With that in mind, the party quickly hatch a plan to search the broken elevator room for the warden’s key.

They return to the training room with the elevator opening to the basement. Standing over the hole, half a dozen translucent faces look up from the water below. Their eyes track the movement as members of the adventuring troop move around the lip of the pit. Tarkus weaves two enchantments on Ecthelian, a hide from undead and a protection from evil spell to conceal him from the water creatures. Tying a rope and looping it around Ecthelians waist, anchoring it to the ground level with a climbers spike, with Tarkus, Darnys and Drake on the end, the party manages to swing Ecthelian over the water below to a nearby ledge on the lower level. The faces seem unaware of his presence.

Carefully balancing along a small ledge, moving around the outskirts of the pool, careful not to disturb the water, while Ezekial provides cover from above, Ecthelian begin to frantically search the area for the wardens corpse and key.

After searching several bodies in the nearby vicinity, the glint of metal reflecting from the sun rod, Ecthelian spots the key. Before scampering back up the rope, he takes a quick glance down the hall to see what lies further within the basement level. Further within, Ecthelian notices the distinct shape of bars set in columns and rows, of prison cells. With the key in hand the party returns to the wardens office and opens his safe. Growing weary, the party search the remaining two rooms on this floor. One a branding room to mark prisoners, the other a privy. The grotesque smell of years of refuse emanates from the privies. Hearing a gurgling sound from down within the bowl, several members are blasted with built up faeces.

Smelling worse then rolling through a pig pen the party decides to return to Ravensgro to recuperate. Drake is left behind in one of the abandoned towers in Harrowstone, as many party members are not willing to risk allowing him back going back to the manor armed with various haunted objects. Returning to Ravensgro less Drake and Zeldarna. The hour long walk back, the party sees a strange translucent body upon a black horse with blocks the eastern bridge into Ravensgro.

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Nearby Riff of the watch motions for would be travellers to not use the bridge due to the headless apparition which attacks those who would cross.

Pzo9047 headless horseman

Ezekial shoots it once. If it had a head, Ezekial knew it was looking straight at him.

Deciding it best not to engage the haunt, the party takes the long route to enter Ravensgro. Walking through the main street the party stops as Aluendru, Magister of the Unfurling Scroll (Library/school of wizardry) motions for them to come to him.

Aluendru explains that some sort of presence has possessed various spiritual dolls used as test subjects for practicing magic at the school. The dolls have overrun the library and it is dangerous to go inside. Deciding best to deal with it now, Ecthelian leads the would be heroes into the library. Ecthelian using his divine gift to detect evil was the first to pick up the numerous presences in the room. Fending of several books that move of their own accord, flying around the library with contorted images of people in pain on their covers. The faces have gaping maws that try and bite into anybody nearby. Chuckles of laugher from a phantom emanated from further within every so often. The childish voice was wrought with a mania that not even Drake could compare with.

Moving to the next room, was a large open study. Looking up the roof began to bleed a purplish translucent blood. Fed up by now with the spiritual entities, the party soldiers on, leaving their fears behind. Perhaps it was they were just to tired to care anymore.

The second last room, a kitchen. Once again scanning the room with his divine gift, Ecthelian points out that several ectoplasmic strands have tether onto knives and other dangerous metal objects in the room. In order to protect themselves, the band overturn nearby tables to use as shields. Ezekial and Ecthelian covering the left while Tarkus and Darnys cover the right. Metal object clang of he sturdy wooden tables as the ectoplasm puppet strands fling kitchen utensils at the bunkered adventurers. Safely crossing the room, after Ezekial destroyed several dolls handing to the ceiling with more ectoplasmic strands attached to them, the brave adventurers make their way to the final room.

The bedchambers of the wizardry school. More menacing chuckles and laughs radiate from the exterior of the room. With precaution in mind the troop scan the room. After noticing more then fifty strange dolls in the room, a strange sensation washes over Ecthelian. Unable to resist the sensation and succumbing to the will of the charm that swept over him, Ecthelian draws his sword and attack Tarkus landing a blow on the inquisitor. With an ominous grin Ecthelian moves to strike again. His voice becomes distorted and instead of the soothing and calm demeanour of the friendly halfling, instead is now the sadistic and callous laughing of the tormenting spirit. Not wanting to seriously harm there new found friend, Tarkus and Darnys try to restrain the halfling to prevent him from harming himself or other around him. Feeling the compulsion wash over him once more, unable to resist once more, the halfling lashes out with his sword at Tarkus. This time ready for the attack, Tarkus steps to the side, with the halflings attack a little to eager, over extending his strike. Yet again Ecthelian begins to laugh, this time adding “you will all die here”.

Several puppets drop from the ceiling, Ezekial notices several ectoplasmic strands have now attached themselves to his controlled friend. The gunslinger then takes his time firing, destroying several of the threads. Darny’s takes advantage of the situation, grappling Echelian. Yet again the compulsion washes over Ecthelian to harm his friends. This time, not willing to surrender to the voice goading him in his head the paladin burst free from his mental domination (not the spell domination rather puppeteer _).

Now with his mind free, Ecthelian pleas to his friends to stop there assault. Once more the halfling’s face begins to give a wicked grin and he yells out once more, “You little children have been naughty and I’m hear to punish you”. Unsure of the current situation, with Ecthelian speaking like his old normal self, then reverting to the voice and appearance of a raving lunatic and murderer, the party decide to placate the paladin. Lashing out with blows designed to safely subdue the halfling. During such time the paladin pleading for his friends to stop attacking him. It is only after several moments pass that Darnys realises an illusionary image placed upon the halfling, which brusquely hanged his appearance to that of a wicked grin. Furthermore, a ventriloquism spell in which something had been throwing its voice, making it seem the paladin had been saying things then he had otherwise said.

Regaining the trust of his friends that he was infact back in control of his body, Ecthelian skims the room, searching or the entity that had momentarily taken control of his mind. In the far corner of the room, mixed with several other puppets the paladin picks up a mild source of evil radiating in the bedroom. Motioning for his friends to get a closer, in order to be able to inspect whatever was hiding there, Ecthelian draws his sword. Darnys spots something moving in the back right hand corner of he room, as does Tarkus. The two try and point out a strange doll that seems to quiver every so often to Ezekial. The quiver similar to that of a person chuckling to themselves.

Images 2

As the adventures close in, weapons drawn, it is Ezekial who fires first. Tarkus follows up with a barrage of his own. Struck by a two small orbs of force in the shoulder that spring out from the dolls outstretched finger, Ecthelian moves in to get inside arms length. Darnys does the same. Not before tossing a haunt siphon that falls horribly wide. As Ezekial also moves in, Darnys and him fall to the ground unconscious, stunned and blinded as a strange magical colour spray subdues the pair. Although also in the blast radius of the spell, the halfling every so vigilant, stands firm against the waves of colours that shower over him, resisting the effect.

Tarkus lands a few more blows with his crossbow has bolts piece through the dolls wooden body, as the doll moves in on the unconscious pair. Meanwhile Ecthelian looks to block the creature from hurting his now vulnerable allies. With a malevolent smile the doll jumps onto Ezekials chest with dagger in hand, motion to give Ezekial a new smile from ear to ear. But before it could decapitate the fathers head, Ecthelian and Tarkus dual strikes are enough to finish the doll before it can do any serious damage.

Moments later Ezekial and Darnys wake up, clear their eyes and regain their footing. With the entire sanctum cleansed, the party leave the establishment. Not before Darny’s helps herself to some coin from he till. Ecthelian repays the pilfered coin, making a new friend in Aluendru. Saying it was his pleasure to help.

Exhausted from the day, the party make there way back to he manor. Only Ezekial has the strength still within him, courting lady Kendra over night in his room.

Chapter 4 - Harrowstone, the Haunted Prison: Feb 10 2012

The adventurers enjoyed another prepared breakfast of fresh bread, cheese and milk, or a enjoyable bowl of oats prepared by Ponto Wellby, the manors caretaker. Ezekial and Ecthelian decide to spend the morning visiting Lirran Hawkran, sister to Warden Hawkren. Her small farmstead was a short ride outside of Ravensgro. Gathering up the horses stabled in the manor, rented from Riff the duo head out in the early morning.

Darny’s spends the morning boarding up homes with nails and planks of wood, earning a few coins for her efforts. She also ensures her adventuring kit is well stocked for her journey into Harrowstone, hitting the markets. Tarkus reports to the temple and provided final funeral rights using Pharasma’s Death Sacrament. The sacraments are created by the followers of Pharasma. The unleavened wafer are blessed with the power of the Lady of Graves. When placed within the mouth of a deceased humanoid, the sacraments binds with dead flesh, rendering the corpse incapable of rising as a member of the undead. The sacrament has been know to holds true for all forms of undeath: whether a deceased person has died of ghoul fever, blood draining from a vampire, or the use of necromantic powers to create a skeleton or zombie. The sacraments prevent a corpse from rising as one of the cursed undead. Once more Tarkus earns some coin for his services.

Meanwhile back at the manor Zeldarna manages to finish off her research into the serial killers. Von’Drake heads to the local alchemist, offering some coin to use the facilities. He manages to replicate several haunt siphons that will be useful when the party heads into Harrowstone in the afternoon.

Arriving at Lirrnan’s house, immediately the paladin and gunslinger are put off by the stink of the place. Everywhere feral cats had overrun the place. Piles of faeces lay around the front door, hole in the walls and the stale smell of urine in the air. As they knock, an elderly lady opens the door. “how can I help you” the old lady say. Ecthelian explains they were here to ask question of her brother, the old warden of Harrowstone. Refusing the stale biscuits and recycled coffee grinds, the pair offer to help old Hawkren in the garden in return for more answers.

Heading out into the garden they are shocked to find out the jackolantern in the garden can move of its own accord, often snatching would be thief birds out of the air and eating them. As Ezekial gets a little to close the jackolantern’s eyes flare with an infernal fire. Realising the gunslingers mistake old Hawkren picks up the nearest cat and tosses it towards the animated pumpkin. It catches the cat and swiftly gobbles it up. The pair return back to Ravengro, a little more informed and disturbed.

Pzo1115 scarecrow

Regrouping back at the manor, the party sets out for Harrowstone.

Looking up the hill and the isolated structure, each member of the outfit clenches his or her weapon or cloak a little bit tighter. After what they had witnessed the passed few days it was understandable to be a little on edge. In the passed few days dealing with; carnivorous hill men; flying skulls; zombies in the graveyard; possessed serial killers; a drunk rapist; the death of a dwarf they had only met for a brief time who‘d been drawn and quartered; a witch; unfriendly, superstitious and suspicious townsfolk; strange happenings individual to each member of the group; and animal mutilations; it was no wonder they were tense. Not to mention the spirits or glimpses of strange creatures that had often been seen out of the corner of ones eye. Nevertheless, they had promised to rid Ravensgro of the apparitions that now tormented the public.

Harrowstone outer yard2

From the outside, it was clear the structure had been abandoned for quite some time. Portions of the walls fortifications now lay in ruin, as heavy downpours had damage most of the outer walls integrity.

Haunted woods forest eerie

Most of the western wall was little more then a lake, as consistent deluge of water had flooded a large section of it. The large iron gate and stone structure was barely stable. Ezekial pointed out that it could give way at any moment.

9 a23 c64 ca965 11

Zeldarna was the first to pass through the gates. Her curse had left her in the form of a half-orc for the day. The rest of the party still seemed to be unable to get use to her strange transformations. While passing through the gate, Zeldarna felt as though her skin was on fire. The burning sensation felt asthough her blood was boiling, her insides liquefying and her skin seared to the bone. Managing to shrug off the strange sensation, as the other members of the party approach Zeldarna could see a small residential house on the prison ground and two large towers that circumvented he eastern wall. Getting closer the burning sensation was felt by anyone who passed through the gates, leaving some a little shaken. Possibly one of the worst ways to die, burning alive, it was hard to shake off the sensation. Nevertheless the troop moved to check out a small house nearby.

Darny’s noted that it belonged to the last warden and his wife, with a plaque near the door (“Hawkren“). A scary thought, living on the residential grounds of a prison. While trying to remain normal.

