Carrion Crown: Kyle's

Scholoss Cormarcs The Mindslaver Thrall

Crossed the dangerous narrow stoneshaped bridge
Decided not to climb up mindslaver thrall instead went through door
Saw a woman trapped in a cage whom yelled out to watch out
Attacked by four armed flesh golem
killed golem and met Dramaria
Learnt from Dramaria she had been knocked out by a man in a white coat and thrown in cage
Moved to next level quickly, with Lancel and kaiden leading
Afraid of what Viktor will do ehen mindslaver device is activated
Dramaria told rhem to slow down and look at research notes left behind
Kitch gathered what she could knowing she could help Viktor research with the notes
Find a room with scattered alchemical reagents everywhere
Find a room shrouded in webs and chains in the centre broken. A large cage hangs above the chains
Find some writing on the wall
Discover an invisible presence in the room, but unable to pin it down
Find the Aberrant Promethean, Cormqc lockrd in admantite cofgin.
Kill the promethean
Head to roof and challenge Viktors clone Anomoly over control of the Mindslaver thrall
Anomoly is subdued
Ectgelion smashes tge qlchemical jar containing Cormarcs wife
Cotmarc set free.
Thraka displays head to rampaging crowd, telling them to return home, that the beast has been killed
Anomoly jumps from minslaver thrall, not wanting to be captured alive
Kitch leaves, saying she is going to look for anomolys body
Unable to switch the mind slaver thrall off PCs devide to leave it on
Beast set free to live its own life out
Cormarc returned to Lepidstadt to face judgement for his crime spree spanning 30 years
Cvormarcs homovulus captured trying to set its master free.
Rioters disband and stop in Lepidstadt, not before 750000gp in dmg was done to the city, bankrupting large portiond of the populace
Pcs return to Lepidstadt, learning from Cormarcs interrogation that the Whispering Way are gathering ingredients for a ritual, with the next item being the heart of the packmistress of all the shudderwoid werewolves.
Embreth Daramid suggests they should head after the Whispering way, noting that they have brought ruin to two cities Ravensgro and Lepidstdat
After Cormarcs trial Thraka tells Pcs he intends to head after Von’Drakh, especially since he was partly responsible for the damage done to Lepidstadt. Thraka will bring him in to face judgement, ehile the PCs head out after the Way.
Whisperers end formulated by Lancel and Elmore Dane
Elmore rebuilds courthouse
Ecthelion given the keys to the city and becomes protectorate of the Sarenrae church (meaning he is in charge during times of crisis)
After two weeks seraching for new adventurers and info about the Whispering way/Carrion crwon Pcs embark on there next quest in tge Shudderwoods
52 taking a few samples

Stf165 forbiddenalchemy

Stf180 rune

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Chapter 16: Scholoss Cormarcs Petting Zoo

Saw people gathering out the front of Scholoss Cormarcs, begining to ransack the manor
Anomoly and the beast had finished preparing the mindslaver thrall, a large srorm begins to brew over the device
Anomoly badly Injured by a creation of cormarcs that broke free
Anomoly was unable to get to Cormarc, so decides to use the beast as a thtall to fight off rogue creations
Party entered petting aoo
Kiljara said it was getting to dangerous, so she left taking acelins body with her
Party were forced to swwim as the lower section of the complex was flooded
Kitch was deftly afraid pf water, so was pokies
at mount
Kaiden could not swim either
Lancel and ecthelion decided to scout ahead after thraka lost his footing and nearly drowned when his shoe got snagged
Lancel fell into a trap filled with undead
Lancel nearly died
Lancel escaped trap
Thraka shut the trap
Ecthelion did not want to leave undead here with angry civiliians on the way
Open trap and fought drauger
Killed the undead, sustaining mild damage
Moved to next room and struggled to open door due to the flooded level
Kaiden saw something move in water
Looking up saw catwalk that had been badly damaged
Attacked by ballisk
Ecthelion resisted several attempts by the balisk to turn him to stome
Killed balisk, noting it had been genetically modified using an aboloth
Headed up, rather then accross, using kaidens levitate and a rope tied into catwalk
Saw flying girillion heads, released medusa heads to let them fight it out.
Moved around corned and were attacvked by wraiths that were hiding behind the wall
Saw the mindslaver thrall with a man in a white cloak and the beast attop of it
Saw cormarcs manor ablaze and angry mob making there way ransacking the lab

