Carrion Crown: Kyle's

Werewolf trials begin in and around Lepidstadt under Sarenrae Dawnflowers vigil

By legal decree, of a judges vote of confidence of four to one (Embreth Daramid against) a decree has pased to allow Sarenrae inquisitors to search houses of suspected lycanthropes with the authority of the Vielands governmental noble houses. The decree allows Sarenrae inquisitors to apprehend by force any suspected werewolves who are held in the newly established house of Judgement. Those whom confess are undertake an immediate trial. Those whom fight the allegations are held until the next full moon before there trial starts. If the Sarenrae inquisitors find resistance the are empowered to defend themselves using lethal force if necessary. Any natural lycanthropes are either offered a quick death by sword or publically executed by the pyre of fire, outside of the courthouse. There heads are to be displayed for at least one werk before natural lycans are to be buried.

Lepidstadt university are also allowed to disect natural lycanthropes by the decree in the hope a cure can be found by the white tower to heal tge ailement. Specialists from the “Brotherhood of the Strange Crusade” have been brought on board to aid in finding a cure. The Botherhood is well known for its exotic cures and remedial treatments, as far off as Ardeal. The University and Brotherhood are tirelessly working on finding a cure. Professor Phoenix had this to say.

“This decree will send a clear message out there to all lycanthropes, come in and be cured or suffer the full justice of the Sarenrae inquisition”.

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Natural Lycanthropes that are captured are skinned, crucified and left to hang out in the sun, in the hope the beast and the man can be separated.

Afflicted Lycans are offered to remove the curse, often stuffed with high doses of wolfsbane. Those that refuse the remedial treatments are beheaded.

As days have passed the riots a point when fanciful stories told to amuse people of Lepidstadt of beasts of the Shudderwood to keep them out by the Scranzi werewolves has been replaced by real incidents and real suffering. Suddenly tales such as werrwolf fqrmers tending to crops hatvested in blood have started to emerge, spreading panic throughout the Vielands. It is quickly being believed by the Lepidstadt citizens that werewolves are every where. The trial records of lycanthrope increased at an epidemic rate. In last week alone between 15 to 20 cases have been brought before the court by the dawnflower paladins with some 30 individuals being labeled as werewolves, many of them underwent traumatic interrogation and torture. Confessed or not, most of them suffered vile death at the stake. Here few recorded sensational werewolf trials have been mentioned.

Pierre Burgot and Michel Verdum
The trial of Pierre Burgot and Michel Verdum, two peasants whom have quickly got wide spread notoriety. Nineteen years ago when Burgot was desperately trying to gather his storm frightened sheeps, he came across three mysterious black dressed horsemen. One of them assured him the future protection of his sheep and gave him some money. In return the stranger asked Burgot to obey him as the Lord. Burgot accepted the offer and agreed to meet them again. In the second meeting the so-called Lord announced the full conditions of the deal; Burgot must denounce the Sarenrae and the Company of Heaven.

As year passed Burgot became reluctant to maintain the pact. Then he was called by Michel Verdum. Verdum ordered him to strip naked and rub a magic ointment on his body. When Burgot had followed as instructed he found his arms and legs had become hairy and his hands reshaped into paws. Verdum transformed himself into werewolf too and together they ran through the surrounding countryside. They committed various awful crimes. They tore to pieces a seven-year-old boy, killed a woman and abducted a four-year-old girl. The unfortunate girl was fully eaten up by two of them. When they were caught they were duly put to death. Their picture was hung in the local Sarenrae church as a reminder of all the evil deeds that men could commit under the influence of Jezelda.

Gillas Garner
After finding several half-eaten children the authorities of the town Morast province have since put a price on werewolves’ heads. Within two days after the injunction, an alleged werewolf named Gillas Garner was arrested. Most of his victims were nine to twelve-year-old children. He slew them with his paws and teeth. To satisfy his appetite, he ate flesh from their thigh, legs and belly. The story of his crimes and execution still currently sung through folk songs.

Jacques Rollet was tried for killing and eating a boy of fifteen. He was known as the werewolf of Caude. When he was found in the woods, he was half-naked with long matted hair and blood covered hands. He was still holding a lump of flesh. At his trial he described how he had slaughtered various people, including a number of attorneys, lawyers and bailiffs. Included were Gustav Kaple and Kaiden Octavious. Though he was sentenced to death he was later sent to a madhouse at the tower of conviction.

A man called Taylor
Among other werewolf cases, the story of a tailor stands out for its peculiarity. The alleged werewolf would hide in the Edgewood forest and for a passerby. Whenever he could get a chance, he jumped out and killed the unsuspecting person. He had a shop and used it as a bait for children. He would tempt them into his shop and kill them. In his cellars he store body parts and bones in barrels. The records accumulated during his trial were so repulsive that the court decided to destroy them and the Sarenrae inquisitors enacted judgement by skinning the man only known as Taylor alive and leaving him crucified on a cross.

Jean Grenier
There is a record of a child werewolf as well. He was Jean Grenier of Hergstag. His story was more or less like that of Burgot. When his father had beat him, he ran away from home and wandered around the countryside. One evening another boy named Pierre La Tihaire took him to the depths of the woods. According to them, the Lord of the Jungle was there. He was a tall black dressed dark man upon a dark horse. The Lord got off his horse and kissed Grenier with icy lips. In the second meeting both of the boys submitted themselves to the acclaimed Lord who scratched tattoos on their thighs as brands. He brought out a wine bag and gave them a drink. He also presented them wolf skins and an ointment. The Lord taught them how to rub their bodies with the ointment before putting on the fur.

Fifteen children including one from Grenier’s cradle disappeared. When finally Grenier was caught, he confessed to eating them all. At that time he was fourteen, physically and mentally retarded.

Taking into account of his age and limited mental capacity, the Judge Embreth Daramid ordered Grenier to be confined in a cloister for life. He has refused to eat any regular food and devoured offal instead.

Alliances made

Colonel Winston ‘Big Pokie’ Blake lay sprawled naked seductively across the bed. He had not expected such a warm welcome within the goblin city of ‘Goblin City’. Maybe it was his story of how he single handedly destroyed the Mindslaver Thrall. Or maybe it was the tale of how he defeated the beast in hand to hand combat.

Who knows… regardless, the three goblin women who now stood naked before him seemed to show him unwavering devotion. Big Pokie twirled his mustache, a crumb falls from it and lodges itself on his chin.

“Right-o’ then ladies! Who wants to hear the story of how I captured the last dragon in Ustalav and sold him to a pirate?”. The three goblin ladies giggle in unison and jump on Big Pokies bed… I will spare you the details of what happens next, for Goblin ‘love’ making is not for the faint hearted.

It was just another evening for Big Pokie. At least that is what he thought until his door came crushing down… an ungodly BleeEEaaaATTt deafening all those in the room. What followed was chaos, even by goblin standards. Hooves went flying, candles crashing, a naked goblin lady twirls through the air, another dives for cover. Big Pokie jumps across room yelling at the top of his lungs “to arms lads! We are under attack”, and with that the commotion stops.

Badger is the first to enter the room carrying a look of annoyance for being awoken from his slumber. Behind him follows a group of goblin soldiers, each one carrying a crude hooked weapon. “Colonel what is it!” one of them shrieks.

Big Pokie sits upon the floor, surrounded by the remnants of his belongings, in his hand is a small figurine of a goat.

“This lads”, Big Pokie says holding up the figurine… “This is a call to arms!”

“Tonight… the Goblins ride forth to war!”.

At the mention of war a goblin wearing a toad for a hat enters the room.

Warchief ripnugget

“Rather uncivilized kind of chap really, though he does play a mean game of croquet” Big Pokie says twirling is Mustache.

“Mesa is Ripnugget. you wanna us to joinz u to kill biggens. Mesa says it fine. Yousa know why mesa called Ripnugget. Cause Issa poohded a gem once. Tribes says messa have mystical hoo-doos” Rippnugget says to pokie.

“So whensa we ride to get biggens. You have a sing song forsa me on the way”

Pokie replies, “Righteo than ol’ chap, I can sing you the song about the time i single handedly destroy the undead gnome army of the mad wizard crazy cane… rather exciting story that!”

We be Licktoads! We make raid! Put the Longshanks to the blade! Burn them up from feet to head, Make them hurt, then make them dead! Cut the parents into ham, Smush the babies into jam, All the rest in pot get stewed, We be Licktoads – You be food!

Arssa we to bring the bang’ens. Whossa we suppose to be killen anyways. Stubbies, knife ears, pig whackers, hairy foots, rock mellon heads or gruff beaks. Issa bring the hoo-doos for ossa killen. Arssa you gonna puts some racketies on your kitten. Issa wear my frog rackety on my head" Ripnugget puts a large hat of a toad on his head. “Weesa be needed Gutwad and the other bosses to be doing some proper burnzen and killen. Chuffy Lickwound can bring his sharpens and crazy Mogmurch his blastens. Careful with Mogmurch, his blastens are dangerous hoo-doos”

Another goblin chief by the name of Gutwad also agrees to help.
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“Start sqeaulin sqeaky, we are dunno go to war.’

With that the rest of the goblin tribe yelled out a cheer and jump on the back of the closest mount they could. Only problem was, they rode off in the wrong direction

Ullis Rebirth

The first arose from the dirt itself, swirling and churning in a great mass of gravel and dust. The second was a zephyr of wind that caught the fallen leaves and lifted them and appeared to form in mid-air as if liquid. The third was a mass of water that slithered through the undergrowth to the site, the fourth pushed itself out of the tree-trunk that stood vigil over the graves and the fifth arrived with the rapid descent of a flock of ravens, silent but for the massed flapping of hundreds of wings as they seemed to fly into the body of a glowing white wolf who arrived into the clearing from the Shudderwood’s heart.

The wild crescendo ceased but silence did not reign. Crickets chirruped, birds twittered and branches creaked as they moved with the wind as the five beings formed themselves into humanoid figures. In the shadow of Highthrone, at the site of so much death, life continued.

The one of dirt stood tall and broad, with eyes of jewels and segments of gravel formed in the shape of armor. She of the wind but not made of the leaves encased herself in them, the various colours coming together in a pattern that would inspire a Varisian tailor. He of Water stood short and squat with thick eyebrows and a long beard of red algae. The one of bark creaked as it formed itself, a hood of tree-pulp fell about its shoulders. And lastly, the one of birds and beasts stood, all but its lupine snout shrouded in a cloak of feathers and its right hand it clutched a staff made of elongated bone.

They stood in a pentagon around a particular grave and for the first time in twenty three years, began to hold a conversation that only their ears could hear.

“The eleventh lies here,” said the graveled voice of Earth Incarnate, pointing to the mound in the center of their meeting, “in the embrace of the long rest.” “And this is why we gather here today,” said She of the Winds, lightning flickering from where her eyes would be. “He learned well from my tenth,” burbled He of Water, from behind his red beard, “understood our causes with great clarity.” “He has learned well from the teachings of us all,” creaked Bark as he pulled his pulp hood over his gnarled and twisted face, “and embodied them as one mind. Truly an outstanding warden beyond even our lifetimes.”

Old Crowfeathers raised a paw for silence. All of the wardens, as ever, looked to him as one.

“Then it has been decided and shall come to pass,” said Old Crowfeathers, his voice deep and hollow, “That the eleventh shall become perhaps the greatest of us all.”

All bowed together as one in voiceless approval.

“Cradle of life,” said the Earth Incarnate as it gently cast dust into the air. “Whispers of the world,” said She of the Winds, as she blew a kiss of air into the dust. “The greatest gift,” said He of Water, opening his hands to release a floating mass of liquid into the gently swirling dust and wind his contemporaries had created between them all. The elements began to swirl faster and pulse with a bright, refreshing green energy. “The triumph of patience,” said Bark as he gently reached forward and planted a seed into the mix. “And those whom understand them all best,” boomed Old Crowfeathers as he used the power of his staff to pull a sinew from his own arm. With a ‘snap’ it flicked into the whirling mass and thunder boomed from overhead.

“A warden’s watch is eternal!” They all yelled, roared and bellowed as their massed elements hit critical mass and began to pulse with spiritual life. It lowered to the ground and they watched silently as it germinated, tiny limbs and leaf-shoots forming as it swelled with growth.

It mewled with distress as its head and mouth formed. Clumps of dirt fell from its maw and the leaf shoots shifted colours, from greens, to browns to reds, to yellows and greens as the lump shaped itself into a body. By the time its earth-crusted tree-root limbs had hardened to bark it was the size of a dog and its eyelids had opened, revealing green, glowing eyes.

It screamed and slammed its tree-root fists into the ground in mortal agony as branches shaped like antlers grew from either side of its head. The leaf-shoot s had grown into vestments; a cloak and skirting had grown from this and they all shifted as if caught in a powerful stream.