The party cleared out the residential estate belonging to the warden. Ezekial points out he structure is not very sound. Darnys takes off most of her gear, quickly searching each room of the wardens quarters. With nothing found and the structure looking more dangerous with every passing second, the party decide to get a better view of the penal complex. With that in mind, the party clear out the two towers closest to the entrance. Killing a swarm of rats that occupied one of the towers. Now circling around the complex in an anti clockwise pattern the brave adventurers noted the eastern and western wing entrance ways. Taking particular attention to the western side rampart and observational deck, where they had heard rumours on the headsman scythe had often been seen moving about of its own accord. The rumours spoke hat the scythe had awoken and had a will of its own. Still intent on enacting justice to perpetrators on the prisons grounds. The chopping block was in clear view. Not wanting to risk harm or upsetting whatever it was that now occupied the rampart, the party decided to check out the rear section of the prisons grounds.

The only outstanding area in he rear section of the grounds was a single tree with a ditch next to it, used to dump waste from the privies of the prison. N he tree was a large nest. Tarkus suggest the nest is that of a stirge, a creature that Ecthelian was all to familiar with. Suffering a puncture wound from one of the creatures barbs while protecting Kendra. With the eastern side of the building underwater, rumours of the headsman scythe patrolling the western rampart, the troop decide to backtrack to the main entrance doors to the prison.

While circling the walls closely this time, Zeldarna along with Darny’s spotted strange markings etched at the foot stone of the prisons walls. Recollecting Lorrimors journal entry with the professor noting the glyphs, the party try to make out what they can from them. With the combined effort of arcane and religious knowledge, and the power of six brains behind it, the band eventually work out the glyphs are used in a necrotic ritual. The ritual itself seems very similar to one conducted by an organisation know as the whispering way. Recollecting the knowledge from the Unfurling scroll, the Pharasma temple, Lorrimors notes and the town records, the adventures learn that the ritual was used trap a spiritual entity of some sort. Darny’s advises the glyphs do not seem to be trapped. Therefore Von’Drake scribes some of the marking into his book, before taking a large rubbing of several of the glyphs. While touching them, he notes that they are indeed written in blood. Unable to do anything about them at the moment, he party return to the main entry way.

Returning to the entry way, Ezekial points out that the wooden rampart that leads up to the double doors of structure does not look safe. The wooden beams have been exposed to the elements for to long without proper maintenance. Large portions of the beams have rotted away. Deciding to go first Darny,s jumps the 20ft rampart without to much trouble. Ecthelian simply too light n weight, walks across the beams without any problems. Zeldarna and Drake make it across safely. As Tarkus runs to jump across rampart he pushes off a soft patch of grass and slips little. In doing so he crashes hard into the wooden rampart. Fractions of the beams begin to groan under his weight. In the blink of an eye it breaks apart. Quickly grabbing the edge and rolling the rest of the way, Tarkus makes it across. Not without a slight sigh of relief as chunks of the beam crash into the surface below.

Pushing hard the double oak doors grind open. Charcoal, soot and dust fill the air, as the breeze from outside blows into the structure for the first time in almost 50 years. Welcomed by a large sitting room, patches of the wall still show signs of the fire that took place. Just by looking at the walls the adventurers get a sense of just how intense the flames were. If the building had not been so finely crafted, the stone structure would have definitely been destroyed in the fire. A single door leads west, a set of double doors north and two sets of single doors east. A few paintings still cling to the walls but are terribly damaged. Deciding to clear the western wing first the party head down the corridor. As half of them pass through the door, in a flash the door slams behind them.

Cut off from the group, Zeldarna, Drake and Tarkus try to work on the door from the sitting room side while Ecthelian, Darnys and Ezekial try from the western wing corridor side. Twisted and warped faces appear on the doors, holding them firm. The ectoplasmic images ripple along the door frame every so often. Unable to move the doors by sheer force the group begin to channel positive energies into the doorway as to free it from the sprits grasp. Zeldarna mutters a prayer or two, before blasting the door with a spell. The adventurers had fought a similar haunt before, while defending the townhall. After a few haunt siphons the faces retreat back to wherever it was they came from.

Moving through the western door the party locates three small offices and storage spaces. Searching the rooms thoroughly, the adventures find some document regarding some of the leer criminal who were housed here fifty years ago. Also some damaged blueprints of the prisons layout, some physical sketches of the five famous serial killers and some records on some of the less dangerous criminals who dwelt there. Anything else was to badly damaged to be of any use. At the end of the hall, the wardens office was located. Looking though the destroyed furniture, Darny’s notices a small safe in the wall. Searching meticulously through the office for the key, Darny’s decides to try and pick the lock instead. After several attempts, she is unable to pick the lock. Zeldarna picks up some magical sources in the safe, radiating mostly conjuration and abjuration magic. Deciding to come back for the safe later the party opens the final door in the western wing that had as of yet been no search. Only finding a few empty cupboards in which rodents of the prison a had either eaten or taken off with anything of value.

Returning back to the entrance the party take the northern most door to the eastern wing. Various pew chairs behind the door are arranged similar to that of a temple or hall. The chairs face a small stage area. It is obvious from the arrangement of the chairs that public executions were undertaken in the room. With no wall on the south part of the room, instead bars so people can view the criminal being brought up through the crowd to be executed. A door rested on the opposite wall to where they entered from. Spreading out and searching the room, several colds spots ooze from various pew chairs in the room. The immense cold projected from them is enough to hurt the flesh. First sending shivers up ones spine. While near them, numerous members of the parties breath ices over when one exhales near them. A few of the party take damage from the strange cold spots while within the room. Tarkus tells the party such haunts can only be destroyed by cleansing the objects they radiate from with fire. Burning them to cinders. Navigating around the cold spots the party decides that they will deal with them later. It didn’t help that it was still raining outside. And well, he prison had already one fire, and definitely could not survive another.

Taking turns and listening intently at the door, Darnys, Zeldarna and Tarkus hear droplets of water from behind the door. By now it was obvious to Ecthelian, he would be responsible for opening each door. Unsure whether to take such responsibility as a compliment or an insult, the brave paladin opened the door once more. Doing his duty. Serving Sarenrae proud. Vigilant and conceited. The whole time thinking “Cowards” in the back of his head. Nevertheless the brave halfling moved forward.

Upon opening the door, the party was greeted by a now large L shaped room. The once trampizum shaped room was badly damaged. A large portion of the far side wall had collapsed. Water droplets from the eastern grounds had flooded into the room through the unstable walls. A large 10ft pit also lead down to the bottom floor. From the look of it, it looked as though a pulley system had once been rigged to transfer items up and down from the basement.

Elsewhere in the room straw dummies sat silent. Various other training implements one was bound to find in a town guards barracks lay around the room. Dormant, showing years of decay only when fiery skulls erupted from the dummies did the party jump onto their toes. Now quite adept at fighting such things, the brave adventurers deal with the skulls with reasonable ease. Only suffering a few wounds from the encounter. Peering down the pit and dropping a sunrod into the lower level, the party see’s several ghostly figure staring back up at them in water. The sunrod is unable to enlighten the size of the room, as it descends deeper into the large pool of water below.

However the party does note it is around about a 25ft drop into a pool of water. Something was inhabiting the water. After searching the upper level more thoroughly the adventurers see another door that leads to a backroom around the corner of the L shaped room. Opening the door to the room all the room all the party see is a large murky pool of water that covers most of the eastern side of the room.

Elsewhere in the room was a large iron furnace. It showed signs of the fire but seemed to be undamaged. The furnace itself stood from the roof to the ground, over 20ft in height. Due to wear and tear, the funnel that once acted as a chimney to he furnace had obviously snapped. Most of the iron pipe lay close by collapsed on the ground.

Drawing closer to the furnace Ecthelian picks up an evil source radiating from the furnace. As he gets closer Wolfgang begins to bark. Not liking the look of the furnace, Darny’s readies a weapon. Tarkus scans the room for any other intruders before focusing on the furnace. Zeldarna drops some protective orisons to counteract any surprises. Meanwhile Drake and Ezekial make there way towards the mouth of the furnace. Drake out of curiosity. Ezekial, more out of precaution and ensuring the furnace held no surprises. In a matter of milliseconds the large grate of the furnace opens. It becomes a gaping more. Steam bellows out and produces a smoggy smoke that begins to saturate the ceiling in a haze. Almost like eyes two grates on the furnace stare back, fixated on the closest target. As the once furnace door opens, a large fire like tongue whips out at the party.

Ecthelian takes a dangerous blow as the tongue lashes out, replicating a similar effect of a scorching ray spell. Then Ezekial takes a bad hit. Followed by Darny’s. Instinctively Tarkus calls for his allies to push the large furnace into the nearby pool of water. Firstly enacting an enchantment designed to hide ones presence from undead. Darny;s had retreats back to the safely into the previous room. After blasting it with a few spell Zelarna manoeuvred behind the furnace, into a position in which she was no longer vulnerable to the fiery tongue. Once in position she began to channel positive energy into the haunt to put it to rest. After initially tossing an alchemical bomb, which did little but chip parts of the furnace, Drake reaches back into his backpack and starts throwing haunt siphons at the haunt. On impact the swirling vortex of positive energy caused part of the haunt to retreat, severely damaging it.

By now Tarkus had moved into position with Ecthelian. Both protected by the inquisitors magic, the pair push as hard as they can. With the strength that few ogres could match, in an almighty heave the duo push the furnace 15ft into the nearby pool of water. The furnace begins to sink. Initially a few bubble boil to the surface as the exposed fiery tongue heats the water. However, in a matter of moments the gaping maw fades and the furnace returns to its once docile state.

Unsure of whether or not to search the furnaces fire place for clues, the party decide to move on. Not before Tarkus recollects a story about the furnace, from partially burnt records uncovered from the wardens office. Linking the furnace to the only criminal who’d been put to death by the furnace, burnt alive. With nothing found and not wanting to drop to the lower level, the party returns to the entrance of the prison.

Knowing that the final unchecked eastern door leads to a hallway with bars, the party moves to secure the last room of the eastern wing. With the prison teaming with unnatural life, the adventurers take precautions to listen behind the door. Not hearing anything out of the ordinary, as Ezekial scrubs some of the soot away, he identifies the room as a property room. Used to house evidence and belongings of imprisoned criminals. Searching the room, the adventures find several useful items and a safe.

Ecthelian notes the safe is radiating evil. Zeldarna points out it is also radiating sources of magic from several different schools of magic. Darny’s searches the safe, but does not see any traps. Te safe itself has just a complex locking mechanism similar to the safe in the wardens office. Looking at the lock, Darny’s identifies the safe is infact a sister to the safe in the wardens office. Noting that perhaps the same key may be used to open the pair. Her eyes gleam with the possibility of treasure. Darnys begins to work on the lock.

Chapter 3 - Late Arrivals: Feb 3rd 2012

Protected Kendra from stirges

Darnys met and joined party
Oghrens body was returned to Ravensgro
During the funeral Ezekial was in charge of undead attacked
Learnt more about Haunts
Learnt more about harrowstone prisoners
Learnt more rumours and superstitions
Another animal carcess was placed in town, with another blood smeared letter VE
Met Lorrimors headless body and put it to rest once more
Saw a ghost pass through gibs house
Staked out town sqaure
Darnys killed Gibs


Searched Gibs house and found dead harrower from funeral
Held emergency town meeting
Met Viktor and Tarkus
Townsfook talked about strange occurances
Flaming skulls and a skull swarm appeared
Killee skull and swarm
Prevented town hall from being burnt to the ground

To be Completed

Ravengro art

Grimburrow’s Sermon In a village which is called Thrushmoor there lived a certain knight named Gerard. His grandsons are still living, and hardly a man can found in that village who does not know the miracle which I am king to tell about him. He loved Pharasma, The Lady Of Graves, she who shepherds the just and righteous to their final domain, so ardently and honored her so especially above the other Gods that he never refused any pauper seeking alms in the name of that one. Moreover he was accustomed to offer to the Lady many private se rvices, such as prayers, fasts and the celebration of masses.

