Ascanor Lodge

Ascanor loge

D1. Gatehouse: The entrance to the lodge is through twin wrought iron portcullises set within large arches inside a small half-timber watch-house, flanked on each side by a low stone tower. A small contingent of six mercenaries lives in the lower chambers of the towers and monitors the gate. Most of the time, the gates are kept closed, and the guards refuse to open them without the presentation of a formal reservation.

D2. Porter’s Cottage: This small, two-story cabin houses the lodge’s porter, Belik of Courtaud, as well as Chef Ladimeur. They both live on the second floor, while the bottom floor is divided into dry storage and quarters for the lodge’s two scullions and guests’ servants.

D3. Ruessa’s Cottage: The lodge’s housekeeper, Ruessa, lives in this cottage with her niece and nephew. A small but impressive herb garden lies outside.

D4. Stables: Ascanor’s superior hunting horses are kept in these stables, along with those mounts belonging to lodge guests. Stablemaster Quiene Steymor lives in a large loft above the stables, which she shares with the servants of guests if necessary.

D5. Maintenance Shed: This shed was originally meant as a storeroom and workshop, but Ascanor’s groundskeeper and handyman Paucy Troabs converted it into his private living space. He still performs small jobs in the attached workshop, but handles larger jobs in the new workroom on the ground f loor of the adjoining watchtower. Paucy keeps
his extensive collection of skinned rats in the storeroom,
preserved in jars filled with Ustalavic brandy.

D6. Watchtower: The watchtower has four floors. The unfinished ground f loor serves as a storeroom and workshop. Madame Ivanja leases the upper floors from the lodge. She lives on the topmost floor, and uses the tower’s other rooms to discreetly provide her extensive line of intimate services. The rooms are lavishly decorated with plush couches, feather beds with silk sheets and velvet curtains, water pipes, liquor, and other exotic accoutrements befitting a high-class brothel. The second-f loor room is currently inhabited by the madam’s employee, Niama.

D7. Huntsmaster’s Cottage: This cottage belongs to Ascanor’s huntsmaster, Delgros Kroitzcer. He
keeps his prized collection of hunting dogs in an attached kennel, along with the personal dogs of lodge guests. When not out on a hunt, Delgros splits his time between his house and his beast pens (area D8). Only on rare occasions does he drop by the lodge, typically at Estovion’s

D8. Beast Pens: Behind a locked, oversized door of reinforced oak, this old stone well-shed provides entrance to a natural limestone cavern reworked and partitioned to form a series of crude underground holding cells that house a menagerie of exotic beasts for the lodge’s guests to hunt. Delgros keeps the door chained and padlocked with a key he wears round his neck. His current collection boasts a grizzly bear, a juvenile dire boar, a dire wolverine, an elderly and arthritic dire wolf, a lobotomized ettercap with its web glands removed, a giant tarantula, two natural werewolves and four large wolves.

D9. Cobbled Path: A narrow path of slate cobblestones runs along the southeast side of the lodge, connecting the gatehouse and main entrance to the back deck and hedge maze. A live trellis woven from the boughs of bent willows and deep red roses shelters the walkway.

D10. Back Deck: A wide, stone deck extends from the south side of the lodge, overlooking the estate’s grounds. On the west side, a short f light of stone stairs leads down into the hedge maze, while to the east, a second flight leads to the courtyard fountain.

D11. Courtyard Fountain: A low, slate patio surrounds a large fountain filled with exotic Tian carp. A statue of the lodge’s former owner, Count Beauturne, forms the fountain’s centerpiece. Elaborately carved walnut trellises, laden with black grapes and blood-ivy, partition the courtyard from the estate lawn, providing some privacy to those within.

D12. Hedge Maze: This carefully pruned, 8-foot-tall hedge maze provides fun and privacy to guests.

D13. Main Entrance: A f light of wide, slate steps climb up to a shallow porch and a pair of massive iron-shod, timber doors. A small brass bell hangs on a post near the door. Ringing the bell quickly attracts the attention of the nearest lodge servant. The door is typically kept barred on the inside, while a small shuttered hatch permits Ascanor’s porter, Belik of Courtaud, to see anyone standing on the porch.

D14. Grand Hall: Connecting the main entrance and grand ballroom, this huge hallway serves as the centerpiece of the ground floor. Golden pine floor planks, over a foot in width and sanded smooth, stretch almost the entire length of the hall, while four massive tree trunks serve as pillars, running down run the center of the room supporting the ceiling overhead. Large hide rugs and trophy heads of bears, bucks, and snarling wolves adorn the floor and natural log walls, boasting of some of the lodge’s patrons’ finer kills. Garlands and banners embroidered with the crests of various aristocrats, secret orders, and hunting clubs hang from exposed rafters high overhead. Stone fireplaces on either side keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

D15. North Stairwell: This enclosed wooden staircase spirals upward to the private guest rooms on the building’s second floor
D16. South Stairwell: This enclosed wooden staircase provides access to the second f loor of the south wing and the south tower. The staircase here is extra creaky.

D17. Kitchen and Prep Rooms: The lodge’s large kitchen includes a pair of storage and prep rooms and boasts an extensively stocked larder of freshly grown herbs, vegetables, and trimmings. Most of the courses prepared here consist of fresh game caught by Delgros or lodge guests. Meals run several courses long, and include crudités, elaborately layered terrines, rich soups, and lavish pastries (both sweet and savory), paired with exotic coffees, cordials, wines, and liqueurs. The fireplace between the kitchen and the dining room shares a chimney, permitting the chef and others to catch earfuls of gossip from neighboring diners. Chef Ladimeur runs the kitchen, but his two scullions handle the prep work and perform basic errands such as stocking the pantry, prepping ingredients, and cleaning.