Finally, it collapsed to the ground, its rapid growth complete. Leaves settled, bark no longer twitched and fronds grew from its jaw and around its mouth as a beard. The screaming stopped and the wild figure blinked hard as a tiny sprite appeared in its antlers. It pushed itself up to its feet and swayed, unfamiliar with vertical positioning. A tiny wooden pendant of Erastil was hung about its neck.

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“I died,” it said, its voice resonating with the scattering of leaves in the wind, water in a brook and cawing of a crow. “But now, you live once more,” said He of Water with a smile. “And with a greater purpose,” chimed She of the Winds. “You alone were to be the greatest of us,” added The Earth Incarnate, “And only when you had lost your life were you able to accept a greater one.” Ulli looked down at his new body and at the bark-coated branches that had become his hands. He was silent and in awe of what he had become. Bark rested a hand upon Ulli’s shoulder. “You were born a man and lived as a warden my brother. But now you are ascended to be one of us.” “And what is that?” Ulli asked, looking around the group. Old Crowfeathers stepped forward and broke the pendant of Erastil’s leather strap as he removed it from Ulli’s new body. He whispered sacred words and the wooden icon turned green and grew rapidly. When the bow had became a proper weapon, Crowfeathers flicked his wrist and the growth stopped. He held it up before Ulli and a tiny spider that glistened like a jewel lowered itself from one end of the bow to the other to make the string. When the spider finished weaving its web, it scuttled into Crowfeathers’ paw and the weapon thrummed with light and power. “An Avatar of the Shudderwood,” said Old Crowfeathers as he handed the glowing bow to Ulli. Slowly and purposefully, Ulli took the bow and tensed the string. With a flick he released it and golden sparks cascaded into the air as a thick arrow of tree-roots shot from it and embedded itself into a nearby tree. Instantly, the arrow grew into a small tree and sprouted small leaves. Ulli smiled and shook his head again in awe. The Avatars all chuckled to themselves proudly at what they had created. “Come,” said Old Crowfeathers warmly as he put his arm around Ulli’s leafy shoulder. “The Shudderwood itself wants to meet you.”

Leaving the Shudderwoods


Emerging from the bloodsoaked highthrone the surviving adventurers of Ecthelion, Unit 1 and Cas are greeted by even more werewolves as they make a break thtough the clearing. The whole forest seems to be alive as howls fill the air. As the three survivors make it about 200ft away from the highthrone itself, Vollensags stalkers greet them once more, this time one of the stalkers known as Grumbar is injured. Nearby in a stoneshaped hovel are the three dwarfs and two woman rescued early that day. The dwarfs seem to be yelling obscenities through a narrow slit in the hovel.

“Yeah are darn lucky me brothers holding me back, cause if he were’nt I be making rugs of tge lot of yeah”. Nearby the dwarfs wagon lies broken and looted. Two dozen of the silver hides lie dead. As do several other large demonic werewolves. Grubar seems to be paying little attention to the yelling abuse from the dwarfs, despite being hit squarely in the face by a tossed pickle. Grumbar instead seems focussed on watching the treeline.Grumbar is not alone. Further up you see over a dozen or more werewolves.

Grumbar says “Stay your hand halfling. More then enough blood has been spilt this night. We wish not to fight. Only to speak”. With that the largest werewolf you have ever seen in your life, nearly 14ft tall approaches you.

Fantasy creatures 10

“Grrrrrrrr…….My name is Volensag little meatpack. It seems you may have saved me some trouble from killing the traitor Mathus. I can tell by the smell of you, your battle must have been like hell itself. Especially with only so few of your friends making it out alive. It is not my intent to harm you. I wish only to speak. But if you make any attempt to harm me, know my pack will not be kind with how they kill you”

You see half a dozen more werewolves appear from the trees

“It appears we have a common enemy in the whispering way. I have sent what werewolves I could to hunt after the black cloak known as Vrood. However any of my kin were forced to return due to a large human army that appesrs to be gathering in strength near the furrows. It appears an allied forced of humans, dwarfs and elves has been raised to march on Feldgrau, on the border between Ardeal and Barstoi. The army appears to be lead by several vetrans from the war without rivals (knowledge nobility). They fly Ardeal banners and colours. Some of my finest warriors have been sent to retrieve Kvalka Sains heart which is rightfully mine…..”

As Vollensag continues to talk more the thirty more werewolves appear from the forest, snarling and offering intimidating glares.

“But I am not the only one after Kvalkas heart. The demon wolves and those loyal to there pack also are headed for Feldgrau as well. They also seek Kvalka Sains heart for themselves. And I will swim through boiling acid before I see a Jezeldan sit upon the throne….. "

Vollensag looks up to the night sky with that last statement.

“Your friends the silverhand have been butchered by the demon wolves. The Jezeldans dragged off many of your Silver hand brethren, to either bolster there ranks or to sacrifice to there dark bitch. We came across there bodies only moments ago. The demon wolves scent is all over the place…

I smell Ullis blood upon you. And since I cannot sense his presence I assume he is dead then. Pity I would have enjoyed killing himself one day.. His bitch Yeslda will have to succumb to her fate then. For I cannot rusk anymore of my pack to save her. The black banner have kidnapped her and intend to cut out her heart, like thst of Kvalka. They to were headed for the furrows. But I cannot risk exposing anymore of my kin with so many humans there. It appears the furrows will be bathed in blood once more, as the man who stole Kvalkas heart has raised an army of the dead from bodies left over from the war…..
I will only offer this to you once kitten, for killing Mathus for me. Accept my bloodpack and ally yourself with me. Or leave these woods and never return, for if you refuse my generous offer, the next time you are in the woods you will be hunted like the kitten you are….."

Vollensag waits for your reply.


“You will be safe and will not be threatened by harm until you leave the Shudderwood. Know that many of those loyal to my pack will be watching you, as the woods have many eyes. I will respect the bodies off your friends who died in the highthrone, they shall be buried and remembered as heros of the wood……

“Listen here Vollenslag… I won’t be making any deals with you.” Looking around at the threatening amount of wolves in the area, “and I certainly won’t be bargaining for my life. Those dwarves over there, and the rest of my colleagues are coming with me to seek out Vrood, and to stop these undead. It would be in your best interest to leave us be. You are right about there being enough blood spilled today.” Ecthelion throws down the severed head of Mathis in front of Vollensag, "but I will spill more before I die, should you not leave us be. I WILL be killing this Vrood, and all that stand in my way. If you have information that would help me do so, then give it to me, but don’t fool yourself with the notion that you and I are friends.. I know better than to jump into bed with a wolf. My name is not Ulli, and I despise the smell of wet dog…..

“Grrrrr……<snarl> careful with your words little kitten. It is only my word that keeps the wolves at bay”.A wicked grin covers the packmasters face and he allows a little smirk to cross his face, obviously enjoying the irony of his words.

“It would be difficult to carry so many dead back on such small shoulders. Especially walking this forest blind without no eyes or guide. There are many hungry denizens of these woods”. A nearby werewolf begins to chow down on the carcass of a dead silverhide.

“You are free to leave. Take the dwarves with you, there meat is to tough anyway. The wenches are yours also, they have little meat left, like a starved muel. You are lucky that your actions speak louder then your words kitten……

If you keep the heart of Kvarka Sain from me, know that there is no city in Ustalav that you will be safe in. I have more then just wolves at my command. So if you kill this Vrood before I do leave the heart. The heart is mine and mine alone. Step between me and it and we may be having this conversation again, just not in such a diplomatic fashion" Vollensag gives you an evil glare.

“Judt know when you leave kitten that no one in tbese wood will ever call you friend. For any humans that step foot in these woods under my rule will be beef served on a plater. And I will rule these woods. You have made your decision kitten. Now leave”. Vollrnsag turns to another human wearing royal aristocratic garbs. He shifted into his werewolf form before your eyes.

Come brothers and sisters, there are still a few sheep in the highthrone in need of culling."

With Vollensags last statement over 50 more werewolves appear, making them number close to 100 werewolves. There growls give the forest and the night life.

“You will also tell me what you know of a man named Adimarus Ionacu”

“Rhakis, tell the halfling what he wishes to know, turn his meat sacks free and see him to the edge of the wood. As I feel he would be little sport in his condition”. The beastly instincts within Vollensag tell him to rip the halflings throat out here and now. But he controls his hunger for more blood, pushing it into a dark place in his mind. A place that over the years has slaughtered more then 100 people. Vollensags personal slaughterhouse of paradise. He will keep such thoughts for the day he meets the halfling again. Making him rethink hid words as he eats off his tongue.

Another werewolf stays behind wishing to speak with you despite how you replied to Vollensag.

As the werewolf Rhakis he gives Ecthelion a nod and moves over to the dwarfs telling them they are free to go. He moves over to Ecthelion gives him a sadistic glare. "So you want to learn more about Adimarus do you. Well I can only tell you what I have heard. The foul being know as Adimarus came from noble beginnings to become one of the most feared creatures in the Sudderwood. He rules the demonwolf tribe with a regal and haughty air of superiority. His den in the Sudderwoods are spoken of in hushed whispers, if at all, for to awaken his ire is to ensure destruction of onself and comit it to oblivion. An eternal servitude of the bitch wolf Jazelda.

Adimarus is a cruel, heartless and utterly without mercy killing machine. From what I have heard he was born to a small noble family in Carrionhill. In his youth he cared for littke then to carry on his families name. Many say he grew up with another young man of Iomedae. A man called Sandric. They say Sandric was blessed with natural abilities and looks that far exceeded Adimarus. What was worse, was Sandric was the son of a serf and considered by many around Carrion Hill to be a champion of the poor in the region. They say Adimarus greed, lust, envy and jealousy of Sandric grew great. So Adimarus consorted with a wicked fiend, a beast called Xerxess. Some say he consorted with the beast kill Sandric iut of jealousy, others say he simply wanted to out do Sandric wuth a feat far greater then Sandric could ever hope to achieve. Others say he intended to tempt the young paladin Sandric, to act on his impulses. No matter what it was, Xerxess polluted the paladin Adimarus mind. When the village elder of Carrion Hill presented Sandric with a sword of superior craftmanship, better then Adimarus lineage sword past down from generation to generation, Adimarus lost it. Sandric was given the sword as a token of Carrion Hills faith in him. When the two paladin went to serve at Lastwall, Adimarus could barely contain his jealousy.

They say Xerxess whispered in Adimarus ear, which sent him inyo a fit of rage, blood and madness that he could not contain. Even at Lastwall Sandric continued to grow in reputation. When Sandric was invited to do a tour in the world wound. Xerxess filled Adimarus mind with a deep embedded impulse to follow Sandric to the world wound, the demon the whole time wanting Sandric sword for himself. On the road again Xerxess corrupted his mind. To the pount were Adimarus lust for Sandrics blood was beyond his conteol. One night when Sandric was asleep Adimarus made his way into the forest and pleaded with the demon in his head to give him the courage to kill Sandric.

They say a large demon wolf appeared before Adimarus, and inturn for renouncing his code she would give him more power then he could ever hope for. The demon bit Adimarus on the arm as he renouced his code, His blood became so tainted he turned into not a werewolf or a demon. But something inbetween. Not without his honour Adimarus retuned to his camp to challenge Sandric. Adimarus killed the young paladin and spread his entrails all throughout the Shudderwood. He also sent the head back to Sandrics family in Carrion Hill. Enjoying his new found power, Adimarus has set his eyes on the high throne. The werewolves of Shudderwood have kept the demond out of Udtalav from the world wound. Adimarus would have the tribes unite with the demons to the north and claim Ustalav for himself. That is why the heart of Kvarka Sain is so important."

Rhakis gives the three dwarfs a toothy grin. “I share your concerns will Kvarkas heart falling into demonic hands. But you must know that if you do not give up the heart Ecthelion, the entire Scanzi syndicate will be hunting for your blood. You will never be safe in a city or on the road again. Take my words as a threat and if you choose to ignore them, you, your friends and there families will suffer the consequences of them. Snapping a persons neck is like breaking a twig. There is plenty we already know about you. Qll humans can have there tongues lossened by coin or a lash. If you do not want to seeaqn unfrortunate accident happen to the halfling called Riff or Kendra Lorrimor in Ravensgro, you woukd be wise to heed my warning”.

Rhakis gives you another evil snarl. The two dwarfs shudder a little in fear. “The way you seek is that way” pointing to the south. One of the pupd will lead you out." Rhakis, waits for a response

Waiting for the wolves to leave, the dwarf Maric eventually shapes the stone again to free himself of his stone prison.

“By my ancestors. They are the largest wolves I have seen” Teyrn nodds enthusiastically. “But they do not compare to the wolves I saw attavk the Silver Hand. Ferocious and without mercy. I have never seen such carnage before. They spilt the dilverhands blood like a geyser and then ploughed the forest like a cirn field with blood. The darn things look indestructable. Any wounds that the hand did almist healed over instantly. Not even the sturdiest dwarf could compare to there constitution”. Teryn begins to flex his muscles, thinking constitution meant something about your arms being thick.