One day, by the permission of Pharasma, Asmodeus, the foul devil, the enemy of all good men, conspirator of truth came knocking at the knight’s gate, in the form and dress of a sickly young girl, sought refuge in the name of Pharasma. He was admitted with all haste and, since it was cold and he pretended to be catching cold, Gerard gave to him his own meal and fur cape, which was not badly worn, to cover himself with when he went to bed. In the night, the young girl came to him and used her form to corrupt and fell the knight.

When the next morning she who had seemed a sickly girl did not appear, and the cape was sought and not found, his armor and fortune no longer his own. his wife in anger said to the knight, " You have often been deceived by wanderers of this kind, your lust and disgrace led you through temptation and yet You persist in your superstitions But he replied calmly, "Do not be disturbed, Pharasma will certainly make good this loss to us. " Asmodeus did this in order to provoke the knight to impatience on account of the loss of his arms, fortune and cape, and to extinguish in his heart his love for the Lady. But what the deceiver had prepared for his destruction redounded to the glory of the knight; by it the latter was incited the more strongly, the former was confused and punished.

For after a little time Gerard wanted to go to the temple of the Lady Of Graves, and when he was all ready to start, he broke his sigil, a powerful gold ring into two pieces before the eyes of his wife, and joining them together in her presence, gave one piece to her and kept the other himself, saying, “You ought to trust this token. It is my broken honor and Moreover, I ask you to wait five years for my return, if I do not return, my life and honor will have and after that you can marry any one you please.” And she promised.

He went on a very long journey and at length with great expense and very great labor reached the city of Sothis, the Stormhaven of Osirion. There he was saluted most courteousl y by the citizens and received with as great kindness in redemption as if he had been one of them and well known to them. Ascribing this favor to the blessed Lady he entered the oratory and prayed, commending himself, his wife, and all his worldly possessions to Pharasma. After this, remembering the limit fixed, and thinking that the five years ended on that very day, he groaned and said, “Alas! my wife will now marry some other man for I am lost.”

Pharasma had delayed his journey on account of what is to follow. When he looked around in sorrow he saw the above as below mentioned devil walking about in his cape. And the foul beast spat, “Do you not know me, Gerard?” He said, it No, I do not know you, but I know the cape." And Asmodeus replied, “I am he who sought refuge from you in the name of the Lady; and I carried off your honor, arms and cape, for which I have been severely punished.” And he added, “I am Asmodeus, the great, and I am commanded by she that is greater, for I am a worm, compelled to carry you back to your own house before nightfall, because your wife has married another man and is now sitting with him at the wedding banquet.” Taking him up, the devil crossed in part of a day across Golarion, from the east to the west, and about twilight placed him in his own house without injury.

Entering his own house like a stranger, when he saw his own wife eating with her spouse, he drew near and in her sight taking out the half of the ring, he sent it to her in a cup. When she saw it, she immediately took it out and joining it to the part given to her she recognized him as her husband. Immediately jumping up she rushed to embrace him, proclaiming that he was her husband Gerard and saying good-bye to her spouse. Nevertheless, out of courtesy Gerard kept the latter with him that night. In this as in the preceding miracle it is sufficiently evident how much the blessed Lady loves and glorify those who love them.

Kendras Prayer to Desna

My Lady of the starry night, grant me love and hope. Guide me along this troubled road that I must tread alone. And although the darkness is so vast, And the night so deep, It is in you I place my trust, as I lay down to sleep.

It is you that shows me that there is beauty in the night. I do not fear its shadows, For I always have your Light, In the stars above me, shining in the black. Be with me now, dear Goddess, Guard me from attack.

For there is a darkness deep within me that I cannot deny. It hides inside my blood and bones, And gleams from my red eye. But I know you will forgive me, My monstrous heritage. It is to you I give my heart, my life, my soul, my pledge.

Help me to break these bonds And never need to fear, That I will someday hurt the only ones that I hold dear. The butterfly that is your sigil, Is how I want to be… To dance, To fly, To soar away. I just want to be free.

Pharasma, great goddess, ruler of the boneyard, Lady of the Grave, She who guards the spirits of the dead, she whom passes judgement upon the dead, Our friend goddess of the underworld Ogren Furyshield has come to you now. As Oghren kneels before you, Pharasma, Know how much Past, Present & in memory he was loved in this life. And how many he loved in return. Before he pasees we will pray for a safe journey to cross over. He was an honorable soul, A soaring spirit, A brave warrior. Watch over him, lady of the grave, as he crosses the from this life to the next. And welcome Oghren with glory, That he may live on forever in our hearts And memories.

Town hall



Lorrimors notes on Darnys condition
… it suprises me to say that the time seems to have flown by since she and i first met, but Darnys is proving a useful addition to the people whom i count upon as friends. She is determined, resolute and loyal without question but I cannot help but wonder if that loyalty will waver when she reads these notes and understands that her condition seems beyond my abilities to alleviate, as knowledge of the correct ancient rituals and incantations is entirely non-existent in both my own knowledge and the majority of my librarium. Due to the ongoing nature of my work with Darnys, i will refer to her hereon as subject 19. * There is no doubt in my mind that the power of the arcane is behind what has happened. As subject 19 has described in graphic detail, the ritual that she attempted to perform backfired severely (for her at least), and caused her condition. The consequences of which are entirely physical, as her mindset remains intact and unchanged following the incident. Subject 19 has expressed that this has caused her great distress and seemingly perpetual misery.

  • There are distinct boons to her condition though and it saddens me to say that i wish that Subject 19 would simply realise this. She has informed me that before ‘The Incident’ (as she refers to it with a suitable degree of melodrama), she was approaching her 40th year. By all appearances, Subject 19 has the body and looks of a young woman in her late teenage years to her early 20’s and indeed the typical age-dependent physical attributes to match, (the results the physiological examination i conducted i have noted in the next paragraph) yet she still retains her mental capacity and her ability to utilise her skills and trained abilities. Unfortunately, whilst she has the memories of her abilities, it would seem that her body cannot physically replicate them, as if her limbs have been cleared of their ‘knowledge’ (if only for the lack of a more suitable term) to perform the various strikes and feints she attempts, much to her unending frustration. I have had the subject deliver further notes on my findings of her Physiological examination to Professor Heinrich Ralzner at the university, as the notes i have taken from my studies will support his theorems on the subject of muscle memory.
  • Following an extensive Physiological examination, i have found the following of Subject 19: *The size of her frame and the development of her musclar structure indicates that she has the physique of an exceptionally healthy and athletic girl in her late teenage years. *She has all the flexibilities and agility of, once again a girl in her late teenage years. *She has the height and weight of, once again a girl in her late teenage years. *Her limbs are devoid of even the finest translucent hairs, as if her follicle growth has only commenced as recently as two years prior to examination. Growth of these hairs typically begin at a male’s 7th year and a females 10th year. *Microscopic examination of hair follicles taken from her scalp has revealed not only does her hair resemble the typical shape, development and consistency of a pre-pubescent girl, but also that the hair has not grown at all during the two years since her ‘curse’ took hold. (Of further interest, she had removed her clothing for the examination and stood shivering violently and she repeatedly voiced her concerns that she had never felt so cold. This is indicates that her resistance to low temperatures may have been higher due to the presence of body hair again, prior to her ‘curse.’) *She is devoid of not only acceptable callouses (such as those found on the feet and fingertips) but also any complexion changes and abnormalities such as tanning, freckles or moles and her skin appears smooth and is supple to the touch. This is impossible in human beings and requires further (and more qualified) study. *In the few days prior to the examination, she had a small scratch on her cheek from our ride back to Ravengro, a scratch that has not only healed but has left no scarring whatsoever. This impies that her skin has the natural regenerative capability of a young child.

Psychological exercises and tests that i have subjected her to all equate to the scores acheivable by a slightly-higher-than-average level of intelligence. Discussion has revealed that she also has the social maturity (grammar, expression, pronunciation, context) of an adult in their prime.

  • I can conclude that there is absolutely and beyond a shadow of a doubt that the touch of unexplained forces is upon her.
  • The obvious speculation is that the cure may stem from the cause, but the subject insists that the regents used in the rite are now all but destroyed. By cross referencing the descriptions of the journey that the subject took to reach and depart from the tomb in question with a map i have recently obtained from a fellow scholar at the Lepidstadt University, i cannot pinpoint the location of the tomb, indeed, it would seem that the desert may have consumed it yet again and therefore i have concluded that this avenue of enquiry would indeed be temporarily impossible.
  • I have sent a letter to a colleague of mine, Doctor Viktor Von Drakh, an expert in the subject of Alchemical substabces and tonics to travel to Ravengro to meet Subject 19 and perform analysis of her fluids and humours and not only further the research notes i have compiled, but also determine if an alchemical means to cure her condition are possible.
Chapter 2 Summary - Strange Days in Ravengro: Fri Jan 27

Baron Samedi Harrow Cardnca were having breakfast when they heard a large bang at the door. Kendras personal halfling porter went to greet a late arrival of the funeral, here to pay her respects. She introduced herself as Zeldana, an oracle. After talking with the woman the adventurers learnt that Zeldana had been cursed with a transmorphic affliction that caused he body to change daily. Zeldana told them of how her love, Lucas, whom had been turned into a water snake. She had contacted Lorrimor at the university of Lepidstadt many years ago in the hope could help her in curing the affliction. Zeldana also believed Lorrimor and his colleagues could restore her beloved to his former state. Lorrimor had been for some time working alongside Alphon Cormarc, Adivion Adrissant and Gabel Krane for a solution for many years, attempting to conquer it by either alchemy, herbalism, new science, arcane or divine magic. There attempts thus far had ended in failure.


After the adventurers informed Zeldana of the strange circumstance of Lorrimors death, the evidence thry had gathered and that a dark cult that may be behind it, Zeldana agreed to help them. But first she would have to contact councillor Hearthmount regarding Lorrimors will and final testament. Zeldana agreed to help them out when she had finished with Hearthmount, promising to visit the professors final resting place to pay her respects when she was done with the nitty gritty. Ecthelion told her to wait, that there was another she needed to meet. A dwarf named Oghren Furyshield whom also helping them out. After searching the manor thoroughly, Oghren was no where to be found. Ecthelion asked the porter if Oghren had returned the previous night. The porter said “Oghren did not during the night, but knowing the dwarf he was probably passed out somewhere”. Anca agreed to take Zeldana to Hearthmounts. Ezekial was going to return to Pharasma temple to look for more clues while Ecthelion would ask around town if anyone had seen the dwarf.

While walking down the road the adventurers saw some children whom were skipping and singing a song that gave the a creepy feeling. A child would jump inside the rope and sing the song portion of the song, with the rope getting cumulatively faster. If a child skipping hit the rope, he or she would pretend to die according to passage of the song they were up to.


The song went as follows;

“Put her body on the bed.
Take a knife and lop her head.
Watch the blood come out the pipe.
Feeds the stirge, so nice and ripe.
Drops of red so sparkly bright.
Splatters spell her name just right.
With a hammer killed his wife.
Now he wants to claim your life.
Tricksy father tells a lie.
Listen close or you will die.”

While watching they saw a child pretended to loose its head, another prtended to be eaten by bugs running around shouting “get them off… get them off”, while the third produce a red lipetick an wrote her name on her own arm. Intrigued what the aong meant Ecthelion introduced himself to the children. They asked him how old he was and how come he never went to class at Aleundru’s. Ecthelion told them he was not a local and was like Riff, a halfling. The children asked Ecthelion to join in there game, but he decline, saying “A paladin of Sarenrae does not sing and jump about such things”. When the children asked what Sarenrae was, Ecthelion simply pointed to the sun. Ezekial wanted to change the line of questioning feeling the paladin was going to give a longwinded speevh of the doctrine of Sarenrae. Ezekial asked the children where they had heard the song from. They told him that it was passed down from there fathers or mothers. Locals often sang the song to there babies to calm them down. Quite a morbid look covered the adventurers faces.