D18. Dining Room: The lodge’s dining room can seat up to 24 guests depending on how the staff arranges the room. Most days it is set for 12. Tall picture windows set into the curved southeast wall provide plenty of light and a view of the herb gardens outside Ruessa’s cottage.

D19. Music Room: The lower portion of South Tower serves as a music room. The lodge frequently hires famous performers at the request of patrons. Their performances include music concerts, poetry readings, small theatrical shows, and exotic dance presentations. Almost as frequently, tipsy patrons attempt to impress other guests by performing themselves.

D20. Conference Room: Isolated from the rest of the lodge, the conference room offers a modicum of privacy to discreet guests. The room is essentially a large sun porch with a slate floor, and deep crimson curtains cut from heavy velveteen that can be drawn to cover the windows. Its few furnishings include a long table of oiled black walnut with matching chairs.

D21. Washrooms: These small rooms serve as washrooms for guests and contain fresh water, washbasins, towels, and chamber pots. Ruessa keeps them fastidiously clean. Upon request, she can also prepare drawn baths or scented steam baths using pots of heated stones and wood chips.

D22. Trophy Room: While a large, four-sided stone fireplace serves as the centerpiece of this tremendous room, taxidermy fills the remainder of the chamber. Stuffed beasts of every kind imaginable line the walls, each set with a small brass plaque detailing the name of the hunter and the date the animal was killed. The names of Ustalav’s elite aristocrats, wealthy merchants, and powerful diplomats dominate these plaques. The eight largest trophies stand in the center of the room, posed in striking positions upon huge wooden bases. They consist of a chimera, a river chuul, a dire bear, a fire lizard, a griffon, a juvenile manticore, a giant mantis, and a two-headed troll. It is considered a great honor to have a permanent display at Ascanor, and many compete for these bragging rights. Still, hunters frequently call the authenticity of rivals’ kills into question, making them the subject of much debate, and it is not unheard of for duels to be fought over such accusations.

D23. Sitting Room: This chamber contains couches, chairs, and a few end tables. Several portraits of Lozeri’s former nobility adorn the walls, and a stone fireplace keeps the room warm. It is predominantly used for partaking in hors d’oeuvres and aperitifs, and engaging in light conversation before or after dinner.

D24. Grand Ballroom: The largest room in Ascanor Lodge, the Grand Ballroom serves as a formal dance hall, banquet room, theater, or any other type of space the lodge guests may request. When not prepared for a specific function, guests may use the ballroom for conversation or informal dining. The west and south walls are lined with windows, while a series of arches cut into the inner walls open into other rooms within the lodge. As in the main hall, the high ceilings harbor a tangle of rough-hewn timber beams draped with banners and garlands.

D25. Front Deck: This covered, elevated deck faces the front of the lodge. Its doors are typically unlocked, and it can be used by any of the guests.

D26. Guest Bedrooms: Ascanor Lodge has seven rustically (though luxuriously) appointed private rooms for the use of its guests. Each contains a bed, chest, desk, chair, and fireplace, and has an exterior balcony. Each guest is given a key to his or her room’s good wooden door, though Estovion has a set of master keys to every room in the lodge.

D26a. Corvin’s Room: Corvin Tergsvor occupies this room. Though it is the largest bedroom and has two beds, it is also the only one without a balcony. It shares a fireplace with the hall outside.

D26b. Empty Room: Originally reserved for Echtmoor Dravin , this room is currently vacant and is
one of the rooms Duristan may rent for the PCs.

D26c. Duristan’s Room: Duristan Ariesir lodges in this room, which shares its balcony and fireplace
with area D26b.

D26d. Graydon’s Room: The Margrave of Sturnidae, Cilas Graydon is staying in this room. It
shares its balcony and fireplace with area D26e.

D26e. Empty Room: This room is also vacant and can be rented by Duristan for the PCs.

D26f. The Markiza’s Room: Markiza Welgory rooms here. The room shares a balcony and fireplace
with area D26g next door. Should anyone come here to speak with the Markiza privately, she stalls visitors with conversation for a short time before fully opening her door.

D26g. Ostovach’s Room: The Markiza’s “hound” Ostovach keeps his possessions here, though thanks to the balcony that he shares with the Markiza, he spends little time in his own room.

D27. Cross Passage: This passage connects the main lodge’s second f loor to the south tower. While the libraries are technically available to all guests, Estovion locks the corridor’s northern door during the evenings to prevent curious visitors from disturbing him.

D28. Estovion’s Quarters: For years this room has served as Estovion Lozarov’s living quarters. It contains most of his mundane possessions and personal items. He keeps the room fairly tidy, though not meticulously so. The furnishings include a bed, a wardrobe, a writing desk, a small bookshelf, and a fireplace.

D29. Reading Library: Bookshelves line both walls of this long room, while a multi-shelved central partition divides this area. A small fireplace keeps the room cozy. At the far end, a balcony facing the front courtyard permits readers to get fresh air. The majority of the books here are for entertainment and consist of novels; plays; and collections of short stories, essays, and poetry.

D30. Reference Library: Shelves lining the walls of this circular tower room contain hundreds of reference books on such diverse topics as botany, demonology, geology, history, and religion. Cubicles in the center provide areas for reading, and a fireplace in the eastern wall heats the room. An ascending flight of stairs curves around the southern wall, leading to a trap door that opens onto area D31.

D31. South Tower: The highest point of the lodge building is the South Tower, which holds Estovion’s office and his private library. Its shelves hold the lodge’s most valuable and protected texts. Use of this area is strictly forbidden except by special request, and then only when accompanied by Estovion.

Ascanor Lodge

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