Mm159 human

Chapter 15: Scholoss Cormacs the Show room

Weary of traps so seearch door before entering
Saw in the distance about a day away angry mob of villages making there way to Cormarcs
Killjara put Acelins body to the side saying she would see him properly buried, sharing empathy with Acelin because of his inherent difference the two shared
Found a secret room, in sew elephant room with beach ghost sound
Found the dining room
Gound a mummy tomb that was unchained and a chest
Saw the chest move
Saw a small girls hand in the chest
Moved to help girl
Awoke mummy
Lancel fed mimic alchemical body from other room
Mimic spat out small girl
Ecthelion succumbed to mummy fear
Pokie scored a significant hit using stunk skill on mummy
Pokie infected by mummy rot
Kaiden knocied out of his chair by mummies ring of the ram.
Lancel finished mummy off
Kitdhed ran out back to escape mimic
Thraka finished mimic off
Ecthelion cured pokies mummy rot
Lancel found whispering wqy sigil and note
Note inside the sarcophagus

This letter was discovered near the mummy’s sarcophagus

My Dear Count,

I have enjoyed our most recent discourse on the nature of the spontaneous creation of certain types of undead. In my many years of study on the subject, I have also attempted to discern the secrets from my own study of Osirian remains, those hulking mummies so prevalent in that desert environ. Perhaps when I travel back to the north country I will regale you with stories of my exploits in that dusty land. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed your company in person. Although I have grown greatly from the student I once was, the time I shared with you and Petros in study and event disagreement is one I shall always cherish. However, I digress from the purpose of this current missive. Some retainers of mine have business in Lepidstadt in the coming weeks, and I was hoping to impose upon your intellect and unique point of view. They will be carrying a rather curious Tome, and I would love to have your learned opinion of it. If it is not too much of an imposition, please expect visitors toward the end of the month.

Regards, Adivion Adrissant

Lancel found several alchemical vials and reagents that would be useful
Returned to search through secret door
Searched upstairs store room
Kiljara saw chest that moved
Scared it was a mimic cautiously approached.
Used spell to peer inside without ooening, saw 3 medusa heads inside moving around
Put medusa head chest in bag of holding
went to search attic up the ladder
Lancel triggered a ancid fog trap
Doors snapped shut
Kaiden, ecthelion, lancel and kiljarra escaoed via lower stairs, breaking open door
Thraka, pokie and kitched escaped via balcony, smashing a window
Returned to mummy room to search upstairs
Found a blind flesh golem being lead around by 8 homoculus
Lancel cleaved and killed most hommoculus
Kaiden buffed
Homoculus frenzied
Homofulus charged and smashed several alchemical tanks with yellow mushrooms vharging blindly
Ecthelion and kiljara succumbed to spores
Kitch ignited yellow mushroom spores with gun powder flash flare
Pokie finished off golem
Returned to sea cow room and rested
Lancel had a dream of a fire worm attacking scholos Cormarcs, a warning from Iomedae
Lancels dream also saw him trapped underwater with undead and leaches
Ecthelion had a dream of a blood red moon falling over the shudderwoods, seeing werewolves fighting and undead horde.

Chapter 14 Scholoss Cormarcs the Manor and Lab

Buride Ambriel
Looted trolls
Saw a rider ride off in the distance, a scout for the angry villages
Entered manor via ringing bell and welcomed in by unseen servant
Told cormarc will be along shortly
After waiting 30 mins, no Cormarc
Saw several animated objects used to defend section of manir
Saw several traps
Told servant to take us to Coarmarc
Lead to upper stairs bedroom
Pokie looted bedroom
Decided to scake down back window after looting several rooms
Dropped onto stoneshape bridge
Heard rust monsters inside
Used magic peephole to see how many
Kaiden spotted magic rod in debree
Took all metal off
Traka left his metal on to draw rust monsters into ambush
Ecthelion and lancel lead attack
Pokie, acelin, kaiden attacked from second story
Killjarra trapped several rust monsters in a glass prison spell
Kiljarra also trapped another rust monster in maw pit spell
Thraka acelin provided fire support with bows
Kaiden turned into bat andcollected rod
Lancel and ecthelion killed remwining rust monsters
Pokie rushed across bridge triggering enryies trsp
Pokie scored a sognificant.hit using a stunt skill
Traded nlows with enryies by firing at each other
Acelin went down injured
Ecthelion went to her him not realising he was a a damphir, accidently killing him
Enryies killed
Moved to Cormarcs showroom