The adventurers thanked the children before Anca gave them a scary look making them run away scared. Ecthelion asked why, Anca replied "To give them something to think about. All children are little devils ". She seemed to get allot of enjoyment out of it. The adventurers seperated going there own ways. Ezekial headed toward the temple, Ecthelion the deputies office, while Anca and Zeldana walked towards Hearthmounts home.

As he walked Ecthelion did his best to offer friendly gestures to those whom he passed by, whether it was a wave, a nod or a bow to those older in the community. Most just simply walked on by, others spat as he passed. Many of the older folk enjoyed the polite young man. One even offered him some boiled candy. While passing through the town square two dogs began to balk and growl violently. Several passersby screamed quite loudly, as the dogs had a man bailed up against a wall and looked like they were going to attack at any moment. As Ecthelion watched the pair of dogs he noticed the dogs were not foccussed on the man pinned againdt a nearby wall. Poor Gibs – the rude thug he previously met – was shouting out for someone to help, clenching his right wrist were he had obviously been bitten. The dogs began to bark at something, sniffing the air in a completely different direction from Gibbs.

Evthelion positioned himself between gibs and the dogs, saying “Down boys, nobody wants to get hurt here”. As he foccussec on the dogs Ecthelion noticed several strange foot prints appear in the mud. The footprints were like a phantom that had been walking.The dogs seemed to be focussed on them. Almost holding his breath at the spectacle Ecthelion moved towards the footsteps trying to head them off,. If it was a entity of some sort it would have to get by the halfling. However before his very eyes the footprints vanishec. Awestruck by the dpectacle, Ecthelion began to breathe a little easier as the dogs calmed down and begqn to sniff about were he had last seen the footprints. Ecthelion gave the dogs a pat, at the same time only thinking one thing strange,,,,

As Anca and Zeldana reached a Hearthmounts, Anca said she would do the talking. Zeldarna asked if Anca would politely wait outside, as Zeldana did not like the look of the witches flirtatious clothing, “I wish she would cover up she thought to herself”. “Do not tell me what to do the” the witch replied moving away from the front porch of the house to the gate. Zeldarna shrugged and then knocked. “Hello anybody home”. Hearthmount answered and Zeldana entered. Zeldana told Hearthmount she had recieved a letter inviting her to claim something bequeathed to her in the will. Zeldana informed Heathmount that she was late to the funeral due to having to travel further from the south.

While talking to Hearthmount Zeldana learned that she was not the only one expected to be late. Two others were also making there way here. A woman called Darnys and a professor from the Lepidstadt university know as Viktor were also expected to arrive within the next few days. Hearthmount told her to wait in his sitting room while he went and fetched the will. While in the sitting room a piano nearby began to play itself. Zeldarna had heard of duch gnomish devices that could play themselves from travellers she had spoke with from Absalom, but did not expect to find such a device in such a backwater town. The tune was quite frantic, like someone was pressing the keys to hard or banging the piano. Experimental was the best way to describe it. It wasn’t a very nice tune Zeldarna thought. “Or maybe it wasn’t working properly, gnomish devices had a bad habbit of playing up”. After a few moments the tune stopped and Hearthmount entered.

“I hear your an amatuer pianist” he speculated. “Lieara Hawkran on the outskirts of town offers lesson if you would like them”. “Ohh no that was not me” Zeldana said. “You must have one of them pianos that play themselves”. A quizzical look covered Hearthmounts face, why would she lie to him. “Perhaps see was embarrassed at how badly she played” he thought. Not wanting to get to much into it due him having a busy day he showed Zeldana the professors will, pointing out what was left to her in it.

To Zeldana Zudan, I leave you my library and collection of books on curses, superstions, myths and afflictions. May it help you in the answers you seek. Included in my personal library is all the research notes compilrd over the years of your affliction by some of the modt intelligent minds in Ustalav. In the event something should happen to me you should seek out Adivion Adrissant or Alphon Cormarc to continue my research. I shall always remember your tales you spoke of to the distant south, lands I wished I could have seen. I hope someday you manage to save your beloved Lucas from his horrible fate. Everybody deserves someone to share their life with and love. I just hope you can to before we reunite with each other in the afterlife

Zeldana was touched by the professors words breaking down and crying in Hearthmounts arms. Hearthmount did his best to calm the distraught elf maiden.

Meanwhile outside Anca was getting annoyed having to wait so long. Surely walking into Hearthmounts house getting the will and leaving would not take this long. She decided to preoccupy her mind by thinking of ways to humiliate locals or spells she could conjure on a bunch of nearby children kicking around a rubber ball. It was as she was thinking of devious things she could do she noticed a man watching the children intently. As she watched the man, she saw the mans head roll off and the rest of his body preceeded to kick around his head on the ground like the children ball. She rubbed her eyes and had to look twice. Sure enough the man was still there kicking around his head. Anca began to circle around, calling forth a detect magic spell to locate the spellcaster responsible for the obvious illusion meant to be played as a trick on her. As she circled the building she found no trace of magic, no one else nearby, not even an animal that could have been masquerading as a familiar. Returning back to the gate Anca looked high and low, but the man was gone. The children continued to play there game without even noticing. “What the hell was going on” the witch thought….

Zedana returned moments later, leaving Hearthmount and saying goodbye. Anca could she Zeldana had been crying from her red eyes. Anca wished to prevent the woman crying any further, so she decided not to tell the oracle what she had seen. Zeldana asked if Anca could take her back to the manor, to spend somr time alone and see what research Lorrimor had left behind for her regarding her affliction. Anca decided it was a good idea, as she could get back to working out who the Whispering Way were, study the artifact the had found in the crypt and hopefully work out what in Asmodeus name they had been going on in the town.

Questioning those he could about Oghren, Ecthelion did not get any direct answers about his missing friend Oghren. Those whom were polite enough to speqk to him said they had seen the dwarf around town, but none of them had seen the dwarf today. Ecthelion did his best to sway the minds of the xenophobic locals, stopping by and pitching a hand to help those in need whenever he could. He helped one old lady retrieve her cat that had escaped under her house and helped another man put a sign up, holding the poles while the man pitoned them down. Eventually Ecthelion made his way to the deputies office. Riff was working inside again. Riff agreed to shown Ecthelion the holding cells to show the dwarf wqw not there. Ecthelion got the vibe Riff just wanted to spend some more time with him. No Oghren only Nimble Fingers. Knowing the dwarfs nature Ecthelion expected the dwarf to be here. Instead perhaps he was passed out somewhere like Kendras porter had suggested. Surely Oghren had not left Ravensgro, as Ecthelion had seen it with his own eyes the determination on the dwarfs face to unravel the mystery surrounding there mutual friends death. After speaking with Riff whom said she would “keep an eye out for the dwarf”, Ecthelion spoke to Leomar.

Leomar said he knew where the dwarf went, but would not give up the information for free. Not wanting to bribe an official, Ecthelion tried the next best thing. Ecthelion tried to persuade the deputy to cough up the info. Ecthelion said, “Sarenrae looks favorably upon those whom help her divine agents”. He went further telling Leomar the dwarf could be injured or lost, in need of help. Leomar was not interested in doing the right thing, he was more worried about getting out a full days ride. Leomar instead suggested Ecthelion could run a simply errand for him that Benjan the sheriff had wrote down on the to do board, that was required to be done within the next few days. It involved simply delivering a package to a nearby farmstead. When Ecthelion enquired as to what was in the package, Leomar got defensive and asked him if he wanted to do it or not. Unsure whether it was a good idea Ecthelion passed, saying he would search the town first and if Oghren could not be found he would drop it off the next day.

Unhappy Ecthrlion spoke to Riff again. Riff said “I’ll take you to the farmstead tomorrow afternoon if you can’t find Oghren, so you don’t get into any trouble with Benjan”. She also asked Ecthelion to accompany her for a drink. When Ecthleion suggested a date, Riff blushed and got a little embarrassed. Ecthlion thought Riff was quite attractive and as thus far had been quite helpful. She had also been kind, caring and competent. Why not indulge the girl a little, she worked hard and was a goid source of information about locals. Ecthelion informed Riff that his vows and virtues of Sarenrae prevented him from excessiv drinking. However on special occasions it was ok to have a few wines or ales. Giving Riff a kiss on the cheek which made her go even reder, Ecthelion said he would see her tonight. Happy with that, Ecthelion began to circumvent the entire village, searching and asking about the dwarf Oghren.

Ezekial spent the morning and afternoon researching the Whispering way. What he learnt was;

The Whispering Way is a sinister organization of necromancers that has been active in the Inner Sea region for thousands of years. Agents of the Whispering Way often seek alliances with undead creatures, or are themselves undead. The Whispering Way’s most notorious member was Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, although the society itself has existed much longer than even that mighty necromancer. The Whispering Way itself is a series of philosophies that can only be transferred via whispers—the philosophies are never written or spoken of loudly, making the exact goals and nature of the secretive philosophy difficult for outsiders to learn much about. The Whispering ways symbol was that of a gagged skull.

Whispering way

Ezekial was a little uncomforatble about what he had learnt. It was getting late and the father was tired he decided to head back to Kendras to call it a night.

Anca ha also found some intersting information back at Lorrimors, from one of his dark art textbooks. It said “the exact details on the society are difficult to discern, but chief among the Whispering Way’s goals are discovering formulae for creating liches and engineering the release of the Whispering Tyrant. Agents often travel to remote sites or areas plagued by notorious haunts or undead menaces to perform field research or even to capture unique monsters. Their symbol is a gagged skull, and those who learn too many of the Way’s secrets are often murdered, and their mouths mutilated to prevent their bodies from divulging secrets via speak with dead”.

Anca had also discovered the purpise and use of the spirit board the adventurers had previously found in the crypt. The board was a device used to channel the dead. It could contact spirits of the diseased to answer queztion which if were channeled right would spell out anything on the board. Although she did not tell the others Anca decided to contact the spirit of Lorrimor tonight and ask him some question about his death. She asked Zeldana of she could help channel the spirits. Ezekial looked tired and the paladin had a date with a local. Anca did not like the paladin anyway, she did not think he would understand using the board. Surely folk around town would consider it devil worship.

Ecthelion had returned to the manor and was well on the way to getting himself ready for his dinner date tonight. Kendras porter had offered him some expensive clothes to wear, but Riff had told him she preferred him in his armour. Riff herself rarely wore anything but leathers. Ecthelion also felt it might be a better chance to change the mind of the locals by sharing in a social drink with them. After spurcing himself up with a few left over herbal remedy perfumes from the late professors cupboard, ge gave the rest of his friends a wink goid night and left for the tavern. Perhaps he could learn more about Oghren if folk were less suspicious and afraid of him.

As soon as Ezekial got home he left his notes of what he found on the table at Kendras, He took some of his alchemical extract before heading to his room to sleep. He knew his body would not hold up well if he continued to work as hard as he had. The alchemical extract would only offer temporary relief. It had been personally designed by Lorrimor to help Ezekial sleep, aid in developing new blood cells, rejuvenate lost energy and stabalise tge father from his condition becomming any worse. The vampire that attacked him all those years ago had literally stopped his heart from beating. Ezekial knew he had died. He had met the entity that was sent to help his soul crossover. Only to have his soul violently shunted back into his body through a shicking grasp spell used by Lorrimor to restart his heart.

Lorrimor for some time had told Ezekial the body was a complex system of electronic impulses. Although Lorrimor was no expert, he knew someone who was. Alphon Cormarc was a master at manipulating organic material with electronic impulses. Ezekial had seen Cormarc move a squid tentacle by prodding it with a statically charge iron ball held by tongs. Ezekial affliction had left him with a deathly look about him. A man whose religious beliefs were based upon that one experince. For Ezekial still swore that he had briefly met the pale lady. In one arm she clutched a harrowdeck and had three companions working beside her. The figure told him that he was to be the traitor in her collection whatever that meant.

His body had since had trouble replenshing his blood levels. Anemia is what the professor called it, but a rare form of anemia the professor had only seen extracting samples from vampyric spawns. The vampire which the fathered had leant was Vesnic Demicci. All Ezekial knew was Demicci was an ancient old vampire, at least 1000 years old. Ezekial had always considered himself lucky for surviving the attack. But his entire body was weakened beyond repair. Ezekial got sick if he spent to much time in the sunlight or pushed his body to far. He was currently feeling unwell.