“You lug head”, Maric said giving Teyrn a clip over the ears. “Well I have traded in these parts before and the direction the overgrown pelt back there suggested was to hed towards Chastel. But if yea like I have friends in the east at a place called Berus that would offer you a good stock of wares, considdring them wolves took off with mine”.

Maric takes his time to look around. “Well if you can command that chunk of metal to help repair the wagon, we can be on our way in a matter of moments. En I think its best to get moving, for I can’t say I trusted that last darn wolf yea talked to. Had the look of ambition in his eye. Like yea were some sort of prize. En I can’t say it eould be wise to split our strength any further.”

With that the dwarf fabricates some tools and starts to work on the wagon.

“I pity those left in Ascanor Lodge. As it wull only be a matter of time before the wolves come and blow there house down now that the Silverhands be wiped out. Which reminds me I saw that chap Silivio whom gave you a farwell dragged off by them demob wolves. I pity his fate as the demon wolves are know for there dark rituals in commiting a mans soul to the helll”. Teyrn begins to gather what is left over from the wagon and piled them up nearby.

“Well can’t say this was a profitable venture thus far. But I am sure if we stick by ya halfling our luck will be a changing”.

Knowlege nobility roll 24.

In 4687 (24 years ago) A war broke out between Count Aericnein Neska of Barstoi and Count Olomon Venacdahilia. Neska accused Olomon of criminally squandering the countries resources in the fallow but potentially bountiful Furcina region of thr Dragonsvet Plains. Troops for Bastoi lead by Cilias Graydon occupy eastern Ardeal, beginning the War without rivals. Appeals for justice and royal censure againdt Bastoi become mired in political squabbling. The plains were famous for killing a blue dragon, dubbed the Drangonsvet Plains.

In 4689 (22 years ago) Taking matters into there own hands, Ardeals nobility, with support of its residents in Varno, attack Bastoi soldiers. The invaders prove to be stuuborn defenders and fields transform into trenches. Due to Barstois superior calvary, the invanders dig miles upon miles of trenches. Especiqlly after loosing more then a 1000 peasant malitia in less then a week to 50 Barstoi hellknight cavaliers lead by Eilisilo Varga. The peasants are buried in a mass grave (@see furrows on obsidian). Eilisilo is an emissary from Chelish capital of Egorian where she served as the Scourge hellknight. She forced the desnan revolutionaries to reconsider there position, with her merciless hunting and decaptiating of there heads. Many of which turned out to be werewolbes of the Shudderwood. Eilisilo is dubbed the chained countess for her obey or die rule of fear. She is feared for her merciless combat prowless. Knights under her including Cilias Graydon loathe and envy her command.

Eilisilo becomes Neskas iron maiden and black hand. Cilias Graydons quickly becomes disturbed by her tactics.

Those peasants taken alive are tried at the Chapel Guilts by Witchfinder Judge Erdin Coim. He fanatically tortures many of them to confess there crimes, before they are put to death. Those considered innocent are branded.

640x912 3296 undead 2d fantasy guild wars undead picture image digital art

4692 (19 years ago) Cilias Graydon the military genius behind Neskas victories brands his count a tyrant and disbands his troops. Graydons troops flee to nearby nations for there own safety. Many are afraid of being captured by the witchfinder or chained countess alive. Graydon is dubed by Neska a traitor, he dispatches his best assassin to hunt down and kill Graydon.

4693 (18 years ago) After years of protracted combat, Count Neska recalls his troops and cedes Furcina back to Ardeal. Especially with the loss of Graydon whom had been the tactical genius behind Neskas major victories. In his rage of Graydons betrayal and envious of the projected value of Furcina, Neska ordered his troops to salt and burn miles of farmland. The fire-scarred, trench riddled mass gravesite is renamed the furrows. A mass murder who used the war to commit horrendous crimes named Coronel Jebaid’s is drowned and put to death.

4699 (12 years ago) Coronel Jebaid’s spirit returns to the living, kidnapping farmers whom live close to the furrows.

Those whom live near the flame-soured expanse, suffer from the sins of the past. With every strong wind ashes blow accross the dead expanse cloaking nearby towns or homelands in veils of grey, tainting every crop and meal with the taste of decay. Reports of the ghosts of peasant soildiers amid the frequent haze or whole charges of spectral knights riding before billowing dust storms are reported by vetrans of the war whom settled nearby.

Rhykis drags over the dead crumpled mess of Lancel. Looking through the paladins possessions the sword true justice is badly damage. Picking up the remenants of what is considered salvageable you pick them up and take them with.

Two days later Rhykis says “This is the Edge of Shudderwood, leave and never come back. If any of you ever set foot in here again know that despite any of your intentions you will be considered an enemy of the woods. The woods are ours….The way you seek through either east through the country Ordanto and the city Berus. Or south through the city Chastel and then the country of Ardeal. Don’t let me catch you in Lozarov again”.

Ecthelion looks back into the face of Rhykis… his eyes burning like fire, and unblinking, and states, “Very well Rhykis, I will know that I am an enemy of yours should I set foot here again, but if you, or any of your brethren set foot outside the woods, into my land, and I see you,… you will not return alive. And there will be no bargaining.”

“Well Rhykis, I care not for your future but I respect your leadership of your pack. Know that if you break your word to my knight here, your position in the pack will mean nothing as I rain fire upon your homes killing all within.” Ostarian limps away with the Knight.

Rykis leaves the halfling without responding, the two seem to have a mutual disrespect for each other with further words only incite blood to be shed.


Ecthelion turns to Ostarion and says. “The world is vast Ostarion. Perhaps you have not found any evidence on the matter, merely because you don’t look in the correct location. It is through my faith, and the oaths that I have taken to the Dawnflower, that I might be protected. I do not believe that it has anything to do with sorcery.. but feel free to try and enlighten me. I look forward to travelling with you Dwarf…stay with me, and I will give you the proof that gods exist….. But do not preach the non existence of my god. You are welcome to your view, but I will not tolerate the spreading of disbelief, simply because you have not yet found evidence.”

“Agreed, small one. I am not one for preaching, as it gets in the of killing cultists. I have given my word that I will fight with you and defend you from undead, and this I will do with relish.” “Our adventure promises to be worth many ales telling in the Inns along the way.” Moving to the area nearby, “Now onto action, do you have any objections if I ensure that your fallen comrades are buried to prevent their corpses from rising again now that we have Ullis and Lancels body outside of the woods. Also scarlett and Carrows remains?”

“Yes. Make sure they will never be disturbed again. Especially that Scarlett lady. There was something about her that I couldn’t trust. Kept disappearing whenever the enemy turned up.”

Ostarian locates each of the bodies, or as much of the parts as possible, and moves them to an area nearby with soft earth. Laying out each body with care he removes all the equipment and items to a pile for the knight to deal with. Holding a stick of charcoal and chalk Ostarian draws small dwarven runes on each body while chanting softly, covering the wounded areas with care. Keeping on eye on the small knight, Ostarian hides a small rubber tube and glass vials in his palms. A small brass needle is plunged into the side of each dead party members head while the rubber tube draws congealing blood into the vial.

Several minutes later his task completed, Ostarian digs shallow graves to place the corpses in. Covering the now near naked bodies Ostarian finishes with some sweeping arm gestures and sprinkling of chalkdust over the earth mounds. Standing up he points at the pile of bloodied gear “What is your wish with this stuff?” " I have buried the dead and they have no need for possessions since the dirt is their home now."

Maric turns to Ecthelion seeing the scattered possession. “Well it would be a great start if yea don’t mind given it to us since we lost all our goods on the wagon to the werewolves. Dat said, I be happy to try and barter with nearby towns to get yea a good deal. Might even be able to organize you some special wears”.

Wait! There is an item of lancels which, as a paladin, he would want me to have… I rummage through the pile a moment, before drawing out the braces of smite. ( I’m sorry, but I can’t let those little gems be sold off for a few coppers)

Looking through lancels possessions Ecthlion finds the broken bracelet of Lancels, on it initialed your friend T.F.

Letting the Dwarves and Ecthelion handle the gear, Ostarian looks through the dead werewolves searching for particular signs of spellcasting enemies. Finding two he knows are called Mathus and Channing he drags their bodies to the trees and makes sure no one can see him as he collects two more vials of blood from their foreheads. Ostarian lays out parchment on the chests of the dead leaders and throws pinches of garlic and squeezes a lemon over the parchment. He then holds the parchment up with runes written in blood that he starts to read carefully.

Ecthelion says " Ooc… You weird little dwarf!".

Ostarian walks over to Ecthelion, “how much did you know about these two demonic werewolves?” (noticing the halfling handle masterworked bracers). “I am able, through the power of my craft and study, to read the blood signs of the fallen or wounded to learn more about them.” “I now will know who these creatures are, what race, profession (also class), when the blood was shed and who by. Blood nevers lies to one who can see life”

Ecthelion says to his fellow dwarfs. "Mathus was preparing to undertake the ritual to raise him up above all other werewolves. I believed it to require Kvarka sains heart.. The old leader of the tribes, but the heart is nowhere here. I believe the whispering way have it.. And yet, they hold this temple ready for the ritual. I find it unusual that they would hole up here, without having the heart close by. Channing I know nothing about.. If you wish to know more, ulli would have been who you need to talk to . Perhaps when Estovian turns up, you can question him before I wipe his taint from the world. ….. If you are asking me what I know of the demonic werewolves, I know that they must be destroyed and adimarus must be destroyed. If you ask about how demon wolves are destroyed, then I can provide insight (knowledge planes +7).

It sounds like a valuable source of information. I am not one for letting corrupt beings live, even for questioning, as the best state for them is death.. Safest for all around them. With this ability, I need not worry about losing information of those whom I see unfit to carry a beating heart.

“Yes, I agree reading their blood is easier than trying to get the words from hardened lips, though I have some magic that does make that easier as well. Easier for me anyway, not so much for them.” Walking to one side Ostarian paces out a square measuring some length on each side by placing a wooden stick in the corners. Standing back and chanting in Dwarven a sturdy stone cottage is built stone by stone from the earth in less than a minute. Turning to the others, “You may rest in my cottage if you desire, it has the room and warm cooking fire.” “I will need to study my spells while we wait for any other adventurers to arrive.”

Raising one bushy eyebrow Ostarian looks impassively at the strange knight cursing the skies above while holding a damaged set of bracers. Limping over with his silvered hammer in hand he stands next to Ecthelion. “If you care to know, I have the craft and skills to fix these items if you assist with your divine grace. For a price or exchange of some kind of course, nothing in this dark wood is free.”

Ecthelion responds “Name the price, and I shall see if I can afford it.”

Carefully looking at the silver bracelet, and testing the links for strength, “I can enchant this with 2-3 days work for 7,000gp, but you will need to assist in the preparation of the holy power.” Looking at you carefully..obviously I am unable to provide that…power. I am willing to take traded magical items in exchange if they are suitable to my needs. “Or you can find a willing Master of Arcane arts (level 18) to cast a make whole spell for you.”

Ecthelion questions “Will the amulet be exactly the same as it was before the fall?”

Ostarin says. “Mmm what were the properties before the fall, I see no indicators that this possessed any great power?”.

Ecthelion replies. “Really? Then maybe it’s power is lost forever then? This silver bracelet is etched with icons of purity, fidelity, chastity, and honor, and glows with a soft white light whenever its owner prays. The wearer of this bracelet can use it as a focus between the oaths that he has taken, to strike out at evil in a more powerful way than he originally could. It amplifies his power to harm evil creatures. If you could restore it for me, in exactly the same manner, then I would surely go through the lengths necessary. It is my duty as a holy paladin to protect such artifacts. Should I not have any items which I could spare, would you accept my word that you may have my share of any money which we come upon? I always pay my debts, in due time, for it is unlawful to do otherwise.”

“I forget on occassion that others do not possess the some knowledge as I do, I meant that the bracelet only possessed moderate power before and now it is faint.” “I can restore the same power to this bracelet as long as you are able to channel the purity it needs to restore this artifact for your church.” “If you do not have the funds now I will accept your word as a comrade and knight that you will repay me for my services.” After all I have given my oath to fight undead with you and this will help.

“A simple bracelet is well within my ability of crafting, even one suited for a holy purpose, such as it is.” “Now set me the task of enchanting a helm of teleportation, that would be a nice challenge to do.”

“Crafting magical items is a trade secret and not for the untrained, though I can tell you that skilled makers can ignore some requirements by building work-arounds. That is why it is wise to the leave the details of magic to those who use it,and mages leave the art of swords to the knights.” “Your holy power can be collected in moonstones which should help bypass the align spell.” OOG The skill check increases if I dont have all the requirements, but it can still be made. Ideally we will find a way to get it working again.