Chapter 13: Pursuing the beast Scholoss Cormarcs

Lancel works out beast is headed to Scholosd Cormarcs
Acelin joins the group to hunt down drakh
Drake Escapes city through sewers with help from kitch
Party heads out knowing they are being followed by several militia scouts
Find a bunch of werewolves on the way that tell the adventurers of an ongoing problem in the zshudderwoods
Work out Von drakh has a fullday headstart, due to his panecea injections and that the beast does not have to rest
Met some travellers whom spoke of dark cloaked figures haunting the roads
takes two days hard travelling to arrive at Scholoss
try to barterv with trolls at Cormarcs to enter
Fight breals out
Acelin kills a troll with an illusion
Ambriel killed by a raging troll at gastehouse
Kaiden lucky to survive
Rest at gatehouse
An explosion happrns at night as Viktor creates a clone using a soul stone, Alphon Cormarcs notes, his own research and hean ferramins spellbook
Explosion releases rust monsters and destroys lab
Drakh enters a catatonic state, keep alive in a portable hole carried by kitch
st uses dommand word to safely cross the bridge
Mummy is free
Kitch sucumbs to fear snd tries to hide in a chest only to be eaten by the mimic
Beast carries Anomoly (Viktors clone) to mindslaver thrall
Heard a cat purring loudy during night
Met big pokie the goblin cavillier
Lancel somehow prevented a dangerous trap from triggered

Chapter 12: The beast escapes

Stared day 2 of trial
Riots began to occur outside
Charmed several riot leaders out of causimg any more delays to trial
Ambriel convinced rioters to attack Pharasma clerics
Riots broke out in trial room
Judgres and beast ushered to safety
Guards at frint gates overwhelmed.
Upstair doirs locked
Headed to balcony to calm rioters down
Fight broke out on balcony
Fight broke out on lower level
Fight broke out on stairwell
Ambriel moves to judges demsnding the beast be declared guilty
Viktor vondrskh helps the beast out of his chains and cell
Ruots continue to break out all over the city
The courthouse is set ablaze
The pharasma temple is set abkaze
Several districys of the city are on fire
Party finds out Viktor has released the beast and try to stiop him
Dantz decides to leave group covering Viktors tracks
Kiljarra also helps Viktor escape, blocking several spelks being cak in the wayward alchemist by Ambriel and Ectheluon
Thraka tge bounty hunter joins the group

The trial, Defending carnival of tears

Darnys and Lancel gather all the infomation they could about the defence
Trial began
Party was winning
Met a carnival freak name Kiljarra
Agrreed to help kiljarra looked for more answers at the carnival of tears
Walked around the carnival and inspecyed sideshows and rides
Met some interesting people
Met a harrower whom gave ambriel a special magical deck of cards
Were warned by an elf maiden something terrible was going to happen at midnight
Midnight struck and carnival turned into a slaughterhouse
Ecthelion ran and fought minotaur in maze
Began saving as many people as coulld from dark fey
Defeated dark fey at titains wheel
Defeated dark sliegh master
Defeated strong ake tent
Defeated blind peep show (although viktor was blinded)
Defeated Piggy wiggys pie contst
Defeated midern engineering tent
Harased by a foul mothed fairy
Defeated Ice sculptures
Defeated cold rider
Destroyed eye of rapture
640x800 8212 cultist of nurgle 2d illustration horror picture image digital art

Helped the injured
Rewarded by owner Quin
Helpec as best as could
Returned to Lepidstadt near morning
Wpoke to tarkus finley of Ezekials fate


Information Dantz managed to gather about those involve in the trial*

The Three Justices: The Justices are three judges who preside over the trial and decide the verdict. The decision need not be unanimous a majority verdict is acceptable. They make imposing figures, dressed in voluminous black robes with starched ruffs, and wearing enormous powdered wigs that tower over their heads. The Justices for this trial are Chief Justice Khard, Justice Aldaar, and Justice Daramid.

Chief Justice Ambrose Khard: A dour man in his eighties, Chief Justice Khard speaks with a deep, commanding voice and suffers no nonsense in his court. The Chief Justice carries the court gavel a mallet of black ebony the Justice uses to keep order and wears a huge cartwheel ruff to make him look even more imposing. He has the power to have people removed from court, discount evidence, and issue punishments (up to hanging) for lying to the court. Any levity in the court is punished by a fine (up to 1,000 gp) or overnight imprisonment for those who take his court too lightly.