It had always been strange to Ezekial how he was bestoyed the title of father. He had no formal clerical traininng, no special gifts bestowed from the powers that be, not inducted into the priesthood and nothing overtly special about yis worship. Yet dtill the priest of Pharasma saw something in his prayers that warrented such a title. Ezekial had hunted undsad, but no more then any other adventurer in Ustalav. He had thought for a time it was out of pity. It was Lorrimor whom first told him why. Ut was Ezekials natural instincts. He cared for those feeling pain, showing them a kindness like that of a dad with his little girl. Lorrimor had often told Ezekual he was more of a father to Kendra tgeb he had ever been. Even though Ezekial was only four years her senior. Lorrior work at the university forced him to travel. Ponto the porter of the manor was often to busy to spend much time with Kendra.

For two years Ezekial spent at tge manor while his body recuperated, recovered and rehabilitated. Over those two years Kendra and Ezekiak had became close. More close then Lorrimor would have liked. Lorrimor did not agree with his daughter having feelings for Ezekual. Lorrimor had shielded his daughtwr from the adventuring lifestyle his entire life. Lorrimor knew Ezekial, knew he would never stop adventuring, unless his body broke down, he became to old or he died. Whatever circumstance, after Ezekual had fully healed Lorrimor politely asked Ezekual to move on wuth his life. Tellung him Kendra did not have it in her to live an adventurers life. Ezekial knew in his heart Lorrimor spoke the truth. Kendra was fragile. Too emotional. Too kind. All trairs admirable in a woman, but not in an adventurer whise life or death relied upon being able to shelf such emotions in a dark corner of ones mind to fulfill tasks required of an adventurer.

It was because of this reason Ezekial chose to leave. He still remembered turning back. Watching Kendra slumped on the ground begging him to stay. Mesnwhile the whole time he got a polite nod from Lorrimor, which suggested he was doing the right thing. That was the last time Ezekial had seen Lorrimor. He had written Kendra various letter of his travels. Seeing wonderful places of beauty. Keepimg the dark tombs and mass grave sights of Fedagru to himself. It had been nostalgic returning to Ravensgro for Ezekial. But he knew he would have to be there for Kendra, as she did not have it in her character to get through the death of her father unscathed without a helping hand or shoulder to cry on. Ezekial decided not to let his thoughts wonder any further and went to sleep.

Ecthelion had passed the Laughing demon several times. The large half-orc who was tne bouncer had often given the halfling the stinky eye. A statement which meant a strange look that people got, when they smelt something foul or discussting. Neverthless he walked noldly up to the door. Patches the half orc moved to block him, putting his arm across Ecthelions chest. “Your kind is not allowed in” he said. Before Ecthelion could respond Riff appeared from behimd the orc. She wore her normal leather attire, except she had several flowers in her hair. “Now do not be mean patches. Ecthelion is my guest” grabbing Ecthelion by the arm and pulling him into the establishment.

As they walked in Riff introduced Ecthelion to the numerous locals that wer having a drink or some strange cuisine that was for sale. He met Councilwoman Straelock, the old proprietor of the Laughing demon before Zokar took over.


Straelock seemed to be enjoying herself. Ecthelion thought she was at least in her 60s if not her 70s, but she was drinking like a seasoned drunk in his prime. She also introduced him to Luramin Taigh, partnership owner of the Silk purse.


Taigh talked a little about the purse, how it offered loans to local farmers in return for a percentage of havested crops for a season. Although Ecthelion was interested with Taigh he could see that Riff felt as though she was being ignored.

The final person Ecthelion met was Sarianna Vai, owner of the Outward Inn.


The outward Inn was purported according to Sarianna to be the best inn in all of Canterwell. Ecthelion had not seen anthing else of note in Canterwell yet otherwise to justify the woman claim. Sarianna informed Ecthelion that she was a famous diva in Canterwell. If he would part with a few couns she would sing for him and his date. Ecthelion was happy to oblige.

Sariannas first song was titled a Furred Grave

Place to bury bone
Time to crawl in hole I lay and wait,
But by then it’s too late.
Better off undisturbed. I lie…
Shall I interfere, or just leave things be, or shall I dig a Furred Grave?
My achievements bring happiness, your absence brings loneliness
It’s hard not to hate what brings us apart.
I lie… I give and give, but return unsatisfied,
Is the grass greener on the other side?
Without a choice But to carry on, my never ending quest
For the best of both worlds. Am I sick?
Should I fit in your little click? Should I trade what makes me tick?
For a slap in the Face? Am I sick? Should I fit in your little click?
Should I trade what makes me tick? For a slap in the Face?

Her second song was titled the Black Assassin

See the man in black Watch as he walks by I know it’s not my turn
Or my time to die I know he?s evil Neither flesh nor bone
Obeys his master And walks the Earth alone

Black assassin Murder in disguise
Black assassin It’s your turn to die
Some say he?s a demon A plague on Glorarion
Some kind of savior From the Devil?s birth In his clutches
You will perish A wasted life That we now cherish

Her final song was called Death Is Beauty

Nothing is easy Except to feel pain The notion of pleasure Is running from my brain
Cold feelings Cold world They changed the rules today If this continues
Then death is beauty I love to feel this way Voluntary murder
Hatred to excess To rob me of my life Is to achieve success
It?s coming Death is on its way I grow tired of standing to one side Watching my life decay
The pain inside The hatred I can?t hide

After hearing her final song Ecthelion decided to tune out. The locals had an interesting way of enjoying themselves singing about death all the time. A little dreary for Ecthelions liking. Ecthelion decided he would spend the night and focus on Riff, as she was very shy, something he didn’t expect. “So did you grow up around here” Ecthelion said to bring Riff out of her shell. “No, I am from the capital in Caliphas. I moved here about four years ago, as I found city life suffocating. So I know how hard it can be for a newcomer to be accepted by the locals”. As a wench came over Ecthelion ordered an expensive wine. Riff blushed again, not expecting Ecthelion to fork out so much coin on a date. She could tell he was definitely was trying to impress her. “So what do you know about the old prison” sipping his wine slowly. His tastebuds rarely touvhed the stuff so he would make the most of it and enjoy every bit of it. It was quite bitter, more bitter then he had tasted in the few wines he had ever tasted.

“All I know is that it burnt down about 30-40 years ago during a prison riot. The warden and his wife died in the fire. As did many of the prisoners serving out there sentece in Harrowstone. The prison itself imprisoned some of the most notorious criminals in Ustalax. The town records would be able to tell you more. Why do you ask?”. “Well my friends and I are considering holding a vigil to Sarenrae where the Professor died” Ecthelion responded. “Most of the locals stick clear of it, as many believed it to be haunted. They say the if you watch the western balcony on clear nights, you can see the old executioners scythe floating around. People have also heard a strange flute emanating from inside on occasions”, Ecthelion could see Riff was allot more comfortable about talking about local superstiotions then her own personal life. So he decided to push it further.

“Were you there when they found Lorrimors body?”. Ectheliin asked . “No” Riff repled. “Benjan does regular patrols to keep people away from the ruins for there own safety. He found Lorrimors body,. I read through Benjans report,. The body was found along with some strange red markings. Benjan belueved that they were some sort of ritaul the professor was attempting to create. But without his Lorrimors head Grimburrow could not question his body. There was no physical evidence around the were the professor died to suggest foul play. Benjan put it down as simply wrong place wrong time. An unlucky coincidence”. Riff began to look over the menu to see what was on offer.

Ecthelion relaxed a little, looking around the room. He could see the locals were still uncomfortable with him being there. “Don’t worry”, Riff said “they’ll come around”. Trying to make the paladin feel more comfortable. Ecthelion order some vampire steaks, squinting his nose in dislike as he read over the menu. Riff on the other hand order some corpse chowder, laughing at Zokar’s creative names for his dishes. Ecthelion asked Riff if she had heard any strange rumours around town, specifically men in black cloaks. She told him how the laughing demon was all fun and games. Aokar serves mire corpse chowder when outsiders mysteriously leave town. Never go out the back or you could be next. A concerned look covered his face. He did not think it was funny to joke of such things sith his friend kisding and the last place he was headed was the laughing demon.

Before he had a chance to respond a the flames in the room began to flicker. Ecthelion could feel the room got cold his breath turned to an icy mist. Then the flames were entirely extinguished. In the pitch black he heard a womans death curdling scream. “Eeeearrrrhhhh”, the scream was followed by heavy footsteps. The ectoplasmic glow of a large man carrying a hammer could be flearly seen. He walked up to the woman screaming and began to bash her head in with a hammer. Riff grabbed Ecthelions arm. The halfling was unsure whether or not he should draw his weapon to ruah to the womans aid or protect Riff. With the bloodied body of the woman on the ground, the dwarf seached through the woman skull looking for something. Seconds latter the image disappeared. And only the dragging noise of a hammer remained, as it grinded on wood. The flames in tbe room flicked back on. the room was silent before chuckles began to emenate around the room.

“You’ve done it again Zokar” one man said. “He must have conjured this up with Aleundru” another said. “He never fails to please” a woman said. Laughs began to emanate around the room. Looking over a Zokar Ecthelion could see the man had a concerned look on his face. Riff began to breathe a little easier. Ecthelion knew there was more to that entity he just witnessed, as he could see the purply white residue left over on the floorboards. “Something else to tell the others” Ecthelion thought. He just hoped Oghren did not have something similar happen to him. He decided he would enjoy the rest of the night despite what he had seen. He owed that to Riff. After enjoying a few more drinks, sharing some tales, a few dances with Riff, a meal and a nice walk back to Riffs home Ecthelion gave Riff a kiss and thanked hrr for the jight. He swid he would see her again tomorrow, kissing her on the hand.

Meanwhile back at the Manor Anca preparer the spirit board in Lorrimors study, clearing off his table. Zeldana had had second thoughts, she decided to spend the night reading over the professors notes. Anca was alone. She stated of a chant.


There is a land where we all go, Whence ne’er the frost nor cold wind blow, And friends remembered reunite, And those who hate, forget their spite, In glow surround these gentle beings, We call you now to bless our meetings, Heaven’s promise, our spirits thrive, So now for the living, let the dead come alive.

Greetings spirits,

Speak thee to us?
“Spirits hear my cry i summon you from the other side come to me and cross the great divide. I call upon the spirit of petros Lorrimor. Spirit of Petros Lorrimor, I bid thee enter The Outer Circle. The Second Circle. The Inner Circle. I am protected by this Pentacle upon my breast. Which bears the name of of the Pale Lady, Pharasma. I bid thee, Spirit, Reveal thy Earthly name!

Zaldana broke in and stole some historical records from the townhall. Ecthelian went out on a date with a local deputy, an ex halfling rogue named Riff. Ezekial studied religious records held at the cloister of Pharasma. Meanwhile Anca keep studying the strange spirit board and made sure Kendra was never alone. They find a severed head of a cat with a “V” painted in blood on statue in the town square.

To fulfil his promise to Leomar (Human deputy), the next day Ezekial goes to drop off the strange parcel to a bizarre farmstead off the main road into Ravensgro, about four hours travel outside of town. Refusing to hand over the parcel to the gangly malformed man. On the ride back to town Ezekial and Ecthelian encounter a hunting party of the hillmen. Both the hero’s riding horses loose there front legs to a trap. However, father Ezekial and Ecthelian manage to fight off the hill men, dragging one back to Ravengro alive to stand trail for the various merchants that had disappeared. That night the heroes fight off a group of striges who attack Kendra in her home, bewitched by haunting pipes. Kendra spends the night in Ezekials room afraid to be alone at night.

Tracking down Leomar the next day, the man who had tricked them, the heroes learnt that the hillmen stay outside of when humanoid body parts are delivered to them for them to eat. Learning that several other hillmen still inhabit the cannibal farmstead the heroes set out at night time to return and eradicate the rest of he Urgathoa worshipers. Unable to convince sheriff Benjan to accompany them, Ecthelian instead convinces Riff to join them. Travelling to the farmstead, the heroes are careful to navigate around the various traps laid down in wait. Arriving at the house they find the mutilated corpse of the dwarf they had only met days before, a friend of professor Lorrimor whom attended the funeral.