“Ostarion.. Just let me know what you need me to do, and I will assist in any way I can. When the time comes, I will call upon you to draw upon your holy power, and a small amount of blood, to infuse the bracelet near the end of the crafting. All that is left, is the terms of payment, to agree to.”

Looking at the broken items, “I will also need to breakdown that valuable mithril to help build the tokens for the. I think the fallen angel would like that.”

Maric says to Ecthelion, “Well well, there laddy, I wish we could help yea with that. But that is created through praying to the gods. I suppose if yea feel up to it we can can search some of the nearby towns for a sufficient enough priest to make yea that scroll dat you need. If yea want to do dat we should check out Chastel, as it is far larger then Berus. However doing so will mean I will have less stock availiable for yea when we reach the Furrows as me supplier is in Berus. Dat said I am sure I can find something in Chastel which may catch yea eye. If yea want to head to both we will have less time to prepare for the undead surging from the Furrows. The choice is yours Laddy”.

Up ahead you can see Ostarions home. With it getting dark it would seem appropriate to sprnd the night.

Under the branches of old trees within the edge of the Shudderwood is a medium sized stone cottage thrusting out of the earth, smoke lazily wafting through a central fireplace, carrying the smell of roasted fowl into the winds. Inside the cottage Ostarian and Ecthelion are discussing the recent events and planning what to do next while we wait for fellow adventurers to heed the call and arrive. (any new characters coming to join us?) Ostarian has a bone pipe wafting dry mushroom stalks and comley leaves, reading his spellbook while an unseen servant cooks the large birds Ostarian dropped with his magic missile spell for dinner. Turning to the knight who is trying to mend a mithral longsword, “I hope some decent warriors or trackers turn up to help us. I dont fancy any god botherer preaching to the stars and blessing all and sundry. What do you think knight?”

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After reaching the cottage, Unit 1 stands to attention quite suddenly. Its eyes flash a variety of different colours as it speaks monotonously “Patching complete, reboot required. Shutting down.” Its eyes stop glowing, and it stands inert.

With pipe hanging loose and seeing all eight beds accounted for, even one for the construct if needed, Ostarian speaks to all “So where are we looking for this army of undead? Who do we have to put in the earth to finish this threat?”

Maric meets Ostarians gaze. "Well I can only tell yea what I heard from them rancid demon wolves when they tore apart the Silver hand rangers. Apparently almost there entire tribe is headed to a small town called Feldgrua in the Furrows, pursuing the heart of the former packmaster Kvarka Sain. One of the younger werewolves said he said it would be a hard task with a large army of Ardealian soldiers forming on the border of the Furrows to combat undead that were being animated by dark cultists in the area. I also overheard the plan of the demon wolves to sneak unto the town during the battle to challenge the leader of the cultists. Someone called Vrood, who was the heart thief and caused all this mess.

With so much undead at his command it would be almost impossible for the small clan of werewolves to openly combat Vrood, so they are going to use the battle as a distraction. That said they said Vroods army was lead by some folk called the black banners or something like dat. The Banners were going to use the battle and Kvarkas daughter Yeselda for some ritual to summoning something evil and powerful with all the blood spilt on the Dragonsvet plains. The biggest wolf said dat Yeseldas heart was usless to him, dat his dark mother wanted Kvarkas heart to enhance the demon wolves bloodline. Her also told the rest of his pact to take da rest alive, dat they would need them for the battle. Dat Silivio man was amongst those taken. Dat was all I could hear hiding in the stone bunker I shaped. The halflings been after these cultist for sometime, he could tell yea more then I could about them". Maric looks through his belongings. “Yea darnded goblin, Yea drank the last of the ale”. Teyrn gives Maric a cheeky grin before sticking his tongue. “If I weren’t so darn’ded tired I’d make yea pay for dat”.

Freya although blind hearing Marics words also speaks. “We heard something similar before I lost my eyes. Many farmers from the border lands of Ardeal were headed for the Dragonsvet plains to combat a great evil rising there. Our father spoke of going before he was killed” Freya lets out a sob at that last statement. “please continue sister, this is important” Winoia says to Freya. After she regains her composure Freya says “Many people are flocking to the Ardeal banner that flies there. Heroes from throughout the land are being called. A famous wrestler is said to be among them. I do not know what this cult intends, nor do I wish to know. I seek only safety for my sister and myself away from war torn lands. Can you not pray to your godess master halfling to restore my eyes. For even our small community heard of your exploits in the Vielands. Surely someone as devout as you she would answer your call. Your goddess would not condemn me to a life of darkness, absent of light. Please master halfling. Please… I beg you”.

Rewponding to Maric, Ostarian says, “So its off to Feldgrua then. I intend to make Vrood pay for his crimes against the art and for corrupting the dead. I have no desire to corral soldiers while he is finishing any rituals, regardless of whose heart he is using.” Standing up and walking over to the blinded, drawing on his pipe. “If i were you I would get used to being blind as this is the real world you live in and gods have never existed. It is up to you to solve your own problems farmer stop looking for the easy way out. You are still alive when many better than you are dead.”

Ostarion takes a long drag on his pipe and the pauses, before clearing his throat and speaking. “For those that have not read a book for some time, Feldgrau is known as a haunted town as a result of hundreds dying during the wars there. If Vrood has gone there we will face many skeletons and zombies. We should plan accordingly. Knight do you have some manner of flying? I will hazard a guess, like me, you will aim your attacks at the heart of this threat. I have a fly spell potion to assist you in getting in with me to take him down while the others here deal with his walking dead.”

Ecthelion turns and says, “Thankyou Ostavion. This would be my preferred course of action, but I think we should survey the scene when we get there. I will die to make sure Vrood doesn’t live.”

“You probably will, however take this potion of fly, it will give you the chance to fight him directly. the scene is just scenery, ignore it all to strike at the heart. In this I will also give my life if necessary. Cas what do you bring in this hunt of Vrood and his undead minions? Are you able to pull your weight or do smarter people need to carry you in battle?”
Broken Moon, the high throne massacre

Pcs recruited Cas, Unit 1 and Ostian
Pcs found two women carrying signs (Freya and Winoia). One had her mouth sewn shut, the other was blind.
Told PCs bern walking straight 5 days after there farm was destroyed by demon wolves
Cas gave them food and attended to there wounds
Failed to negotiate for two women to enter Ascanor lodge
Decided for the women to travel with three dwarfs in carriage
3hrs into journey dpot werewolf on toad.
Ambushed by milvines and forest fires.
Smokesticks and fire used.
Travelled another 4hrs
Met Vollensags stalkers guarding the highthrone, preventing traitorous werewolves from leaving high throne. They were carrying greatswords whike in wolf form

Images 7

Ulii negotisted a truce with stalkers
Pcs negotiated a way yo attavk the hightrone.
Pcs spotted light above the highthrone which identified as eagle eye spell
Pcs decided to teleport 5 members to the roof
While other two snuck in
Carrow, Lancel, Ulli, Cas and Ecthelion teleported to the roof of the desna highthrone temple.
Csrrow had Lilth in his bag of holding
Upon reaching roof Ulli reacted first, putting several arrows in a werewolf.
The werewolves numbered a total of 8, ulli noted they were silverhide ranger traitors whom wore Mathus coloured obsidian gem on amulet around there neck
Scarlet and Unit 1 made there way to foot of tower. Quickly enough to escape notice of archers.
Ecthelion ignores silver hide rangers and decides to challenge Mathus wnd Channing by himself
Cas follows Ecthelion down stairs
Carrow pushes a wolf of the roof
Pcs attacked by silverhides
Carrow is tripped, Ulli stays behind. Lancel pegging of arrows. Lancel defends against 5 werewolves.
2 werewolves follow cas and Ecthelion down stairs.
Mathus room has six rope trick spells and a create pit trap spell arpund the room.
Mathus enevations Ecthelion.
A lighting cloud brews above high throne, channing starts to call lighting down on adventurers on roof.
Carrow tripped again as he tries to stsnd
Lancel kills a werewolf.
Lilth blasts another werewolf, injuring it.
Unit one enters lower tower, scarlett follows invisible.
Come across a corpse holding onyx gems, scarllet notes they are from the Furrows reagion with the pearly white centre in them.
Carrow is killed by two werewolves, Lilith drops to the ground motionless as Carrows threads over the doll are severed.
Ulli snd Lancel combine to kill another werewolf, however Lancel takes serious damage fending off 5 werewolves at once.
Channing casts a fog cloud spell trying to slow down Ecthelion and Cas.
Mathus hits Ecthelion with a ray of enfeebment as he emerges from fog.
Ecthelion drinks a lesser restoration potion.
Cas fends off two werewolves in the mist of the fog tripping one.
Mtyhus hits Ecthelion with a lightning bolt, he manages to dodge the worst of it.
Channing makes it rain blood in the room.
Lancel continues to trade blows with the werewolves now surrounded by four. He gets tripped and critcal hitted (and disarmed).
Unit 1 breaks open the porticlus gate.
Scarlett sneaks up corridor, spitiing four minor packlords.
Knowing her and the construct are out gunned, they decide to back track.
Ecthelion heals with lay on hands and mives in hitting channing whom has blocked for Mathus.
Seeing Ecthelions dangerous sword channing retreats air walking. Cas continues to fight with werewolves in mist.
Ulli kills another werewolf before Lancel is killed. Lancels last words never split the party echo throughout the temple as hs body plummets off the edge.
3 to one Ulli dashes jumping into rhe stairwelk through the fog cloud. He kills another werewolf as he jumps.
Cas kills a werewolf.
Scarlett ascends outer stairwell to get to second floor.
Unit one decides to levitate up side wall of tower, with a grapling hook so he can pull himself inside.
Channing zaps ecthelion with lightning.
Mathus tries to push Ecthelion of the edge vwith a gust of wind, he resists.
Cas moves out of fog and trips Mathus catching him by surpise.
Ecthelion moves in and hits Mathus hard, causing a grevious wound.
Mathus tries to dimensional door but fails his concentration.
Channing tries to push Ecthelion and Cas of the edge with a gust of wind they resist.
Scarlett makes it to the second level, she spots 10 werewolf archers.
She conjures two illusions to confuse the werewolves.
The werewolves archers are caught by surprise, and start sniffing the air noticing the two ilkusions are fake.
Ulli escapes fog, still pursued by two werewolves, he shoots Channing once with an arrow. His other arrows bend around a cloak of wind around her.
Cas and Ecthelion kill Mathus
The other werewolf emerges that had been chasing Cas in mist, attacking Cas and Ecthelion.
Cas trips the werewolf (AOO) and summons in some celestial eagles to attack Channing
Channing hits ecthelion with more electricity.
Scarlett conjures an obscuring mist.
Ulli gets attacked by the two werewolves that had chased him from the upper level. The werewolf trips him.
Werewolves surround Scarlett on all sides, using there scent to track her.
Scarlett tries to tumble out of being surrounded, she fails her tumble (only needing a 3 or above and rolling a 2).Luckily her concealment prevents attacks of opportunity.
Unit 1 arrives seeing Ulli on the ground with two werewolves on him. He uses his grappling hook to pull himself on the ledge.
Ecthelion kills remaining werewolf near him snd moves to help Ulli
Channing keeps casting spells on Ecthelion, trying a hydraulic to force him off the edge, he resists.
Ulli pulls back trying to escape crawling away.
The two werewolvex on Ulli kill him out right.
Scarlett despite being invisible is tripped and killed by the werrewolf archers.
Unit 1 kills the werewolf that killed Ulli.
Channing is assaulted by eagles again.
Channing casts a lightning spell this time on Cas, injuring him.
Unit 1 and Ecthelion kill last remaing werewolf ranger.
Cas finishes off Channing.
Pcs retreat hearing the werewolf archers that just killed scarlett comming up the stairs.
Escaping the tower bafly wounded and with four dead friends, remaining Pcs see the dwarfs hiding in a stoneshsped fortress they created, from the stalkers
Inforned that silver hand that were following PCs were killed by demon wolves and Silivio was dragged off.
Met Vollensag, presented Mathus head.
Despute the halflings words Vollensag agrees to let the renaining PCs leave with there lives, telling them tgat his Rhakis agents the scanzi followed Vrooid through Ardeal to tge furrows.
Rhakis also told the remaining PCs there seems to be a large gathering of troops near the furrows that are responding to a large undead army being raised by cultists.
Adivion tells Ecthelion via Journey book he will sends whast he can to help acconpany Ecthelion to Furrows, sending a detachment of Sarenrae inquisitors.
With a over a weeks travel ahead of them, Ecthellion, Cas and Unit 1 must decide the route they wish to tale to get to the furrows.


Freya and Winoia

Nothing to die for nothing to live for

Pzo9010 emberstorm escape

In the shadow of the broken moon by justv23 d4xqocq


Pzo9524 pack fight

Lancel returns to Iomedae
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Ulli never knew of his son
Werewolf boy baby l 671239n

Images 26

The watchers journal

(A number of pages appear to have been ripped out. The entries are not numbered, but are clearly written at different times.)