Judge Kasp Aldaar: Judge Aldaar is a figure of terror for criminals on trial. He is a hard-liner in the extreme, and his merciless justice is feared throughout Ustalav. A former military general, Aldaar is infamous for his impalement of four score deserters under his command who fled a battle.

Judge Embreth Daramid: Judge Daramid is a magistrate of Lepidstadt. She is well respected for her even temper and fairness. She is an elite thinkers and a scholars with a tradition of mysticism She is in her sixties, with gray hair pulled back tightly into a bun and icy blue eyes. Daramid believes there is a cancer
in Lepidstadt, a darkness lurking behind the shadow of a scapegoat. As a judge, Daramid has a keen sense of justice, and she fears the Beast will not receive a fair trial. The people of Lepidstadt have blamed the Beast for too much and for too long, and they want it to pay for its crimes, whether those crimes are real or imagined. As one of the three justices presiding over the Beast’s trial, she is unable to openly intervene, other than insisting that the Beast be properly defended in court.

The Holy Sister of Justice: This gray-robed priestess is present to ensure that no magic is used at the trial unless requested or approved by the justices. Unless otherwise instructed, the Holy Sister watches for unauthorized spellcasting and constantly scans the room with detect magic, recasting the spell as necessary. The Holy Sister also has comprehend languages and zone of truth spells prepared should the court require them.

The Herald of the Court: Clad in black half-plate armor with a full-face visor, the Herald keeps his identity secret. The Herald calls out official announcements with the striking of a great gong, calls witnesses, and keeps order in the court. He also acts as the justices’ protector, and has a ceremonial masterwork
greatsword at hand at all times.

The Clerks: Five elderly, pale, and bookish clerks with ink-stained fingers legally accept and record new evidence for the trial, document the proceedings, and ensure procedure is followed to the letter. They tend to speak in legal jargon, which in essence means that whenever they say anything, they use 10 times as many words as necessary.

The Prosecution:
Otto Heiger: Although well educated and intelligent, Otto is not immune to the bigotry of Lepidstadt and believes the Beast is guilty. Together with his trio of legal advisers (Katra, Trays, Rayshema) he aims to see the Beast burn, and fights tooth and nail to prove his case.

The Defense:
Gustav Kaple: Gustav, a barrister, has been appointed as the Beast’s defender. Gustav believes the Beast is guilty as well, but he feels honor-bound to give the creature the fairest trial possible. Unfortunately, when
standing in front of the full courtroom, Gustav’s nervous stutter makes his speeches almost unintelligible.

Kaiden Octavious: a quadraplegic, Kaiden is a lawyer and legal advisor whom has been selected help defend the beast of Lepidstadt. A man whom needs help with almost anything he does. Kaiden, prone to outbursts, many consider him to be a despicable man.

The Accused:
The Beast of Lepidstadt: The beast stands on trial for three specific crimes against the people of Vieland, but it is common knowledge that these offenses are just representative of the many crimes attributed to the Beast over the past 30 years.


The Trial Begins

As you enter you notice the courtroom is full, while the defence enters. People from all over Lepidstadt have shown up and were already booing and shouting profane words at the huge beast sitting in its cage in the middle of the room, and at those unlucky enough to defend the beast. 
[some of the crowd begin to throw insults at the defense]

Crowd: “Gustav likes pants porpoise in his cry hole…”
“Amberliegh thou art a infectious clapper-clawed harpy…”
“Drake, thine sister is a drippy cheating misguided evangelist who services the scaly skunk and the vindictive snob.”
“Ecthelian, thy is a puny qualling half-faced flap-dragon who hath a guts-griping measle”
“May you be lucky and become a dweeby flea-bitten dillweed who gripes about the wrinkly corpse and the snot loving cabbage.”
“To ’ell with you, ye grog-snarfing landlubber… Arrrrgh!”
“Kaiden, you suffer from unconscious genital ambivalence”

Gustav: “I.I.I am not sure I can doooo this”. [looking worried at the rest of his defence]

Entering from the other side of the room is Otto Heiger. A man in his best age, blond swirly hair and a smile that would launch an armada of ships. As he appears, the booing immediately turns into cheering and celebration, people shouting his name over and over.
[Heiger, laughs a little to loud, with a large smile on his face. Almost like this had been planned]

Crowd: “Do us proud Otto”

[After the crowd settle down as the judges enter. Entering directly after Otto is the three high-judges of Lepidstadt.]