Maltrato durante el embarazo

Investigating strange noises in the rear of the house the heroes located a small trapdoor that lead down in a 3ft tunnel nexus.

Images 31

Guided by only a singly lit lantern and the eyes of the mysteriously cursed oracle, the heroes venture into the dark tunnels. Strange echoes of insanity bellowed through the tunnels. The gruff snorts of hungry cannibals. Afraid, dodging traps an taking turns of being at the back and front, the heroes ultimately find the inner sanctum of the hillmen, slaughtering several of the cannibals along the way.

1200x543 4128 small 2d fantasy skulls troll picture image digital art

Finding the matron and children of the inbred folk, the heroes slaughter the last of them. Inspecting the sanctum, they find piles of corpses, body parts cooking in a broth, tanned human skin and the wall decorated in blood drawn hieroglyphics.

Returning to Ravengro the heroes find out that recently deceased folk are waking from there graves. Following a strange luminescent sphere in the street they are lead to the town square, where once again the find the decapitated head of an animal (horse) with the letters “VES” written in blood. Dispersing the entities spiritual form, the heroes have a troubled night sleep about just what in the nine hells is really going on in Ravengro, more importantly, what is going on in Harrowstone prison.

Loot X1 +1 Machete (medium sized)
X4 Machetes (medium sized)
X1 Potion of Fly
X1 Potion of cure moderate wounds
X6 daggers (medium sized)
250gp gems
X5 leather armor (medium sized)
X3 crossbows (medium sized)
X2 longbows (medium sized)
100gp rings

Chapter 1 Summary - Farewell to old friends: Fri Jan 13

Multiple invitation were sent to various adventurers around Ustalav to attend Petros Lorrimors funeral. Petros Lorrimor was a famous University teacher from Lepidstadt University. In recent years he stood down his position from the university as the professor of dark arts. Many of his peers speculated that the late professors decision to stand down was not one made out of person choice, rather he had been forced out of his position by people whom have significant influence within Lepidstadt. Many speculate this was why the Professor went on a sebatical, moving out of the Vielands and relocating to Ravensgro in Cantewell. Nevertheless Lorrimor was one of the most brilliant minds in all of Ustalav. He wrote numerous books regarding occults, undeath and the undead, planar worlds, gods, religion, new sciences and much more. Lorrimor not only rekindled the dwindling reputation of Lepidstadt University. Especially after the Palantinites removed Alphon Cormarc, overthrowing his hereditary rule and instilling a new government. A government in which a select group of councillors were elected as officials to oversee the governing of the Barony.

Lorrimor was like a father figure to many of the students whom attended the Lepidstadt university. A very generous man, with a fond love for adventure and studying ancient tombs and forgotten religions. He had take on many famous protégés over the years. None more famous then Viktor Von’Drakh and Philias Krane. Both brilliant alchemists with a passion for knowledge and the discovering of ancient artefacts. Those whom really knew the Professor respected not only his knowledgeable mind, but the fact he helped many victims cursed by afflictions, diseases and curses. Lorrimor in the past had developed a understanding between the Werewolves, unseelie and seelie fey, and many other denizens of the Shudderwoods. None more prolific then the conspiracies say the Queen of the all the Werewolf tribes, Kvalca Sain. His diplomatic connections overseen the first druids cabal in all of Ustalav to settle in a city. It had take the Professor many years to accomplish such a feat.

Yet despite is accomplishments many feared the professor. Especially for his thirst for understanding the ancient Kellid tribes and the denizens in the stars they worshipped. The death of the brilliant and widely-traveled Petros Lorrimor left his vast network of friends shocked and dismayed. Although the town of Ravengro was too remote for many,the death of the brilliant and widely-traveled Petros Lorrimor left his vast network of friends shocked and dismayed. Although the town of Ravengro is too remote for many of his closest allies to visit, a few of his more adventuresome acquaintances have made the journey to pay their respects to the departed at his funeral. of his closest allies to visit, a few of his more adventuresome acquaintances have made the journey to pay their respects to the departed at his funeral.

Petros Lorrimor leaves behind his daughter Kendra, a bright young woman who remains determined to persevere despite the sudden death of her father. Petros Lorrimor leaves behind his daughter Kendra, a bright young woman who remains determined to persevere despite the sudden death of her father.

Petros Lorrimors body was found on the edge of Harrowstone Prison on Welday the 16th of Calistril, 4711. Lorrimors head had been crushed by a loose falling rock of debris from the wall that surrounded the old haunted prison. Councillor Hearthmount sent out numerous invitations to each of the Professors friends, as according to the will he left behind. Hearthmount had suspected something far more sinister to the Professors death, as Lorrimor had only days before his death completed a new final will and last testament. He had also spoken to Hearthmount several times about overseeing the welfare of his beloved daughter Kendra, whom he had feared for her safety. As per Lorrimors final request the Hearthmount, the councillor sent out invitations to beneficiaries of his will. The invitations read as follows;

Jq8 hm

As each of Petros Lorrimors friends arrived at the small Homlet of Ravensgro they passed a sign which left a disturbing and dire warning to magic users;


Images 9

The travel to Ravensgro was a long hike for many. As Lorrimors travels often took him outside of his national country of origin. As such he had created friends all around Cantawell, ustalav and surrounding nations. The barony of Cantewell had a reputation for its citizens being very suspicious of outsiders. In particular spellcasters. This was mainly due to the horror stories the youth had grown up on as p

The adventurers were greeted by difficult stares, whispers said behind there back as they passed by and even scowls by many of the elderly, more xenophobic members of the Ravensgro Comunity. One particular man yelled “Leave or be cursed foe eternity”. Eventually Anca a witch, Ecthelion a paladin of Sarenrae, Oghren a shield brother of the clan Furyshield and Fsther Ezekial a gunslinger of Pharasma made there way to the late Professors house. After introducing themselves to on another the four adventurers were warned by Kendra Lorrimor, the professors daughter, that not everyone in Ravensgro liked her father. Many were happy to see him dead, as it was a common superstition that her father was a necromancer. Kendra was positive there was more to her fathers death as he was a careful man. She also warned the adventurers that the folk of Ravensgro did not like outsiders, and were a closed knit group. "Many of the citizens of Ravensgro are hold onto ancient superstitions. Therefore the community can be unwelcoming to outsiders, as my father and I have learnt since we moved here from Lepidstadt. There are however many that welcome new faces in town. Especially councillor He. She yold them this was a strange little town and to weary whenever they left the manoe.

After being warned the adventurers were asked to spend the night and get some much needed rest for tomorrow they would be required to carry Lorrimors body from the Temple of Pharasma in town to the Restlands, the Ravensgro graveyard. With the hour getting late, the new friends shared some of there tales of the adventures they had had with the late professor, drinking late into the night in celebration of his memory. The dwarf drunk allot more then Kendra would have liked.

After breakfast Grimburrow escorted the adventurers to the Pharasma temple to gather the coffin and body of Lorrimor, to take to take to the Restlands. It would be about a 2 mile hike from the temple to the Restlands, as they would take a route that kept them away from the populated areas of Ravensgro. When Ecthelion asked why, Grimburrow answerd “The Professor was not very liked here in Ravensgro. Many folk considered his studies to be witchery, black arts or devil worship. I do not wish to see harm brought upon those the professor loved, or his memory disgraced by hooligans”. With that in mind Ecthelion keep his weapon strapped despite being asked by Grimburrow to leave it behind. His new friends did the same.


Making there way up the hill as pallbearers, the four adventurers were confronted by a local group of thugs whom started to heckle the coffin bearers. Anca tried to convince them kindly to leave, “Leave now there will be time to play later” with a lust tone and revealing part of her cleavage. Oghren was barking at them “if yea want a fight I’ll give em one”. Ecthelion concerned with the memory of his friends body made sure nothing happened of his friends coffin. Ecthlion said “We want no trouble but will defend ourselves if set upon” twisting to the side revealing his scimitar. Ezekial warned the thugs he was armed that he was heavily armed, flashing his pistols. “Go away, you are a disgrace attack a dead mans body and his final wish” Ezekial said. Ezekial was just happy Kendra was not here with them to see what was happening.

However after a rock was throw Anca had enough, she let go of the coffin and conjured a fear spell to chase the hecklers off. Immeadiately the other pall bearers had to compensate for one less bearer. After chasing a few off, Gibbs Hepthanus picked up a nearby large stick and thratened to crack open their skulls if they did not leave. “Get the fuck out of town. There ain’t no honour in protecting a necromancers memory” Gibbs barked. With the threatening gesture Ezekial immeadiately drawed his pistol and fired a warning shot, which wqs enough to chase the remaining thugs off. At the same time Ecthelion and Oghren struggled with the coffin, eventually stabalising its rocking, moments before Anca and Ezekial returned to help carrry the blackwood coffin.

The restlands

At the funeral the adventurers met several councillors, father grimburrow and Adivion Adressant, an old friend of the professor. Councillor Hearthmount warned he party that “Due to the privacy and security Ravensgro citizens enjoy, please proclude from any further use of magic without clearing it with the council first. The signs are more there as a deterrent, but the townsfolk do not look kindly on spellcasters within the citys limits”. Anca simply laughed at the statement, loud enough to get grumbles from Hearthmount.

The ceremony was underway with Father Grimburrow taking up the main sermon. The whole time Kendra clutched a ceramic skull to replace the one of her fathers, which made a few of the adventurers a little uncomfortable.

Her own funeral  by vinegar

It was her belief her father would need his eyes to follow the pale ladies guides in the afterlife, as not to return a restless spirit enternally seeking its head. She place the ceramic skull in the coffin along with some alchemical herbs and components that were suppose to keep the dead from rising. As she backed away from the coffin Kendra broke down into tears. Ezekial tried his best to comfort her. Each friend was invited up to speak on the professors behalf.

Oghren said “Lorrimor was a true to dwarf to me. He once saved my life from a wraith whom had paralyzed me stiff like a stone statue, pushing me out of the way and dragging me to safety on a trip I signed on for. He was the reason I took to adventuring”. The single tear ran down he dwarfs cheek, as he began to sniffle alot.

Anca said “I saved his life from roving orcs in the Tusk mountains. He never truley understood the perils of adventuring, but his thirtst for knowledge on the paranormal was what made him such a brilliant man. But in the end he lived and died a fool”. She did not flinch or cry at all, although her words made Kendra cry even more and she got cross looks from the other adventurers.

Ecthelion said “He saved my life, I had been trapped in a tomb with a powerful lich after the roof of a tomb collapsed. The rest of the expeditionary team had left me to die. But Lorrimor stayed behind and dug me out with his bare hands. His hands had hardly any skin left on them he dug that hard. He was an honourable, trustworthy and brave friend. May you walk in Sarenraes light for eternity. Peace be with you like the dawn sun”, making a gesture of the Sarenrae symbol of peace.

Next Ezekial, whom had been comforting Kendra the whole time. A sickly looking man Ezekial spoke “Lorrimor was my closest friend. I shared many travels with him. Many tales and many taverns. Although I only met him because of the strange affliction that curses my body, he showed me the way of the pale lady and taught me not to fear death. For death is not the end but the begining. We all live a life were our inevitable clocks runs out. He helped me overcome my illness. A true friend and a genius of the University of Lepidstadt. You shall be remembered old friend. My heart goes out to those you leave behind. May the pale lady watch over you, may you find eternal rest”.

Finally Adivion Adrissant. “Lorrimor you were colleague and friend. To loose you in such a way is a tragedy. I promise to fulfil your wish by making sure Kendra is provided for. I know someday we shall be reunited. I look foward to that day and the conversation we may share… The research we rid over the years was questioned by many. The University was no exception. Even the academy in Caliphas at the Quarterfaux Achives did not understand what we sought to achieve, to reshape this world of ours. You more then anyone knew what our research meant to me. Alphon and Krane too. You know it nearly bankrupted me. We often spoke of the space between death and the afterworld. It is good to know that you shall find the answers before me. For your truely were the smartest man I knew. I shall endeavour to continue your legacy and rekindle our travels together with fond memories. I will still change this world of ours”. Adivion begins to sob at that last statement. It takes him a few minutes to recompose himself. He then pulls out a note from his upper pocket in his jacket.