Entry One
Another day in Lepidstadt. I hate this place. Too many people who pretend to care about the world. Still, easy money for a harrower.

Entry Two
Bored. Miss Varisia.

Entry Three
Something is wrong. There is trouble in the wind. I can feel it. Something dangerous has been set in motion.

Entry Four
Cheated at cards. Won, of course. Gave the money to some homeless man. He needs it more than I do. I don’t drink, after all. Still can’t shake the bad feeling.

Entry Five
Harrowstone. The fates have told me so. A prison near some backwater town called Ravensgro. Doesn’t sound like my scene, but I do like the sound of an adventure.

Entry Six
Travelling to Ravensgro today. Still miss home. Always will.

Entry Seven
Quaint place. Not as bad as I thought. Disguised myself as a drunk to blend in. Suppose I’ll wander around and make some friends, if I can.

Entry Eight
Met a man called Loromir today. Nice fellow, bit standoffish. Somehow I think he is in trouble. I like his daughter.

Entry Nine
Loromir has lots of strange friends. I’ve watched them wander around aimlessly. Strange portents I see for them. Most are not long for this world, but there are several who stand out. I can see great and terrible things in their future. If only they knew. But they can never know who I am. They think I’m some sort of Sheriff.

Entry Ten
The darkness is here. The locals are terrified. The spirits are restless, they know something is happening. I need to find out what is happening.

Entry Eleven
Loromir is dead. His funeral was today. A shame, but not unexpected. I’m trying to keep the townsfolk under control, but they’re terrified. I’ve heard word that more of Loromirs friends are on the way from Lepidstadt to hold a meeting in the hall and allay the fears of the people. Something terrible is going to happen.

Entry Twelve
Saw some of the adventurers today. They must have been through hell. They were covered in dirt and looked very tired. Keeping to myself is difficult. I want to help them, but I’m forbidden from doing so. I feel worthless.

Entry Thirteen
The people from Lepidstadt turned up today. They look important. Town meeting is on later today. I have a bad feeling about it.

Entry Fourteen
Town meeting. Chaos ensued. I don’t think many people died. People are leaving. I’ve been busy divining the adventurer’s secrets. Amazing people, each and every one of them. They have such promise, but all I can see is disaster. I hope at least one of them makes it. These heroes are the key.

Entry Fifteen
They set off for Harrowstone today. I wish them luck, but one of them continues to baffle me. The fates wont speak of him. One of the strangest things I have ever encountered.

Entry Sixteen
The adventurers returned, except for the professor. They worry for him. I worry about him.

Entry Seventeen
The adventurers have set out for Harrowstone again. Some will not return. A shame I couldn’t save them, but I am not yet sure what my purpose is for being here. I am doing everything I can to keep the people under control. I get them drunk and arrest those causing trouble. And yet most are still intent on leaving.

Entry Eighteen
Damn that horseman ghost.

Entry Nineteen
They have returned. As has the professor. The fates still wont speak of him to me, and yet I sense that he is changed. The others weep for their lost comrades, but I fear they still have much more left to do before the dead may rest.

Entry Twenty
Ravensgro saw the adventurers off today. They were victorious. I still sense great darkness within the walls of Harrowstone, but it has been subdued. The people are in no further danger. I will set off at first light to follow the party to Lepidstadt. I have heard word there of chaos and turmoil in the capital. They are needed there, as am I.

Entry Twenty One
I have lost the adventurers. They must have taken another route. Inconvenient, but it gives me more time to prepare in Lepidstadt. I hate carriages. I miss home.

Entry Twenty Two
We met a traveling carnival on the way to Lepidstadt. I sense danger. I must help them.

Entry Twenty Three
We have arrived outside the walls of Lepidstadt just as the Adventurers have. One of the girls is missing. She is gone, but it will give the carnival folks peace of mind to know. I have asked the party to help. They have agreed, despite having lost one of their own. He will return, I know it. He may even like it.

Entry Twenty Four
They have set off today. I led them through the university. I showed them the site of the break in, knowing they would realize there is more at work here than simply a raging beast. They were intrigued with Loromirs office, as was I. There was little left of value.

Entry Twenty Six
A lot has happened. The adventurers have traveled far and wide to find evidence for the case. The trial has commenced. They think me a lawyer, though I am far from competent. The trial no longer matters. I have seen the chaos that will ensue.

Entry Twenty Seven
Fire and chaos. Anger and hatred. A fitting end for a strange tale, were it the end. But once again, things have happened as I had not foreseen. The Anomaly is gone. He has freed the beast and departed for the Manor. The Dark One is furious.

Why will the fates not speak to me of him? Has he no future? Or am I losing my touch?

I grow weary. I desperately miss home. I don’t know what I’m doing here.

Entry Twenty Eight
They have left for the Manor. They seek answers. They will find them. I cannot follow. A lynch mob has set out to burn the beast, and the professor with it. I don’t know what will happen. I will set off for Ascanor Lodge. I hear of growing unrest in the Shudderwood. Another step in a long and tiresome journey.

Entry Twenty Nine
Pretending to drink. Gambling my days away in obscurity. Why am I here? There is no reason for me to be here. I will set off for Edgewood tomorrow.

Entry Thirty
Met a strange and ominous band today. The opposite of my friends. Strange that they will meet in a backwater such as this. I can no longer sit by and watch. I grow weary. I have to help. This is my chance to do so. Fates be damned.

Entry Thirty One
I dreamed last night. I havn’t dreamed in a very, very long time. Whilst the fates whisper, and I can hear them, rarely do they call for me. They hid their message in lies and secrets, as always. But the meaning was clear.

Look closer. I know what I have to do, and I know what it portends.

Entry Thirty Two
We arrived at the Lodge. I gave them the Vision. My life is now forfeit. I will die within these walls. But if it means they can see the truth, it was worth it. I had the Vision too, and yet again I saw nothing but a mirror. A lovely, rambunctious girl stared back. Raised by simple parents who didn’t care what people thought, and taught her the same. She has a good heart. I can see the love and hope within her.

They called her Alexis, strangely enough. My sister. My daughter. Myself.

Another life. Another chance.

And at last I get to go home.

Final entry
One last night of fun. A ball, of all things. Dancing, drinking, and fun. I can’t wait. A fitting end.

I wish you the best of luck, my friends. We have had our differences, and our time was short. But I have, and will always believe in each and every one of you. I have done what I could, but the rest is up to you.

An end is only the beginning of something new. You write the future. Never forget that.

Until we meet again.


(Oh, you will find a puzzle box in my possession. I would have it back someday. If you can solve the riddles, feel free to play with what is inside. But be warned, luck is a fickle mistress.)The watchers journal

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Found on the body of The Watcher. A seemingly innocuous box. Engraved into the surface of the box is a phrase written in Common.

“I can not be seen, I can only be heard. And I can not speak Until you say the word.”

“Mmm.. Ostarian has heard this riddle before agmonst the gnomes that live under the hills. It is something that will doom a dwarf when hunting drow in the tunnels”.

Reaching for the box the puppeteer rolls it around his hand, the riddle echoing through his mind. The puppeteer slowly smiles, like the subject of the riddle he knows that the contents of this box will find it’s way back to the watcher, whatever form he takes. Reluctantly he places the box down, unfamiliar emotion flooding him. This box operates outside the threads of fate. Its contents are not for the puppeteer.

“I don’t trust it.. I think we should destroy it” Ecthelion replies.

Carrow says, “just because you do not understand it is no reason to destroy it Ecthelion”.

Ecthelion’s face twitches slightly and he says “but who knows what evils could lay within such a thing… we should crush it before anything foul can escape it”.

“No doubt same evils that lurk in heart of small child bitten by werewolf. Very evil indeed.” <?ulli>

The construct stares and says nothing.

frustrated sigh, as Ulli walks off, Ecthelion yells after him…“Ridding the world of it’s anarchy is hard enough, without you galavanting with the enemy. A small child bitten by a werewolf, becomes a werewolf itself… A creature manifested of Lawlessness, and Malevolence. If the disease cannot readily be cured, then I will cut out the beasts heart, and weep for the innocent child which was. A child which may have maintained it’s innocence, and still lived, had the disease of lycanthrope not existed.”

Ecthelion look once more upon the oddly patterned cube.. “It looks safe enough I guess.” Shaking his head as if trying to get something out, Ecthelion thinks to himself ‘ugh.. I am starting to see evil everywhere’.

Ulli stops his stride and looks back over his shoulder at ecthelion. "The last man I lead through Shudderwood who spoke of good and evil was Paldin like you. Obsessed he was. Not listen to me when I say “no good or evil in Shudderwood, only life or death.” His obsession took him to altar in central Shudderwood. That paldin didn’t find evil. He became it. “Mind the path you walk, or the path will walk on you.” Another saying. I pray for you, small paldin. I have never prayed. But I pray for you."

The Age of Metal

Viktor Von’Drakh (Leader)


Kitch (Gunslinger)

Pzo1121 ratfolk

Myia (Wizard), Seperioth (Fighter), Quincy (gnome rogue) & Dante (Pharasma cleric)

Np cs

It was three days since Kitch had left Viktor to return back to Ustalav. She had journeyed with the strange Professor from the Shudderwood, enlisting the aid of a powerful druid, know as Fox. Fox had transported the Shudderwood to the Verduran forest using the Druidic Cabals fey circle.


Viktor had been drawn to Falcons Hallow in Andoran due to information he had found Scholoss Cormarcs. The information Viktor found suggested that a copy of the Whispers of the Immortal and a seal of Tar-Baphon lie undisturbed in the area. It was obvious to Viktor how Cormarcs room had been tossed that the Whispering Way had discovered one of the seals that kept there dark king imprissoned beneath Gallowspire in Ustalav. If they had discovered the seal it was likely the seal was in danger of being opened. Viktor left behind enough clues to warn his fellow adventurers that the Way were responsible for the attack on the manor.

Before he headed to Ardeal from the Shudderwood Viktor constructed a construct called Unit one from salvage parts from an unfinished project of Alphon Cormarc. Finishing Cormarcs construction Viktor paid left the deconstructed construct in two dwarfs whom had helped him finish the project. Teyrn and Maric. The dwarfs were to deliver it to Ecthelion amongst rumors of an assassination plot on the halfling had reached his ears at Edgewood. Just by shear dumb luck Viktor overhead a conversation between a man in a dark cloth and a women in red speak of a plot to kill the hero. Scarlett was her name. Viktor did not hear the man in the dark cloaks name. Rather all he heard of was his plans to raise a legion of undead in the Furrows to complete part of ritual designed to gather an important ingredient for the Carrion Crown.

Furthermore the heroes that had been pursuing him were getting to close, Scarlett and the red mantis assassins were to hamper slow down the adventurers or kill them if she had a chance to. When coined exchanged hands Scarlett said “We only do this to protect the gods. With the attack on the Vault of Souls, many of the gods have gone to war to reclaim the powerful souls that were lost. Should someone find Arodens or Tar-Baphons soul gem, the entire world and all the planes will be thrown into a war, which would see the destruction of a multitude of civilisations and worlds. If you believe this Carrion Crown will allow our order to prevent such a war we must have it”. The dark figure replied something Viktor could not overhear. What he did manage to make out was “… you are bound to me…”, with Scarlett lettimg out a scream of agoney as something intruded into her mind.

Not wanting to risk anything further Viktor asked his friend Professor Krane to keep an eye out for Ecthelion a halfling. Not wanting to leave his friends unprotected Viktor magically instructed the golem once it had been finished its number one piority was to protect a halfling known as Ecthelion. Leaving the Shudderwood with Kitch to Verduran, Viktor wanted to find out more about the seal near Falcons hollow. Arriving in Falcons Hallow Viktor began his research, spending his spare time to build what constructs he could, designing them based on the snapjaw hommoculus he had saved from Vorkdtags and Grimes Chymric works. The two creatures would be sent to help his friends fight a battle in the Furrows. After spending almost a week in Falcons Hallow, while sitting down for an evening meal at The Sitting Duck a the commotion started. A man came through the north road gate shouting hysterically. The man was quickly identified as the local corpse man, Verrin Tieruk. He was shouting that it was not his fault and that danger was eminent. Most of the townsfolk were laughing at the man but Viktor took him seriously and wanted to hear what he had to say.

Once Tieruk was calmed down, he related his story. The gravedigger explained that the bodies of the dead pulled themselves up from the earth and started to walk off. They scarred off his mule and he was forced to make the hour journey to Falcon’s Hollow on foot. He described what the undead that emerged from the ground looked like. From the description if appeared that they were zombies, ghouls, bloody bones and festrogs. Further proof of his story soon appeared as a pack of zombies crested the hill from the north road, approaching town.