The Herald of the Court: [Bangs on gong] “All stand for our honourable magistrates Chief Justice Ambrose Khard, Judge Kasp Aldaar and Judge Embreth Daramid. Please remain standing for our lady, the Holy Sister of Justice. The trial here today will commence under the watchful gaze of the pale lady, may any judgements made here today be as astute, judicious and wise as possible in her eyes. I caution all members of the court to refrain from any activities that may affect the integrity of the legal proceedings here today. [Pause before the herald bangs the gong] You may now be seated ”
[A brief puase while notes are shuffled by the judges]

Khard: “Today preceding will involve any information the defence or the prosecution has to add about the guilt of the creature in question, named “the Beast of Lepidstadt” regarding any findings or connections with the murders of fair folk from Morast spanning over a year. The prosecution has advocated the beast is responsible for he disappearance or death of more then twelve residence from the village. We will now here the opening statement of the prosecution regarding the alleged crimes.”

Crowd: “The beast you dog-hearted pumpion” [a cabbage is let loose from an upper tier]
“Burn the abomination”
“To the hell’s with it”

Khard: [banging his hammer] “Order… Order, or I will have the lot of you cast into the dungeons below…. Now before we begin, her holyiness will present us with a prayer to the Lady of the graves, may our judgments here today be just and righteous in her eyes”.
[crowd settles down again]

[Holy Sister steps up to the podium]
“All who live must face her judgment…no crimes are hidden from her eyes…all souls must pass through her gates…one must not let oneself be misled…She is just and unjust, punishment befits thy crime…the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works…judgement shall be passed unto all…those whom are brought before her throne are not judge by words, but by their actions in life…to judge wrongly is more honorable than not to have judged at all…those magistrates here today are the agents of her will, for though their judgements may prove to be wrong, one shall appeal before thy Pale Lady…All are judge by her questions, not by thy answers…those whom look to extend ones unlife, have secrets they must hide…She is fate…in death all truths are revealed.”

Day one: Morast

Opening statements:


Otto Heiger: Your honours, holy sister and good folk of Lapidated, we are brought here today to see justice enacted. For too long has the Vielands suffered before the creature in chains before you today. Charge with 36 counts of murder, spanning a spree of more then 30 years, it is obvious in the eyes of all those folk affected by the beast, as it should be in this court, that the creatures heinous acts demand retribution by fire. The focus of the trial today will be the crimes committed against the fair folk of Morast. For those of you here whom do not know, the village of Morast lies 10 miles to the east of Lepidstadt, in Dipplemere swamp. Morast has been the hunting ground for the beast for more then a years. Morast was a peaceful town, full of life, fishing and herbal harvesting. Then the beast came along. He has terrorized the small town, kidnapped people from their homes, upturned boats, whisked away people into the swamps never to be seen again and desecrated graves.

The prosecution will prove to you today with evidence that beyond doubt, the beast was responsible for the death of 12 villagers from Morast. Worst yet, is that many of the victims bodies have never been found, despite eye witnesses seeing him cart unsuspecting villagers off into the night. I must first tell you, do not be fooled by its childlike demeanour, it is a werewolf in sheep’s clothing, a creature of warped sciences and a sadist that enjoys tormenting its victims, laughing while killing children. I also ask you to just sit and stare at the horrific sight of the creature, one must ask the cruel joke its creator had to give life to such a creature. Worst yet, to give the creature intelligence, which has allowed it to carry out its sadistic and devious crimes. There can be no amnesty, no mercy and no forgiveness. The creatures entire being is bathed in the blood of its victims, whom only crime was for thinking our lands to be safe while conducting there daily duties. You only need to step foot outside of the this courts front door [points to entrance door] and ask a local to know the truth. Even now the front gates of this courthouse are flooded by common folk, decent folk, ordinary folk whom are conscious, livered and perceptive enough to be aware of its pertinent crimes.

But this is a court of law. We are asked to put aside our personal feelings and listen to the hard facts. Therefore the prosecution will show you that the creatures ability to be easily angered, deregulating to a state of uncontrollable anger, a frenzy in which it destroys anything and everything in sight. We shall show you that although like the mind of a child, the beast is clever, deceitful, devious and scheming. We shall present to you evidence that proves the beast was in the area when the attacks occurred. We shall present to you today irrefutable eye witness testimonies of the beast attacking villages of Morast. We shall show how the beast still maintains the possession of victims that went missing.