“I shall also remember you with a nihilistic poem inspired by Krait, Perry and Vhaags, titled in your memory.

How a book of history and deep time carves to certainty the doom that is inches or eons away
we subsist clothed & saluting as speck, blip so this is a cosmic process
love and civilization the means to forget the end
I think of sex and a daub of paint on loose sandstone
I wonder, the pride of grass?
as mankind climbs like vine weather slackens the skeleton merely scars the brick
my words, how strange they hunt the vanishing core of things
these temperamental chords that tremble momentarily and regress to sole silence"

With that Adivion goes and shakes Kendras hand and moves off.

Grimburrow is the next to speak. Grimburrow also produced a poem, dedicated to the dead.
Spirits Of The Dead (Edgar Allan Poe)

Thy soul shall find itself alone
‘Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone;
Not one, of all the crowd, to pry Into thine hour of secrecy.
Be silent in that solitude,
Which is not loneliness- for then
The spirits of the dead, who stood In life before thee,
are again In death around thee, and their will
Shall overshadow thee; be still.
The night, though clear, shall frown,
And the stars shall not look down
From their high thrones in the Boneyard
With light like hope to mortals given,
But their red orbs, without beam,
To thy weariness shall seem As a burning and a fever
Which would cling to thee for ever.
Now are thoughts thou shalt not banish,
Now are visions ne’er to vanish;
From thy spirit shall they pass No more, like dew-drop from the grass.
The breeze, the breath of Pale lady, is still, And the mist upon the hill
Shadowy, shadowy, yet unbroken, Is a symbol and a token.
How it hangs upon the trees, A mystery of mysteries!

During the ceremony Oghren noticed a man in tall black hat with a skeletal face tip his hat to the dwarf and give him a bow. A little unsure of what to make of it Oghren simply grunted at thegesture. As he looked over to the man he said to the dwarf telepathically, “My name is Baron Samadi and we shall speak to each other in person aoon”. The skelton man disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Baron samedi by johnny mc

After the grave was filled the party decided to take Kendra back to her manor, whom was distraught by event. Councillor Hearthmount said that he would met them up in Kendras Manor to conduct a will reading.

Arriving at the manor the adventurers were greeted by a meal intended to be consumed in the professors honour. Kendra barely spoke or ate a thing, she just continued to cry. Ezekial did his best to comfort her. After lunch the adventurers sat down to hear the will. Adivion was also present, he handed Kendra the deed to the Professors manor, despite having recently purchased it from Lorrimor whom had intended to move to Lepidstadt with Kendra
to out of the vile and xenophobic town. The adventurers settled in as Hearthmount read out the will and last testament of Petros Bartholemu Lorrimor, skipping over areas of those promised items or gifts, whom had not yet arrived in Ravensgro. The will and testment read as;

Lorrimor will

The will also had a section of items besrowed to his friends

To Oghren of clan Furyshield, I offer you a deed to a small blacksmithy in Ledpidstadt. May you make you ancestors proud with your craft. I have always admired you strength and resilience. I shall never forget the day we reclaimed the burial ground of your clan, cleansing it from an infestation of wraiths. Let the weapons you craft aid you in toppling the abominations of this world. My only regret is that that I never managed to cure you of that foul tongue of yours. So many times we fought unnecessary battles. But every time we did, you made your ancestors proud.

To Anca, I can never thankyou enough for the day you saved my life from that orc warband. I would have surely perished without your assistance. I shall always remember the strange hue of your eyes. In many ways I wish I was a younger man to endure… a true friendship with you. My only wish is that you rekindle yourself and rejoin with humanity. Solitude is a life for nobody. I just hope you find someone you can share you life with.To you, I leave to you my room, complete with its own laboratory, at Lepidstadt University. Also here is an engagement letter to enroll in the university if you so desire. The University has much to teach to you and can offer you many insights into your craft. Pass on the letter to Professor Soringard, he shall see to your needs and set up your enrolment.

To Father Ezekial, our days on the road hunting all manner of denizens was some of the fondest memories of my life. I remember how lucky you were to survive your encounter with that master vampire. How it left your body frail and drained much of your youthful vigor. I still am not sure if I was your mentor, since you taught me how to live again after I lost my wife. Without your shoulder I would have surely lived my life in despair. I leave to you my most precious possession, guardianship of my daughter Kendra. Also I bequeath this insignia ring and membership to a prestigious club within Lepidstadt. It will help you in your research of machination, magitech and black powder refinement. Speak to Sark of the temple of Phrasma and show him the ring. He will see to your induction on my behalf. My only regret is not to have died adventuring with you by my side. I just wish I had it in me to tell your jokes were never funny. So I do this in my will, to remind you to smile on your travels. May you live long and die well, old friend.

To paladin Ecthelian, I can’t recount the times we purge this world from evil. All I can remember is that you were very lucky the day you survive that lich. What I shall remember most is you long winded speeches. Mainly our theological differences on religion and the world beyond. It was your pious faith and stalwart strength that showed me there is no obstacle in the world that cannot be overcome. And it is so I leave you this key to a vault at Lepidstadt bank. Inside you will find a true artefact of power, worthy of a true knight able to wield it. May you unlock its secrets overtime. My only regret is not to be there not seeing you teach the next generation of Iomeade recruits. I can see you making great changes in this land. But always remember, things are not always black and white. There is always a grey area. People always deserve a chance to prove to you they can change their ways. May Iomeade guide you in your travels.

Anca was surprised at the generosity Lorrimor had shown her, but annoyed at the fact she would have to spend a month in the secluded town. She preferred the wilds, and not being able to use her magic for a ttime left a foul feeling in the back of her throat. Oghren was already yelling out to his new friends the plans he had for a smithy in the big city. Ecthilion and Ezekial were disturbed by the professors words, it was unlike him to offer such a large amount of coin in return for an act they would willing do for free. The two spoke with each other away from the others in private. Eventually they came to there own conclusion, something was not right with the professors final words and they would investigate.

That night drink was the food for choice. Kendra excused herself, preferring to mourn in private. Ecthelion excused himself from the festivities, preferring not to drink, praying to Sarenrae to provide some guidance. Adivion after a while excused himself, informing the adventurers he would be leaving town. Oghren disturbed by the fact he was the only one enjoying himself retrieved Lorrimors journal to read out the last thoughts of the professor. He went and got the professors journal from the large chest.

Images 4

It was only was he read a few lines Anca snatched it, as the dwarf was spouting out obscenities in order to liven up the manor. As she read a little, she immediately went and got Ecthelion, asking him to the dining room to share something important she had discovered. The paladin left his prayers and joined the rest of the adventurers in the dining area. Anca read the journal out allowed, which quickly hushed the rowdy dwarf after a few lines ere read and few kicks exchanged to his shin. It read;

Player handout 1

This document was found inside the locked chest bequeathed to the characters from Petros Lorrimor. The journal appears to cover the past fifteen years of Lorrimor’s research into evil beings and organizations. A majority of the entries are mundane in nature, simply reporting results from examining documents on various arcane and mathematical theories. As you flip through the journal, you begin to notice several sections that have been circled with red ink.

Ten Years Ago: The Whispering Way is more than just a cabal of necromancers. I see that now. Undeath is their fountain of youth. Uncovering their motivation does not place me at ease as I thought it might. Their desire to be eternal simply makes them more dangerous.

Two Months Ago: It is as I had feared. The Way is interested in something here in Ravengro. But what could it be?

One Month Ago: Whatever the Way seeks, I am now convinced their goal is connected to Harrowstone. In retrospect, I suppose it all makes sense—the stories they tell about the ruins in town are certainly chilling enough. It may be time to investigate the ruins, but with everyone in town already being so worked up about them, I’d rather not let the others know about my curiosity—there’s plenty of folks hereabouts who already think I’m a demonologist or a witch or something. Ignorant fools.

Twenty Days Ago: It is confirmed. The Way seems quite interested in something—no, strike that—someone who was held in Harrowstone. But who, specifically, is the Way after? I need a list of everyone who died the night of the fire. Everyone. The Temple of Pharasma must have such a list.

Eighteen Days Ago: I see now just how ill prepared I was when I last set out for the Harrowstone. I am lucky to have returned at all. The ghosts, if indeed they were ghosts (for I did not find it prudent to investigate further) prevented me from transcribing the strange symbols I found etched along the foundation—hopefully on my next visit I will be more prepared. Thankfully, the necessary tools to defend against spirits are already here in Ravengro. I know that the church of Pharasma used to store them in a false crypt in the Restlands at the intersection between Eversleep and the Black Path. I am not certain if the current clergy even know of what their predecessors have hidden down below. If my luck holds, I should be able to slip in and out with a few borrowed items.

Seventeen Days Ago: Tomorrow evening I return to the prison. It is imperative the Way does not finish. My caution has already cost me too much time. I am not sure what will happen if I am too late, but if my theory is right, the entire town could be at risk. I don’t have time to update my will, so I’ll leave this in the chest where it’ll be sure to be found, should the worst come to pass.

The news was troubling to the ears. Oghtren smashed an iron mug on the table. Who were these Whipering way, how or were they involved in Lorrimors death. What were they doing and why were they here, answers that tgey would not be able to answer tonight. The dwarf drunk himself into a stupor, filled with a growing rage. Anca decided to study the books in more detail to she if whe could understsnd how the books were connected to the Whispering way. Inside the box she found a blue book with a yellow scarab that was locked. It bore the same insignia as Ezekials ring.

Manual esoteric

Ecthelian decided to sleep at Kendras door, incase the people decribed in Lorrimors journal came for Kendra, he would take no risks. Ezekial wanted to run down to the temple and undertake his own research striaght away into this so called Whispering Way, but knew the answers would come, he’d be much better off with a full night rest. All had a troubled nights rest, complete with a bad feeling something terrible was about to happen.

The followimg day the adventurers spoke over breakfast and decided if they were going to unlock the answers into Lorrimors death they would need more information regarding the Whispeting Way. Still recovering from the heavy alchohol in his system, Oghren decided to question several of the village councilman personally. Ecthelion decided to ask the local authorities about any informqtion that was gathered. Ezekial would ask Grimburrow if he could access the archives to conduct his own research on the Whispering way, while Anca would search the house from top to bottom looking for clues. As Oghren, Ecthelion and Ezekial made there way to the village centre they found it difficult to talk with anyone as people simply sidestepped an went down alleyways as they approached. Even patrons of the temple decided to packup and leave. They felt unwelcome, like they needed to tread carefully as not to upset the locals.

While walking along and looking down one of the wide streets the party noticed a man whom they thought to be a contortionist down an alley. Only at closer inspection did they notice the man do something that was not physically possible. His legs snapped backwards and he walked like a crab, still clutching a dirty wine bottle in his arm. His eyes were white with no pupils.

Images 2

Ecthelion thought the man blind. But as he started to convulse badly and fit, they ran over to help him. Moments later he stopped. Something was strange though, as his body returned to its former state. Ecthelion decided to get some help. Oghren simply passed it off as a “drunk with circus tricks” and Ezekial sought out the local Pharasma temple to get a healer should they be required.

As Ecthelion made his way to the local holding cells he was met by two deputies, a female halfling called Riff and male human called Leomar. After speaking with the halfling Riff she decided after some arm twisting to follow the paladin back to were the strange man was supposed to be. After taking her to the spot, the man was no where to be seen. Riff although attracted to a new halfling in town, who wore shiney armour and was a paladin, was a little annoyed at wasting her time. They searched the area and found no trace of the strange man. Ecthelion waved over a brave local kid and paid a few coppers to run off and deliver a message to Ezekial at the Pharasma temple not to worry about anything, to do with the man they saw and to start his research. Ecthelion then agreed to accompany her back to the local watches office to ask her if she had seen anything wierd. First Riff decided to take him on a tour of the town.