Viktor quickly rallied what he could, enlisting the aid of a band of adventurers know as the age of metal, convincing them to set up positions to await the danger. With the age of metal adventuring party behind him Viktor managed to convince the locals to take Tieruks words seriously, stating he was in Falcons Hallow in pursuit of a dark cult known for animating the dead. After sharing some of his research, the folk of Falcons Hallow rallied behind Viktor. Calls to arms began to be raised through the streets. Lumberjacks took up position at the other two gates and the top of the steep eastern hillside. The age of metal engaged the zombies but another pack was soon on their heels. Not long after the undead were making assaults on all entry points to town. The zombies were also joined by ghouls. The fighting was not hard but the undead did prove tenacious. There was one final push at the north gate but the combination of arms, magic and divine power defeated the threat.

Examination of the corpses revealed that they were dressed in a fashion that was over a hundred years old. Neither Tieruk nor anyone in town could identify the bodies. This led everyone to believe that these undead were not from Tieruk’s cemetery but another source. The bodies were chopped to pieces and burned in large bon fires. Viktor and the age of metal decided to investigate further but not until the morning, after they were rested and fully prepared to face more undead.

Travel to the cemetery was uneventful. The tracks were easy to follow but they did not lead to where expected. Tieruk’s cemetery did indeed show signs of disturbed graves. Tieruk’s home was ransacked and his mule was found dead. The gravedigger was devastated. The tracks lead away from the cemetery but not toward Falcon’s Hollow but rather to the northwest.

Continuing to follow the trail, the group became convinced that it would lead them to the dwarven monetary. As it turned out, they were correct. Just before the approached the ruin, the group was addressed by a voice from the darkness. The deep growling voice stated that it was Lucimar, a former animal companion of a druid named Kasthak. The worg claimed that it had been transformed by necromantic energies emanating from the monetary. It was going to investigate further but the closer it got to the ruin the more powerful the evil pull became. The animal asked for the group’s help to end the taint or, failing that, kill him. The group agreed to investigate on the creature’s behalf.

Inside, the heroes found that the ruins were abandoned. Things were the way that they left it with one exception. The collapsed corridor on the second level of the kobold lair had recently been cleared out. Beyond the former blockage was a shaft leading down. Tracks of shuffling undead lead to the brim of the shaft. Peering down over the edge, the group was able to see that the shaft descended about forty feet where a surface of liquid was seen.

Descending by ropes, Viktor, Kitch, Myia, Seperoith, Quincy and Dante entered the shaft and the chamber below. While lowering to the water’s surface, Quincy noticed that there was a large eye staring from the wall. Quickly Seperoith poked it out. Three bloody bones erupted from the water, sending tendrils after the dangling heroes. A voice was heard in the heads of the heroes. It warned that they should have never come and that they would soon regret that choice. The battle was joined in earnest.

Seperoith, Dante and Kitch fought the battle up close and received support from Myia spellcasting above, while Viktor let loose a barrage of alchemists bombs above. The fight was quickly won and the group navigated through the flooded chamber to a hallway beyonh.

The hall led to a cone-shaped chamber. The room was occupied by ghasts and festrogs. It was also heavily trapped. The undead unleashed a set of six pendulum blades and a hail of spikes. The large door at the rear of the room fell with a deadfall crash. The heroes took damage navigating the blades to fight the monsters. The battle with the undead was quickly resolved once the undead were turned to ash by Dante. He began to smoke enthusiastcally stating how dreary the place was. Myia drench him with some water she conjured. When the battle was over, a crank was found that allowed the exit door to be raised, opening the way to a branching corridor beyond.

The age of metal searched the Archives of a dark laboratory which had numerous paraphernalia on creating undead, in particular secrets of Tar-Baphon seals and how they can be broken. In particular Viktor discovered how a man named Drazmorg had been syphoning power from a hanging seer, whom had trapped his life essence inside a crystal to seal aways Tar-Baphon in the far off land of Gallowspire. Drazmorgs journal indicated that he had bern at it for months, and he planned on using the necrotic energies to errect an army in Ardeal to destroy the nation. It was when Viktor discovered the Whisperin Way sigil, he knew he might have discovered the seal to late to prevent its destruction. The journal spoke of the mystic theurges intentions of becoming the whispering tyrants savior and parqnoid delusions that he himself may indeed be the reincarnation if the tyrant.

After fighting through corridors of undead, Viktor found the seers room that Drazmorg had been syphoning necrotic energy from. Psionically contacting Viktor and Kitch the Seer showed Viktor how 600 years ago he had given up his life to trap Tar-Baphon in Gallowspire, as well as a dark future should the tyrant free himself from his prison. The vision also showed a much darker profercy of the Tyrant enslaving a pale lady in white, stealing her power for himself. Nearby an undead Azlanti amalgimation stood to attention, his eyes teemed with power that few could match. The name eteched into the creatures belt was ARODEN. Alongside the undead creature was Ambriel petting an undead dragon, Ezekial and the rest of the night Harrowers whom towered over the defeated woman. Tar Baphon turned and spoke to a man in a dark cloak, "You have done well my apprentice. With Pharasma defeated and Aroden under my control, no one in the planes can stop me. Especially now that I have dominion over all the dead. With that screaming spirits sprung forth from a vault nearby.

Viktors head spun as a vision of a large battke in the Furrows flashed through his mind. He coukd see the same dark figure he had seen in the tavern and in his other vision sitting atop a mountain whike a battle neneath him took place. Observing closer, Viktor coukd see Ecthelion leading an army of Sarenrae paladins, Lancel leading glowing globes of light and some other people he did not recognize. “Tame tge beast of Lepidstadt and strike only when the time is right” were the words of the psionic seer before the vison disappeared.

With the last of the crysatlised seers power used, his seal shattered. The seers body dropped to the ground. Nearby the age of metal could hear Drazmorg preaching a strange ritual, as the seers blood pooled on the ground and was slowly being siphoned through crevasse into the room the preaching was comming from. The worg Lucimar appeared and told Viktor to stop Drazmorg before he could finish his ritual.

Rushing to the ritual room Viktor was confronted by Drazmorg. The lower section of his body had been replaced by a crystal which floated. Strang pulsating metal barbs clung into the undead wights back, which gave off an emenating hum. Whatever the hum that it emenated allowed Drazmorg to control over 20 ghouls in the room. Spotting the heros Drazmorg incited the ghouls to kill the intruders while he completed the ritual. However Viktor, Kitch and there new friends manage to kill the ghouls before Drazmorg could finish. Drazmorg was furious and a battle ensued. Injured Drazmorg was forced to leave, telepoting away, swearing vengeance on the age of metal.

Returning to the seers room Viktor found Lucimar the worg had consumed the body of the seer. The worg gave a wicked grin as a book dropped from a pouch on her back. Warped by the necrotic energies it had consumed Lucimar gave a sadistic glare. Looking now like an undead hybrid form werewolf. “The seal is destroyed. You did well ridding me of that nusiance Drazmorg. He had for some time prevented me from claiming this power. Tar-Baphons power shall be mine, and not that fools. Long live the way and the whispering tyrant”.

Chasing off after the worg Lucimar managed to escape using some undead creaturez left over to harass the age of metal while she escaped. Finishing off the u dead, Viktor decided return to Falcons Hallow with Kitch and the age of metal. After telling his story the age of metal said that they would help Viktor stop the seals from being destroyed while Kitch lead whatever he coyld send to help out Ectelion and Lancel in the battle at the Furrows. Contacting Fox again Kitch took the portable hole of Viktor which contained over 60 of the homoculus he had created over a month to prepare for the battle at the Furrows.

Kitch back in Ustalav contacted her father and the beast of Lepidstadt convincing them that they would be needed in tbe Furrows for a war that would soon befall the region. Gathering what ratfolk the could and the beast Kitched headed for Ardeal, in particular looking for Ecthellion.

Back in Falcons Hallow Viktor and the age of metal research what they can from the Academae using the book left over from Lucimar.

Leaving Ascanor

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As the dwarf couriers finish their tinkering, the constructs eyes slowly begin to glow.

It speaks monotonously to nobody in particular. “Initiating boot procedure. Checking physical memory. Running power-on self test. Boot device sequence initiated. Splitting support payloads. Loading boot sector. Checking partitions. System scanning for errors. Initializing personality matrices. Please wait.”

The machine stands inactive for a few moments. Then it suddenly begins to move spasmodically, as if trying to fit into a new body for the first time. It looks around with new eyes, taking in the world around it. It looks at each of the party members in turn, before turning its gaze upon Ecthelion. It stares with its cold glowing eyes for several moments. It kneels before him, still staring. It says nothing.

Ecthelion looks at the construct in astonishment… “Wow.. this is a warforge, Saera and I always wanted one of these ever since we saw the Schematics come through Solku trade square.” Ecthelion looks thoroughly excited!.. Now speaking to the construct, “What is your name, who do you serve, and what is your use?.”

Unit 1 continues to stare while it speaks.

“It is Unit 01. It serves those whom the creator bids it to serve. Its directive is to find Sir Ecthelion and his companions. It is to protect them.”

Ecthelion, taken by intrigue and excitement, hurriedly signs the papers. “This is SOO Cool!!!”

Unit 1 continues to kneel and stare.

“Awwre it seems to be working fine” Maric the dwarf says, giving it a kick in the butt. “Oooowwwweeee” he begins to cry as he hops around trying to kiss his foot. “The thing sure is solid”, giving it a tap with his hammer. Clunk clunk….. “We best to see if its magical command directives are in order. If you will stand here Master halfling, pointing at a rope circle on the ground” “Bring the apples and pickles Teyrn” whom nods excitedly. “Ok… now Ecthelion is it. Teyrn and I are going to throw these apples and pickles at yea. En if the chunk of metal and magic is working right it should stop them. Ok Teyrn, wait for the halfling word, and then we throw em at him” Teyrn gives a slight confused look then nods excitedly again once more. SPLAT!! A pickle hits Maric directly on the nose. “No yea darn fool. I said the halfling. Do I look like a darn beardless, hairy footed midget” wiping away the pickle juices from his face squinting now that they arebin his eyes. Teyrn begins to nod once more. “Yea never learn. Righteo on your command halfling we shall begin”.

unit 1 stands of its own accord, and turns its head towards the dwarves.

Ok.. I’m ready Ecthelion says with a liilw hop in his srep.

“Oh thy creator of dis is blooming brilliant, nearly up ta our standards.” Maric says while nudges Teyrn. “Ye Ecthalion iniate voice command recognition, speak thee words.” pointing to the paper as it says. The command word is fairly simple, ‘Unit One, Defend’
“Unit One, Defend” ecthelion yells out, unsure of how loud he would have to bark orders to the machination.
“Seriously, this is soo cool”

Unit 1 immediately moves in front of Ecthelion, though it does appear slightly ponderous and not quite used to its body yet. It’s torso and left arm begin to glow a sickly green as it draws its Warhammer with its right hand. It emits a strange shrieking noise (like TV static), raises its left arm, and some sort of arcane barrier flares into existence before it. The shield is intermittent and flickering.

Ecthelion asks the dwarf Maric… “is it supposed to flicker like that?”

Maric responds “Don’t know. Its creator said it may need some fine tuning before it works properly”.

How do I fine tune it? The halfling asks once more

“I don’t know…. perhaps it had its own maintenance command. Its creator said that it should awaken and have its own personality as well when it becomes fully functioning. But it won’t listen to this dwarf. Its magical glyphs and runes have your name etched into its side, which means only you can command it.. Don’t know perhaps you could ask it to repair itself. I don’t care much for constructs much. Give me a sturdy weapon anyday. Yea haven’t tried kicking it. That usually works for me”

“This construct has sworn to protect me… I will not ‘kick’ it… Unit 1.. do you need repairing?” Ecthelion asks the construct

The construct remains prepared for battle whilst it speaks.
“Systems are operational. No damage to report. Estimated patching time 100+ hours.”

Maric says “Well lad we can’t piss ass around here any longer, gotta go.” The two dwarfs shake Ecthelions hands and say “Atrast nal tunsha.” (If you can speak dwarf it means a former farewell, may you always find your way in the dark.) then begin to leave with the signed document. Maric scratches his head then turns around “Oh de forgot ta say, If you experience any malfunctions, come by thee Lions Arch Merchant Post din Caliphas, as we will fix dit up din no time, cause all costs re paid for by da illuminus sender.” then continues to leave.

Those with perception who are watching the construct notice its eyes flash green as the dwarves begin to walk away. It stands down and shoulders its hammer. It stands motionless, still watching the dwarves, and says nothing.

When the dwarves are out of sight, the constructs eyes glow green. It turns around, kneels before Ecthelion again and says “No threats detected” and its eyes glow white again. It continues to stare at Ecthelion, and says nothing else.

“Thankyou unit 1. Is there anything I can do for you?” Unit 1 continues to stare, and says nothing.