The words of the defense can not be trusted. They are as feeble as an old woman [crowd gives off a laugh at the statement, along with Heigers buffoonery]. There words drip like acid on a tongue. Poisonous, like chewing razor blades. You would have a better chance getting the truth out of a demon, or rather safer dealing with a demon. There words are villainous, born from the same darkness that spawned that creature [points at the beast]. We shall demonstrate the despicable ways in which they went about to obtain evidence regarding the innocence of the creature in question.

Tarkus Finleys late visit

During the early morning hours after successfully defending the Carnival of Tears, Tarkus Finley runs into the Temple of Sarenrae – rousing Ecthelian from his sleep…

“Ectherlian, it is good to see you. I wish I had better information for you, but I fear the growing darkness in Ustalav. You must be careful. What we have done in Harrowstone has really stirred up the stirges nest with blood. Naught but a ten days ago a group known as the Night Harrow’s stole Father Ezekials body from the Restlands in Ravensgro.

The outlaw ii

Due to the current problems Pharasma is having with the soul vault, his soul could not be found.

D district prison 6


I managed to tracked them down to an abandoned homestead on the outskirts of Ravensgro, but before I could intervene they had warped Father Ezekials body into some sort of undead abomination. He has risen, as a pale stranger (Knowledge religion DC 18 – go to bestiary 3). Silently witnessing there powers from the shadows, I realized just how futile it would be to attack them now without getting allies. Which is why I am here in Lepidstadt, trying to convince the Temple of Pharama to act now, before they grow in strength and power.

Unable to act out of fear of being outmatched, I overhead a conversation they had with Ezekial while I hid nearby. They questioned Father Ezekial on who was responsible for preventing the prisoners from enacting there vengeance against the fair folk of the Ravensgro. Your name came up, as did mine, Von’Drakes and Dantz. I am not sure whether or not they are headed this way, but your investigations into this Beast creature must have spooked there spy network somehow. They are gathering intelligence on all of us. Those whom travel with you should be warned of the danger that now lurks in the whispers of your shadow. Nevertheless, I will try and position the Pharasma church as best I can, but I fear open conflict would result in the death of countless innocent civilians. I sense the whispers that already drift along the wind in Lepidstadt, Svileness Tripe conducted research into Chymic Zombies for Whispering Way, giving the dead intelligence. But he had a supplier of some sort. The church does not have the resources to go after Svileness Tripe as it is currently pressed tracking down rogue wizards whom stole souls from Pharasma vault in the Eternal Restland Boneyard of her sanctum. So I will head te investigation against Tripe and the set up fale leads for Night Harrow’s.

Continue your investigation into the Beast and the Whispering Way, the two must connected somehow.

I have since learnt that the earliest reports of the beast were at the Scholoss Caeomarc Manor to the north. We must find out what the whispering way wants with the Carrion Crown. What it is, what it will be used for. And how the Beast works or worked into there plans. I will delay the Night Harrowers pursuit, I have managed to recruit some like minded individuals myself (Backup PC’s). Meanwhile you to pursue those who seek out the Carrion Crown and prevent them fron enacting whatever it is they are trying to doi. The Beast must have some sort of information/insight into the Whispering Way, maybe he can point you in the right direction…

From what I have learnt about the Night Harrowers is that all of them are dangerous adherents of the Whispering Way. Few match the fame of the Night Harrowers regarding Whispering Way. In philosophy the Whispering Way chief tenet is the embrace of nothing less than a worldwide undead apocalypse. The Night Harrows represent a single cell of these vile philosophers, agents of undeath who seek out those who oppose the Whispering Way and transform them into undead slaves. Renowned harrower Mierela Tsilda first brought the Night Harrows together after reading her own fortune and becoming obsessed with a future she saw for herself in her cards. Mierela believes she’s destined to become a consort to the Way’s greatest champion the Whispering Tyrant, Tar-Baphon. To that end, Mierela routinely consults the harrow to guide her choices, seeking enough power and influence to free the lich-king from Gallowspire. She has made several allies along the way, including the ancient vampire Vesnic Demicci, who once served Tar-Baphon as a scout during the Shining Crusade. The ghoul priestess Nuetetia Irsinoe also joined Mierela as another devout follower of the Whispering Way. They also solicited the aid of a psychopath named Adgrif Yoderbie after admiring his handiwork as a serial killer and alchemical genius. More recently Nuetetia raised Father Ezekial from Ravensgro as a pale stranger, twisted into an abomination through the harrowing card – the betrayer.