Oghren in the meantime knoncked and spoke to eavh of the councilman. First Councilman Muricar, an ex military officer whom spoke very fast. Finding it hard to understand the mans ramblings with a splitting headache, Oghren finally got something of use out of Muricar despite listening to his stories for the better part of two hours. Muricar told Oghren that Harrowstone use to be a prison and housed dangerous criminals whom awaited their execution. Muricar had never heard of the so called Whispering way, but had heard stories past down from his ancestors whom always had a military background, as it was in there blood about the Whispering Tyrant. Suggesting by the sound of them they were linked somehow. Oghren managed to convince Muricar not to think to much on it, as he had just heard the name Whispering way in one of the late professors journals


The next candidate on Oghren list Councilwomqn Shandra Faravan.


Knocking on the door Oghren blinked heavily believing his eyes deceived him. On a nearby roof a crow perched watched him. As he looked at it, the crow turned itself inside out, exposing its innards, before ruffling its body once more, regrowings its feathers and skin infront of uim. “What was in that wine” Oghren thought wiping his eyes heavily. Knocking again a lady Oghren considered pretty opened the door, she advised him that she was to busy and that he should come back later. This all said before Oghren had achance to open his mouth. So the next stop was Hearthmount.

Oghren ask Hearthmount in his manor if there was anything strange about Lorrimors death or the work he had been undertaking. Hearthmount said like he had heard from others whom had said it when he walked away that many believed Lorrimor to be a necromancer. His knowledge of anatomy, dark cults and rituals, and dark peole was often confused by locals whom knew no better. The councilman had heard nothing about the so called Whispering Way. He did tell Oghren the townhall kept records about Harrowstone prisoners which woukd be made available in exchange for a small fee. Oghren thanked Hearthmount and went on his merry way.

Ezekial spoke to Grimburrow whom offered him access to the temples archives for free in exchange for helping out around the temple. In a few days Grimburrow also asked Ezekial if he would mind helping out at another funeral in two days hence. Ezekial agreed and took up reading through the large temple archives. It was only the scream of an acolyte that broke Ezekials concentration momentarily. The acolyte said he saw a ghost rat running through the wall. Grimburrow cautioned the acolyte that they were on holy ground and that no ghost would have been able to penetrate the consecrated grounds. Anca did much the same as Ezekial at Lorrimors manor happily until the noisy dwarf returned. The witch preferred quiet, and to remain free of the ramblings of a drunken oaf whom smelt like liver disease.

Ecthelion got the full tour of the Ravensgro, and was warned by Riff to stay clear of the Restlands during the night as the Sheriff of the town Benjan whom worked the graveyard shift, often shot intruders whom tresspassed. Returning to the deputies office, Riff showed Ecthelion a tour of the holding facilities. As Ecthelion went passed one if the holding cells he saw a mans face what he thought had his eyes pop out of his head. His hands were dangling his eyes like yoyo’s.

Images 9

As he tapped Riff on the shoulder to look the man was gone. Riff warned Ecthelion not to cause any trouble as Benjan like to lock up troublemakers with a local drunk called Nimble Fingers. Although Nimble Fingers was not his real name it was the name peopke called him by, as those locked up with him for the night were often raped and were found savagely beaten the next day. She cautioned him not to do anything stupid while in town.

Ecthelion asked if he could speak with Sheriff Benjan, as he had something important he wished to dicuss surrounding the mysterious death of his friend Petros Lorrimor. Riff told him to come back later and question Benjan, as he oreferred to work alone and at nights, leaving messages on the message board for duties required of the deputies each day. After getting hardly nothing from Riff about the Whispering way or Harrowstone, Ecthelion returned to the manor.Ecthelion met Ezekial halfway home on his way back to the manor. Ezekial shared with Ecthelion some notes regarding a small passage of Lorrimors journal and some information he uncovered about a possible crypt that may uncovrt more answers that rested in the Restlands.

With all the adventurers home, they sat down and had a late lunch together and discussed what they had found out so far. Ecthelion started off by saying the sheriff was very suspicious, in that he only worked nights and usually patrolled the restlands. Ezekial spoke hiw he believed he’d uncovered a tomb the professors notes spoke of, which might reveal more about his research. Anca said that tge professors notes suggested the Whispering way were cultists that believed in an undead Armageddon, in which all things die, even Glorarion. The had the symbol of a gagged skull and wore black cloaks. The dwarf shared what he could about Harrowstone, pointing out the nastiest of nasties were imprisoned there. Oghren said they could access the towns archives for a small fee.

Ecthelion cautioned Oghren hearing the dwarfs words about misbehavior in town, telling him that the locals threw men whom misbehaved in a cell with a rapist or dumped them on the outskirts of town with no shoes. The dwarf responded by saying that if anyone tried to rape him he’d bite iff there fingers and other appendages. After hearing Ancas words the adventurers thought it best to examine the Restlands to see if Lorrimor had left any further clues. Then if they had the time they would investigate Harrowstone were the professors body was found to try and reconstruct the accident according to Benjans statement whom had found the body. But first it would be best to check out the crypt.

Along the way Oghren caught a glimspe of a man whom looked as though he had been chained to a wall. As the party continued to walk Oghren stopped an walked over to investigate, only to see the man engulfed in a shroud of intense fire which Oghren himself felt. As he turned to yell out to his friends, the person disappeared, as did the fire and the chains. When Ecthelion asked what? Oghren said it was nothing, not wanting to let the halfling in on his delusions of granduer. The dwarf thought to himself that he would need more rest tonight or stronger ale.

Arriving at the Restlands it was starting to get dark. Ecthelion suggested they be quick as Benjan locked the gates and often shot those whom trespassed at night. After an hour of searching, Ezekial managed to find the hidden false crypt. Oghren looked at the dust an said the crypt had only been used once or twice in the past few years looking at the scratches of stone grinding on stone, and the grooves they left behind. Strking torches to see better in the dark, Ecthelion said a quick prayer to Sarenrae to protect them from any perils inside. Taking there time to ensure therewere no traps the adventurers slowly made there way to the rear of the crypt, brushing away thick cobwebs. Towards the rear was a large pedestal with a chest atop of it.

W tl41

Ecthelion decided to scour the room, calling upon Sarenrae to divine if any sources of evil were nearby. There were none. With the chest looking like a very auspicious trap, they took there time moving slowly following each others footsteps. In the dark to chittering noises could be heard. Then some dirt fell off a wall that had been disturbed. Looking around the room it was Ecthelion whom was set upon by a giant centerpide. Another came rushing towards Oghren whike a third protected a nearby nest. With there combined effort the adventurers made short work of the three centepides, with only Oghren suffering a small wound to tis calf muscle.

Giant centipede

Upon opening the chest and searching the nearby nest the adventurers took the cache of weapons with them suggesting Lorrimor must have been preparing for the worst to hoard such items.

Images 5

False Crypt
X10 +1 arrows
X5 +1 Ghost touched arrows
X2 +1 Undead bane arrows
X5 Cure light wounds potions cl1
X2 potions lesser resotration cl3
Darkwood scrollcase – approx 50gp
X2 scrolls of detect undead
X2 scrolls of hide from undead
X2 scrolls of protection from evil
5 vials of Holy water

X5 Haunt Siphons (magical/use unknown) – Description: These glass vials are held within stylized cold-iron casings etched with strange runes, necromantic designs, or other eldritch markings. Within the vial roils a small wisp of white vapor, churning as if caught in a miniature vortex of air.

Spirit planchette (magical/use unknown) – Description: uncovered in a small wooden case a brass ouija board. The board has various insignias and the writing seems to changed to the perfer language of each individual who looks at it.

With no idea of the strange potions or board did, Anca said she would study them to uncover there purpose.

With the light fading and the adventurers no closer in discovering more about Lorrimors death, Harrowstone or the Whispering way, the adventurers returned back to the manor to call it a day. All except Oghren that is whom decided to end his night at the tavern, with something more stronger then what Kendras cellar could supply.

Oghren headed to the laughing demon, the local tavern. Renowned for its brew and foods having a sick and twisted sense of humor which the proprietor thought was funny. Tired and in need of an ale to help him sleep, Oghren was furious when the half orc barbarian only known as patch refused him entry. After asking why, Oghren became more infuriated when patches said “we don’t serve your kind here”. When Oghren asked what he meant by your kind, when patches said “stinking small outsiders” Oghren lainched at the half orc fists flying. “Yea darned pig ass faced monkey squirrel” Oghren bellowed. After thetwo exchanged heavy bloiws, it was Oghren whom stood tall, with patches unconscious on the ground. The dwarf gave him an extra kick as to remind him the next day not to disrespect Oghren again in the future.

Tavern brawl

Entering the laughing demon Oghren recieved those same blasted looks he’d recieved all day. Suspicious scowls. Walking up to the bar, cleaning himself up from the scuffle outside, wiping his bloodied lip and dirty pants, Oghren got even more angry when the bar tender asked him to leave. Most of the locals moved away when he entered.Fed up at this point, it was only when Patches unconscious body was dragged in when the entire tavern turned on the dwarf. Grabbed by three men, Oghren yelled he “knock some bloody sense into the lot of em”. Breaking free the dwarf made a break for the door, only to be knocked out by Benjan whom sconned him with a metal tray.

“Bring the wagon and dump him well outside of town. Take his shield and boots and give them to Patches for the dwarfs trouble. Lets see if he can find his way in the dark with no shoes”, Benjan said as several patrons laughed.

Unconscious and dumped outside of toe, Oghren awoke to the taste of blood in his mouth. The whack he took hat cut part of his mouth open. The whack had also dislodged a tooth. Oghrens favourite tooth. He would not let them get off so easy.

With it too dark to see Oghren started to walk barefotted down a road he thought led back to the town. Things would be different when he had Anca, Ecthelion and Ezekial to back him up. “They’d give em a fair fight” the dwarf thought. “If a few died cause if it, even better” Oghren thought. After walking for an hour Oghren yelled in pain as a bear trap snapped shut on his foot. After struggling to free himself for some time which felt like an eternity, Oghren heart changed when he saw several tourches in the nearby thickets burst to light. “Help… over ere” the dwarf yelled.

Images 3

Coming out of the thickets were four strange hunters. There was something wrong with there faces. They were horribly mutated and mutilated. As they saw the trapped dwarf they began to laugh menacingly. As they got close enough they began to prod at the dwarfs leg with sticks, making his wound bleed even more. “Hehaheha” they laughed. “More meat…. more meat. Tasty dwarf flesh”. Oghren knew somewhere he had taken a wrong turn. Barely conscious and realising the dangerous predicament he was in he grabbed the nearests mutants stick and pulled him cloiser. In the same motion the dwarf pulled the machete from mans waist and lopped off his head. “Comon and stand up yea darn cannibals, yea will all share the same fate as this fool” trying to intimidate the other mutants into leaving.

With his leg still stuck, the oldest mutant pulled a blowgun from his back, dipping it in a black substance in a vial on his waste. The dart his the dwarf in the neck. Oghren could feel the poison coursing through his veins. Then a second dart hit. Oghren threw the machete in defiance but the poison was getting the better of him. As the fifth dart hit, his body had gone completely numb. He lost the strength in his legs and ripped of the achilles tendent on the back of his foot with the bear trap. His leg wobbled about, before he collapsed. Still awake and aware, unable to scream or move Oghren was dragged away on a meathook that had been inserted underneath his highest rib. He was then tossed onto a large wooden table covered in blood. A blood smeared symbol of Urgathoa was on the nearby wall. Helpless to do anything, Oghren watched as his legs and then his arms were severed from his body and then hung up on nearby meat hooks.

The last thing the dwarf would ever see was a deformed man. His breath stunk like moldy potatoes. Which was little better the the foul stench if the house. Oghrens eyes rolled back to the back of his head as the last cleaver hit severed the dwarfs head fron his body, placed alongside his arms, legs and torso in nearby meat hooks.

The mutant family emerged and began to chow down in fresh meat.

Images 2

Meanwhile the rest of the adventurers enjoyed another fine meal prepared by the manors porter. Ecthelion, Anca and Ezekial fell asleep without knowing the fate of there new friend Oghren.

RIP Oghren Furyshield

Until next time…….


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