Ecthelions moves toward it, inspecting it thoroughly, armour, and weapon as well…. Looking around so that no one can hear… “Unit 1, do you have any vulnerabilities?”

Looking at it’s armour plating, you’re fairly confident it’s mithral. Looking at the hammer, you notice that its entire surface is covered in bizarre symbols and it seems to glow faintly. (Knowledge engineering and/or spellcraft would probably net you a bit more info

Unit 1 says “Negative. It is to protect.”

Sitting alone in the Inn eating a heaped bowl of overstewed potatoes is a male dwarf wearing explorers mud spattered leathers. His face is scarred heavily in crossing lines while his head is shaved with a star tattoo on his forehead. He is watching all carefully.

Walking throught the inn, Ecthelion notices a male Dwarf. He is garbed in mud spattered leathers, and likely has just arrived at Ascanor. The scars on his face mark him as a man of battle – that or he believes in ritualistic scarring, which wouldn’t surprise anyone when put in context with the star tattoo on his forehead. Searching his mind for relevent memories on the matter, Ecthelion makes a knowledge religion, nobility, and planes check on the star, and the scarring.

Seeing the dwarf scoff down chunks of stewed potatoes washed down with a strong pull of ale, you notice bits fall into his ragged beard without concern from the dwarf. You study avails you of some of the scars are formed into sigils or protection runes spreading across his entire body by the looks of it to offer some form of defense against the spirit world. No signs or symbols to any of the known gods are visible, yet he feels powerful in some way. It could be the hard look from his glowing amber eyes scanning the room or the faint lingering auras of magical trinkets and amulets about his body concealed in the gemstones and precious jewellery worn easily. The star contains small lines of dwarven runes symbolising his family history hunting undead over the centuries.

Looking closely you notice that the dwarf is old for his race and has a sturdy leather collar around his neck half concealed by the hood laying over his cloaked shoulders. A masterworked silver dwarven hammer is laying on the seat near his left hand. The hammer is well worn and has pieces of carved bone hanging by threaded hair hanging from the haft. A single carving of dwarven runes inlaid with gold is on the hammers striking face with a single polished jet stone embedded in the hammers side. As he is slurping his stew up and mopping the strays with his gloved hand, you notice that he is listening intently to the inns patrons.

Pushing the bowl and jack of ale away half finished Ostarian stands up to his impressive height of four and half feet, shoulders his leather backpack onto his broad back, and hefts the silvered warhammer by its neck. Moving awkardly away from the seat it becomes clear that the dwarf has severe injuries from his travels as a brass and leather contraption in on his left leg forming a brace covering a badly positioning leg. This is an injury from battle not due to age and all can see the dwarf has great difficulty in walking smoothly, or at all. Ostarian moves towards the halfling, he knows to be of noble blood and knightly in presence, called Ecthelion. Favoring his left leg Ostarian wipes his beard and gazes intently at the agile knight “I hear in the winds that you are making some effort to wipe out the dead that walk again in the region” ..“If this be true, then I offer my services as a mage of some power with experience in hunting the dead who wont rest.” I seek no coin nor reward except what i make from my own efforts and the right to destroy undead wherever it crosses our path. Ostarian holds out his worn leather glove smelling faintly of mud “I swear my oath on the stones of the Five Mountains to protect you and destroy undead where it lurks. What say you?”

Ecthelion stares intensely at the Dwarf, as though staring into his soul, searching for any sign of an evil within, before answering with relieved smile, “Finally! A companion with thoughts akin to my own. I am honored by your oath. It shows loyalty, something which I seldom see in these areas. I accept your oath. The foul beast can only be driven back into the ground by force…. Please, let me sit with you so that I can get to know you… an oath is binding, but a friendship means true trust.”

[You get little read from his aura, except that he has seen horrors others will never know. His hammer is low magic, probably an undead bane weapon based on the runes seen. Small faint magical items, mainly potions and scrolls are on his person. An adamantine ring worn on his left hand glows with moderate power that seems to fluctate between all the schools of magic except illusionary or enchantments] “Loyalty to ones fellow adventurers is all we have in the end, failing to act with honor and keeping oaths is when the dark path is being taken.” “Let us sit and talk to share of knowledge of the undead in the area and of something called the Whispering Way.” “Drinks are on me my stout ally, and let us talk of great deeds to come.”

“Yes.. I feel you and I are going to do great things.. Let me fill you in on the whispering way, and how we think they are tied in with the current werewolf activity in the area” Ecthelion says

The construct standing next to Ecthelion stares at the dwarf and says nothing. It’s eyes flash green for an instant, and it begins to pace slightly awkwardly in circles around the edge of the room, turning its head to stare at patrons.

“I see you have sturdy guardian in the form of a dwarven crafted sentinel. I have no issue with the sentinel, but be ware of any that walk without the will to resist the charms of the undead.” “The Garou do little to bother me as I have some ability to stop their attacks, it is the subtle influences of ghosts, vampires and the like that really keep me up at night.” I am able to craft simple potions and perform arcane rituals that may protect us in the coming trials. Do you have any other adventurers to travel with us, I seem to lost my last group. Ostarian unconsciously rubs his brass bindings and moves his crippled leg into a less noticeable position. [I currently have the ability to detect bloodlines, spell casting levels, and current ongoing spell effects and am watching all the other patrons closely still]

“Unit 1 is loyal to me. He was built by a friend of mine whom I travelled with, to destroy the undead in Ravensgro. As it were, I too have lost many from my group. I am humiliated for having them die, but I live with that forever. New hero’s have joined me though. Let me introduce them….looks around for party members

Alone, Ulli sits at the Ascanor lodge wall, absent mindedly wittling away at a small piece of timber while he looked at his Shudderwood.

He noticed how cruel and foreboding it seemed. This surprised him greatly, as he had only ever looked upon it as being home. He was confused. He thought of Alika, who had given so much to bring his mind back to the world, only to be promptly taken away. The thought sickened him.

For so long the knowledge that the forest always gave and took away equally comforted him. He had helped travellers through the woods to safety many a time. But just as equally, he had put an arrow into someone who was foolish enough to step off the path.

‘Mercy kills,’ he thought to himself. ‘Liar,’ His conscience said in retort, “you hated them. Just like you hate a lot of humans.”

Ulli swallowed hard as frustration bit at him. The werewolves he had come to love so much were human too. Only half, but human nonetheless. The other half was something natural, something beautiful. They had let go of themselves and embraced the wild. They embodied natures fury and natures uncontrollable shifts, her serenity and her peace.

He blinked back a tear as he realised that the Werewolves were growing too uncontrollable, the animal within was turning to a beast without. He hated the thought, because he knew that if Ecthelion heard him say it, he’d never hear the end of it. And to say such a thing would betray his beloved Yselda.

‘No.’ He thought to himself, Yselda’s smiling face appearing in his troubled mind, ‘There is a natural heart to these Werewolves. The Silverhides, The Broken Ones, even the Primordials walk this path. They are peaceful creatures, not monsters.’

He looked to the woods again and smiled. The lush, green forest ahead of him teemed with life. He heard birds sing, leaves rustle and felt the endless motion of the forest. He smelt flowers and moist earth and tasted the crisp morning air.

No longer was he going to remain without a motivation. No longer was he going to accept death with life. For Ulli, there can only be life.

He looked down at the item he wittled, with its tiny stag horns and its tiny arrow. His eyes widened and he felt a chill wash over him.

Falling is the last thing an angel feels!

Fallen angel zastavki com 20287 9

And that is what Cassiel felt. Worlds whip past his head as he fell. His once silver skin melted and pealed as he plummeted, taken on a mortal hue. His golden wings moulted and frayed until nothing was left. He cradled himself in a ball as invisible chains stripped his divine essence, and he fell.

Standing at the lodge, a sleepy watchman saw a fallen star plummet to earth with a soft plump as it contacted the earth. Stranger things have happened in Shudderwood he rationalised, as he simply continued his rounds.

Fallen angel by geosotal d33zlx0

And with the contact to earth Cassiel, deva of Immodea and angel of temperance and wrath was reborn. Kneeling in the blasted clearing, a hairless naked gold man with a silver symbol of Immodea pressed onto his forehead stood up. Eyes of bewilderment and confusion overwhelmed him as his senses screamed to life. With the overpowering assault on his mind, he grasp for air as he took his first mortal breaths, collapsing with a moan as his body became alive.

Whoop! A second sound alerted his attention as other heaven being came into reality. Standing before him, another sister of his stood before him, a frown of deep sorrow and sadness across her face. Cassiel had to turn his face as the grace of the creature overwhelmed his senses.


“Cassiel, what have you done”, she whispered in a holy voice. “Gabriel, I do only what must be done, I can no longer sit idly by and watch as this place turns to ruin as the souls of the innocent are forever dammed”, he retched in reply, trying to suck in air. “You know that the task is heavy that you have set yourself, and you risk your mortal soul now because of the action you have taken. She is pleased of your sacrifice you have made, but your intemperance and impulsiveness has come at a great cost. You are no longer one of us, a lesser being that has lost the powers of heaven, when you fall you may never rise again, is it worth the sacrifice of your divinity?” the angelic figure retorted.

Standing up, the Cassiel no longer fearing the angels grace or divinity stared the creature in the face. “I fear that the angels are truly lost if they think mortals are lesser beings, I would gladly pay the price a hundred times over not to see him return. And don’t be so harsh to judge others Gabriel, you haven’t been hear long enough to earn that right,” he reported as he gazed into the young angels face.

Turning her back on him she replied “Cassiel, your fate is your own now, but know this she has cursed you with memories of all the souls that you have reaped in her name. They will follow you everywhere you go as a price that you now must pay for her guidance”.

“Gabriel, it sounds that you fear for me for what I’m about to do”, he answer back. “Promise me that you do not lose yourself, this world is full of things that will cloud your judgement. This enemy within is strong and unpredictable. Control these emotions or the fight cannot be won”, she responded. “Do not worry Gabe as I know what must be done. I still have heaven and faiths at my side don’t I,” he whispered back.

Turning to retrieve some items Gabriel retorted “She is not without mercy, she has given me leave to give you some items”, she mention to a buddle of items at his feet. “She even gave leave to let you have one of your items back,” she mention as she picked up a wooden staff and handed it to Cassiel.

Cassiel grasped the staff as memoires of it power flooded back into being. With a sharp thrust he hammed the end into the ground to have a silver blade spring from the top, as the war scythe sprang to life. “It has lost most of it power, but it can be reawakened with the souls of evil”, said Gabriel as Cassiel twirled and practice with the blade. “Thank you”, he replied as he buddled up the items.

Gabriel embraced Cassiel as he finished collecting the items. “Do not fear for me little sister, as I do not fear places where other angels fear to trend” he answered into her ear. “Remember, we will be always with you if you need to call for our aid”, she replied as he pushed away from her embrace. “May she guide your blade to persevere all the remains good in this world”, as the angel blessed Cassiel as she slowly dissipated out of existence. “Thank you sister, we will met again”, Cassiel said as the last remnants of the angel disappeared.

Cassiel, whispering a silent prayer to thank her for her benevolence headed towards the lights of Asconore Lodge.

“And by Erastil’s name, it will be so,” he said aloud as sunlight broke upon him.

Prayers to Desna

This Desna prayer book was found amongst Estovions belongings in his study.

Prayers for the New Morning
Morning Prayer to the Goddess Desna

This prayer should be done at dawn.

“Hail Bright Maiden of quicksilver delight, shine upon me. Thy morning blessing, which, like the new dawn, refreshes my Spirit and lifts my heart with song. Blessed Be. Grant thou safe journey on the road ad thy luck be with thee”

Main Prayer
Lady, The glimmer of light reflects life’s possibilities. Newness fills the air, potentialities untapped yet ready and waiting to burst forth. The energy is infectious and gives new hope to those in need. The Goddess understands the hurts of the heart and lends Her aid. Beginning again we grow in dignity as we wax toward fullness.

How darkness offers a time of respite. How will you use it?

Daily Affirmation
In the Name of Desna: I am open to trying new things, travelling new roads and aim to change the world for the better.

Closing Prayer
“Thanks to Thee Bright Maiden for Thy care, for green laughter and fire-edged dew, and for Thy blessing, a most precious jewel. Blessed Be thou lady of dreams.”

Moon goddess by oibyrd
Prayers for the New Afternoon
Afternoon Prayer to Desna

This prayer should be done after dawn but before noon.

“O Mistress of stars, Mistess of changing fortunes, set aside Your silvery bolts that change the stars and take Your ease of Love with me. You are the Goddess of dreams! You are the Goddess of all delights! Blessed Be and show me thy awakened path. I aim to follow you good fortunes like a shooting star”

Main Prayer
New Moon rising, but a hint of promise in the darkling sky. The Lady releases but a fraction of her light as token of her changing presence. We hang our hopes upon your silvered wings and dream of new beginnings.