As a group, the Night Harrows rely mostly on Mierela’s wagon as a base of operations, though they sometimes separate to pursue personal goals. In Ustalav, their handiwork has caused entire hamlets to disappear in southwest Canterwall, the citizenry supposedly set loose in their own fields as walking dead. Our agents say that in the Hold of Belkzen, Vesnic keeps a minor orc warlord named Kourzek as a thrall, ready to amass an undead horde when they free the Whispering Tyrant. Kourzek flies under the banner of the Flayed Skull. I heard they are pressing the city of Tamrivena from the Tusk Mountains, with orc skirmishes. I also heard a recent trip to Kaer Maga by the Night Harrows left a trail of undead in their wake, and they successfully assassinated the powerful bloatmage, Davanor, who was working with Pharasma priests on research into hemotheurgy and its effect on vampires.
It is believed that the cards brought them together, binding the group to one to another. Perhaps answer could be sought into there ambitions by using or investigating into the harrowing yourself. The first Night Harrower is the ambitious Queen Mother [harrow card] – a Varisian harrower descended from a bloodline of death; yet now she craves undeath. Her readings found the others. The Survivor [harrow card] – a vampire lord from the Tyrant’s army, reluctantly ready to serve anew. The Sickness [harrow card] – a disease-ravaged daughter of Thuvia; she who shunned the Pallid Princess to embrace Him Who Gnaws. Next comes the Lost One [harrow card] – victimized by alchemy; an unseen killer carrying out his Reaper’s murderous will. Lastly the Betrayer [harrow card] – Father Ezekial warped into an undead creation that hungers for the death of those he once called allies. .

They are on your trail. I advised you to stick clear of them if you can, as there magic is more powerful then most of the powerful wizards, priests and alchemists in Ustalav. I heard what you managed at the Carnical a few hours ago. I am also here formally on behalf of the the Pharama Temple and the Reapers (Vampire Hunters) to offer you these gifts in thanks for the lives you saved.

I present thse gifts to your cause: Viktor Von’Drake – Portable Hole, Ecthelian – Scabbard of Keen Edges, Killara – Daring Dancers, Kaiden – Cloak of Bat, Amberliegh – Ring Wizardry I, Dantz/Darnys – Goggles of the Night and Utilitarian Rod, and Sir Lancel – Silver Smite Bracelet. [Please check Obsidain portal for there properties/use)

Please find out what you can about the Whispering Way from the Beast of Lepidstadt. I fear he has more to tell then he lets on. Safe journey and may the Pale Lady protect your soul the darkness that pursues your light. Farewell friend.

Chapter 11 -Trial Begins, Investigating Vorkstag and Grines Chymiric workst: Wed May 5th

Spoke to Crowl again qnd inspected university again
Began peliminary hearing for trial
Got timetable for trial
Turned in more evidence
Got authority by Pharasma church to search Chymic works
Knocked at Chymic works with a warent
Looked inside saw mongrelmen workers
Two flesh hounds atrack
Viktor escaped to higher story
Ambriel and kaiden folloed
Saw Grines whom dissapoeared
Heard Grines tell Vorkstag intruders were attacking
Use pulley lift to escape to second floor
Ecthelion finalky killed houndsv with the help of the pharasma oracle
Saw Grines and Vorkstag trying to escape
Grease and brainlocked them to lower level
Vorkstag spiderclimbed and was throwing bombs
Viktor was throwing bombs through second stroy windiw
ecthelion kilked the brainlocked Grines
Ecthelion killed the brainlocked vorkstag
Searched building
Found hidden cache items
Found friendly snapjaw homoculus viktor took
Found vorkstags flesh suit cupborad
Ambriel and Kaiden went to rest
Ecthelion viktor and pharasma oracle seared liwer level
Found reagent room
Found tunneled entranceway into sewers
Found body room
Fought juju zombies
Pharasma oracle wasv killed
Returned to present new evidence


Chapter 10 - Defending the Beast, Investigating Morast and Wed May 5th

Asked fir rumours about Morast
Headed ti Morast
Spoke to locals about Bpbeast appearances
Spoke to witfh about magic items
Learnt the beast was bitten on the arm by croc
Convinced guide to take the to burial ground
Say giant catfiah and eel in water
Vegan to search sanctuary restlands for clues
Guide would not leave boat
Dug up several graves for clues
Saw a broken boat with a backpack
Learnt more about Vorkstag and grines involvement
Found several bodies of skinned alive people
Saw a nest
Attacked by a lamia
Killed the lamia
Found some surgical tools which were used to skin bodies
Snuck up and killed manticore while it slept
Found some alchemical reagents that had vorkstag and grine written on them
Found a dead dwarf mervhat
Had to pay guide extra to return as he did bot like the idea of grave robbing
Returned to Hergstag
Questioned village elder again
Headed back to Lepidsadt
Met Leprechauns again whom said the fey of Edgewood and Shudderwoods were being driven out by warring werewolf tribes
Learnt ofa darkpp precence falling over Shudderwoid
Metb the Crookedkin whom offered entry to the Carnival of tears
Fatigued, drove two horses to there death and made it back to Lepidstadt

To be completed

Prayer to Isilwen Dothonion the fallen oracle of Pharasma, whom died at Vorkstag and Grines.

Prayer to Pharasma
Hear my silent cry, heed my quiet prayer, while Isilwen waits for you in darkness. Nothing can I say, nothing can I do, nothing but expect your mercy. Pharasma, pale lady, mother of night. Take away sorrow, relieve from fright. Pharasma, pale lady, don’t let Isilwen suffer, take Isilwen away tonight. In Isilwens final hour, to you do I pray, to prepare her for the journey. Open up the door, smoothen out the way, take her hand and guide her though it. Pharsma, Pale lady, mother of night, take away sorrow, relieve from fright. Pharasma, pale lady, don’t let her suffer, take her away tonight.

Chapter 9 - Defending the Beast, Investigating Hergstag and Sanctuary: Fri April 28

Trail of the beast poster 1 1

Fantasy art scenery wallpaper patrick jensen 01 1280x800

Finished downtime
met Pr Crowl
Turned in books and inspected damage at university
Met Embreth Daramid
Met Gustav Kaple and Kaiden
Met the Beast of Lepidstadt
Met Dramia the pharadma oravle whom decided to help
Re-inspected university
Agreed to help defend the beast
Searched around town for local rumours
Spoke to women at windmill
Headed to Sanctuary
Killed ghouls and discover info about Vorkstag and Grine
Learnt the fire was not an accident
Questioned several dead bodies
Found a dead Mongrel-man with note at bottom of a shaft
Continued onto Hergstag
Searched buildings for evidence
Found a journal that help prove beasts innocence
Found beasts old campsite and childrens drawings of the beast being friendly
Found another journal
Worked out beast could not have abducted children as doors we still locked
Thought scarecrow another janimated jackolantern
Field of the scarecrow by dark spider

Found secret hidden cave
Killed a wraith that was resposinble for killing children
Killed two other wraiths
Two wraiths escape
returned to Lepidsadt as fast as possible
Turned in evidence
Had only half the usual nights rest

To be completed

Journal entry

”Burn it! Send the beast back into the black fires of the Abyss!”
Thus was the first voice, like a murderer in the cold winter night, that thundered in between the trees and sent a flock of chilled birds towards the bright starry sky of Ustalav.
“Burn it!” it repeated, as if the owner attempted to squeeze out the final breath of his lungs. “Get it before it escapes!”
The owner of the voice, a tall, slim man who clothes and teeth had obviously seen better days, clutched his burning torch and aggressively pointed it onwards. It dimly illuminated the glinting snow and the calm swamp water, but also the towering shape that ran with thundering steps away from the roaring mob.
In a carpet of torches, lanterns, pitchforks and shovels, they marched onwards. Every branch was broken on the way to the swamp’s edge. Their bloodlust was unlike anything seen before and served them well. They weren’t intimidated, not even when the shape started tipping over trees in its way.
“You will not get away this time!” another voice howled.
It wasn’t long till they reached the deep part of the swamp. The end of the line. Onwards was only deep marshland. The shape hesitated, took one step into the marsh, and stopped. It was desperate.
“There is no way back, fiend!” the leader said, laughingly. “Your time has come…”

Creation of the beast

The Beast of Lepidstadt – Alphon Cormarcs Recount


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