New Moon is a time to initiate change. What change do you need in your life right now?

Daily Affirmation
In the Name of your name Desna: I will begin the steps to initiate a much needed change in my life.

Closing Prayer
“Thanks to Thee, Lady of Dreams, for leading me into the deeper mysteries of the heart. Be with me now and always. Blessed Be in the hope I am born again and rekindled anew.”

Prayers for the Evening
Evening Prayer to the Goddess Desna as Mother of dreams and change

This prayer should be done in the after dusk.

“Hail Mother of the sparkling skies, You of plenty and fertile womb, breathe Thy blessing upon my heart, nourish my soul that I, too, may create the world with love. Blessed Be.”

Main Prayer
Lady, Though Your silver orb no longer lends her light and darkness settles firmly with the night, Goddess is ever-present even if unseen. She works spells of healing, of beginnings upon the world. The darkness will eventually give way to light; and lifes Circle will grow, flow and change.

Silence and solitude. Go somewhere and simply be in silence and solitude.

Daily Affirmation
In the Name of the All-Mother: I will aid another in some way today.

Closing Prayer
“Desna, Mother of my life, I give Thee thanks for Thy blessing -the fruit of the vines, the fruit of my spirit; life’s abundance. My sustenace and nourishment . Blessed Be of lafy of the stars, let my life be changed by your butterfly effect, emerging with the wanderlust of a new traveller.”

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Prayers for the Night
Night Prayer to the Goddess Desna as a Crone

This prayer should be done in at night.

“Hail Desna Dark Lady of the Crossroads, of wisdom hard-won, grant me Thy blessing, purify my heart, and teach me the truth of my soul; show me that death is but the gateway to life. Blessed Be, my life unburdened by troubles and stem me with confidence. Keep thy future future clad a mystery.”

Main Prayer
Lady, Tiny voice, like the hidden sounds that moths make, call to me in the silence of the night. Like moths beating their wings against the screen, You beat against the shutters of my mind, demanding entrance. The candle of the moon is dark, granting no direction. Yet, veiled though You are, Your nearness brushes me like fragile wings against the fire’s flame. New beginnings are Your gift, to unfold as the many-petalled moon, or the iridescent wings of Your desire.

How new beginnings often start in darkness. What do you need to do to begin?

Daily Affirmation
In the Name of the Dark Crone: I see a Circle of Darkness and what is revealed therein.

Closing Prayer
“I bow to Thee servants of Desna. To her servants the Night Monarch, Nightspear, Prince of the night sky and Sorrowbrand I thank Thee for Thy blessing – the Cauldron of Night full of life, and death, and life again; Thy magic gives me wings. Blessed Be and allow thou to live out thou life in freedom, carefree, filled with discovery and mystery.”

Blue moon and wolf
Prayers for the Full Moon
Midnight Prayer to the Full Moon

This prayer should be done in the at midnight under a full moon.

“I pray for the Moon, I pray to the Moon, I pray with the Moon. You show me secrets that dance across the skies, stars that show thy way. You create the shadows for us to follow and live without fear from Zon-Kuthon turmoils. The night is a time of wonder and beauty. I dance under your guidance bright lady above. Blessed Be and do not fear the full moon or the unknown, awaken my true potential for I out thou a believer whom seeks thy grace”

Main Prayer
Mistress of the moon, the stars, the dark and bright sky, we know of your beauty in exhalted dreams. But we know dreams can become nightmares. So we roll the dice, we toss the coin or draw a new hand, knowing nature like the moon can be a bright destiny or dark fate. Listen to my sacred call, shadow maker and shadow breaker. The moon is thy great lamp of your grace, whose majesty rivals thy stars. We seek to change. Blessed be bright Lady above, whose eclipse in the skies silvery embrace teaches us our truest fate. You are the Song of the Spheres, The Great Dreamer, The Starsong, The Tender of Dreams. In mind, body and soul I commit thee to thy purpose.

Life is a circle like the moon. How do we understand its true meaning?

Daily Affirmation
In the Name of the all wise mother, whose kingdom resides amongst the stars: I see a Circle of life in a land of pleasure, pain and mortality. We look towards the heavens to show us the stars.

Closing Prayer
“O’Lunar Goddess, O’Cresented one, we seek to understand what cannot be found, walking the seas of solid ground. Let each dream become a bright star. Teach us the truths we seek out and so desire. Guide us along our fate stary lady above. I revel in your love, oh goddess of change cast me to the wind so I may grow towards your inevitable goal. Like the moon I rise, I fall, but my soul is yours. Bleesed Be, I seek only to travel with thee,”

Desna Ritual Prayer to the Red Moon

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I call upon you Goddess divine, I stand before your sacred shrine. Spread your wings, let in the light, I pray you’ll help me do what’s right. Help me steer from what is wrong, and any evils for which I long. Help me live out every day, according to your righteous way. Let your voice ring loud and clear, to comfort me of all my fears. And if I ever shed a tear, I pray Dear Goddess, that you’ll be near. When times are tough and I want to scream, comfort me through your sacred dream, when I look up to a star, I will know that you are not far, Your guidance I need throughout this life, I pray you’ll never leave my side. And when at times my faith is weak, in you, my Goddess, please let me seek., I call upon you, Goddess divine, I stand before your sacred shrine.

Howling at a blood red moon by dragon wolf a ce

Questioning Adivion

“Vrood is the man I have been tracking for some time. I briefly spoke with him back in Ravensgro while visiting Lorrimor. He told Lorrimor and I that he was intending to rebuild the Harrowstone prison, except rather then have it as a prison he wished to recruit heros from all around Ustalav and reclaim the nation, and make it free once more. Vrood spoke of an insidious evil that was corrupting Ustalav from beneath. He spoke of an order that could influence the entire nation, say whom ruled and how people were to be ruled.

Lorrimor convinced me I should aid Vrood and offer my assistance. I told Vrood if he meant what he said I could put him in touch with the right people and gave him a letter of reccomendation to Ascanor Lodge. As the lodge had various people of influence visit it regularly. It was only when Lorrimor told me that I must leave town immediately that I got worried. He gave me his journal and told me to keep it and only open it should something happen to him. Lorrimor also told me not to trust anyone if I am ever required to read the journals contents. Lorrimor scared and confused me with his words. But being a long time friend I did as he suggested and left Ravensgro. It was only when I heard of his….his death [sobs for a moment] that I knew Petros had meant more with his words then what I understood.

Upon reading the journal I returned to Ravensgro to attend my friends funeral. I saw you there also. Heading my friends final words, I decided to stay in Ravensgro and monitor you to see if I could trust you to help me track down Vrood and bring justice to him. I stayed with councillor Hearthmount. But when the village came under attack by restless spirits I was unsure whether you were in cahoots with Vrood. As Vrood had told me of a ritual he was conducting to cleanse Harrowstone of the haunts that lurked there, even showing me his Pharasma symbol. The ritual involved sealing the most dangerous haunts in a mystical jar of some sort and then consecrating the grounds.

With the village under attack from spirits, I was unsure of whether or not you were agents of Vroods. I sent for aid from nearby temples and they told me they were sending one of there best inquisitors, Tarkus Finley to deal with the situation. I used my wealth, friends and power to ensure the inquisitor came with due haste. The letter also contained a suspicion that someone around Lorrimor may be involved with he strange happenings, in particular the witch Anca. As the village came under attack only when you arrived at Ravensgro.

I gathered what information I could about Lorrimors death and spoke to Kendra several times in secret. It was only after you left Ravensgro I felt I could speak with Finley, admittedly I was still suspicious of your involvement. Gathering as much as I could I spoke with Professors Crowl and Krane in Lepidstadt. Crowl helped me understand that Lorrimor was investigating a dark cult known as the whispering way. And Krane said he had spoken to this so called Vrood at Edgewood in, whom was heading for Ascanor Lodge.

I spoke briefly with Sir Elmore Dane whom said he was helping his son organise an effort to shut down the cult and eliminate them. An orgainsatiin know as the Whisperers end. I must confess Ecthelion, I am not an adventurer. Rather a scholar of ancient manuscripts and texts. But I am a man of wealth and power. A man of influence in Caliphas. I offered to help fund this this movement of Elmore and Lancel Danes, in exchange for them bringing justice upon the dark cult. To ensure people whom could be trusted were involved I told Elmore to recruit some friends of mine whom I knew I could trusted. They are helping Finley remove the way from the Vielands. I was hoping I could catch Vrood at Ascanor Lodge before he left. I knew that if I could head him off here I would have a chance of stopping him. As I have many friends at the Lodge… testlarc…. testlarc. But I missed him by a few hours. But I knew you would be comming here from Finley.

I spoke to numerous guest whom said Ivanja and Estovion had been having private meetings with Vrood on numerous occasions. Thus I decided to wait and speak with you in person, hopefully at a better time then at a dinnerball, especially since Estovion or Ivanja could have been working for Vrood. But you exposed Estovions corruption before I really had a chance to speak with you properly. I just wished I could have stopped Vrood here. But you and your friends moved before I had a chance to explain the situation in full, in a safe area of the lodge away from unsuspecting ears. As Estovion has half the servants here gathing information for him. Like I said, I am no adventurer, but are in a powerposition at the capital. I wish to help you out as much I can. I am hoping we can forge a friendship of trust, so that I can discover the true purpose of Vroods actions and his motives. Just what it is he is gathering. And what he intends to use it for. Do you know anything about what it is Vrood intends to do?

I feel stupid as he has already decieved me once before and it cost me a dear friend. You may think it wrong of me paladin but I do not wish Vrood to set foot in a court, I eould rather see his head hacked from his body for the damage he has done. You may think vengeance is second to justice, but I wish the man dead. Kendra will never be the same sweet child I knew. Testlarc…. It is my wish that I help you however I can to see vengeance brought upon Vrood. I have much to offer and my hand is there for aid if you wish it. All you need do is ask. Regardless of your answer, I will hunt down Vrood by myself if need be. But I’d much rather work byb your side".

You sense Adivion is speaking truthfully.

Ecthelion says to Adivion, “Adivion. I thank you for your honesty. You are both a wise and powerful man. I am sure that asking you for assistance would be both wise and beneficial. Speak not of Vengeance of Justice… i will remove Vrood from this land, because it is what needs to be done, to bring this land one step closer to Utopia. There is some assistance which I need. The group I travel with changes every day. My reputation in this place has grown, and I know that there are those out there who would not approve of the work I do for the good cause. There are those who would want me dead. I would ask if you could keep your ear to the ground so to speak. I do not ask you to do anything unlawful, but any information you can pass to me directly, in regards to those who accompany me, would be important to the cause. I cannot remove Vrood, if someone removes me first. Due to the importance of our cause, I need to know that those with me are worthy of our trust.”

Adivion responds
“[sobs] You truely are an honerable man. What I know will be yours. I wish to give you all that I have qnd know…” Adivion reaches into a bag nesrby and pulls out two books and quills. "Lorrimor and I kept in touch using these. Theu are magical books which can communicate over great distances. Although they may not be somrthing you are use ro. Simply make a small cut on ones hand and put the tip of thenquill in ones blood. Whstever you then write shall be passed onto its sister book.

You have proved to me you can be trusted, therefore I have placed my first entry in your journal already"

As you open the journal you read "Vrood is headed to somewhere in the furrows. A place of great evil. A place of the dead that stretches for miles. I do not know exactly where .The place is a human made maze of trenches and mass graves. But I learnt from charming Estovions familar, a black cat that he is headed there. Seek out Estovion and Mathus Mordritch, and you shall be able to find exactly where Vrood is headed.. I will stay here in Ascanor, I believe there is mpre to be learnt of Vroods true intent, even if I must read every bloody book in the library and question every guest here ten times. I shall remain in contact check the journal regularly.

Safe travels and good luck Ecthelion, Adivion"

Ecthelion questions
“Can’t I just use normal ink?”

Adivion responds
" A journey book is a book used to communicate with someone far away. It can be used to send orders to troops in war, or to communicate with a partner far away. To write in a journey book, you must use blood as ink. Anything written in one journey book would immediatly show up in its partner,"

Ecthelion says
“Very well then,” Ecthelion takes out a quill, and stabs his finger with it, before proceeding to write into the book. The sun illuminates all evils. Take care of me, and I will take care of them.

As each letter is inscribed in the book you see it magically appear in Adivion sister book. “This way we can communicate with each other and I can inform of anything I uncover during my investigation of the whispering way, I shall be in the lodge for at least a few days. Let me know what you gind out from question Estovion. Anything you find I will present before the high council in Caliphas and I will also seek out Watcher-Lord is Ulthun II of lastwall, hopefully we can find allies there. Be careful Ecthelion, for I do not wish you to share the same fate as Lorrimor, when he got in too deep. The way have spies everywhere. It is only a matter of time before they come for you. I just hope you can trust your fellow adventurers to be there for you when the time comes”.


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